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I do 20 July 2022: All are shocked at the sudden revelation. Ahil asks rehaan that he knew about it. Rehaan is tensed, as ahil progresses angrily. tanveer speaks up and says that this is the truth, and that rehaan is her son. While she is frustrated, ahil is shocked, and rehaan and sanam are tensed. Ahil asks her how and why did she keep this a secret from him. She says that if he wants to know the truth, then so be it. tanveer says that she is an evil mom, as she disregarded her own son, and was forced by ahil’s father to do so, who wouldnt marry her, with her son. She says that people would have raised questions, if she had loved ahil and rehaan, as being the stepmother, and ahil, himself would have started thinking so, despite her loving him profusely, and he didnt want an orphan to think like that, and hence she made this mistake.

Ahil is shocked and apalled for having doubted her. Rehaan and sanam are frustrated with her pretense. tanveer says that she couldnt bear the fact that she would be away from rehaan, who would have to live in an orphanage, while she lives in luxury, and hence she kept him with them only, as a servant. she profusely apologises for keeping her son away from ahil, and collapses on the bed. Sanam and rehaan are frustrated with her winning yet again. Ahil hugs her, while tanveer smiles, as ahil feels guilty that for his happiness, tanveer sacrificed the love for her own son, and that there’s no mother like her, and even if he being the step-son, he is the most lucky one. Tanveer hugs and smiles evilly, while rehaan and sanam are tensed.

In their room, sanam and seher discuss as to how evil tanveer is, and how all of their efforts are going down in vain. sanam says that as much she wanted ahil with her, everytime she failed, and now is feeling that ahil is not at all in her destiny. Sanam and seher are super tensed.Meanwhile, tanveer starts getting impatient, in front of the doctors, that she cant wait anymore, as there’s someone behind sanam, and she needs to find it out, to stop her support system, and asap. the doctors assure her that might be tomorrow only, her efforts would pay back. Tanveer says that she would direly wait for tomorrow. after the operation, the doctors say that everything happened as expected, and god’s will, everything would improve, and with time, things shall become better, and asks her to hold on till they do. She thanks them.

They leave. She smiles and guffaws loudly at her win now, with her eyes closed. Later, latif comes while tanveer is resting. she takes off the drapes, and sudden sunlight streams in, and tanveer gets frustreated thinking that its heavy sunlight today, and asks her to close the drapes. latif is boggled, but complies nevertheless. She leaves. tanveer evilly thinks that if it didnt have any effect, it doesnt mean it never would.In the garden, Rehaan attends a phone call, and then finds confronted with ahil. He hurriedly asks whats the matter and if there was any work, he could have come to him. He hugs him, and says that life has given him a hard punishment by keeping his own brother away, despite him being so near. He says that he used to wonder why he felt like a brother to him. He apologises profusely, for hurting him for small things. rehaan asks him not to apologise to his brother, as he is the elder, and its his right to scold him, and that their relation is long back, and it just got the name today, and what he feels for him, doesnt need a name.

Ahil tells that he has a gift for him, and gives him a taveez for his safety, as he cant measure his love in cost, and that this gift is priceless, as he wished at the dargah, that they be together always. rehaan is emotional as he accepts it, saying that this is the most special of all gifts, till date. Ahil says that he thought that he was the one who could do anything for tanveer, but he prides in him, that he knew everything, but still played mum, just for him. Ahil says that tanveer did so much for him, and he cant repay her back even by death. rehaan is tensed. Ahil says that he wants to thank her, and wants the world to know how big hearted tanveer is, and how she is the best. He gets emotional, and says that he has thought of a way to honour him, and leaves for the arrangements.

Rehaan is tensed, wondering how to tell ahil, that what he thinks is tanveer’s sacrifice, is just her means to get what she wants.Meanwhile, Razaak informs about today’s function to tanveer, and starts talking about the beautiful card, which he wishes she could have seen. She smiles, and says that its good that ahil decides to throw this party. sanam comes in with a glass of milk and tanveer indirectly hints at her, saying that Bhopal along with her family, shall see what she means to ahil, and decides that she has to get ready. tanveer starts screaming for gazalla. sanam wonders what happened all of a sudden. razaak says that she has gone to the beauty parlour. She screams at razaak for letting gzalla go.

Tanveer wonders who would help her to get ready, as she has to leave with ahil. He turns around and finds sanam, and remembers her makeover to gazalla, and says that definitely not sanam. rehaan leaves. tanveer starts pretending to be upset as to how she would get ready now. sanam politely offers her help, out of custody. tanveer says that she wont be able help tanveer, as she cant even help herself. sanam is tensed. tanveer asks if she actually thought that a piece of paper could turn her 25 years of hard work in vain, as even though she got lucky, and got a trump card, she couldnt defeat, as her own bet played against her, and indeed she should be thankful, that everyone knew that rehaan is her son, and now she can love him openly.

tanveer asks if she thought she is weak as she is blind, as that isnt enough for her to defeat a player like tanveer, but she needs evil eays to defeat her, which isnt possible for sanam. tanveer says and promises that the more she tries to douse her in ahil’s eyes, the more she would get respect from her. sanam too promises that she wont ever let her succeed, in her attempts. she gives her juice, and tanveer angrily throws the glass away. tanveer gets angry and asks how dare she, and pushes her, frustratedly. Sanam is surprised,and boggled, as to how did Tanveer realise where she was, to be able to push her. The screen freezes on sanam’s face.


Sanam is shocked as she is pushed by tanveer, while she stands frustrated. sanam leaves, and she smiles evilly. Tanveer starts walking inside the room, where shards of glasses lie on the floor, and tanveer, after much deliberation, remembering how people have hinted about her being blind, slides the shards away with her foot, and walks past them, carefully, smiling evilly as she does so. But one of them pierces her, and she winces in pain. she makes her way to the mirror, and then eyes herself in the mirror. She sits on the dressing stool, and tries to rummage through her makeup kit, as blind people do. She picks up the fallen blusher and uses it to do her makeup.

Sanam knocks on ahil’s door, with his clothes, and keeps them on the bed, as he eyes her tensedly. She finds ahil busy in his work, and then resignedly begins to try and get his attention. When he finally looks up, he pretends to ignore her. She starts to leave, but hearing him choke and cough, as he begins with his food, he immediately rushes to his care, and he overwhelmingly eyes her. An awkward romantic gaze follows. She coaxes him to drink water, and in that bid, drops the water on his pants. She goes out, saying that she would be right back. She rushes to the kitchen, to get something sweet for him. Taking it, she goes to ahil’s room.

In his room, ahil gets dressed, tensed with sanam’s thoughts. She comes in just then to give him the Mishri, and is surprised to find him dressed in the suit that she picked out for him. She progresses towards him, and her foot gets caught up in the carpet, and she slips, and as fate would have it, lands right in ahil’s arms, who rushes to catch her. An awkward yet romantic eyelock with embrace follows. He remembers his bitterness with her, and his hurtful statements to her, as she lies in his arms. The new bride comes in just then, and she is shocked to see them like this, and drops the suitcase, breaking their eyelock. Both get tensed. She leaves. Sanam rushes after her. Ahil says that the more he tries to go away from sanam, the more she is closing in, despite the fact that she betrayed him so badly. He is tensed at this dilemma.

The new bride apologises profusely to sanam, saying that she never would have come here, had she known that sanam was with ahil, and that after much turmoils, she was coming closer to ahil, and she spoiled the moment. Sanam says that she neednt apologise, as she never did anything wrong. she says that bridging the gap between her and ahil would take a long time, and that it isnt easy. The new bride excuses herself, and gives her the Holy Quran, sayinbg that she went and prayed that they come together fast, as separation doesnt suit them. Sanam overwhelmingly thanks her, and hugs her. while the new bride is sad at her ironical fate too.

While rehaan gets dressed up, seher continues to tease him, about the weird sense of fashion. He is amused, and says that he is getting late for picking up the chief guest of the function. She asks him whats the matter today, as all are dressing up extravagantly. He says that ahil has planned a surprise for tanveer, and he didnt want to tell her, since she would be upset. She asks hm why is he so tensed. He says that this is just another of Tanveer’s drama, and he hates lies, and he has to live one every single day. He says that had it been in his will, he would have exposed tanveer this very day, but he cant. She says that she wishes she could come along, to compose him. Rehaan promises that very soon, they shall be forever with each other. She says that till that time, she has something elose in mind, and places a muffler on his neck.

He says that its quite good. she says that its brilliant, and says that this would remind him of her always. He takes it off, and places it in his coat’s br*ast pocket instead, replacing his handkerchief, saying that this is better. he leaves, and she smile.As haya dresses herself, she finds rahat coming from behind, flirting romantically with her. She says that she has to go out for sometime, to get some necessary things. He is excited that haya is out of her phobia. She sounds very confident and positive minded, about starting afresh, leaving the bad memories behind. she hastily rushes out, while he wishes that she always smiles likes this, thats all he wants.

While haya is shopping in the market, carefree, someone is shown to be observing her every move. When she returns back, she doesnt find rahat. She calls him up, while he is on the road, in his car. Rahat says that he is out for some work. She is upset that he went without telling her. He asks why the restlessness. She says tht he shall know when he returns. He complies. She lovingly eyes the yellow flowers that she had got for him.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While sanam and the new bride are working in the kitchen, ahil comes and addresses the new bride, that he wants her to come along to the function too. She silently complies and leaves. Sanam stands tensed. Ahil then tells her that tanveer wanted the new bride to come, but he wants that she too should be there. She becomes happy. He says that today is very important and hence he wants everyone, gazalla, razaak, latif and she too. She feels dejected as he counts her with every other member of the family, inclusive of servants. They both eye each other. The screen freezes on both their faces.

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