I do update Wednesday 23 February 2022


I do 23 February 2022: Nikhat is going out of the house, when ayan asks where is she going. Ayan is confused. Humaira is talking to someone on the phone, who informs tht due to the strike, she wont be able to get the meds. She asks him to get them when he can. ayan comes and asks that she has missed her monthly appointments, and doesnt have meds too.

Humaira asks him to go as she has a headcahe and nauseous. Ayan offers to take her, but she insists that she would go to the doctor with razia and not with him. But ayan forcible takes her hand, but she says that whats the max that can happen, she would die and thats better than being with him. Ayan takes an insistent humaira, who refuses to go to the doctor, by the hand, but he is slapped by humaira, with a vase.

Ayan sustains an injury on the head, while she is out of breath herself. Shirin and badi bi see this and are shocked. Huamira falls unconscious.

While the doctors are treating, razia comesd and asks what happened. Razia is told that humaira shouldnt skip this medicines even once and asks her not to be careless about this. He leaves, asking to be called once humaira’s conscious. Shirin asks if this is the saqme problem thats troubling her since childhood, and asks whats it and what is she taking meds for. Razia says that its nothing serious, just weakness and breathing problems. Shirin reminds how she says that if she doesn take it one day, it would prove fatal to humaira. Razia again asks her not to be so serious and asks her to rest while she takes care of humaira. shirin leaves, saying that its okay if she doesnt want to ell. Ayan is in tears seeing humaira, and asks razia about her condition. Razia gives the same answer to ayan too. He says that he knows these meds are for the heart, and not for weakness. Razia silences her so that noone else hears anything. ayan demands to knwo whats her ailment.

Razia says that there’s a hole in her heart. ayan is shocked to hear this. She says that only she and her husband know this. She says that she doesnt want humaira to know this, and therefore they have always succumbed to her wishes, just like her wanrting to marry ayan, and he knows very well how much she tried for that. She says that for her sick daughter, she can do anything. she says that she has no control over the ailment, but can save her from the pain and scare of it. Razia says that its incurable and can only be prevented. She says that its important to keep her away from stress as if that doesnt happen, humaira’s life maybe at risk. She asks ayan not to tell anyone else about this. They are unaware that humaira is awake and knows everything.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence and Habib Ganj bus stop
Asad calls out for zoya, but doesnt find her in her room. He searches around for her, while nazma sees and asks
She tells that zoya already left. He asks how she managed. She says that she took the bus, and asad reprimands her for being so careless to tell her the same, as the roads arent safe. He gets extremely worried for her.

Even by the evening, when zoya hasnt returned, they are very tensed. Nazma takes the blame on herself for telling this to zoya. Asad says that zoya herself should have been mature and not stepped out in the strike. He tries her number, but doesnt get through. Zoya, on the road, tries to contact but finds her battery and network dwindling. Asad says that he would go out. Imran says that he cant as therre’s too much violence. Asad says that he has to go for zoya. dilshad too agrees. Nazma and asad discuss that even zoya’s phone’s not getting through.

Even after having waited a while, no bus seems to come at the bus stop. Zoya, who is out of breath, isnt able to see any vehicle to take her. But she gets excited when she sees a car coming from the other side, and hails for a lift. The person asks if she stopped him. Zoya explains her dilemma to the person, and asks to be left at the flyover atleast, as she needs to reach home. He agrees. She is somewhat surprised and tensed to see the owner of the car. She gets into the car, unknown to the evil intentions of the person, and thanks him for his help. She is surprised to see his intense eyes. He says that her scarf is stuck in the car door. She sees and takes it out.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan comes to her room and looks at humaira, and thinking that she’s asleep, thinks that he would keep her forever happy, and not give her any more pain and if her happiness is in distancing from him, then so be it, and he promises that he would go very far from her. He leaves. Humaira thinks that ayan always wanted to be away from her, and now destiny is handing it out to her, then why should she wait for fate when she knows what is it? She says that if ayan doesnt want to be with her, then she would make it easier on him, and soon would go very far away from him.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road and asad’s residence
Zoya thanks him profusely, while getting down the car, and says that she would always remember the help he had rendrede today to him. As she goes inside, Rajvir eyes her and the house.

Inside, Asad says that he would find her anywhere. As he opens the door to leave, he finds zoya at the other end, with a smiling face. But seeing asad tensed, she too grows serious and a little tensed too.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya tries to tell that she couldnt Asad says that he was almost on the verge of losing his sanity. Dilshad wants him to talk to her once. He says that she isnt helpless but brash. Asad again goes on a rant as to how irresponsible she has been and asks why couldnt she evn place a call. zoya says that she isnt a child, and can take care of herself. She says that he shouldnt be demnded to be taken permission from, every time she steps out of the house. Asad says that he isnt asking for that, but she should only ask once. Asad asks how did he reach and zoya remembering it, thinks that asad would be very angry of she tells him. She pretends to be very sleepy, and asad gets irritated. Zoya too lashes back saying that this applies on him too.

They both again fight and go their seperate ways. While imran and nazma are tensed for them, dilshad asks them to sort out their new age love definitions. They decide to sort out this matter in between asad and zoya. Nazma tries to advise zoya as to how asad’s anger is due to his concern for her. Zoya breaks down describing her ordeal, and asad’s insensitiv ity towards it. Nazma tries her to understand asad’s reaction.

Meanwhile, imran too tries to make asad understand all this, that zoya didnt want him to disturb in the neeting. Both imran and nazma desperately try to make the other understand. While nazma advocates for his love mixed with anger, and imran says her love is the reason for his concern. They try to make them understand that if they dotn patch up, everyone’s going to be bothered. Asad and zoya pretend to be indifferent to that.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence and Habib Ganj bus stop
Nikhat is sitting tensed, when shirin comes and asks about it. Nikhat says that she wont change her descision. shirin says that she hasnt come for that, but she knows what she is going through. She says that she understands one sided love, more than nikhat herself, and knows that it pains a lot. Nikhat asks her not to worry as she’s very happy. Shirin asks her to say it while looking at her in the eye. she complies, asking her to understand that its a wise descision for everyone. shirin says that for all that she has dreamt of seeing her as a bride, and that she would have the best husband. She hugs and kisses her on the forehead and leaves. Nikhat takes off the smile once she’s gone. She is shocked when humaira comes and says that she can lie to anyone but not her. But she says that she shouldnt start now.

humaira says that she understands what she is going through, and reminds how she had known that huamira loves ayan. She too feels nikhat’s pain. she says that she mightnt share but understands her pain. Nikhat says that she didnt have any otherr option, and when pain gets unbearable then a person tries to run away from it as far as possible. humaira understands her apathy.

razia tries to make humaira understand that she has to take meds, and food properly, and develop a healthy routine. Razia gives humaira the meds and asks her to sleep tight. Razia asks her not to be brash and careless. Humaira shocks her saying that she knows whats wrong with her. as razia is stunned, humaira relieves her saying that she is just weak, and razia behaves as if she’s about to die. Razia silences her and says that she shouldnt ever say this again. Humaira apologises saying that she would nevere repeat this. razia assures her that she would be fine soon. Humaira takes the meds. After razia leaves, humaira spits them out.

Humaira says that she knows that she’s not gng to get better, and now she doesnt even have a reason to. She thinks that her pain too is unbearable now, and she wants to go far away from it. She throws the meds outside, and closes the window.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The next morning, the stranger, Rajvir who had given zoya the lift, comes to her house, and both asad and zoya are stunned. Zoya asks whats the reason that he’s here. He says that she left her earing in the car. He says that he came here to return it. He takes her hand, and places it on her hand. Zoya is tensed for asad, while rajvir too looks on. Zoya is scared for asad’s reaction.

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad is highly angered seeing the stranger. As she sees him off, zoya is given a stern lok by asad, who asks that she took a lift from a desolate street, from a stranger and didnt even feel the need to tell this to him. Zoya fumbles but doesnt have an answer. Asad leaves, while zoya is tensed.

Zoya comes to asad and asks him not to give angry looks, and accepts that she didnt tell him, but due to this reaction only. Asad asks what reaction did he expect. Zoya says that the end result is that she is safe. Asad says had this been always with her. Zoya agrees that this isnt so, but this timeher descision was safe. Asad asks how can she take lift from him, as he’s a suspicious guy. Zoya asks how can he decide in one meeting.

He doubts her judgement. She says that he is overracting. Zoya says that she doesnt need protection everytime she steps out of the house. Asad is exasperated. zoya says that he just needs a reason to be angry at her, and that she also wont do anything from now on, and he might think whatever he wants to.

Asad tries to protest his innocence as she’s wrong. Dilshad says that he would be a good husband only when he says sorry, irrespective of who’s at fault. Asad is very angry when she continuously refers to her as Bechari. Dilshad forces him to say sorry to zoya. Asad leaves in desperation.

Nazma tells zoya that there’s a bouquet for her. zoya finds that its from rajveer, who apologises for the awkwardness that he had created by arriving unannounced. she thinks that rajvir is such a good human. Zoya says that asad has a problem in doubting everyone. Then sees asad watching them. Asad asks if he finds this good. Zoya says that she does. Asad says that he wont disturb her, and she can gloat about rajvir, and leaves. zoya and nazma are tensed.

At the dining table, asad and zoya eye each other angrily, while eating. Dilshad is tensed for them. Finally she shows the ring that nazma has selected for imran. She suggets an engagement ceremony. Zoya breaks into poetry

Dilshad asks how is it. Asad says that its below average. Dilshad says that she’s talking about the ring. Asad sees it and asks if nazma likes it. she complies. He asks her to also take imran’s opinion. But zoya retaliates saying that she doesnt need his approval all the time. They take the matter of the ring and move on to their own discussion, about who’s right and who’s wrong. Nazma is tensed as to who to agree. Finally dilshad stops them andf tells them tht noone would fight now. They both say that they were talking to nazma. Asad leaves saying that he has some work. Zoya too says that she cant fight with someone who isnt interested even in talking. They both leave, collide and go into their seperate rooms. dilshad is tensed for them.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia serves humaira breakfast, on the pretext that she has to take meds, hence she should eat at the proper timings. Razia leaves asking her to eat healthy. Ayan watches humaira from hidng, and is shocked when she finds her paying out spicy food, as thst prohibited to her. Humaira insistently takes on spicy things, while ayan asks her to stop, reminding her what may happen if she doesnt stop. She says that nothing worse can happen, other than seeing his disgusting face. Ayan is shocked. She asks him to leave her alone, and why would he do that too, as people favour those who they love, and not who are just aquaintances. She leaves. Ayan is disturbed.

He goes out on his bike, but finds the meds lying next to his bike. He is shocked and surprised, seeing it right under humaira’s window. He goes to humaira’s room saying that he hasnt come to take anything, but to give. He takes her hand and hands her the meds. Humaira is scared and tensed. She says that this is her life, and its her descision if she wants to or not, and he is none to take this for her. He holds her by the hand to stop her from leaving. Humaira asks him to leave her hand. She tells him as it is he knows how to do that very easily. She says that she would leave if he doesnt. Ayan says that he wont leave. Humaira says that she doesnt need him. Ayan says that he wont let her do this to herself. She says whats the matter as soon her life is going to be over. The whole family including razia is shocked to hear this. she blurts out that she knows everything. She tells ayan that he is doing this in vain, as she neither has life, nor the will to live. She picks up a knife, and all are shocked and scared. Humaira asks ayan to get away from her, or she would kill herself. Ayan tries to put sense in her but she doesnt listenm. ayan tries to say that her disease isnt curable. Razia too tries to make her understand, but humaira says that what would she do with this life, when she doesnt want to live. razia says that they would do whatever she wants, but asks her to put the knife down. She breaks down saying that ayan should be taken away from here. ayan is taken aback and leaves. Shirin assk her to put the hand down now. Humaira throws it on the floor, and razia hugs her, while she keeps crying that she doesnt want to live. Razia makes her understand that everything would be right, and takes her to the room. Nikhat is tensed to sees this.

Nikhat gives posion to humaira, and she is shocked. Nikhat says that this would be a sure and easy fast way to die. She coaxes her to drink.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya, in her room, is still blabbering about how asad is overreacting and doubting her judgement. She gets Rajvir’s message, and again thinks that he’s a good man. She to sends a messasge asking how is he. He responds by asking her to look herself. She is confused when she gets a message. asking her to look outside the window. She does so, and finds rajvir standing in the verahdah. The screen freezes on her tensed face.



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