Illusion update Saturday 25 December 2021


Illusion 25 December 2021: PK gets heart attack and is taken into ambulance. Suman panics and insist to go with PK in ambulance, but Jahnvi stops her and gets into ambulance with Dhruv. She messages Ishani that this was not her plan. PK wakes up and says he is fine, guests must have gone back and orders take back ambulance home. Jahnvi asks PK if he was acting. PK says if someone can do acting life, can’t he act and asks Ishani to tell Dhruv what his brother did. At home, Aarush asks Kavya if Dev/Kabir’s father is having fever. Suman chants mantras loudly. Chanda asks Kavya to press her son’s mute button. PK returns home.

Kabir asks Dhruv if papa is fine and seeing PK asks if he acted as getting heart attack. PK shouts yes. Dadaji asks PK why he is shouting. PK says he does not know thatKabir married a widow and Aarush is Vyom’s son. Jahnvi takes Aarush from there and gives him tab to play. Ishani asks why did she bring him here and not let him watch drama. Jahnvi says she will not let anyone play with kid’s mind and will not let anyone go through what they went through.

PK trashes Kabir with a stick shouting how dare he is to marry a widow and bring someone else’s child as Mittal’s child. Jahnvi returns and reminisces her father being beaten and humiliated by public for PK’s sins. PK continues trashing till stick breaks. Kabir shouts to stop as he is not a kid, being widow is not a sin and he married Kavya with his wish. PK continues venting out his anger. Kabeer says he will not let Kavya stay in this house anymore and will take her away from here, walks to his room. Jahnvi tells she knew about Kabir’s marriage with Kavya and wanted to reveal it after party, vyom was Kabir’s best friend in army and sacrificed his life trying to save Kabir, so Kabir married Kavya and brought Kavya and Arush home. PK shouts this house belongs to him and nobody can disobey him, Kabir should have done some other favor instead of marrying Kavya.

Kabir packs his bags and walks down with Kavya and Aarush. Jahnvi informs Suman that Kabir is leaving home. Suman runs towards Kabir and pleads not to go. Kabir says he cannot stay in this house and walks down. Jahnvi acting supporting Suman pushes her from stairs and she falls down, also injures herself during the process. Doctor checks Suman and says she is fine. PK asks how is Jahnvi. Doctor says even she is fine. Jahnvi tells Ishani that she had to push Suman to top Kabir from leaving home. PK enters and asks her how is she. She says her injury is fine, but she is feeling pain somewhere else and says he cannot force his decisions on Kabir and if he does, Kabir will leave house..


Kavya tells Kabir that she went to meet Jahnvi as she is injured, she gave haldi for Kabir’s injuries. Kabir says he is fine. Kavya asks him to remove his kurta. He nervously removes kurta. She applies haldi on his wound. Kabir says mom would feel bad if he leaves home, so he needs some time to shift Kavya and Aarush to another place. Kavya says she is not going anywhere and walks away. On the other side, Dhruv feeds Jahnvi and asks why she serves tasty to food to family and herself is having bland food, she is fit and can give complex to any model. Jahnvi says he knows that is the way of his life.Kavya walks into PK’s cabin and says she heard he called her. He says he got a blank cheque for her, she may be thinking him as filmy father and she as heroine, they

both are not; she should think practically as she can live without a husband and secure her son’s life with her desired amount on cheque and spare Kabir. She asks pen and writes amount. PK says not bad and checking amount shouts, what..if she is insane to write only 11 rs. Kavya says she just needs shagun 11 rs, blessings and acceptance from family members. PK shouts she is disgusting. She walks away. Jahnvi walks in next. PK asks did she hear what Kavya did, she wrote 11 rs on cheque and is acting too smart. Jahnvi asks him to calm down. PK walks out. Aarush clashes with him, apologizes and returns his mobile. PK seeing Kabir says just oversmart like her mother. Kabir enjoys game with Aarush and says he used to play a lot in childhood.

Suman asks Kavya to perform widow pooja as she has lost one husband already and cannot risk another one, even she cannot lose her son. Jahnvi tells she just joked to ask Kavya to perform widow pooja and did not mean it. Chanda says she did right. Suman insists and ans Kavya agrees. PK walks in clapping and says Kavya knows to respect others, hope Suman would have asked something else. Family takes Kavya to temple. PK asks pandit if he knows to perform widow pooja. Pandit says yes and starts pooja. PK says he wants this pooja to complete peacefully and does not want to risk his son’s life, he does not know why Kabir married a widow. Kabir enters and is amazed to see what is happening, he asks pandit if he knows to perform shraad pooja. Pandit says yes. Kabir asks to perform his shraad pooja then. PK shouts what rubbish. Kabir confronts PK.

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