My heart knows update Friday 1 July 2022

My heart knows 1 July 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar closing the room and coming to Kalyani. He asks if you are upset with me and says I didn’t give you any gift after our marriage, that’s why you are upset. He moves his finger in her hair. Na Chain se Marne degi……He says there is an idea for you. He shows the blank paper and asks her to write her wish on it. He says I promise that I will fulfill your wish. He gives her pen and asks her to write, whatever is in his heart. He promises to fulfill his wish and says if you don’t want to be with me, then also I will fulfill your wish, but if you stay away from me then you have to stay away from Moksh too. Kalyani writes on the paper and gives it to him.

Malhar reads…when you get Moksh, you will not keep him away from you. Malhar says he will never keep him away from him and says you have wasted one wish. He then writes on it and asks her to read. Kalyani reads. Malhar says I will read and asks her not to talk to Mukku from today and don’t go near her. He says I will fulfill your wish and you have to fulfill my wish. He says your time starts now. Kalyani says I will not accept this wish. Malhar says you have no option.Anupriya asks Sarthak, how can Malhar ask such wish from Kalyani, knowing Mukku and her love. Sarthak says I am happy as Mukku will be away from Kalyani now.

Anupriya says Malhar can’t do this. They hear Avni scolding Mukku and go there. Sarthak says if you don’t work hard then how you will study. Anupriya says I will stay with Mukku and see her mistakes, so that she don’t do it. Sarthak says ok, your Aai is with you, do hardwork and study. Avni asks Mukku to write all the answers 100 times, so that there shall be no mistake. Anupriya says how she can write 100 times. Avni says there is less time for the interview and asks her to write. She goes talking on phone. Mukku asks where is Aai fi? Malhar takes Kalyani to some house and tells that he has tracked Aao Saheb since few days. He says she comes to meet someone in this house. He opens the window and says he is sure that she comes to meet Aparna here. He will find Moksh without her help. Kalyani gets tensed.

Avni asks Mukku to write totally 100 times and asks Anupriya to go and make something for her. Anupriya asks will you eat Poha and goes to make it. Avni closes the door and comes to Mukku. She asks if her hand is paining and tells that if they become friends then she don’t need to study. She asks do you know what best friends do, share chocolates. She says I will give you chocolate and then we will share our secrets. She asks what is the secret between your Aai fi and maayi? She asks her to tell? Mukku refuses to eat the chocolate. Avni asks her to tell her, and says if you tell me then you don’t need to write, I will save you from Kaka. Mukku says I will write 500 times, but will never befriend such a bad aunty. Avni asks her to write and says nobody can save you from your studies now. She asks her to write. Mukku misses Kalyani.

Kalyani talks to Anupriya on call and tells that if Malhar finds Aparna then he will get to know about Moksh. Anupriya tells her about Avni, making Moksh write many times. She says Moksh told me how Avni made him lie to Sarthak. Malhar comes there. Kalyani ends the call. Malhar says it seems you don’t want to search Moksh. Kalyani says I don’t think Aao Saheb will come. Malhar says she will come.Mukku is still writing. Electricity goes. Anupriya goes to bring the candle. When Avni locks the door from outside. Anupriya says open the door. Kalyani thinks she can’t make any excuse, as it is a matter of Moksh.

Avni comes to the room while bent down like Aparna. Mukku thinks Amma will take her from there. She says I will not go with you and hides behind the bed. Mukku talks in Aparna’s voice and says I will take you with me, I am your amma. Mukku asks why did you keep me away from my Aai and baba and I will not go far from them now. Aparna says Kalyani provoked you against me so much, but you are my grand daughter. She asks Mukku to come. Mukku shouts Aai fi…save me? Mukku asks why you are calling me Mukku, you know the truth? Aparna asks which truth, tell me?

Mukku getting afraid and shouts calling Anupriya, says Amma wants to take me with her. Avni as Aparna says that she will take her. Anupriya manages to come there. Kalyani also comes there and calls Aatya (Aparna). Avni runs seeing Kalyani behind her. Kalyani comes out of the house and calls Avni as Aatya. She thinks how did she run away so soon? She senses someone is hiding and looks down, but couldn’t see her. Avni thinks Mukku was about to tell her truth, but Kalyani ruined her plan. Mukku asks Anupriya if Amma will take her from there. Anupriya says no and asks her not to worry. Light comes back. Kalyani comes to the room. Mukku hugs her. Kalyani recalls Malhar’s promise and separates Mukku from here. Mukku asks her to talk to her and asks Anupriya if Aai fi is upset with me. She asks Kalyani.

Anupriya says your Aai fi is tired, we shall go out. Kalyani thinks why did you do this with me? I would have given you my life, if you had asked me, but why did you keep me away from my Pillu.Aao Saheb comes to the house. Malhar comes there and asks Aao Saheb if he will not know that she came to meet her daughter Aparna. Aao Saheb says it is not like that. Malhar sees someone’s feet and finds someone behind the curtain. Aao Saheb is shocked. Kalyani talks to someone and asks to search Mukku’s Nani. Mukku comes to Kalyani and asks if Amma will not come to take me? She asks Kalyani if she is upset with her and do sit ups. Kalyani feels bad and takes the jug. Mukku brings water for her and asks her to drink. Kalyani is about to go. Mukku holds her pally and asks why are you not talking to me. She switches on AC and says now your anger will calm down. Kalyani turns her face and goes.

Mukku gets sad. Avni thinks what is the advantage of drama, you come and save her. Kalyani comes to Anupriya and tells that she asked Pawar kaka to search Mukku’s Nani. She says if you haven’t messaged me then I wouldn’t have come, don’t know what would have happen.Malhar comes there and says I will ask you later why you came home. He says I came to know whom Aao Saheb met there? Godaveri comes there with Aao Saheb. She says I knew that Baba met Swara for money, when she heard of her death. She had gone to PS to give her statement as she don’t know about the tortures which Swara is going through.

She says she didn’t know that they will forgive her or not, and that’s why she didn’t come. Sarthak asks what is she doing here? Godaveri apologizes to him, for making Anupriya write the exam and getting her degree. She says Aao Saheb gave me money, but was pressurizing me to change my statement. She apologizes to Kalyani. Kalyani says its ok and hugs her. She says we all are your family. She says whatever Vivek Chacha has done, you are not blamed for it. She tells Malhar that Godaveri will stay here. Sarthak says because of your father, we have lost our daughter. Malhar says let her stay here, and if she does any mistake then that day will be last for her. Kalyani confronts Aao Saheb for her wrong actions. Aao Saheb says Vivek is my son and I can do anything to save him.

Mukku promotes the new Zee TV, rishton me katti batti. She says how to make Aai fi talk to me? Anupriya looks on. Later Anupriya brings breakfast for Kalyani. Kalyani says she has a meeting with Minister here and tells that she stayed at home so that she can convince Kaka to stop Mukku’s admission. She says we can’t take risk of sending Mukku to the school, if he tells anything. Anupriya says if Aparna kidnaps Mukku then? Kalyani says yes. She asks Anupriya to give charger to her. Kalyani puts the charger and tells that there is no electricity. She says I have meeting with Minister in 15 mins and goes to check the electricity wire. Avni gets the wire cut by the man and gives him money.

The wire sparks. Kalyani talks to someone on phone and tells that electricity is gone of all the area. She asks the electricity department guy to send someone soon, as hi tension wire outside her house is cut and anything can happen. Avni calls the electricity department as Kalyani and asks don’t send anyone, there is no wire cut. She thinks Kalyani will be kicked out of the house after this blast.

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