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I do 10 March 2022: All are shocked to see asad. as he turns to go, badi bi is surprised and stopping him, asks whats the reason of his being here. He comes upto them. He doesnt tell the true reason, and says that he came to see ay7an.

shirin tells him about ayan’s condition. Badi bi asks zoya to go and take asad to their room. zoya is tensed, while asad rel uc tantly ag rees. They face each other, while zoya is tensed, and tearful. As they lead on without speaking a word, razia is excited at that prospect. Finally, they stop.(SAD MITWA) She opens the door to ayan’s and her room, and motions him to come along, while standing tensed herself.

In her room, razia is nervously pacing, when she finds humaira, and gets her inside. Humaira tells her that she has got a taveez from peerbaba, to tie it to ayan. razia asks why she keeps forgetting that zoya has taken her rigth and her place, as she’s taking care of ayan. Humaira is surprised to hear that zoya is still here.

She says that she knows and its right that she’s taking care of ayan, as she’s his wife. razia asks why’s she talking like that, as right has to be taken and nbot waited for. She says that when asad is heer, then zoya too can leave with him. Humaira is shocked, that razia knows about their deal. razia says that she knows whats happening around her, and she wont let her give it to someone else easily.

Humaira says that she must have been helpless, and razia is shocked to find her siding zoya. razia again asks why isnt zoya leaving then, and why did she come back, if she had to go. humaira says that she would go. razia says that she’s very naive, and that zoya isnt as innocent as she seems. Razia tells humaira that ayan was and will always be with humaira, and that he may have married zoya, but his ultimate union would be with her only. Razia says that maybe zoya’s trap is to marry ayan. She asks zoya to tread very carefully. humaira is tensed and leaves. Razia says that the rest, she would manage to see that zoya isnt staying here for that long and easily.

In their room, asad and zoya awkwardly enter. Zoya asks him to sit, and he complies while awkwardly making space for her. But she sits on the opposite side. asad is disturbed to see their wedding pic, by their bedstand. zoya tells about her dilemma. she says that had ayan been right, then she wouldnt have had a problem, but now she doesnt know what to do. Asad says that he should stay here for a while. he is distraught when zoya asks how many more days she has to stay here. He says that once ayan is okay, he himself would come and take her. zoya says that there are others to take care of ayan. she wipes her tears and asks about dilshad, and he says that she’s fine. he takles her leave and begins to go. Zoya says that she would leave him till outside, but just then, a sleepy ayan starts coughing and she starts taking care of him like an ideal wife, and asad is distraught to see such concern. he asks her to take care of ayan, while he sees himself out. saying so, he leaves. zoya is tensed.

Meanwhile, shirin tells razia, in her room, that she’s taking out woollen clothes for ayan, to prevent him from cold. Raazia says that she has to take care when he has a wife now. She tries to instigate her against zoya and asad, who she says has come here for zoya and not for ayan, as how else does he know that ayan was sicvk at midnight. shirin asks if zoya called him. razia asks her who else could have told him. She says that today asad has come, then tomorrow dilshad also might enter. shirin is shocked.

as asad is walking out, he realsies suddenly that zoya is running towards him, crossing the corridor hastily so as not to miss to meet him. He gets overwhelmingly emotional, and spreads out his hands to embrace her. zoya comes to a standstill a few feet away from him. they enter into a romantic eyegaze, with both his hands extended to hug her. she looks at him quizzically, and he retreats his hand back. she gives him his phone, and he is disappointed that she came back for that. He takes the phone, getting physically connected with her hand, and thanks her. She is distraught.

As he turns around, she stops him. Unable to control herself, She gives into emotions and turning him around, zoya hugs asad tightly. (MITWA) Razia makes shirn see this and instigates shirin against zoya, that it doesnt look like asad came here for zoya and that she may have married her son, but is romancing her sautan’s son. Razia says that she thinks that asad is trying to hurt her through ayan, whether she believes or not, he’s trying to avenge for what she did to dilshad. The embrace breaks finally. Asad tells her that he would return. she sees him going, and breaks into tears.

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s Residence
Zoya comes inside to find humaira tending to ayan, and is shocked. Humaira says that she just came to see ayan and was leaving only. zoya stops her and tells her about her dilemma as to how she couldnt go. humaira says that she knows people want to take care of ayan. zoya says that she knows she can takle better care of ayan, and she too wants this. humaira says that would be awkward for people who see this. Zoya says that it would be weird when people see. She assures humaira to be with ayan. Zoya leaves, and closes the door, while humaira is by ayan’s bedside.

Razia, in her room is surprised to see shirin. She asks her what happened. Shirin says that she thought, but doesnt think that asad and zoya have something going on, as after all even friends hug, and why does she think so. Razia says that a girl never forgets her first love, and ayan’s marriage with her was an accident. But shirin doesnt realise that zoya can do this. razia says that she would have to understand whats going on here.

shirin says that she had thought of humaira as her bahu, but ayan is married to zoya now. Razia says that marriages happen razia says that if the nikahnama can be signed, then the doivorce too. Shirin asks what she means. Razia says that its exactly what she thinks she means. Razia says that relations arent easy to be broken, but this was a amishap.Razia’s words force her to start thinking.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
Seeing nikhat surfing for something, nazma asks her what she needs. she says that she needs Hangers for farhan’s clothes. nazma teasingly tells her about haseena having locked everything in her almirah. They go to ask for it, towards her room. When they come inside, they find haseena and her ladies with facemask, talking about their dark complexion bahus. As hassena takes off her cucumber eye relaxers, they find that her bahus are standing there only. she begins to introduce

Nazma says that the servant would just come. but haseena says that she fired all servants as she has two bahus now. She sends them off for getting some snacks. Nazma is about to go with nikhat, but haseena stops her and asks nikhat to go. Haseena tells nazma to go get some peanuts. Assuming that she’s gone, the ladies again start gossiping, where haseena talks bout how nazma is the better one, and how nikhat is n embarassment for her.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Asad is talking with a client over the phone, while driving the car. he stops at ayan’s residence and gets out of the car.Zoya sees him from the window. She rushes out, till the door, and then after some hesitation, she opens the bolt and rushes outside, and leaves it open. She calls out to asad and faces him, while he smiles at seeing her. Asad tells that he was going home after the metting, and an idea got him here, to her, saying that maybe because he misses her badly. Shirin finds asad and zoya talking in the proch.

Asad and zoya both tell the other how much they miss the other. shirin wonders what are they doing so late in the night. Razia too comes and intentionally gets scandalised, and tries to instigate Shirin against them. shirin says that maybe they want to talk something urgent, and since asad doesnt like to come inside, hence they met out. razia shows her the video clip of asad and zoya hugging. Shirin asks her to stop. But razia says that she has to stop them, although it doesnt look like they can stop themselves from romancing.

Zoya comes back and finds that the door is locked and wonders if she rings the bell, then she would have to answer all questions. plus she left her phone inside only. She wonders how to get inside, indiscreetly now.

Location: Ayan’s Residence
Stuck outside the locked door, oya wonders what to do now, as it strts raining heavily. Inside, humaira closes the windows, which wakes up ayan. Humaira asks if he’s in any pain or trouble. ayan says that his stitches are paining. Humaira surfs through the meds, but cant find it. Ayan asks her to call up zoya as she knows them. Humaira says that she would just go and call her. ayan is surprised that she’s still here. But humaira asks him to lie down and leaves looking for zoya.

Humaira comes back tensed to tell ayna that she isnt in the house. They both wonder where they are. As ayan gets up to look for her, humaira asks him to lie down as the doctor suggested. Humaira takes his hand and asks him to lie down, but he jerks

away her hand stunning her, saying that zoya is his responsibility and he has to look out for her. He leaves. Humaira goes out with him, and tells him to lie down, while she looks for her. Ayan is in a bad state and is yet looking for zoya. He finds her shivering outside in the cold. Ayan asks why cant she take care of herself. She too asks him the same question. they both are asking the other to take care of each other, while ayan is coughing. when humaira asks why was she outside, zoya tells that she got stuck and didnt want to disturb anybody.

Ayan tells humaira that she should have taken care that zoya was outside. zoya asks him not to get angry. Zoya takes him inside, while humaira stands hurt, seeing them go together. She remembers ayan’s promise, and razia’s warning and is tensed.
Inside, zoya tells a tensed ayan, that she would go when he is okay. ayan tells that there are many people to take care of him, but she should be with asad, as he needs her. He begins to call up asad, but zoya asks him not to. He still places a call to asad.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad comes to his room, to find tanveer dressed as a bride, and tauntingly asking him how does she look. Tanveer continues to taunt him by planning about their marriage. Asad says that he long before lost interest in her madness, and that he wouldnt ever have let her in the house, and would change the locks. Tanveer says that locks wont change his destiny, and in it, she is written for him. Asad says that he just belongs to Zoya and she has to understand that what she wants wont ever happen. Tanveer says that she wont let that happen which he dreams of, as his zoya is now Mrs. Ayan ahmed khan.

Asad takes tanveer, by the arm and begins to take her outside the room. She tels him that she was with him just one night, and zoya refused to take him back, and now would he be able to take zoya back, after knowing that she is spending so many nights with ayan, as his wife, in the same bed. Asad remembers zoya’s care for ayan and is frustrated. Asad takes her oustide, and tells that if she is seen again, then he would forget that she is expecting. Before she can talk, he throws her out of the house. But still she is unfazed by all this, and is determined to have her way.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road and ayan’s residence
Asad picks up the phone, and asks if everything is alirght. ayan says that nothing is alright and that he has to come and take her, and he should do so tomorrow morning. Asad tries to sayu something, but ayan doesnt budge, saying that zoya doesnt have a reason to be here, and as it is, they are going through a tough time, and are in pain. He tells asad not to delay as it would cause more trouble. Ayan says that if he doesnt come tomorrow, then he would come and leave her. Asad asks him not to move. Ayan tells that then he would have to come tomorrow, to take zoya. Asad, having no other choice gives in. zoya and ayan are happy and relieved.

The next morning, asad talks to dilshad on the phone, asking her to take care, that she has gone to the dargah, and promises her that by the time she returns, she would have zoya back too. As asad leaves to go to ayan’s place, he finds tanveer on the door. He is about to slam the door, while tanveer tells him that he has to get into the habit that she would be around him. Tanveer says that she knows he’s going to get zoya, and hence shouldnt be angry. As asad takes tanveer’s hand to throw her out, she taunts him saying that he is holding her hand, and wants to be with zoya. He leaves her hand in frustration, while she is amused. She asks what if she doesnt let him go. Asad calls up the inspector and asks him to come right away. Tanveer is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Imran’s residence
The next morning, nikhat is worried that farhan hasnt come back yet. Hearing the doorbell ring, she pretends to be asleep, while farhan sneaks in and is happy to find her asleep. she peeks open her eyes, and finds him changing his clothes. Farhan seems tensed. He goes into the wshrom. After he’s gone, nikhat wakes up tensed, seeing wet clothes yet again, and wonders that this area didnt have any rainfall, then how come his clothes are wet, and wonders where he went. While nuzrat and nikhat are talking, haseena gorges on food, and is listening. Nuzrat happily tells that she has got halwa for them.

nuzrat begins to take their leave, as she’s getting late for college. Nazma is about to go, but haseena asks her to keep the halwa in the fridge, so that she can eat later. While nuzrat and nikhat talk on the main gate, nuzrat tells that it was raining heavily near their house, particularly the lake. This gets nikhat tensed, as she thinks about farhan. She wonders if its possible that farhan went to the lake and wonders why he went there, if he did.

Scene 5:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya and ayan big a final godbye, after she’s packed her bags. zoya asks what would he tell the family. He asks her not to think about that, but only think about asad. He asks him to hurry up, as asad is going to pick her from the chowk in 15 minutes. Zoya thanks ayan, and get into teasing each other about who’s salman’s bigger fan. As she leaves, the screen freezes on ayan’s smiling face.

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