Illusion update Saturday 5 February 2022


Illusion 5 February 2022: Kabir gets Sonali’s call that Pooja’s mother is injured and is bleeding profusely. He asks her to tie a cloth around her forehead while he reaches there soon. Pooja hearing his conversation realizes her mother must be injured and tries to follow him when Chanda types stops her and orders her to prepare food and forcefully takes her to kitchen. Pooja starts cutting vegetables. Chanda continues her comments. Pooja thinks she needs to call Shayl and asks him to find out Kabir’s location, but her phone is in her room. She sees Chanda laughing watching video and starts laughing with her. Chanda types asks why is she laughing. Pooja says she is wasting time here instead of going and resting while Suman is resting in her room peacefully. Chanda walks away confused.

Illusion 4 February 2022

Pooja rushes to her room, picks mobile, calls Shayl and asks to find out Kabir’s current location. He calls back and informs City Hospital. Pooja gets angry thinking Kabir must have harmed her mother, picks gun, and rushes towards City Hospital.
Kabir rushes Pooja’s mother to City Hospital where doctor treats her and says she needs urgent B negative blood, else she will go into coma. Kabir says even his blood group is B negative and he can take his blood. Doctor checks Kabir’s blood and informs he cannot donate blood as he is anemic. Kabir insists to take his blood. He calls Sonali and informs her that he can even risk his life to save Pooja’s mother, else he won’t be able to make an eye contact with Pooja. Pooja enters holding gun to shoot Kabir, but stops hearing his conversation. Kabir donates his blood, and doc says his mother’s condition is stable and he saved her on time even with his anemic condition, now he has to stay in hospital for 2 days under observation.

Kabir says mother doesn’t have any name and he just kidnapped Pooja’s mother to make her realize that she should have punished PK for his mistake, but not his family. Pooja shatters hearing that and returns home.Rani provokes Jay that Pooja is planning something big and she needs his help to find out. Pooja returns home and cries informing Amma how Kabir saved her mother and repents for troubling PK’s family. She decides to mend her ways and be good to Kabir’s family. Rani thinks Pooja is falling in Kabir’s love and she will not let that happen.

Pooja tells Amma that she did a big mistake by troubling Kabir’s family and will mend her ways by serving them and considering them as her family. Amma says even she did a mistake by not stopping her when she did wrong. Pooja continues that she will even change Rani’s bad nature, etc. Rani hears their conversation and thinks she will not let that happen. Suman gets tensed when Kabir doesn’t return even late at night. Jay says he must have gone where he has kept Pooja’s mother. Kabir returns. Suman confronts him, but he walks away without answering her. Next morning, Pooja brings prasad. Suman yells that she mixed poison in prasad to kill her. Kabir stops Pooja from serving prasad and questions her. Pooja eats prasad. Suman yells she is planning to gain their trust and then poison them like she gained trust and betrayed them last time. Pooja walks away silently.

Kabir walks behind her and asks what is her plan and continues yelling. Pooja stands silently. Kabir slips, and she holds him. Their eyes lock. Kabir walks away.Rani walks to Pooja and asks what is her plan, she can discuss with her and they can ruin Kabir and his family together. Pooja says she has realized her mistake and now wants to correct them, she was wrong. Rani yells that she has fallen in Kabir’s love and was married him in lieu of searching mother. Pooja says she is thinking wrong. Rani yells she will not let Pooja in snatching Kabir from her completely and hits herself on wall repeatedly. Pooja tries to stop her. Suman with Kabir enters and seeing that shouts Pooja is harming her own sister. Rani runs to Suman and complains that Pooja is planning something big to harm them and when she confronted her, she tortured her in anger. Suman continues yelling and takes Rani along. Jay says Pooja is really conspiring against them. Rani apologizes Suman for earlier mistakes and promises that she will not let Pooja harm them. Suman forgives and hugs her. Rani smirks.

Pooja informs Kabir that she has fixed his meeting with clients. Kabir yells he is not her servant and how dare she is to fix appointment with clients without his permission. Pooja listens silently. Kabir thinks why she is not reacting, what is going on in her mind. Next morning, Kabir and Pooja get ready to meet client when Suman snatches Pooja’s purse and pulling out gun from it alleges that Pooja wants to kill Kabir. Kabir points gun at Pooja and yells at her as usual. Pooja doesn’t react. Kabir says she will call client at home and will serve them. Clients reach home and congratulate Kabir and Pooja for their wedding. Kabir asks Pooja to prepare tea for clients. She does silently and while bringing tea with snacks, slips. Kabir holds her.After sometime, Rani walks to Pooja and taunts her that she had kept gun in her purse. Pooja says she knows and pleads her to stop her evil games. Rani yells she will not stop until she gets back Kabir. Their fight continues…

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