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I do 30 June 2022: In his room, faiz is beyond reprieve, as he remembers rahat’s betrayal to him, and how haya tended to rahat and not him. he starts breaking things in rage, and then resignedly sits frustratedly, as he eyes the sketch that he made, and remembers how rahat had stopped faiz from completing the painting. He eyes the painting with venom, and tears it to pieces in anger, as he remembers his intimate moments with haya.Outside, haya says that she can sense something wrong, which he isnt telling her. but rahat assures her that there shall be nothing wrong now, and she is bothered for no reason, and now that they are together, nothing wrong can happen.

He hugs her, and she too hugs him back. faiz eyes them from the window of his room, and then eyeing rahat’s pic, he thinks that his own brother betrayed him, by marrying haya, and they might be a couple, but never become one, as he wont let that happen. Faiz decides that if haya cant be his, then he shall not be rahat’s too. He breaks the picture frame, into pieces.The next day, rahat’s house is fully dedecked and decorated for their big day, with rahat anxiously taking over all the preparations. rahat finds haya, looking emotionally at their family pic, thinking that she is finally getting some happiness, and her life is going to be complete and hopes that she was with her right now, when she is getting to spend her life with the person that she wants. rahat comes and wipes her tears, saying that he knows that she is missing dilshad, and then gets her to cheer up, as they eye each other romantically.faiz comes in, eyeing them with hatred, and turning his eyes away. He breaks their eyelock, and when they get tensed, faiz asks rahat to come outside, as he wanted to talk to rahat alone. rahat excuses himself. Haya is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer expresses her happiness at ahil’s idea of remarrying, and starts talking about the preparations that she wants for their marriage. Ahil says that he is very busy right now, as they have to go to haya’s marriage. tanveer says that she knows how important it is for Sanam to go to haya’s place. Tanveer tells ahil, that he should go with her in her car, after finalising the details, while sanam goes in the previous one. tanveer tries to explain that they definitely need to finalise the details, of ahil’s dream wedding with sanam, which is her dream too. He agrees and leaves to meet sanam, before she leaves. tanveer smirkingly adds that he can go and meet sanam definitely, as this would be the last time, he shall meet sanam, as she would go very far away today.

As sanam gets out of the house, Azhar’s parents load her with gifts, that tanveer has herself selected for Haya. seher too wonders why they got so caring about her all of a sudden. They go on a rant as to how tanveer has decided on the gifts. She agrees and takes the gifts. As seher takes the gifts towards the car, azhar’s father places a red packed gift on top. As seher moves away, Azhar’s father tells his wife, that he has placed a time bomb, in the red packed gift, of which seher is oblivious. she is unable to balance and rehaan comes just in time to balance her, as she eyes him overwhelmingly. He helps her with the gifts to place them in the car. As he does, she eyes him silently, reminisceing their romance and intimate meoments, and then rehaan’s frustration vented out at her. He takes the red pakced gift too and places it.

She thanks him. He says that they should work together, as that lessens time. sher says that everyone wants company, but not always that happens, which people want. Rehaan remembers sunehri being taken away by the police. she says that a person generally is the most lonely, when he needs someone the most. He agrees. Then, Rehaan tells seher that he is finally going to get what very lucky people do, and thats true love, and that he is very happy that she would finally be with the person who she loves the most in her life, as atleast someone’s love story is finally getting fulfilled. she eyes him overwhelmingly, thinking that she and her story is incomplete without him. he asks her what happened. She says that its best that some storeis are incomplete, as then they can can end it the way they want to. he is boggled, while she bids him goodbye, and then gets inside the car.seher sits in the car, distraught and apalled at the irnony of the situation and how her life isnt as lucky as it seems to rehaan. Rehaan thinks that sanam doesnt know what is the pain of incomplete love.

Scene 3:
Location: Undisclosed location
After sanam finishes the food, she asks for water, and as the guard bends down to fill the glass, she hits him on the head with an iron rod, and knocks him unconnscious. She then locks the door, of the room, in which the guard is, and then starts searching for exit, but finds it locked. She tries to break open the lock with the rod, and is able to finally open it, but not before the guard having regained his conscious, grabs her from behind. But she jerks him away and blinds him by throwing coal powder in his eyes. sanam is finally able to get out of her bondage, and catching the guard in a a weak moment, she escapes.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road and Ahil’s residence
Azhar’s parents come and tell tanveer that they planted the bomb in the car and now they have the remote. Tanveer says that the story is at the last turn, and that sanam has flown enough, and now its time to curb her down, and her one finger shall end her life, and her own new story can start. she says that now the story is going to be completed due to her. she smiles evilly, as azhar’s parents are amused too. Razia overhears this, from outside the door and is shocked, and thinks that sunehri should remain alive for her dream being alive, as she is her protagonist. The screen freezes on Seher’s tensed face in the car.

Seher is in the car oblivious of the time bomb, kept, and is drawn back to rehaan’s hateful memories of her. She is tensed. razia enters her room, and tries to call her, but her phone is on vibrate and she doesnt pay heed. Razia is tensed. She then gets the guard’s call. Dilshad is tensed, as he gives razia the news that sanam has escaped, and then razia instructs him to get sanam before she reaches to the Badi Masjid, to meet ahil. razia overhears tanveer saying that this game is about to end, and that sanam’s life is captive in that one button, and with its press, she too shall reach to her mother, forever. razia is tensed while dilshad is distraught to hear this. razia continues trying seher’s room, but she doesnt realise the call. Razia is super tensed, thinking that both the sisters are out of her control. tanveer smirks while razia is tensed. Finally, seher picks up, and razia hastily tries to speak to her.

As seher is in her car, unable to hear what razia is saying, sanam starts running dishevelledly from the other direction, both oblivious of their relation, and to save a collision, seher’s car avoids collision into sanam, by taking a turn, and hits on a big boulder by the side of the road. Meanwhile, Sanam sees ahil’s car’s number, and is shocked. tanveer presses the button, much to dilshad and razia’s horror. A beep starts ringing from the remote. The beep starts saying that the bomb is out of range, and tanveer is frustrated when she gets to know that the bomb shall deactivate only when its in the range of the bomb, and that sanam finally had a clse shave from death. razia is relieved, while dilshad too is prayful that seher got saved. seher is unable to find her phone. Sanam is very happy that she would be able to contact ahil now.Just then, seher walks out of the car and starts venting out her frustration on the driver, for his rash driving, despite many reminders. sanam is shocked to see her own sister, and then understands that razia was saying all along, that noone misses her there. She is extremely shocked.

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