Twist of fate update Wednesday 23 February 2022

Twist of fate 23 February 2022: Abhi is helping Dadi sit down, she asks if she can talk with him, he refuses but then mentions she is the only one who can say a lot to him, Dadi explains that she knows Pragya is angry with them but it is their right to mend the relationship, Abhi replies that she doesnot want to listen and has got the anger issues which he used to have in the past, Dadi explains he must tell her the reason he is with Tanu, Abhi explains that whenever he tries to talk with her she starts getting all frustrated and doesnot even listen to anything, Dadi requests him to not fight with her but Abhi asks if she thinks he can fight with her, Dadi requests him to in form her the reason he is with Tanu as no wife can bear that her husband is with another women.

Tanu is sitting when Aliya asks if she is still thinking of her, Tanu replies that she felt that Pragya would not be angry with Abhi however they way she took his name, it really shook her, and she now is wondering if Pragya hates Abhi to the extent then how much will she hate them all.

Abhi exclaims Pragya still has a lot of love for Dadi even after what she said to him, Dadi mentions she also loves him a lot but has kept it down in her heart, she explains Pragya came to meet him but got angry after seeing that he is with Tanu, questioning what would he feel after he came to know that Pragya got in a relationship with another person, Abhi explains he would reveal the entire situation to her, but if she doesnot understand him, he will take revenge, Dadi asks what is he thinking, Abhi explains that he only desires Pragya to also take a step because if she takes one step then he will end all the differences, Dadi kisses him when he asks her to sleep.

Tanu mentions that now Pragya would take revenge from all of them, Aliya exclaims she would not be able to do anything as they will stop her, Tanu mentions they have also done a good thing as a family asking if she remembers what they said that first Abhi came and now them, they have as a family stopped the auction of the family house, they hear Abhi coming so stop the conversation, Abhi think that both of them have also made a good decision as they were able to stop the auction of the house, it was close to Pragya but they now think they are the winner.

Sushma jee explains that Pragya warned Aliya and Tanu but did not say anything to Abhi, she heard everything about them from her but now finally was able to meet them and knows what they are, she has not done anything but is still in love with Abhi, she might have fallen for him because he is a good actor as he first came to her as the husband of Tanu and now at the auction, she felt that Pragya doesnot want to give them any sort of punishment, she is not that old Pragya and the only reason she was allowed to come to India was when she met them, they could see the anger in her eyes and fear what she would do to them but she instead gave them a warning,

Sushma jee explains that she would now have to end the attitude that is present in the eyes of the Mehra family, she would not do anything, Sushma jee advises her to forget each and every vow which he took as he has not fulfilled even a single one of them, she must now take the rope of Maa Durga to seek the revenge which is her right, she explains that she was saved in order to fight for the case of every women and this is the only way she can give purpose to their lives, Pragya accepts that she deviated from her path but would now once again only work towards taking her revenge as Sushma jee has made her realize her path.

Abhi thinks to himself that being here was a good decision, otherwise he would have regained all the lost memories from past. Aaliya and Tanu discuss that Abhi never speak to Pragya in front of them. But Aaliya decides to take advantage of their egos and attitude and keep them apart.

Ranbir speaks to Prachi that she must miss her sister Rhea and that is why she must have imagined her in Bangalore. Prachi denies, but Ranbir insists that it is fine as they are sisters, he would not be angry at her. He only advices her to remember the lesson. Ranbir gets a call from Sid and smiles that it seems he has improvised. Sid questions Ranbir what the problem in that girl is. Ranbir says he just did not like her vibe. Sid was angry that Ranbir convinced him to marry and now has an objection with the girl.

Ranbir speaks to Prachi that he did not like the girl. Prachi says appearances are deceitful. They pray Sid never get a girl like Rhea.
In the bar, Sid was attracted to Rhea. Rhea looks forward to him approaching her and says he will regret meeting her in his life.
Ranbir throws photos outside. Prachi asks how they will now find a girl for Sid. Ranbir says Sid already found a girl for himself; they must now celebrate Independence Day for themselves. They two dances together in celebration. The two lay on the bed when Ranbir gets a call from Sid. Ranbir had to take the call and asks Prachi to turn off music and turn the light on.

Sid was hiding under a table. He says he and the girl are in trouble. Someone snatches Sid’s phone from above. There was a police raid in the bar and the policeman gets hold of Sid. Ranbir could not hear Sid and was worried. Ranbir asks Prachi if Sid has another number and guess that Sid was beaten up by another man.

Abhi lay outside and speaks to his fuggy through broken glasses. He appreciates the new style, and new body language. He exclaims the anger doesnot suit her.

Pragya sat in the bed still aggressive that he proved his relation as illegitimate. Pragya speaks to herself that he wanted to clarify his point and said that he will do what he was not able to two years ago but she wonders what does he want to show her after two years when he doesn’t even want to accept what he has done.

Abhi explains he has a lot of things to show her but she doesnot want to even see, he accepts that ever since she came back, his life has been once again filled with joy but in the moments, there is something which is always with him, the alcohol bottle. Pragya replies after going into the house she was filled with the memories but now is is sure of her plan, Abhi exclaims their story is a little different and filled with a lot of events, but he desires to see her, Pragya thinks that now she cannot be deviated from her path and will take revenge from Abhi for trying to kill her two years ago.

the police have raided the club, they order them all to gather to the side and even orders the constable to search everyone, they are able to catch two of the dealers, who both run and one of them Jennifer places her packet in his pocket, they both run away, the constable searches Sid and finds the packet, Rhea is shocked to see it, they try to run but the inspector fires a bullet threatening them to stay at their position.

Pallavi opens the door, Ranbir is standing, he asks if she has another number of Sid, she asks why does he need the number in the night, Ranbir replies that he was with him when his call ended, he has been trying to call Sid but it is not connecting, Pallavi replies that his mobile is faulty and sometimes is not able to catch the signals but only works when he turns it off, Ranbir asks why did he go to Bangalore with that faulty mobile, Pallavi replies it is because his father gifted him that mobile, Sid knows the value of family and prefers them over anything else, not like Ranbir who only cares for his desires and has married a girl because he likes her, Ranbir questions why does it always comes to a girl, can she not talk of anything else.

The inspector asks the name, Sidharth replies that he is a good and honest citizen and has never done anything wrong, the inspector replies that half of the Bangalore jails are filled with those who are able to speak English, the constable even find another girl who is dealing drugs, the inspector orders the constable to place everyone in the van, Rhea comes saying that he must not arrest Sid, as he only looks like a rich brat but is an honest soul and has not even done anything wrong in his life, he never even jumped a red signal, inspector asks how does she know a lot about him asking if she is his wife, the constable replies they are in a club so would be boyfriend and girlfriend, Inspector doesnot believe her, Rhea accepts she is his wife, she acts explaining Sid got angry and came here, she also had to come to the club but before she could apologize the police came, inspector questions how did the drugs came into his pocket, Rhea replies that she saw Jenny places the packet in his pocket, the inspector calls the manager but he says there is no CCTC camera in the club, inspector scolds him, Rhea then going to her friend exclaims that she would have seen it and she says that she saw so the inspector allows them both to leave.

Abhi is sitting drinking, Dadi comes so he hides it, she gives him the blanket which he left in the house, Abhi replies they do not live in Shimla, Dadi asks how could he feel cold when he is drinking, Abhi replies it is because the bottle is of the medicine which cures every injury that he has, it flushes out everything that is in his heart, he after meeting Pragya feels he should flush out every memory that he has and create new ones, he asks Dadi to leave as she might get cold, she exclaims he doesnot listen to her, he agrees to listen to her for today so places the bottle aside, he picks up the glasses.

Pragya in her room is looking at the photo of Abhi, she vows to make him pay for what he has done.

Ranbir replies he has not come to discuss his personal life but feels Sid is in danger, Pallavi is shocked so asks what has happened, Ranbir replies Sid went to a club and he was on the call with him, their call disconnected and when he once again called him Sid said he was in danger, Pallavi replies he has asked her to find a suitable match for him and if he tries thinking of marrying someone whom she doesnot approve she will also throw him out of the house like Ranbir, he should stop wasting their, she orders him to get out of the house.

Sid thanks Rhea for her help, he asks if she knew that the police would accept the lie, Rhea says that police doesnot want to hear the truth which is why she made the lie look like the truth, she asks him to fight for himself like when someone is drowning they try to swim, he should have at least fought for himself but he did not do anything, Sid thanks her, she explains he has already said it, he replies the first was for saving and the other for teaching him the lesson, Sid exclaims the night is ruined and he thought he would enjoy a drink or dance but now would she like to have coffee, Rhea refuses to have coffee with him, she leaves.

Sid also turns when Rhea once again holds his hand, he exclaims if she has accepted his offer, but she replies that she told the police they were husband and wife and if they saw her leaving alone then would arrest them both, she would be arrested for lying and he would be for drug dealing. Sid says that his car is at the front they both leave, the two constables are following them and leave after finding out that they taxi belongs to the hotel.

The drug deals pull Ronny asking what had happened in the club, he replies the police came and started checking, they found out the person Sid, in whose pocket jenny had hid the drugs, he replies the police have taken them from him, he further explain it was because of his wife who told a lot of stories to the police to save her husband, jenny replies her eyesight was not that sharp as she also placed one of the packets in his back pocket, the boss replies that the packet which she placed in the back pocket is expensive and worth over one crore, they have to find that packet from the empress hotel where they both have gone and end their work.

Prachi is restlessly waiting for Ranbir, he is entering questions how careless can she be as she knows how dangerous it is, he explains they have not even been able to contact Sid, Prachi asks if he found any spare contact number from Pallavi, Prachi asks why does he not change the mobile, Ranbir explains it is because his father gifted the mobile and Sid would call them after fixing the mobile in the morning. Ranbir explains he doesnot know why he is feeling that Sid is in some big trouble because of that girl.

Sid is talking with Rhea and he helps her enter the room, she explains that she will leave after some time as someone might be keeping an eye on them, he asks her for water but she refuses, he explains she is not having any coffee or drink so should at least have some water, she drinks it and he once again thanks her, she asks why does he always say thank you or sorry, asking if he sells them, Sid says that it is because she saved him, Rhea says she was not the only one who helped him and even her friend who pretended to be a stranger, Sid exclaims he would also thank her, she asks him to sit as it is his room, Sid sitting asks if he can order something for her but she refuses, he then offers her chocolates but she denies saying she doesnot even like them, Sid replies he was coming to her before the police,

Rhea mentions she also knew and was about to refuse him, Sid says that she is now under estimating him as he can dance really well, she is not convinced but he asks her to join them, they then start the dance and are both enjoying, the dance ends when Rhea explains he was right as she did not feel embarrassed and now is convinced he can dance well, she appreciates him but he explains she is a pro, she mentions that she also used to party and dance a lot with her friend but it was some while ago, Sid asks if they are no longer friends. She tries to leave but as soon as she walks out the police constables are standing there and they head back inside, Sid explains they are keeping an eye on them.

The police constables warn the reception to not divert any call to the room, they both explain that this case would be their most important one as after solving it they will get the promotion.

Prachi and Ranbir are both worried, she is searching for something but is not able to find anything however after hearing the local news report she is able to spot Rhea, Ranbir in the kitchen exclaims they would have to leave for Bangalore, Prachi replies Rhea is also in Bangalore, he is not convinced then she shows him and he agrees, Prachi and Ranbir both plan to leave for Bangalore, she explains she will find Rhea while he should look for his friend, Ranbir is amazed but she explains some relations are made from heart so she cannot leave her, Ranbir also understands assuring he will not come in her way.

Sid wakes up in the morning, Rhea sitting up asks for the time, he replies it is nine and she hurries to leave, Sid offers to drop her but she says she will manage, he hesitantly asks when will they meet next, she explains it is not like that and they just met because of a situation where she thought he was an honest person so should be helped but there is no meeting him again, he asks for a chance to be her friend, she even declines it explaining he is a nice guy but she has a lot going on so cannot even think of making any new friends. She turns to leave when Sid puts his hand in his back pocket taking out the drugs, he is stunned asking who it belongs to, she also turns and immediately coming to him sees the packet, there is a knock on the door.

Abhi sees the decoration so asks whose birthday is it, they all say that they have set a game of carom and placed the jug of juice, Abhi asks them to place some wine but they refuse saying the Rani doesnot belong to him, Abhi replies he got the Rani in real life so would also win the carom, he sits however is not able to place the Rani, they start to joke about him when he is finally able to win by placing the Rani, they all celebrate, Pragya in the car sees Abhi dancing from a distance, she gets really furious.


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