A love to die for update Monday 7 February 2022

A love to die for 7: February 2022: Deep says to wasu ma you don’t have to worry about anything. Wasu says you saved me. Real Mr. X comes and says deep you are fooling people wearin my mask? You saved your mom from my men by wearing my mask? Deep asks Arohi and wasu to run. Mr. X beats deep.Abhi says to Guru ma I am going to do my task. Guru ma says tomorrow is his death anniversary. i will only do it if deep dies tomorrow. Abhi says on his death anniversary, Deep has to die. Guru ma says don’t delay it anymore.

Arohi recalls that photo. She says I have to find out how wasu is related to Guru ma. Guru ma sneaks in the house. Someone is following her. Tara stops her. She says I wont let you go away alive. I don’t want anyone to know those secrets so you have to die. She puts knife on her neck. Abhi comes and puts knife on her. She says leave her. Abhi and Guru ma leave.Arohi comes to wasu and says I need answers. What is that photo. Guru ma says what photo? Arohi says you have to tell me truth. Wasu says I can’t trust deep Aroh says you don’t trust your son? Wasu says go from here please. Arohi wonders what it is about. She syas I wont sit down. I will find out.

Virat is with Opasna. He says where are we going? She says enjjoy the good company. Virat says I don’t have time. Opasna and Virat stop in market. Virat says are you with Mr. X? She says I will find out who he is. Be with me or die with him. He says what do you want? She says I want the money. Shake hands with me and get it.Abhi sneaks in the house. Arohi stops him. She says what are you upto? Abhi says I am upto give deep what he deserves. Aroi says what.. She says are you crazy? Abhi says you can’t save him. He has to die. Arohi says if I have to fight you to save deep I will. Abhi says he killed my father. Arohi says what? He says yes. I waited all these years to kill him. He is murderer of my father. He has to be punished. ARohi is dazed.

Arohi says where is Deep? Abi says that car will take him to dead. aRohi says you cant harm deep. Abhi says he doesn’t deserve to be alive. He has to pay for his sin and his punishment is death.
Virat calls Tara says I am giving you an adrress come there. all that money is there. And Mr. X we will find out who that. Tara says I know who Mr. X is. It is deep. He is fooling us. Opasna come to Virat. She says you can’t play games with me.Abhi says to Arohi shoot me if you think deep is right. Arohi recalls him teaching her. Deep aclls Arohi. Arohi says are you okay? He says yes my car brakes failed. i am fine now. She says please listenn.. Deep says I will speak to you. ARohi says deep is fine Abhi. I wont let anything happen to him. I know you will try to kill him. I know you hate him but it could be a minsunderstadning. Tell me what truth is. Guru ma says I will tell you. She says we were friedns with Wasu. She came to my house one day. It was wasu/ Wasu said Deep’s father is bankrupted. I don’t know where to go.

His brother took everythin from him. Wasu says I am so alone. Guru ma’s husband says we are here for you. You can come to us.Wasu and her family shifted in Guru ma’s house. Guru ma’s husband said this wasu’s father took everything from us. He took all our wealth. He said I will take you to jail. Deep came and stabbed Guru ma’s husband. She said they blamed me of killing my own husband . She says to hide i had to go to jungle and live there. Arohi gets call from deep. She rushes.Arohi sees deep’s stuff outside his car. She says abhi was with me then who did this?Opasna sees a locker in the room. She says we have to break the locker. There is diamond inside. Tara comes and picks it. She says this is mine. Opasna tries to take it. It breaks. Tey realize it is fake.Wasu is listening a story on radio. It is about Wasu’s life wasy says my secret shouldn’t be in front of everyone. Arohi says why is she scared? Waas guru ma right?Arohi sees guru ma injured. She tries to save her.

Abhi coems. Arohi see wasu outside. Arohi is dazed. Virat, Tara and Opasna put gun on each other. Tara says I knew you were behind this opasna. Opasna says I wont let you go. Opasna takes Tara’s gun. She says to Virat put your gun down. She says our enemy is one. We have to shake hands. We can’t lose Mr. X. Tara leaves. Virat says yuo are right. I will convince Tara. They can’t fool us.Arohi recalls everything Wasu said. she says wasu’s real face is this? Guru ma was right about her. she attacked Guru ma? Arohi says does deep know all this? A masked man comes after arohi. They look for her. She hides. Arohi calls deep. He asks her to come home and keep the doors locked. The men see Arohi.Virat gets a call. Someone says she is home. Get there.

Arohi sits down to drink water. Deep texts Arohi please take care of mom. Stay safe. Arohi saysd eep trusts his mom so much while his mom is a devil. Aorhi faints. Tara and Virat look at her. Tara asys finally she is in my cage. Abhi comes. tara says he is a traitor too. They put gun on Abhi. Abhi snatches Tara’s gun adn says get out or you will get killed too. Vrat says you can’t save her for long. Arohi tries to get up. Abhi gets her up. Arohi says you should be with Guru ma. Abhi says I was worried for you too. Deep sent Virat and Tara to kill you.Arohi says to abhi i am with you. if anything unfair happened in past, I wll help you with it. Arohi says in heart I think Guru ma and Abhi were right. But maybe deep didn’t kill and it was something else. Guru ma asks abhi to bring a herb. She tries to get up. Arohi asks her not to get up.

guru ma says arohi I will send you to a place that will connect all the dots. arohi comes to a dark place.Police comes to Guru’a alcove. He says someone complained against you. We have to arrest you. Abhi says who? Virat syas arohi complained. She said you are Mr. X. This guru ma killed her own husband and you helped her. Now you see what happens to you and your mom in jail.Tara says to wasu guru ma and bahi will be in jail and arohi where we want. Wasu says I am the real mastermind. But the actual mastermind is deep. No one knew he would play such a big game.Abi says arohi can’t do that. Let me call her. Opasna comes. She asks constables to arrest them.Arohi looks around. She sees a box. It’s the same trunk. Arohi tries to open it. Deep shoots her. He says you can never know the secret so easily.

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