Illusion update Sunday 26 December 2021

Illusion 26 December 2021: Kabir asks Pandit to perform his shraad. PK warns him to shut up, he did a mistake by marrying a widow and this widow pooja is essential. Kabir says they both have become predictable; dad will shout how dare he is to stop widow pooja and he will ask how dare dad is to perform Kavya’s widow pooja, they both will shout to the core of their lungs. He walks away with Kavya. Suman says this pooja is essential to protect his life. PK shouts if he has so much problem with his family rituals, why don’t he leave his house. Kabir says he will never leave house and will not let his family harrassed mentally by his father or anyone. Kabir returns home with Kavya. Aarush asks where did he go leaving him alone in home. Kabir asks him to go out and play and asks Kavya if she has lost.

Illusion 25 December 2021

her mind, how can she support superstition, where is her intelligent quotient. Kavya confronts why did he bring him from pooja, does he understand emotional quotient and family values. Their argument continues and Kabir continues verbally venting out his anger on her.
After sometime, PK gets ready for a press conference regarding mayor election campaign. His trusted aide and personal driver returns to him. He asks if he is back from leave, he has a job for him to find out Kavya’s details, she has more hidden secret that it looks and he can only trust him. Dhruv walks to him and asks where was he all these days. PK calls Jahnvi and introduces his trusted driver to her. Jahnvi greets him and he replies back. They get into car and reach press conference venue. PK addresses that a few people think being widow is a curse and how disgusting their thinking is. Everyone present there get MMS. Dhruv shows PK widow pooja’s MMS where PK is ill-speaking about widows and forcing Kavya to perform widow pooja. Reporters ask what he has to say about this, he is dual faced and a disgrace to society. PK angrily slaps reporter and fight with them. Dhruv drags him towards door. Widow organisation women blacken his face and insult him. Dhruv takes him away in car.

Jahnvi returns to her old burnt house and reminisces playing with Ishani and fighting for chocs. Her father gives them moral gyaan than enjoying anything together with family is most important and they should always support each other. His moral gyaan continues when mob knock door and throw harmful weapons from windows. One hits father, and father asks Jahnvi to escape with Ishani via back door and always support each other. He dies saying that. Ishani cries seeing that. Out of flashback, she continues crying and hearing someone knocking door thinks who will come here.

Kavya opens door nervously and relaxes seeing amma, en eunuch. Amma identifies her as pooja and hugs her emotionally. Jahnvi closes door. Amma says she should not have come here as her father would not have let her risk her life and praises her father that doctor saheb saved her life, else she would have died long ago. Jahnvi asks how did she know she is here. Amma says Rani informed her and either ways she knows Pooja comes here every Friday. She asks why she is dragging Kavya in all this. Jahnvi says she did not pull her hands, Kavya herself got into it. Amma says she should not trouble innocents. Jahnvi says her father was also innocent, but PK Mittal trapped him in false case and she will turn PK Mittal and his family into ash pot like her father. Amma says Mittal is her enemy,

then why she is trounbling his family. Jahnvi says with wheat, even bran has to be grinded. Amma asks how is her hand injury. Jahnvi hits her hand on wall and says it is nothing in front of the pain in her heart. Amma warns her to stop troubling herself, else she hit her and says she got her something as she knows she does not eat Mittal family’s sweets, takes out tiffin box and excitedly says she got besan laddoo. Jahnvi rejoices seeing laddoos.
Kavya searches Aarush and asks Jay if he saw Aarush. He ignores her and gets busy entangling his earphone. Kavya helps him. He says Aarush is playing near swimming pool. Kavya thanks him and walks towards swimming pool. Ishani seeing Aarush playing clashes with him. He apologizes.

She angrily tries to push him in swimming pool. Kavya enters on time and pulls Aarush aside. Ishani falls into swimming pool. Kavya extends her helping hand, but Ishani herself gets out of pool and warns her to stay away from her. Kavya takes Aarush to her room and asks to stay away from evil aunty. Kabir walks in and asks what happened. Kavya tells Ishani fell into swimming pool. Kabir says evil aunty tried to push him in swimming pool, but super mamma rescued him on time and aunty fell into swimming pool. Kabir smiles. Kavya says she did not push Ishani. Kabir smilingly corrects her bindi.Kavya returns to Ishani and asks what happened to her. Ishani says Kavya pushed her in swimming pool. Kavya shows her ammma’s prepared besan laddoo and asks Ishani to apologize Kavya. Ishani angrily asks if she is missing her target. Kavya says she never misses her target.

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