I do update Thursday 21 July 2022


I do 21 July 2022: The new bride comes and stands beside ahil, while he is receiving guests, along with rehaan. she is visibly at discomfort. The reporters throng her. sanam comes to her rescue and tries to thrwart them off. But ahil comes in just then, to stand between the two. it gets extremely uncomfortable. They ask sanam how does she feel with ahil’s second marriage, and then ask ahil which wife does he love more. Ahil shuts them asking to stop this nonsense. tanveer and azhar’s parents come, and she is frustrated to know that sanam is also here. the reporters go to tanveer, as they find her having arrived. An uncomfortable moment follows, between ahil and his two wives.

Then he leaves to be by tanveer’s side and escort her to the stage. He takes the dias, and says that he thanks everyone for having come here, and then starts to rant about tanveer’s qualities, going on a praising stance. Tanveer smiles. Sanam and the new bride are both tensed, along with rehaan. He requests the mayor to inaugurate the chowk, and he complies. The mayor says that this chowk would hence forth be known as Nawab Begum tanveer chowk, and invites her to inaugurate it herself. All clap, while sanam and rehaan watch sullenly. Tanveer does the honours. tanveer is asked for a pic with her portrait. She complies. She turns around and eyes her own portrait, as ahil is thronged by reporters and they are distracted.

She immensely likes the portrait and again goes back to pretending to be blind, while eyeing ahil giving his statements. sanam too mingles with the guests, and tanveer is amused, when sanam is congratulated for tanveer’s achievements. she taunts sanam if she wont congratulate her, and if this continues, then within the two weeks, the city and ahil shall have forgotten her. Sanam belittles her minor achievement, saying that she has been playing this game for a long while, but she still was, is and shall forever be Ahil’s life, adding that she shouldnt be too happy, as soon ahil would turn his face away from her, as her reality would be exposed to ahil, as only those celebrate the win before the win, who cant see what lies ahead. She says that tanveer might have been immensely lucky, and trappy woman, but she would soon outsmart her too.

Tanveer goes to ahil, expressing her wish to go the dargah to pray, and asks him to be here to entertain the guests, and tells her that she shall be late in coming back home.Tanveer asks the driver to stop on a desolate road, and then asks him to go home. He is hesitant, but follows her orders. He leaves. tanveer then ges out of her car, and takes the front seat, of the driver, and starts the car, in much glee and excitement, driving rash in the meanwhile. While a person she almost collides into, curses her asking if she is blind, she is highly amused at the irony, smiling that he is right, and that she is blind. Finally, she comes to a halt. She goes inside the building, and then opens the locked door, with a key that she has. She comes inside, a room, and takes a board and pins it against the wall.

As the lights go on, Mamu, Rashid, Nazma, Asad and Zoya’s faces with a cross appear, who she had killed barbarously. Then she eyes Sanam’s face, also pinned, thinking that she would play this game all over once again, and ruin her. She evilly enjoys her moment, as she aims at a knife against Sanam’s chest.Meanwhile, tanveer smiles crookedly as she undergoes the final operation, and after its done, the doctors ask her to open her eyes. she remembers thinking that she has wasited for these soft tissues for quite sometime, to repair the eyes that were damaged on that day. She screams and laughs in glee, as she finds that she can see again. Tanveer thinks that her darkness has lifted off, but sanam’s life would be doused in darkness now, and she wont be able to get out of it. the screen freezes on her evil face.

Tanveer identifies sanam as the same spirited girl like her mother zoya, which is enough to make her hate sanam. she places a cross against sanam, that her mother spoiled her life, and she too shall do the same, and thats her promise. She says that zoya stole her love from her, her asad started hating her, due to sanam, and that now she shall steal sanam’s love from her, and shall torture her terribly. she says that a person’s biggest loss is when she loses the hope of living, and she would create a situation, when sanam cant see even a glimmer of hope, and now that she can see, she would lure sanam’s life in darkness, and is amused thinking that when she couldnt see, she made sanam’s life a joke, and imagines what she can do now. She starts guffawing loudly.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat searches around for haya, when she places her hand on his shoulder from behind. He turns around and they both confront each other romantically, as he caresses the flicks splashed on her face. She hugs him in love, and he too loves back. They bask in the glory of their new found love. While rahat and haya are romancing, faiz observes them from a distance, with a vengeance and fury, as he remembers haya’s betrayal after having seducing him, as he feels the stab and the bunrs yet again.

Rahat loads their stuff in the car, while haya stands beside him and watches him. As haya and rahat move ahead to get inside the car, faiz stealthily follows them from a distance, and then gets right behind haya. She is suddenly aware of something, and turns around, but doesnt find anyone. She is still scared, but sits inside the car, oblivious that faiz is hidden behind the car. rahat asks haya if she is happy, and she says that she is, as this is that start of their new life. Faiz slides inside their dickey. They drive off.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer impatiently waits for the newspaper, and when it comes, she eyes the headlines about her splashed across the newspaper. Gazalla and razaak start praising her, and knowing that she is blind, they hide the lavish breakfast that she had ordered. She senses it, and amusingly asks them to take out what they hid. They wonder how she got to know. Razaak says that tanveer can see again, and mentions this to gazalla. tanveer is interested. They start to congratulate her, and say that they were checking if her sight has returned. latif comes and hears them talking. Tanveer sees her and gets surprised, and asks whats she doing here, addressing her as latif. she gets boggled, asking how did she know he was here. tanveer is tensed, but composes saying that she doesnt need eyes to sense her, and distracts her, by asking what she came here for.

Latif says that ahil is looking for her. She says that she would just be down. latif leaves. After she leaves, tanveer grabs them both by the collar and hollers at them for being so careless, and tells them that till the right time, noone should know that she can see. They get scared and comply.While she is putting flowers in the vases, Sanam finds tanveer avoiding the furniture, so that she doesnt get hurt, while walking in the hallway. She is shocked and wonders how is that possible, when she cant see. In that, she accidentally slips a vase down, and this alarms tanveer, who pretends to be blind again, and accidentally stumbles on the vases kept in the middle of the floor. But sanam is still alarmed, and wonders if there is more to it than it seems. Ahil tells tanveer that he hopes that she could see the frontpage picture, of herself, in the headlines today.

She pretends to be modest and says that she would see her news and life through him. He excitedly starts reading the newspaper. She thinks that ahil feels bad for her being blind, but actually he is blind, that he cant see how she is writing the story of his ruins. He finds her lost and she starts coughing to make up for it. He rushes out to get the paper, while she smiles evilly, and starts reading the paper. Ahil walks back to the room, talking on the mobile, with the glass of water in his hand. He comes across sanam, and hands her the glass of water to be given to tanveer. She takes it, and is shocked to find tanveer reading the newspaper, as she remembers the morning incident. Before she can react, Ahil too comes, and asks sanam why she didnt give water to tanveer. tanveer is alarmed and instantly changes the paper the other way. He gives her the water.


Ahil finds the paper upside down, and shows it to her. tanveer pretends to be blind, and says that she was just feeling, the love between the two brothers together for the first time. Sanam is shocked and apalled, at her shrewdness.When sanam tells this to rehaan, he refuses to believe it, saying that if this was true, he would have found out, and noone pretends to be blind all their life. sanam tries to emphasise what she just saw. Seher says that there’s nothing wrong in finding out, and maybe she is able to see now, as it doesnt mean that she would be blind forever. Rehaan is still unconvinced. She says that it doesnt matter, as if sanam has seen something, then there’s no point in checking it. Rehaan says that they wouldnt gain anything.

Seher says that this isnt a loss or profit situation, but something thats essential to be done. she says that they just want to know that tanveer can see or not. Rehaan stands tensed. She says that if tanveer can see, then all their plans would be ruined. Rehaan says that they can go ahead and satisfy their query, but he still feels that this isnt true. sanam says that razaak and gazalla have to be handled first to go ahead to check about tanveer. seher says that she knows what to do. The screen freezes on Seher’s face.Tanveer is praying on the bed, when seher walks in, and giving rehaan a knowing nod. Rehaan sees that she has kept a rope tied to the two ends of the door, so that if she is actually blind, she would trip, or else she would safely avoid it. Tanveer keeps praying. Then seher and rehaan wait from a distance. In their room, gazalla and razaak are craving for food, that they cant steal now, since tanveer can see.

They smell food, and then find sanam walking past their gate, with a tray of food, as she amusingly thinks is her plan. gazalla and razaak follow her. She pretends to be ignorant, and leaves the plate in the kitchen and goes off. Razaak and gazalla come out of hiding, and get inside the kitchen, hungrily grabbing the food. Sanam thinks that seher’s plan actually worked. She hopes that the truth be exposed now. Seher is asked by rehaan how would they know when tanveer shall come. Seher says that she would come for tea, at sharp 5. As she said, tanveer doesnt find her tea, after she finishes her prayers, and then goes out to see why there’s noone to respond to her orders. As they wait in anticipation, tanveer progressively moves towards the rope, and then raises her feet past it. Seher is shocked. She asks rehaan if he now believes. Meanwhile, Tanveer hollers at gazalla and razaak, and they rush out. tanveer asks for the tea.

She asks them to go inside and get her shawl. They go inside, and trip on the rope. tanveer wonders what happened when they find them screaming, and then her eyes fall on the rope. As tanveer finds seher standing behind her, she understands that its a trap. she starts saying that she is better than them, that she is blind, and still manages to be safe. Rehaan asks what does she have o say now. She stands silent, and he leaves. Tanveer smiles evilly, while seher stands shocked.

In their room, rehaan is unconvinced, and says that this was just a co-incidence. sanam is assured, but seher knows that there’s more to the conniving lady, and that maybe she saw them pulling the wire. While seher narrates out the plan, Rehaan asks whats her problem, and that he knows his mother, and that he is on their side, but this. She says that nothing happened to her, and that is what she is trying to explain him, and that tanveer cant be this lucky. He asks her how can she do this, to a blind woman, as his acts are justified, since he knows his mother, and his past. Seher is tensed. Seher thinks that she never thought, that between their love, anything could come, but due to tanveer, they have even begun to fight. She is sad. sanam composes her, and asks her not to feel bad for rehaan, and asks her to understand instead, that he is tanveer’s son, and no son can see his mother in pain. Seher is still tensed. Sanam leaves.

As tanveer is taking meds in the kitchen, seher comes strolling and finds her there, while tanveer continues to pretend that she didnt see her. Seher gets to making tea. tanveer meanwhile takes the knife, kept on the slab, and throws it on the floor, stealthily. seher winces in pain, as it lands on her feet. tanveer asks if it hurt her, as she is blind, and hence doesnt know where things are being kept. She asks sanam to be cautious, and then leaves. Seher tries to grab her, but she goes. She decides to teach her a lesson. She warms up the knife, red hot, and then takes it to tanveer’s room, where tanveer is resting on the rocking chair. tanveer sees her with the knife, and understands whats she is upto. She gets tensed, but doesnt show it on her face, thinking that she shouldnt be scared, as if she shows it, sanam would know that she isnt blind. she is fearful too that sanam might burn her face, and if she does, ahil wont ever see her face ever again.

she thinks that she feels sanam wont ever be able to do something like this. Seher comes close to tanveer. she pulls the knife close almost near to her eyes, but tanveer keeps rocking in the chair, without even flinching a bit or showing scare on her face, unnerved and composed. Seher is boggled and baffled. As tnveer comes a little too close, seher gets scared and refrains her hand. seher is convinced that tanveer is blind, and is relieved that she moved the hand away in time. she leaves. tanveer sees her going, and thinks that the noble person’s weakness is her nobility, and thinks that she can befool them anyday. She guffaws evilly.

While walking in the lobby, seher is tensed, and accidentally collides into rehaan, and the knife falls on the floor. Rehaan asks what was she doing. She says that tanveer indeed is blind. rehaan is hurt that she tried to do this again. He says that she had promised him. But she casually says sorry, and when he is still angry, she kisses him on the cheek. He asks what was this, and she says that this was her effort to try and get him in a good mood, and does so again. She begs to be forgiven, while rehaan finally gives a cute smile, at her cute gesture. tanveer sees them and is shocked. Rehaan looks at at tanveer standing, and she instantly pretends that she didnt see. He tells this to seher, who teases him. Seher reminds him that tanveer cant see. They both hug each other. Tanveer is shocked. She wonders whats this happening, and if she is again flirting with rehaan.

In her room, Tanveer is tensed remembering sanam’s love for ahil and rehaan both, one that she has seen frequently and one that she just saw. She thinks that she saw everything would be clear, once her sight came back, but what she saw was unbelievable. Tanveer thinks that sanam might be anything, but not shameless, infidel and betrayer, and if it isnt so, then why is she romancing both ahil and sanam. She wonders why is sanam betraying them and fooling them both in her love, and wonders if this is because she now knows that rehaan is her son, and she can use him against his own mother. she is determined to find out the full truth behind it, and that too right now. She is tensed. She thinks that if this is true, then this is most important, that she outbet sanam in her own game, and she doesnt even realise that she lost. The screen freezes on her face.



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