I do update Thursday 28 April 2022

I do 28 April 2022: Asad gets zoya’s enthusiastic phone about having met her father, while he is with nazma and dilshad. He agrees to pick her up, and she promises to tell them everything in the car. both dilshad and nazma are happy that zoya finally met her father.

Scene 2:
Location: Sameera’s residence
Badi bi traps sameera by getting money out of her bag and then drawing out the keys too, shocking haseena and farhan, and sameera is bewildered. Nikhat pretends to be hurt. Sameera says that she knows very well who did this, as badi bi and nikhat want to trap her and hence doing it intentionally. Badi bi slaps sameera tightly, and says that she wont let this be now, as she would call asad and tell them to get the police.

Farhan stops her midway, and then takes sameera away, with haseena in tow. Badi bi and nikhat are happy. They overhear farhan accusing sameera, wanting to run away. haseena also makes up her mind to put her back in the attic. They are happy that one of the players is out, and the rest two would also come soon.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya tries to get asad to convince that mamu isnt a bad person. Asad is confused, while dilshad happily accepts the fact that she met her father. Asad says that he still cant believe all this and asks again if she’s sure. zoya says that she took all the signs which indicated that he could have been her father.

He says that he’s happy if she is, and that he is right now concerned for rashid. Asad in a reprimanding tone, asks zoya how could she leave rashid alone, and that he understands it was important for her to go, but she could have atleast informed him. Zoya says that she did try but didnt get through and was assured by the doctor that rashid wont wake up for a long time. She asks him to come along to the room, as he must be asleep till now. as they move, they hear the sound of a crash on the windshield of the car.

They turn around to find rashid lying upside down, with a knife stabbed in his back. They are distraught and shocked beyond their wits. Dilshad faints while asad checks his pulse and finds that he’s dead. As zoya looks up, she finds mamu, reaching out his hand, with teary eyes, from the roof and is bewildered. Asad eyes him too and thinks that he is the murderer and is filled with rage.

In their room, haider responds curtly to humaira and asks her not to wait up, when he hears the police siren and immediately rush out with her. Meanwhile, rashid’s body is brought in the foyer, while all are distraught, and the police check on him. they tell that he died an hour back.

Razia comes inside and is shocked at what she sees. When the police asks if he doubts anyone, asad points out to Mamu, saying that he is the murderer. They are all shocked at this. Zoya confronts him asking whats he saying. He tells her that her father has killed his father. Humaira is shocked at this revelation that zoya is her half sister. Zoya vehemently denies that he didnt kill anyone and asks him not to talk like that. Asad shows her the blood stained hands of masmu and asks if she needs any more proof of the crime.

zoya says that even the saviour’s hands are filled with blood and hence they should think like that. Asad enters into a scuffle with mamu, and haider tears them apart. The investigating team find a locket. The police ask whose locket it is and mamu gultily nods his head. zoya is asked if she needs any more proof. Zoya is silenced..

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