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I do 28 June 2022: While walking lost in her thoughts, seher collides into tanveer, who mocks her asking when did she get blind too, or is blinded by the veil of love. Tanveer thinks that love has got her blind. Seher too retorts back saying that the veil can disappear but blindness cant. Tanveer is frustrated. seher warns her that she might lose a lot, if she collides into someone, and then pinches her hand, and tanveer winces in pain. razia finds them talking and wonders what are they talking about, and hopes that seher doesnt give away their plan. tanveer says that sometimes she feels that this girl isnt sanam, and they get tensed. She tells seher that her fame and luxury is only for a few days, and once her past revives, a scared sanam would come back.

Seher says that she has her time, her love and her destiny in her hands, and that love is neither her power nor her weakness. razia wonders why is she talking so much. Tanveer says that she likes her changed behaviour. Seher says that she thinks that she actually can see. tanveer asks what nonsense is she talking. seher continues to taunt her, much to tanveer and razia’s frustration. tanveer leaves in disgust. Seher is amused at her irritation. razia is happy to see the way seher tackled tanveer, and how she is in such a plight.

Tanveer is irritated by azhar’s parents’ incoherent rant of getting some peer baba, for drawing off the evil spirits that possess sanam. Tanveer shust them and decides to do something silently to get what she wants. Azhar’s father yet again presents an idea of some snake poison, that cant be detected in autopsy and the body doesnt even get blue, to let others know the cause of death. tanveer likes it, and thinks that a dying person’s signatures are enough, and once she signs, the property shall be hers, and then it would be veryb easy to get ahil’s signatures. tanveer thinks that sanam has escaped enough, and now its her time to lose it all, tonight, when she sends her to her parents in hell.

In her room, Seher thinks about the engagement ring, that ahil presented, which changes the dimensions of the relationship between the couple, and is again reminisced as to how close she was to getting to that dimension with rehaan. She wards off those thoughts, and then asks herself to focus on her work, and get her money and leave this house forever. Ahil comes saying that the diamond has less sparkle than her. She is tensed. He asks her what and why is she so scared. She starts pointing out that she has backache. he expresses his desire to press them, and then again she makes an excuse, of sleeping there only, so that she can ease off her pain. he resignedly complies, and then sits.

She comes to him, while he asks her whats the problem, and if he made a mistake unintentionally, thats causing her to behave like this, like she is looking at him, but she is thinking something else, and that maybe she is avoiding him. she is speechless. he gets all the more tensed, and asks her whats the matter. she starts thinking what excuse to give. Just then rehaan comes inside, and she gets up with a jerk, breaking one of her bangles and wounding her wrist. ahil surprisingly asks her why’s she so jumpy, and then finds her eyeing rehaan and gets all the more tensed. rehaan apologises while she instantly asks him not to hastily, before ahil can respond, surprising him all the more.

Ahil tersely asks whats the matter. ahil asks him to go along, while they come along. He leaves. Ahil tries to stop seher, but she says that she is very hungry and should go down for food. he says that he was talking something. she says that she is here only, and that they should have their dinner first. she storms out. He is tensed.After dinner is served, its time for dessert, which amuses azhar’s parents. seher gets excited and says that she doesnt know which one to choose. Azhar’s parents give her the one laced with poison. She resignedly accepts thinking that its sanam’s choice.

Tanveer thinks that sanam shall definitely enjoy her last dessert, as tanveer waits with azhar’s parents in anticipation, for sanam to eat her dessert laced with the special poison. Seher finds azhar’s parents, with joined hands, and is definite that they have mixed something, and decides to get her revenge. tanveer is tensed as she gets to know that she kept down her spoon. Azhar’s parents and tanveer asks her why she stopped. she says that everyday they have their choice, and that today they shall try something new. she collects everyone’s glasses, while azhar’s parents and tanveer get tensed. Seher goes on a rant as to how life has become boring, and hence they should change their dessert, and starts interchaging the glasses, so fast, that the posioned glass gets mixed up, while they are frustrated, and she continues on a rant of how change is necessary.

She then asks what flavour would they like. rehaan opts for Badaam, and then she gives one to rehaan and ahil, and gives kesar to tanveer, who isnt interested to have it. but she continues to express her desire to change, and tanveer refuses. Seher tauntingly gives her the original one. they are left with Bdam, Rose, and another flavour, which azhar’s mother instantly takes dibs on. Seher then amusingly asks azhar’s father which one, Badaam or rose would he like. He is tensed, while seher is amused. He says that he loves rose and hence would take Badaam. Seher asks him not to sacrifice his choice for giving her rose which is her favourite. He is shocked and scared. she then convinces him to take it. she tells them that she would herself feed it to him.

Seher forcibly feeds him the rose flavoured dessert, while all are tensed, and then as the poison starts affecting, he instantly starts hiccuping, and then falls flat with her face in the dining table. all are surprised and shocked, while azhar’s mother and tanveer are tensed. the screen freezes on tanveer’s face.All are shocked as azhar’s father falls unconscious on the table. Seher is shocked and relieved that her doubt was right. All attend to him. tanveer screams to call the doctor. Ahil complies, and asks rehaan to take him to the room. All disperse, seher and tanveer remain behind. Seher tells tanveer that she had warned her to beware of her moves, but she didnt pay heed to seher’s warnings. Sehjer says that azhar’s father is in this condition due to her. she says that she is playing such weak moves, and that she doesnt think she wants to him to die right in front of her family. Seher leaves. Tanveer is upset.


As azhar’s father regains consciousness, and the doctor informs them that he had poisoning. Ahil and rehaan are shocked as they too ate the same thing. the doctor says that only his drink was poisoned, or some poisonous insect probably fell in his drink. Ahil is shocked that sanam was going to drink that dessert. Seher pretends to be concerned and caring, and how he had to take the poison on her behalf, and how had she knows, she would never have fed it to him. Ahil asks her to calm down and wonders who could have done this fatal attempt. rehaan mentions razia’s name. latif too points out her name as the accused. Ahil asks her to shut up and call razia. tanveer tensed herself, asks ahil to let go, as maybe razia made a mistake. Ahil is unwilling to let go. All are tensed.

Latif gets in Razia. Ahil asks if she made the dessert. She complies. He mentions that the drink was poisoned and azhar’s father had a close shave. razia vehemently talks os her innocence, but he is determined to send razia to the police station. tanveer intervenes saying that the police shall cause them infamy. Ahil agrees and says that he has therefore decided that she would have to leave this house. seher is tensed. He says that razia is here due to tanveer, and hence out of respect, she would be kept in an old age home, but from hereon, she wont live in this house. she pleads to everyone, including tanveer, but ahil is adamant on his descision, hearing which razia is shocked, while tanveer is upset. Azhar’s parents are tensed.

Later, Razia finds seher casually taking the dessert, and vents out her anger at her. seher too asks what should be done, as she is irritated playing ahil’s life. They enter into a verbal arguement. Razia asks why did she have to feed azhar’s father, as she should have thrown it away. She says that she didnt know there was poison. She says that she didnt know there would be danger lurking over her life all the time. razia asks her to do anything, that would get her to stay in this house, and for that she just has one night. she leaves, while seher is tensed wondering what to do.

In her room, tanveer thinks that things have gone way out of control, as whatever needs to be done has to be done soon, as soon ahil and sanam’s contract marriage shall be over, and then ahil or sanam would get that property, and if after the period, sanam manages to convince ahil for another marriage, it would be a huge problem for her, and she would have to act fast to avert that problem.By the pool side, ahil reminisces sanam’s undying faith and love for him, that she had confessed to him, and then tanveer’s stinging and barbed comments, about sanam’s contract marriage. Ahil thinks that it maybe a contract marriage, but the wedding, and its promises were real, and he wont break either the marriage or the promises, and that he would tell sanam, that even if their marriage was a contract, he would never let go of Sanam, and always be by her side. Seher stealthily approaches ahil, frustrated that she has to do all this, due to razia, and hopes that her task here is over soon.

She addresses him. Ahil is surprised to see sanam, and is overwhelmed that he got a chance to finally talk to her. She says that she came here to talk about razia, and he is frustrated, and then tells that she wont be kept back at work. she says that razia made a mistake, and it was unintentional. He asks what would have happened had she eaten the desssert and that he cant bear to see anything happen to her. she says that she is completely fine, and hence razia should be forgiven. She goes on a rant, as to how helpless, poor, desperate and useless she is, she shouldnt be dealt with so severely. He refuses to bulge, but then she caresses his cheeks with both her hands, and it has its effect, and ahil agrees. he tries to get intimate with her, while she desperately tries to take a chance to get out of his grip.

she says hastily that she should go and immediately tell this news to razia, as she would be very happy. But he holds her hand and tells her to spend some time with her husband first, as he is more important than razia. She has no option, and he takes her from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed location
Sanam wakes up in the old Barn, where she is locked, and as the door opens, and someone enters, sanam is shocked to see that the person is Razia. Razia is amused at her plight, and takes off the hankey with which she gagged her. Sanam asks her why did she get her kidnapped. Razia asks her to use her brain, and think, as she would remember then. Sanam says that she doesnt remember ever doing anything wrong to her, then why she is she being punished and for what fault. razia asks what condition is she in right now, and that seeing this face, noone can say that she is the would be wife of Bhopal’s Nawab. Sanam asks her why’s she doing this and what would she get. sanam says that ahil would come and definitely rescue her.

Razia guffaws and says evilly that ahil would search only when he cares for her, and wants to search for her. Sanam asks why wont he search for her, as she is his wife, and starts screaming wondering whether she has done something to ahil. Raziz says that she wont show her all the cards, but can say that the truth is that noone at the family is bothered for her, and hence she shouldnt waste time waiting for people to come looking for her. She tells sanam that she shoudl lie here still, till the time she doesnt get her revenge, as her life is in her hands. Sanam is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

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