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I do 22 February 2022: Humaira is working on the laptop, when it doesnt work, and ayan, passing by offers to help. But she doesnt respond back. She asks him to let be, as she can do it himself. He asks her why is she behaving like this with him. She asks what was he doing when he lied to her, when she was confessing her love, and he too made her believe that he loved her. While ayan tries to compose humaira, she tells him that she doesnt care as he has already rejected her, and she doesnt want to remember the past.

She leaves angrily but he stops her saying, that he wants to start afresh so that she can forget the past. She asks him not to pin hopes on her as she wont be able to bear betrayal again, and says that she doesnt want to listen to him anymore. She runs away from there, while ayan is distraught. She is distraught and in tears. She says that he has always been her first love, and hence it pains so much, and she doesnt want to live with this pain and remember it. Ayan thinks that its true that he didnt love her before, but this is true too that he loves her too much now, but didnt know that it would be so difficult to make her understand.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
A nurse calls zoya up from Holy Child Maternity Home, that someone has left his phone and that the last dialled number was theirs. she is shocked to hear about the maternity home. She asks if the nurse knows about any identification and is given that info. When imran comes to asad’s residence for the phone, zoya tells that they could trace the phone through the last dialled number which was theirs. She could find that its imran’s phone when it meets the spcification that the nurse gave. Imran asks where did they find it from. Zoya sternly says that it came from Holy Child Maternity Home. Imran gets very serious and zoya too is tensed to see his reaction. She asks if he went there. Imran denies. She teases saying that his phone is without him at the maternity home. imran grows angry, and zoya is tensed at such a reaction. Imran leaves in haste to get the phone. Zoya wonders why he went so defensive.

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Nazma shys while asad teases her too. nazma says that for the first time, she had a talk with imran. Asad says that it takes more than a meeting to know, and hence at first instance, he too liked him. She says that he doesnt even know how to lie. Asad says that therefore he likes him. He asks if zoya agrees. zoya remembers the phone incident. But sensing nazma’s tension, she says that she was just teasing her, and actually he is what asad thinks. He leaves, and nazma too after thanking her, leaves. zoya thinks that maybe she’s overreacting.

Later, Zoya comes and finds nazma facebooking and looking at imran’s pics. She teases her when nazma says that she wasnt doing anything particular. Zoya breaks into poetry:

Zoya insists to see the pics and starts teasing nazma that they arent good at all. But then she is silenced when it turns out to be that the next pics are threatening types to reveal a secret, and that the username from which it is sent is some T. zoya is a little tensed while nazma brushes it aside thinking it to be some sort of a prank. nazma sees zoya tensed and asks if she really thinks its serious. But zoya assures her that it might just be a spam. She says that she has to talk to her about asad. Zoya says that asad is very shy about his wishes, and never confesses. Zoya asks nazma about asad’s particular likings, or a secret crush. Nazma, after much insistence, tells that he had a huge crush on sridevi. She says that he used to watch her posters and movies and that he had decided to marry sridevi when he grows up.

Asad comes home and finds that the door is ajar and noone is inside and all lights are off. he is tensed, but just then, he hears the sound of sridevi’s song playing. Zoya goes on to do an imitation of Sridevi, on the song Hawa hawaii. Asad is pleased to the core at this gesture. She ends in his arms. (MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Chandbi teases haseena for being scared of asad, and not giving the list. haseena is irked. But chandbi continues saying that she wont get anything from asad. haseena thinks that nikhat was a better option than her as her family gave lots of gifts atleast. Haseena says that she wont let this relation go to waste, and neither does she want the nikhat relation to be called off too. She says that she would find a way out of this.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While razia is releived to be finally sleeping on her own bed, she is shocked when she finds badi bi coming towards her at the WheelChair. She gives a letter to razia, that says that she cant befool her as she may have given her permission to stay here, but at the first instance of evil behaviour, she weould be back to sleeping on the floor. razia remembers her ordeal and is terrified.

The next morning, rashid and shirin are shocked to find haseena at their doorstep, and that she apologises profusely that she had her revenge but felt really guilty at this. rashid asks that she isnt happy at any relation. Haseena says that nazma’s really nice but she has realised that she has lost a daughter in law like nikhat, and she connected with her from the heart. Both rashid and shirin are confused at this. she says that she does understand that this is a new way of insulting them. Haseena admits her mistake, and says that she was very happy insulting them, but that night, peer baba came in her dreams to tell that she sinned and should repent and she was restless till now. She asks them to forgive her so that she may be in peace. she starts crying. rashid is irritated and asks shirin to make her understand.

Hasena continues saying that nikhat shouldnt get a Saans like her, but her elder son is returning from america, and shows them the pic. She says that she wnts nikhat for him. they are surprised. rashid asks what is this nonsense. Haseena says that its a request as he’s a very eligible bachelor, and asks them to give it a thought. rashid is furious. haseena says that he’s angry at her right now, and that she would wait till he simmers down. chandbi says that if nikhat comes to their house, it would be their good fortune. They leave, asking them to think over it. Rashid and shiirn are tensed. He says that he has never seen a low level woman like this. He leaves, but shirin is in confusion and starts eyeing the photograph, thinking at the same time.

Ayan sees humaira searching frantically for her medicines, as the stick that she had is finished, and comes to ask what is she searching for. Humaira is surprised to see him, but doesnt answer. He asks if she has taken the meds as she cant miss them. she says that she has taken the meds and that he shouldnt try and be a spy. She asks him to leave. He does so.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Shirin asks rashid desperately, if he doesnt know what becomes of a woman who has been refused to be married by someone, and that she has to live as the second woman in someone’s life. rashid is about to put forth his point but is shocked to see Nikhat listening to all this, and being distraught. Before she can be consoled, She leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya and nazma tell Imran of the weird pics and that it was sent by someone called T. imran is reminded of tanveer and is tensed. Imran says that he doesnt go on networking sites. Zoya screams out that he’s lying, surprising him and nazma too. She shows him his facebook profile and tanveer’s comments on it.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road

On the road, nikhat is haunted by what happened in the house, and all the more distressed when she sees nazma with Imran, enjoying and having fun. She is in tears. As nazma’s eyes fall on her, she turns around and leaves before imran or nazma can see her.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Rashid again curtly tells haseena She says that she has come on shirin’s insistence. rashid is surprised. and asks why she called them. ayan too is shocked. shirin says that they should think, but rashid says that he has taken the descision

Rashid says that he knows her opinion, and is about to refuse but nikhat comes in saying that she accepts this relation. All are surprised including rashid. She says that she has made up her mind.

In her room, ayan tries to advise nikhat against this relation. She says that she wants to connect again, and she knows that haseena is very insulting but has asked for forgiveness. rashid asks her not to be hasty. She says that she has thought enough. He reminds her that imran also would be there. She says that she has completely forgotten over imran, and wants a new relation, and doesnt know why is she stopped from being moved on.

Rashid asks her to think ahead, as she isnt able to see what problems that she would have. Rashid says that she would have many more options. She asks him where are they then, and that they should get practical, as she is neither getting younger or fairer, and hence they should say yes to this.

Scene 5:
Location: Asad’s residence
Nazma asks zoya why she didnt perform in front of her too. Zoya and she together get to tease asad about this. Asad says that he did nothing of the sort and that it was just a one time thing, for sridevi. But they together tease him, till he silences that he was lost in her performance.(MITWA MOMENT) He also teases her for Salman Khan, and zoya says that the list isnt over yet, and goes on to name others. Zoya scares everyone by screaming that dhoni is coming for Janamashtmi to bhopal. And last time, he may have stopped her from going, but this time around she would go at any cost. asad and nazma are amused to see her childish fascination for dhoni. asad agrees but says that he wont come as he has a very important meeting. She says that she would go with nazma then, but she too refuses, citing that she would go to college. She says that she would go alone. But asad says that its too far. She is insistent though. Asad says that he would book a car and chaffeur who would take care of her. She hugs him in happiness and kisses on the cheek, while nazma turns away.Asad leaves, while the girsl are happy.

The next morning, asad tried hard but isnt able to fix a cab for her. He calls her up, and she picks up in excitement that the cab hasnt come yet, and she is all ready. He tells her about the cab strike and she is extremely disappointed. He says that he tried his best, but she would have to cancel her plan. She says okay, and cancels the phone. She thinks that today she would anyhow meet dhoni.

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