If you were not there update Wednesday 12 July 2023

If you were not there 12 July 2023: Niyati is sitting beside Abhimanyu starts calling him idiot, mad and a stupid person, she questions why he did this, Abhimanyu’s hand starts to move, she holding his hand places it against her face, while constantly weeping, he starts to wake up,

Niyati realizes that she left her own wedding.Aanad assures he would not allow Niyati to get harmed, he has to find her, Aanad turns to leave when he is shocked to see Niyati coming back with Abhimanyu who is on the wheelchair, they all are shocked to see the situation the condition in which she has come, Kichu and Manaroma both are stunned to see that Abhimanyu is unconscious, even Ram and Sulochana are worried, Kinkar rushes to the side of Munna trying to wake him up, Kichu asks Niyati what has happened but she is not able to reply, Manaroma also questions what has happened, she explains their son has paid a hefty price for her satisfaction, he was taking shock therapy for the past three days so there should not be any problem in her wedding, Dr Aanad is also tensed to hear this.

Manaroma once again tries to wake up Abhimanyu, Niyati starts wiping off the saliva which came out of his face, she exclaims he hurt himself so much only to make sure that she doesnot face any problem, Niyati reveals the entire situation of how she suspected that he was doing something wrong, she eventually found out that he was taking shock therapy, Manaroma starts getting dizzy when so Kichu is forced to hold her so she doesnot get unconscious, Dr Aanad tries to go but his mother stops him, he still goes to Niyati asking if all this drama has ended then they can get married, Niyati says that she is sorry but she cannot marry him now, Aanad exclaims all of these guests have come to their wedding and now she cannot back out from their marriage, he exclaims that he along with his mother and their entire family would have to suffer a lot of humiliation, how can she be so careless, Niyati holding her hands apologizes, mentioning whatever is happening, she had nothing to do in it, this is a lot difficult for her, she had two ways too chose in life and the first was to get married and live a normal life with him while the other is Abhimanyu, she had to choose Abhimanyu.

Aanad in anger exclaims that she is choosing Abhimanyu over him, she has chosen this mad man, Niyati replies that there is one thing in which no one can compare to Abhimanyu and that is his righteousness, he knowingly accepted his fate and then performed the repentance over a mistake which he made unknowingly, he did it beyond any means which they could have thought about, she explains that she started loving his pure nature a long time ago, even when she just found out about their marriage.

Niyati explains even after their marriage was fixed, she never felt like that for Aanad, how she has started to fell about Abhimanyu, she seeks his forgiveness, saying that she cannot ruin his life after marrying because her destiny has been joined with Abhimanyu twenty years ago, there is a connection between them both, she has now started to believe in it when they both fell in love with each other even after knowing the entire truth, Niyati sits in front of Abhimanyu, asking him to see her fate, the first time she loved someone who confessed his love and he doesnot know about her love, Ram calls Niyati in anger, asking if she has also gotten mad while living with a mental person, he asks how can someone love a person who is not normal, she exclaims there is no love as it is all just stupid talk. Niyati mentions this is the biggest truth of her life, her relation was fixed with Abhimanyu when they were young, he tried to make sure she would stay away from him but even then she fell in love with him for who he is, she did not knew that what she was doing as her duty is actually the debt which she has to pay, She would now have to pay this debt by living with Abhimanyu, she turns when Aanad asks her to stop, he is weeping, when going to her says she cannot do this to him and if she leaves him for this mental person then he would be made a ridiculing mannequin in front of everyone,

Niyati replies if she marries him after not being in love then would make his life a hell, she doesnot want to do it to him and cannot marry him anymore, Aanad exclaims that he will not let her go so she would have to marry him, he tries to hurt her when Lata comes and she slaps him, asking why is he doing this to her when he is a doctor, he knew that she has been married in her childhood even then he hid the truth from Niyati and his own mother, she asks how can he do this, And exclaims because he loves her, she however warns him to shut up.

Lata Didi apologizes to them all by holding her hands, Niyati questions Aanad if he knew the truth then why he not told it to her, everyone is shocked, she exclaims he is her good friend then why he hid it, he wanted to marry her so even ruined their friendship. Aanad is ashamed. Niyati mentions if he had told her the truth before then it would have been a lot easier for her to make this decision, she says he has made a fun of this wedding by hiding the truth, Ram defends Aanad saying he has tried to protect her married life as her fiancé and friend, he would also as a father like her to not ruin her life, she would only marry Aanad.

Everyone gets really worried after hearing this, Niyati questions what about that marriage which happened when she was young, did it not have any worth then or now, only because Abhimanyu is in this condition, the disease of Abhimanyu is not that old and if both the families had not separated then her Gouna would have been done, and if he got ill after that then would have he still asked her to leave him, he has always told her to keep abiding by the relations then why is he himself asking to break them, she knows Abhimanyu is really nice person who did not let her say anything and quietly went after making her sit at the Mandap, after which he inflicted so much pain, they even after being normal cannot give such honour, she exclaims she cannot let Abhimanyu suffer like this, she requests Ram to perform her Gouna and make her wedding a truth, Kichu once again requests Ram to accept the truth, Ram however leaves the hall in anger. Niyati gets really worried.

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