My Desire update Tuesday 12 July 2022

My desire 12 July 2022: The Episode starts with Yuvraj thrown out of the pub. He says I m Yuvraj Pillai, a judge. He shows the card. The guards bash him up and ask him to leave. Ahana looks on and smiles. She gets Yuvraj’s visiting card. She laughs and says if this clown comes in our family holi, then it will be a good entertainment. Prisha wakes up and looks for Saransh. She hears Saransh laughing and says he is happy with Rudraksh. Saransh comes and hugs her. He wishes her happy holi. She asks him to apply the oil first. Saransh says apply the oil to Rudraksh first. Rudraksh comes and says I won’t apply the oil, I have allergy.

Saransh and Prisha ask him to get it applied. Saransh winks to her. Prisha applies the oil to Rudraksh’s hands. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan….plays… She applies oil to his face and hair also. Rudraksh stops her. She says listen, don’t use much colour, else you have to use that much water, conserve water…. Rudraksh says your talks and this oil, its nonsense. Saransh gets the colours and says we will not waste water, conserve water. Rudraksh says fine dude.He argues with Prisha. Saransh asks them to have happy holi. They wish happy holi. Saransh asks what fun will we have. Prisha says we will play Lathmar holi.

Rudraksh asks what’s that. She says let me prepare first. Saransh says I m missing Gopal and Vasu, ask them to play holi with us. Rudraksh says fine. Prisha says okay, I will call them. Vasu says I have arranged the money, you can take my Fds. Gopal says I should have taken someone with me to get the money, how did that man know about the money. She asks him to break the Fds. He says that money is for Prisha and Saransh’s future. She says give it, everyone was saying you have stolen the money, you are a thief. Gopal says I will go and see them.

He says you can sell my jewellery also. He gets Prisha’s call. He says don’t tell Prisha about this theft. He answers call and wishes happy holi. Prisha says happy holi, you can come here and wish Saransh, he is missing you. He asks why do you want to spoil their holi. Prisha says I m planning Lathmar holi, come soon, it will be good fun. She asks Vasu to come. Vasu asks how will we come. Prisha says please come for his sake. Vasu and Gopal agree. Yuvraj heals his wounds. Ahana asks Mishka to give her phone. Mishka asks why, whom are you calling. Ahana says its a great plan, I m calling Yuvraj. Yuvraj answers the call.

Ahana changes her voice and talks. She says I need your legal advice, will you take 1 lakh, okay, I will give it. He says fine, sorry, my manager had come, actually I stay busy, I will give you the advice, no issue. Ahana says greedy dude, I knew he will come for 1 lakh. She asks him to come home. He says message the address. Ahana says fine, thanks, come soon. Mishka asks what happened, didn’t you get anyone else for an affair. Ahana says stop it, I m calling Yuvraj for Prisha to insult her, she will be out of Khurana house. Mishka asks do you think he will come here. Ahana says I will give him address of other building and then call him here, he will come here and get lovey dovey with Prisha, wait and watch, what will happen on holi.

Maa taking Rudraksh and Prisha to Saransh’s room. They don’t find Saransh anywhere. Maa says he was watching tv some time back, he was here. Rudraksh asks them to look for him. They look for him in the entire house. They worry. Police comes. Inspector asks did anyone come inside the house. Prisha says no. Inspector says it maybe a kidnapping case, kidnapper may ask for a ransom. Niketan says we didn’t get such call. Inspector says maybe he wants to trouble you, your enemy, who doesn’t like you or Saransh. Prisha cries. 24 hours ago, Prisha sings the bhajan. Rudraksh wakes up and says Prisha is singing the bhajan, she sings bad, how is she singing so well.

Everyone joins the aarti and praise her. Prisha says my mum sang the aarti, I played the recording. Saransh says you thought mum was singing. Rudraksh says she was cheating, I m feeling sleepy. Maa asks him to talk to Balraj once. Prisha asks him to go.Rudraksh asks what was the need to sing the bhajan, don’t act smart. Saransh says you guys always fight. Rudraksh goes. Niketan also goes. Prisha says we will prepare the breakfast. She gets a call about a patient. Balraj says Saxena didn’t come to meet, he should have called and informed, he didn’t die, right. He gets Saxena’s call. He asks where are you, do you want to do the concert or not, what, concert is cancelled, who told, my Bahu, I will talk to you later.

Rudraksh asks why did Ahana do this. Balraj says I involved her in business and she did this. He shouts Ahana. Maa asks what happened. He says Ahana cancelled Rudra’s concert. Prisha says I got the concert cancelled. He asks what, how dare you take such a big decision. Ahana and Mishka say Yuvraj didn’t come and our plan failed. Ahana says I want to make Prisha out of here, give me the phone to call Yuvraj. Mishka asks her to relax. Ahana gets the phone and calls Yuvraj.

Yuvraj sees his messed up place. He says Prisha and Saransh would have cleaned the house, I can’t afford a maid. He gets Ahana’s call. She says you didn’t come, I could have increased the fees. He says keep your drama to yourself, Mishka. She says how did she know its Mishka’s phone. He says you think I m foolish, I have an app, your name was coming on my phone, you sisters already trapped me, I will send you to jail if you do anything. He ends call. Ahana says Yuvraj knows its your phone, we have to make some other plan. Yuvraj says they don’t call me, I m the lion of this jungle, they want to use me, I will use them to get Prisha and Saransh back in my life. Prisha says you can’t keep the concert, we have to maintain social distancing, you can’t risk many lives, I have sent servants home, we have to do all the work ourselves.

Balraj says I will decide it. Rudraksh says I think she is right. Balraj argues. Niketan says Prisha is right. Balraj thinks I would have thrown Niketan out if he didn’t invest money in business. Prisha asks Balraj to do work and help Maa. Balraj asks did you go mad, whoever took this decision will do the work. He goes. Niketan says don’t worry, you can tell me, Ahana, Mishka and Rudra are there. Rudraksh says of course, I will do it for my mom, tell me what to do. Prisha asks him to sweep and wipe clean the floor. She says I will teach you. Rudraksh says I can do it, it will be like doing gym, it needs strength, ask some people to learn from me. Niketan says Prisha, I will clean my room myself. She thanks him. Ahana says lets go, else we will be called there.

Prisha comes to call them. Ahana says we are busy. Niketan comes and says no excuse, you have to help, I got the vegs here for you. Ahana says we don’t do the servant work, Prisha would be habitual to do. Niketan says yes, she is a qualified doctor, even then she can do it, you should learn from her. Mishka says my nail paint will spoil. Prisha asks her to wear gloves.Niketan asks them to cut the vegs, get to work. Ahana asks Mishka to shut the door. Niketan says really sorry for their behavior. Prisha says its okay. He says I love them a lot. She says love should become strength, not weakness. He says you are raising Saransh well, he is in my room, playing ludo.

She thanks him for taking care of Saransh. She goes to see how Rudra is working. Rudraksh breaks the mop. Prisha comes. He stops her and falls down. She laughs. She holds his hand. She stumbles back. He holds her in arms. He says I m done with this work. She says you can’t do it, I will show you. He says don’t act smart. She says we have to clean this before Maa comes out. She cleans and shows the technique. He tries. Yeh hai chahatein….plays….. They have a moment. Mishka looks on. Rudraksh says finally its done. Prisha says by my help. Mishka angrily drops the vegs tray down.

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