I do update Friday 1 July 2022

I do Zee world 1 July 2022: Rahat asks whats the matter. Faiz says that he knows what he is going to say doesnt make any sense, particularly when he has decided to marry haya, and she agrees to it too, but his saying this is imperative, and he needs the answer. rahat asks what. faiz asks rahat, if the halala marriage was always fake to him, and if he never once believed his love for haya. rahat asks how can he say this. Rahat is oblivious that faiz has switched the camera of his phone, on to record mode, to record whatever he is saying, frontal. He says that for his happiness, he agreed to marry haya and then divorce her, for faiz’s happiness, but now he would have to understand that haya loves him, and he wants to give her that happiness. faiz says that maybe he is right, and that he truly is hurt definitely, but time shall heal all wounds, and he is hopeful of the same for him too. He wishes rahat all the happiness, as nothing matters to him more than his and haya’s marriage, and hopes that their love has such power, that rahat and haya’s marriage stands the test of time. rahat hugs faiz, while he smiles evilly.

As haya is ready for marriage, and reminiscient of her memories with Rahat, she is suddenly aware that faiz is there. she turns around nervously. faiz comes up with an evil idea. faiz tells her that this marriage isnt real, and it pains her to break his heart like that. haya asks if he has gone mad. He says that he is saying the truth, that rahat is just doing halala Nikah. Haya vehemently says that rahat loves her, and hence is marrying him. Faiz says that he loved her even when she married faiz. haya remembers rahat’s request. faiz asks her why does she think, that he wont sacrifice his romantic love for brotherly affection. haya is extremely tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Ahil is tensed, as to why tanveer didnt make the list and didnt even let him go with sanam. she says that she is hurrying only because he gets sad with her. sanam sees him. She thinks that he is with tanveer and decides that she has to get to him, before it gets too late. Ahil gets into the car, and drives off with tanveer, and azhar’s parents, oblivious that sanam is screaming out his name for him to notice, and trying to catch up with the car. As ahil drives off, he sees sanam from the side mirror, running dishevelled on the road, and gasping for breath, and is surprised. He takes off his goggles, and tries to look into it.

Before Ahil can see her, sanam is forced to duck behind a car that comes in the way, but he definitely senses someone’s presence, but its soon warded off by other distractions, when tanveer says that he must be mistaken and that they should go by the side lane, and reach before her and surprise her. He complies. tanveer smiles. sanam follows him in an auto, and tanveer in the car, thinks that nothing can save sanam now from her fury. Azhar’s mother continues to plot with tanveer, to find out when the bomb comes in range.

In the car, Seher eyes rehaan’s pic, and thinks that she had wanted just one chance and he didnt even give her that. she says that in her memories, she has built a world, where he would always stay, and once this work is done, she would always be away from him and his family. She is oblivious of the time bomb kicking away.Just then, Rehaan wakes up in the study, with a startle at having a bad dream of sunehri, and that he thinks she is distancing further away from him, and that he had forgotten about her, but he still feels for her, and maybe sanam is right, that she deserves a second chsance, and that now he would give sunehri another chance and have to accept her with all her imperfections. In her room, dilshad prays to the Lord, that sanam should meet seher and somehow the two sisters should be saved.

Ahil gets stuck in the traffic, while azhar’s parents excitedly tell tanveer that soon they shall be within range. In the traffic, ahil identifies sanam’s car, and tanveer is amused. he starts ranting as to how his life is exciting due to Sanam’s presence, and that she would be highly surprised to see him. sanam hollers at ahil but he is unable to hear her. tanveer gets tensed as they keep getting nearer. Azhar’s mother tells tanveer that soon its going to be in range. tanveer happily thinks that whatever happens happens for the good, and good that he came here with ahil, so that she can lend him sympathy when he finds his sanam dying in front of his eyes. Inside the car, seher is still in tears. Tanveer finally is about to press the button, when the remote starts showing that the bomb is within range, and wait in anticipation, but suddenly hits another car in mistake.

As ahil tries to mend things with the other cardriver, outside the car, tanveer and them get busy in finding the remote. Ahil is oblivious that Sanam is running towards him only. As ahil gives him his card, the person is shocked to identify him as the Nawab. Tanveer finally finds the remote, and she is supremely happy. Ahil tries to patch it up, with the hit car’s owner, and tanveer uses this chance to press the button, oblivious herself that the real sanam is running right behind them.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya refuses to belive it, and that faiz is lying, and that she would herself got and talk to rahat, so that faiz’s misunderstanding can clear. She is about to go, when he stops her, saying that he knew she wont ever believe him, hence he got evidence too, and shows her the recording of Rahat’s voice, manipulatively. Faiz tells her that the truth is in front of her, and her relaity is far different from what it seems. she is distraught. He says that he knows what she is going through and what she is feeling right no, but he didnt want her to live in a world of lies, and that she has to take the descision for herself, however problematic and difficult it might be. Faiz thinks that he betrayed rahat, just like he betrayed him, and now their balance is clear and that now he shall wait to see how the marriage happens. He leaves, while haya collapses on the floor.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
haya remembers rahat’s intimate and romantic moments with her. She is distraught. haya asks the lord, why he did this to her, and show her dreams that wont be fulfilled. She asks how can her love be crumpled like this, just because she is a weak and helpless girl, that anyone can come and break her heart. she says that she became submissive to him, and he broke her heart. she says that he ruined and robbed her of everything today, and that now she doesnt want to live anymore. She tries to voice her heartrending emotions. In his bid to do so, Haya screams out desperately, in the middle of the road. She is shocked to find that her speech and hearing ability have been returned to her by the lord, and is filled with mixed emotions, of sadness, grief and happiness too.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Tanveer finally presses the button. The sound of the blast shocks everyone, while sanam is tensed, ahil is unable to believe that his car just blew up, with sanam inside it. he screams out Sanam’s name in horror. tanveer and azhar’s parents are amused and super overjoyed. He rushes to the car, crossing over other cars in the traffic. sanam is shocked too, and starts screaming at ahil, but he is unable to hear. Tanveer celebrates her victory. Before sanam can go to him, razia’s guard catches up with her, and gagging her, she is taken back in the car. raziz is tensed. tanveer thinks that sanam is finally gotten rid of, and noone shall come in the way of her dreams, and that she shall not wait anymore for getting everything to her name. The screen freezes on her evil face.

Ahil screams SANAM and rushes towards the burning car. He reaches near the car and keeps screaming SANAM. Tanveer sends Azhar’s parents to stop Ahil from reaching to the car. They hold Ahil while Ahil keeps screaming. Tanveer reaches to Ahil and reassures him. Tanveer tells Ahil that Sanam has left us all. Calm down. She hugs Ahil. Tanveer says no ones will can work in front of Allahs. Ahil hugs her and cries .. SANAM. Ahil cries, Sanam cant leave me and go.

Rehaan rues dunno why i feel like i will lose Sunehri forever. Is it a indication that i should pursue her. I cant live without her, her memories, her feeling is always close to my heart. Allah give me another chance, i will find her and tell her i love her and wont let her go away from me. Ahil looks up and smiles seeing Sanam standing in front of him. Azhar’s parents are shocked. Tanveer keeps telling Sanam is dead. Ahil says Sanam. Seher looks at the burning car and is shocked. Ahil runs to her. Azhar’s parents tell Tanveer, Sanam is alive. Ahil touches Sehers face. Azhars parents tell her, Sanam is safe. Ahil tells Seher … this incident happened in front of my eyes and i culdnt do anything. I felt i lost u forever. The duo hug. Azhars parents ask Tanveer to do something. Tanveer goes to Seher and hugs her and says u have no idea how happy i am. Thanks to Allah you are safe. Tanveer asks Seher.. when did u get out of the car.

Flashback shown how a couple asked for lift from Seher as the woman is in labour pain. She agrees but the couple turn out to be cons and they show gun to Seher and driver and they get down from the car. Seher says i din wanna give them lift but i did and they turned out to be cons. Ahil says what happens is for good. U got down from the car and the car blew up. Tanveer self thought, no not all things happen for good. This girl and her fortune. Trying to get rid of her but losing everytime. Ahil asks Tanveer who kept bomb in her car. We need to think. Tanveer agrees. Seher looks at Tanveer. Ahil says u dun even have any enemies wonder who is trying to hurt u. Seher looks at Tanveer and says who knows, here all are wearing masks. The ones who show affection, hug us also want to stab us. Ahil swears to kill the person trying to hurt his Sanam.

Tanveer asks Ahil to calm down as its time to thank Allah who kept his blessings on Sanam. Seher agrees and says it proves .. maarne wale se bachane wala bada hai. Till the persons job is done on earth they cant leave from here. Ahil says all i know is that someone tried to kill my wife, gonna call cops. Tanveer is worried that if cops come will find out truth quickly. Seher worries that if cops come they will find out she is a con.

Part 2
Haya is sitting listless on the ground and keeps asking, Allah ye tune kya kiya. She rues that i have been praying for the day when i can speak to people, express what i am feeling. She rues that there are so many feelings, words inside me which i couldn’t express. She rues that now that i got my voice, i dun have anything to say, my feelings, my hopes, my love ..all is over. She asks what do i say and to whom. Rahat is waiting for Haya at the Nikah while Faiz smirks.Sanam recollects seeing Ahil screaming on the road. She asks Razia what are u trying to do, why. Why separating me from Ahil. Razia tells her to not get into all these questions. Sanam keeps crying. Razia reassures her that ur duplicate is safe. The goon asks why keep her alive now. Razia says no. In big games, small pawns need to be kept safe, who knows when they come in use.

Ahil is calling cops. Seher cuts his call and says not needed. Ahil is shocked. Seher says i know ur worried, its right too but today its Haya’s wedding. She is very happy. Dont want her happiness to stay incomplete. Tanveer too calms Ahil and says thank Allah Sanam is safe. Seher glares at Tanveer. Razia laughs and says i sent two cons to rob Seher but they dinno it was their last con. Sadly they had to be sacrificed but for big games, all this is needed. Sanam rues that if they take me to the warehouse, i wont come out alive and Ahil wont find out ever. Sanam thinks that house is nearby, there must be someone at home who will help her. She wonders how to run out of there. Razia laughs and says after Haya’s nikah ur Ahil will marry Seher. Sanam is in shock. Razia smirks then all will be mine. Poor Tanveer will lose her property and u will lose ur Ahil. Sanam self thought wont let this happen ever.

Suddenly car stops midway. Sanam bites Razia in the arm and runs off. The goons chase her.Ahil-Seher and all reach the nikah venue and Rahat greets them. Faiz self thought, so guests are here, great. Today everyones hearts will break coz the nikah they are here to attend wont happen. Ahil asks where is the bride. Someone says she is here. Rahat – Faiz all look up. Rahat is smiling and self thought, cant imagine my dream will be so beautiful in reality and Haya self thought, never thought you will betray me. Faiz watches Haya shocked.Sanam is running on the road. Rehaan thinks that there is only one way to find Sunehri and that is at the temple, pretty sure will find some clue. He drives off. Sanam watches him and screams Rehaan and runs after the car. Rehaan is driving off while Sanam chases him. He stops the car.

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