Illusion update Thursday 3 February 2022


Illusion 3 February 2022: Pooja’s mother asks Sonali where are her Pooja and Rani, she needs to meet them. Pooja walks with Amma discussing about Shayl trying to find out her mother’s location. She sees Rani and informs her that maa will be found soon. Rani thinks she will marry Kabir and then say maa was not find, she can understand Pooja’s drama. Pooja’s mother insists Sonali to let her meet Pooja and Rani and pushes her away escapes out of room. Chopra and Ranjit discuss where Kabir must have hidden Pooja’s mother. Ranjit just like a film story, Kabir must have hidden her inside house. Chopra scolds him. Pooja’s mother passes by murmuring she wants to meet Pooja and Rani.

Illusion 2 February 2022

Chanda yells at Pooja to stop her family drama and follow her for pooja. Pooja helplessly follows her. Chanda asks her to perform PK’s shanti pooja. Pooja reminisces PK burning her family alive. Kabir insists her to perform pooja and she does with teary eyes.Sonali calls Kabir and informs him that Pooja’s mother pushed her and escaped. Kabir walks out and searching Pooja’s mother tell if she is not found, Pooja will not keep quiet. Pooja hears that and warns if something happens to her mother, she will not spare him. He orders him to get out of her house with his family as she does not want to marry him. Kabir says only he can find her mother and he will marry her tonight for sure. He leaves with Sonali searching Pooja’s mother. Pooja’s mother roams around seeing a small girl holds her thinking as Pooja. Girl resists and pleads to leave her, but she hugs the girl and asks where was she till now.

Pooja searches her car keys and tells Amma that her mother is missing, she needs to search her soon. Amma says Pooja can be at home while searches her mother with Shayl. Suman waits for Kabir. Chanda informs her that both Kabir and Sonali are missing. Kabir returns. Suman asks where was he. He says he went to search Pooja’s mother and found her back. Suman asks to not marry Pooja, else he will ruin his life. He says he knows what he is doing. Pooja gets Kabir’s MMS with her mother and Sonali and tells her that he told only he can find her mother and she should get ready for marriage. Pooja cries loudly and over phone informs Amma that she failed. Amma informs that Shayl found out that the girl is Sonali and she had gone to get Kalyani bua from railway station, so they brought her mother as Kalyani bua. Pooja says that is why she felt dearness when she touched Kalyani bua’s feet.

She rushes to Kalyani bua’s room and doesn’t find her. Kabir walks in and says her mother was in this room 4 hours ago, but now he has shifted her somewhere else, she should get ready for marriage, else forget her mother.Pooja wearing bridal dress enters her room when someone makes her sniff chloroform, kidnaps her, and ties her to a chair in a store room. Kabir waiting for Pooja in mantap gets up saying he will bring his bride. Chanda asks him to finish shagun and then go. He says shagun will only after Pooja comes. He walks into Pooja’s room and seeing someone sitting wearing veil. He holds her hand and walks towards door when he notices her not resisting, lifts veil and is shocked to see Ran instead, asks where is Pooja. Rani lies that Pooja didn’t want to marry him, so she made her wear Pooja’s dress and sit here as bride. Kabir says Pooja will never risk her beloved sister’s life and warns to tell where Pooja is. Rani agrees that she didn’t want Pooja to marry him as she loves him and cannot see him with anyone else. Kabir says he pities on Pooja who is sacrificing her life for her mother and sister and sister on the other side is ready to kill her sister for her selfishness.

Rani says she can go to any extent to get him. He insists to tell where is Pooja. She shouts she will not even if he kills her. Kabir says he is not selfish like her and he is marrying Pooja for his family. He sees Pooja’s earrings and walks out.Chanda continues yelling with her overacting that both bride and groom are missing from mantap. Kabir over phone informs Sonali that Pooja is missing. He sees her bangle on floor and follows footprints to store room. Rani calls her goon and orders to take Pooja far away from this place. Goon lifts unconscious Pooja and walks towards door when Suman sensing someone’s presence walks into store room and seeing goon lifting unconscious Pooja calls Kabir. Kabir rushes to her and seeing him goon drops Pooja and tries to hit Kabir, but Kabir punches him down and let him escape, thinking he cannot expose Rani’s true face to Pooja. Suman asks what is happening. Kabir says Pooja kidnapped herself to escape wedding.

Kabir takes Pooja and lies her on bed. Amma follows next followed by Chanda who starts her overacting. Pooja wakes up. Chanda yells at her. Kabir says Pooja was acting to escape wedding. Pooja says she didn’t. Kabir shows her mother’s video where she speaks emotionally about Pooja’s wedding when she grows up and says he wanted to get her mother’s blessings, but she didn’t want it, now if she does not marry him, she knows what will happen to her mother. Pooja agrees to marry her. They walk to mantap while Suman and Chanda start hurling abuses. Kabir’s drama continues. Pandit asks them to start pheras.

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