Meet in love update Wednesday 20 July 2022

Meet in love 20 July 2022: Meet Ahlawat in hall. Manushi stops her and says can you drop me to dry cleaners because I want to pick design for Babita aunty so can you please drop me. Meet Ahlawat says yes and walk away. Manushi says to herself how can Meet be so stupid gave me easy task now I’ll call her from front seat and walks to car. Meet come out. Manushi ask her what are you doing here. Meet Ahlawat says I called her is there any problem. Manushi says no I was just asking. Meet Ahlawat says you want to take medicine and have ice cream come we will do both come sit with me on front seat. Meet walks to car and sit in front seat and says Manushi you can sit back and relax. Manushi sees her phone says thank god I saw this message they will deliver at house address so I need to be here to receive it you both can carry on. Meet Ahlawat help Meet to wear seat belt. Meet thinks I stop Manushi from completing her challenge but how will I ask Meet Ahlawat for dress.

Sunaina talking to lawyer on phone saying I need to send a notice to Ahlawat family and an article in newspaper write it down that I’m Mrs. Sunaina Tej Ahlawat and I have been married to Tej Ahlawat last 6 years which means my current marriage is valid, my other marriage was done forcefully in single day which do not allign with normal rules so please send notice as early as possible and publish article in newspaper one more thing I have no relation with Ravi. Lawyer says don’t worry and disconnects the call. Sunaina walks to Ravi and says I’m sorry but I need to send this notice to your family so that I can give answer to Masum. Masum hear everything from outside and saus I’ll give you answer Sunaina, your legal notice will come to house but things will be mentioned what I want.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in room. Meet pray to god says I want to ask him dress according to challenge but I feel ashamed in praying to you how will I ask him. Meet Ahlawat give her water says now you will not eat anything oily or fry in some time you will be good and then we will ho to have ice cream. Manushi walks in says I need your help to deliver dresses, Meet Ahlawat says okay and leaves. Manushi says I will charm him with my beauty all the way, Meet says he is my husband, Manushi says okay but he will be mine and soon I will be daughter in law of this house.

Meet Ahlawat walks in and says lets go Meet and Manushi, Manushi says she can’t come there is no space in car, Meet Ahlawat says okay fine and both leave. Meet says its been long I haven’t jumped around.Meet Ahlawat and Manushi reach near and sees there is no front seat. Meet walks to them and says seat wasn’t working fine and so I sent it to repair.
(Meet jumps of her room and changes seat)Meet says Meet Ahlawat can reach botique with boxes and come let me drop you on bike. Meet Ahlawat says good idea.Manushi says to Meet you are a cheater, Meet says let me tell Meet Ahlawat about empty boxes, Manushi says shutup and even you haven’t done anything about your challenge.

Raj sees Sunaina upset, and walks to her. Sunaina and Tej praying, Raj asks Sunaina did anyone misbehave with you again, Sunaina says don’t worry about me, I have learnt now to fight and someone taught me never to give up on self respect, Raj sayd I trust you and I am proud of you, and you will surely win this fight.Raj asks Tej what is he doing, Tej says pooja, Raj asks Sunaina did he eat anything, Sunaina says no, Raj says Tej come with me let’s have jalebi.Meet thinking about how she will ask Meet Ahlawat, Meet writes on a paper but throws it, Meet Ahlawat catches it, and is on call with Deep, Meet sees Meet Ahlawat is picking paper balls she has thrown, Meet goes picks them. Meet Ahlawat picks his file and leaves.

Raj looking for his specs, Meet helps him and says look there, and frame is breaking, Raj says screw is loose thats it, Meet says one minute sit here and on ipad shows him Lens kart app. Raj says how will I know it suits me, Meet says it has AI feature and will recommend you frames scanning your face. Raj says it’s wonderful, very convenient.veryone in hall, Meet Ahlawat receives parcel, Meet says to Manushi look Meet Ahlawat ordered my dress, Manushi says thats impossible and says I will go check and pulls the packet and everyone gets shocked seeing the dress.Meet remembers ordering dress from Meet Ahlawat’s app and calls delivery person and says there are two deliveries and the night dress one I want it at night.

Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat and asks what is this, Isha says Meet Ahlawat I never knew you were so romantic, Meet Ahlawat whispers to Meet I didn’t order it, Meet says I did, Meet Ahlawat says whats wrong with you, all are laughing at me, Meet says okay let others laugh at me, I want to wear this, Meet Ahlawat says I will tell everyone I ordered but why, Meet says I will go pack this and leaves.Manushi stops Meet and says Meet Ahlawat looked shocked so I am sure he didn’t know about this, Meet says he did and he was shocked because this is private between us and this is not cheating, and everything is fair in love and war and my husband can never be yours.

Meet goes to her ro sees dress and says I can never wear this, can’t even donate this what should I do now, I will throw it away and throws of the window, it hits Meet Ahlawat walking outside. Meet Ahlawat says why did she order if she had to throw.Meet says to prove this letter wrong, I have to get Kunal here.Meet walks in her room. Light switches off Meet and Meet Ahlawat grab her push to wall says I would love to have a selfie with you in night dress and show her clothes. Meet says where did you get this. Meet Ahlawat says these were lost that’s why I brought. Meet says I bought is for you infront of whole family, go and wear it and says to himself now I’ll get to know what’s going on in her head. Meet walks out wearing dress says now take selfie. Meet Ahlawat looks at her and says who put pins on her night gown.

Meet says I put on and I’ll wear night dress in this way infront of my husband. Meet Ahlawat get his voice deeper and says do you think me of villain, I’m hero and will not loose character and says when you can share everything with then why are you feeling shy and thinks something is going on in her head and hiding something. Babita calls Meet. They both start arguing that aunty is calling me.Babita in her room. Manushi walks in says I guess I should quit because I don’t think Meet Ahlawat will ever trust me. Babita says don’t worry I called Meet too I’ll talk to her, someone knocks at door Babita says get in and says I didn’t expect this from, Manushi told me how you cheated with her and remove car’s front seat and you ordered the night dress and not my son, how will I understand that who is best then, Meet Ahlawat says Mom, Babita says what are you doing here, Meet Ahlawat asks what challenge, you think Manushi is my love, no she isnt, she has no place in my life, whereas Meey stood with me and is my life partner.

Meet looking in mirror says how do people like these clothes, Sunaina and Isha walk in and ask Meet why has she stapled her dress, Meet says forget that, and stop teasing Meet Ahlawat he gets so annoyed instead trouble me, Isha says I agree he gets so annoyed always angry, Meet says he is sweet and takes care of me, Sunaina says looks like you are in love with Meet Ahlawat, Isha says I am so happy.Babita says to Meet Ahlawat that Meet is a cheater, Manushi left house and wedding because of Meet she did this because she found Meet is in love with you, and so she gave up on you and left, here read this letter.

Babita says Meet has to prove that she deserves all this, I have seen you in pain and in drunk state also you missed Manushi, Meet Ahlawat says that was old and don’t you remember how Meet stood for me in drug case and remember when she fought with goons for me. Babita says when am I denying, that’s what I’m trying to say your relation is one sided compromise and she will keep doing this to get your love and Manushi was your choice,you loved her I have seen you grinding in this relation, I know your happiness is Manushi and I’ll will do anything to get you two together. Meet Ahlawat thinks Manushi played her game against Meet I cannot do anything.

Tej and Sunaina in garden. Meet walks to them and says to Sunaina, you know why he always keep that book close to him because your name is written in that. Sunaina says to Meet you know we had love marriage that’s why he remembers my name, we gave advertisement in everywhere but we couldn’t find him. Meet says you both sit here I’ll leave now. Meet says how will I put advertisement in newspaper about Parth I don’t have anything about him, I have to bring her reality but only Kunal can bring I have to find him and calls someone says I need to put an article, I’ll share photo and please write Me. Kunal wherever you are please contact Mr. Natwarlal and give her number and write you won lottery of 1 crore and disconnects call says I did my work now’ ineed to wait for him to fall in trap.

Raj on call talking to someone. Masum walks to him says you have too faith in your daughter in law. Raj ask now what happen and what are you doing in house you should be in office. Masum says I did went to office but a notice was received in house because of which I came back and says Sunaina send a notice in which she is asking for her portion of property so that she can build her new home with Tej. Raj looks at notice says what rubbish I cannot accept she could send this notice. Masum says thengo and ask Sunaina. Raj says ofcourse I’ll ask her and I will not believe on this notice till the time Sunaina dont tell me about this and leave. Masum says you have to accept this that Sunaina send the notice and calls to lawyer says thanks for changing the matter in notice your fees will be transferred. Sunaina says this notice is the answer of your slap Sunaina.

Duggu looking for Meet saying Ustaad Mami. Meet calls him says come other side of car. Duggu says wao you know how to repair a car but Mamu and Papa use to do this job. Meet says car dosent know who is repairing it Mamu or Mami now tell what happen why were you calling me. Duggu give her envelope says here it is for you and she looks at the article. Meet Ahlawat walks out. Meet says to him are you going somewhere. He says I was going out for some important work and I’ll be late in coming back.

Meet Ahlawat at Meets house talking to Amma. Amma says to Meet Ahlawat this letter was left by Manushi ta her wedding time, we got this letter when she left. Meet Ahlawat says everything in this letter is fake I don’t know Meet much but still I can prove everything in this is fake and Meet is true. Amma start crying and says my Meet is true gold, she was always standing for everyone and says I also believe that how much faith you have in Meet, even if I die I know you are here for Meet. Meet Ahlawat says don’t talk like this you have to see her growing, now tell me truth. Amma says Manushi have ditched everyone by planning she took last sign of my aon from us, she took this house and then she forced me to take tgis fake letter to Babita, if I deny that shw would have sold this house and send us on street, Anubha is already suffering from stomach ulcer how she could go out and live in this condition.

Meet looks at article says wait I’ll bring true face infront of everyone she picks her phone and call says yes I’m speaking I like this article please publish tgis in tomorrow’s newspaper and disconnects phone.Babita and Manushi in hall sorting out design sketch. Meet walks to them thinks let Kunal advertisement publish in paper and Babita get to know that you ran because of Kunal then she personally will kick you out of this house. Babita gets a call and she gets shocked says how my show will go on without her. Manushi ask what happen. Babita says Kavya is not doing fashion show because she got sprain in her leg now with whom Meet Ahlawat will go on ramp they hoth were good as pair, what I’ll do now. Manushi says relax. Meet walks to her give water says don’t worry I’ll talk to Kavya about this.

Manushi says she won’t be able to work because she is not well at all. Meet ask her how you know that Babita was talking on call with her, how can you be sure about her, is there your hand in Kavya’s situation so that you can go on walk with Meet Ahlawat. Manushi says shutup don’t talk nonsense. Babita says this is good idea. Manushi says you gave a super idea unknowingly, says to Babita I know you cannot arrange a known face but can introduce a fresh face who will be compatible with your son as wife on stage and no body can match that perfect with Meet Ahlawat except me. Meet says to Babita I think so Manushi is involved in Kavya’s case so that she can be with Meet Ahlawat on stage. Babita says please I just talked to model cordinator and she is highly professional they cannot cancel there gig after all I love your idea they will look good on ramp and she is perfect for my son because of hight and personality and you have nice features, the kind of wife he deserve but unfortunately he got Meet as her wife who’s height didn’t match, there are chances that he realises Manushi should be his wife.

Meet says to Babita you are right she have beautiful features and nice attitude but that’s only used to manipulate boys, she never came in use for mom and dadi, she got height but couldn’t bend down to take blessings of elders, and disrespects her says she is lier. Babita stops her says you are talking about lying did you forget your dadi came to tell about letter, I’ll talk to my son about this he will decide further.Meet Ahlawat listing everything says you are true wife and don’t worry I’ll also try hard to be true husband of your and remember talking to Amma saying don’t worry I won’t let anybody to take your house away from you I’ll bring back the papers from Manushi. Amma says let me get paper first then I’ll tell Babita personally about Manushi. Meet Ahlawat says we have to show her real face to mom because she didn’t saw her from inside till the time she don’t understand we have to carry this play.

Meet Ahlawat walks in. Babita call him says Kavya is not doing show so Manushi will be your wife in show. Meet Ahlawat looks at Meet says to Babita if Meet have no problem then I also don’t have any and walks away. Babita walks to Meet says and you won’t agree for this right.
Meet at pooja house prays to God Manushi is trying her every plan I was already scared for Meet Ahlawat and now Manushi brought fashion show too in game because of all these I think she will ruin Babita’s fashion show too.

Babita says to herself Meet don’t care about anybodys emotions don’t know when my son will see her true face, my shouldn’t have give her this power.Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet says don’t worry about me do whatever you want to do and thinks I know what you have decided and join his hands with Meet in front of God.Babita says she dont care about my reputation she just care about her title of wife. Meet says to Babaita things matter to me and I have decided, this family matters to me a lot infront of any game, I won’t let your fashion show ruin. Babita says this means you don’t have any problem if Manushi walks with him as his wife and you can loose this challenge. Meet says I know very well but still it’s my duty to serve, I’ll do which is good for my family and thinks I know dede you will be happy after listing this but don’t worry I have planned things to reveal your story.

Meet Ahlawat says to himself I know you will put mom’s reputation first and want to show mom this is my wife but you are lost in outer beauty of Manushi, I promise before this fashion show ends I’ll make you realise Meet is better compatible for me and a good life partner.Next morning Meet see Kunal photo in paper says this is the best job now Kunal will come out from his hidden place don’t know my sister take me to him because of 1 crore. She keep the paper on table and leave. Manushi read the paper and get’s shock says he took all my jewellery now I’ll take this money, I need to contact natwarlal. Meet walks to her says what happen is there any sale in paper. Manushi says I’m modern I don’t read these papers for sale.

Meet thinks take natwarlal paper there are possibilities that you will take me to Kunal. Manushi says don’t you think Meet Ahlawat proved that he still love me after choosing me as model. Meet says I laugh at your situation because you think everyone will be like you fraud but I know Meet Ahlawat how he is you should have stayed to know her so that you can realise how true loving man are. Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet says today is rose day so thought of taking you on date on your bike. Meet start going with him. Manushi says to Meet Ahlawat what about our rehersal. He says why do you need rehersal you are already perfect and they both leave.Meet Ahlawat and Meet out sit on bike. Meet Ahlawat sits in front and make Meet to hold him. Manushi come out and see them going. Meet ask him where are we going.

He says we are going to fice star hotel because I want you to take you on brunch. Meet says don’t spend money, I don’t want to go they are costly. Meet Ahlawat don’t worry you husband will pay. Meet says if you have then give to someone who needs it and says I have a good idea to make this date memorable and goes to pani puri stall. Meet Ahlawat says this is so unhealthy and unhygienic he is not wearing his gloves still you want to eat. Meet says I want to eat and they hoth start arguing about that. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll get mineral water and we will eat hygienic panipuri and don’t eat till I come and he leaves. Meet see her phone and says these many misscall from one number this might be Kunal and call back at that number and hear Manushi’s voice, Meet disconnects the phone says she is so clever thank god I gave other number. Meet call her back says hello. Manushi says hello I’m Manushi and I know Kunal personally.

Meet tells her address says come fast. Manushi says I’ll be there and disconnects call. Meet see a model says she looks like Babita’s fashion show model Kavya. She get to car and take her parcel from it and start running. Kavya run to catch her says stop where are you taking my parcel, you look from a good house but still doing these kind of work. Meet says you also look good but still do bad job. Kavya says excuse me you were stealing things and saying to me I’ll call police you will go in jail for 3months. Meet says and how time your will serve jail for breaking contract, you are model of Babita’s fashion show you called and said you are not well won’t be able to walk because of sprain but walking here in heels. Kavya try to walk away. Meet hold her hand and says please don’t involve me because someone ask me to leave fashion show, I’m sorry I cannot tell you about that person.Meet says I’ll tell Manushi Hudda told you this. Kavya says no Meet Ahlawat ask me to back off.


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