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I do 7 August 2022: As sanam lies on the bed unconscious, shaad takes out the shards of glass pieces, which wakes her up, and she eyes him longingly as her husband. He thinks that she must have gone through some major stress due to the riots. She starts exclaiming that she had gotten very scared being alone in the riots. Shaad asks her who is she. she asks if he too had a memory loss along with her. She reminds him that she’s jannat and his wife, as he just told everyone. he is tensed and boggled. Sanam asks how come he doesnt remember it himself. She says that they should come along, as if they get late, family would get angry.she says that come what may, she is relieved that he is here with her.

She exclaims that she forgot his, her own husband’s name, and is prplexed. he tells his name and designation. He makes her Maggi. She exclaims that she makes wonderful food, and is then taken to some past thoughts, and wonders why she said something like that. She says that she doesnt remember anything, but at times feels that she does everything. She says that even when she was desperately in trouble, she felt in the core of her heart, that there’s a person who would do anything lfor her, and loves her like crazy, and then he came along. he is tensed, and wonders how to tell her the truth, as if he denies this, she would get worse, and he would have to be extra cautious not to cause her stress. The phone rings.

Its his father. he tells her that he shall have to go now. She leaves him off. He comes back, and asks if she would be here alone, and asks her to come along. She continues with her rant, something that didnt change even in her memory loss.In the house, shaad talks to Col. rana from the Indian army, confirming that he has solid evidence that Shashi Kapoor is alive, and that his friend’s martyrship shouldnt go in vain. He is extended fullest and unconditional support to continue his mission to expose Shashi kapoor, for the sake of Indo-Pak treaty. meanwhile, sanam and the other woman are working in the kitchen. She comes with a bowl, and asks what happened. he fights back his tears, and she asks why is he hiding his tears and his tensions from hr. she eyes the pic.

Sanam sees Liyaqat’s pic with shaad, and is surprised, as she recognises the person, whose murder she witnessed. She narrates it, and shaad is shocked. he asks her to remember and tell everything or anything about the face of the murderer. She says what she knows but doent remember anything else. He asks her to relax, and try and remember. She remembers that he didnt have one thumb. Shaad thinks that this girl isnt lying, as she has actually seen Shashi Kapoor then, as noone else knows about the missing thumb except for him and his army. he is tensed. he asks her to remember more. she says that she saw his boots, and he keeps pushing on and on. She gets frustrated and repeatedly says that she doesnt remember anything else anymore. He rushes out.

he calls up and says to someone that now he cant let this girl go, as she has seen shashi kapoor, and now he would take her to lahore and stay with her only.Gazalla and razaak think that first tanveer and now the new bride is out of the house. They decide to call her, and when the new bride picks up, she gets to know that ahil is going crazy searching for sanam. She taunts them that she is going to send him such a shocker, that he would have to beg to her to know about sanam. Just then, while ahil is on the roads, searching for sanam, he gets a pics of seher in the cage, and a message that says that only the sender can guide him to sanam, and if he tries to act smart and involve the police, then his entire family shall be ruined, as that shall be the person’s ultimate revenge. he is shocked and surprised. he finds the Meenar’s shadow in the background

Scene 3:
Location: In the captivity
Ahil finds a lady with her face covered with her hands, scratched and bruised. he thinks that she is sanam is a distraught state, and rushes to her. But when he sees her face, he is surprised and tensed, as he finds the new bride unconscious with a serious head wound. The screen freezes on her face.Ahil is surprised to see the new bride lying unconscious. he gets inside, and tries to wake her up. she wakes up with a startle. she starts screaming incoherently, pretending that she didnt realise that its ahil, begging to be left and allowed to go home to ahil. He composes her and she pretends to be shocked to see him. the new bride smiles evilly in his arms, as she remembers hitting herself to cause that wound.

SAhe thinks that not just tanveer, she too knows to play the game. he composes her that she is safe with him here. he carries her out of the cage. He asks how she reached here. she says that she just went to take meds. the new bride makes a fake story, that when he threw her out, she was kidnapped and brought here, as they want to kill their child, as they want to destroy every sign of his family. He asks who could it be, and she feigns ignorance, and says that if anything happens to the child, she wont be able to live, as she wont be able to live without her child. He gets irritated and then asks where are the kidnappers then, if she was kept captive. she says that she doesnt know. He is unconvinced and frustrated.


She says that they were saying that they shall do the same with her, that they did sanam, and like her, they would kill him too. He turns around shocked. Just then, the inspector comes in, while the new bride smiles.Pretending to have an ankle injury, she gets ahil to support her, as he takes her inside. As she had promised herself, the new bride thinks that she got ahil to take her inside in his arms she smiles at her victory. Ahil walks in tensedly with her. gazalla and razaak are shocked to see this, and wonder how sharp this new bride is. he gets sanam inside the room. As she sits, he begins to go, but she holds his hand and pleads him to stay, as she is scared. he says that only sanam has the right to stop him like this, and jerks his hand away. He says that she may have come here, but that doesnt mean he forgave or forgot what she did. he says that she would have to go back, once she recovers, and then he and sanam shall live together.

She tries to speak, but he says desperately that nothing has happened to her, as if anything had happened, his breath would have stopped, and its enough evidence. he says that he knows sanam is alive, and she maybe anywhere, he would search her out. She gets tensed to hear this, as he walks out.Shaad gets sanam checked by a doctor, who assures everything is fine, and asks the nurse to dress the wounds. Outside, the doctor tells shaad that physically she is okay, but she has gone through such a mental torture, that she has lost her memory. He is shocked. He asks the doctor when can it get back. Shaad tries to express how important it is for him, that she remembers everything. The doctor asks him not to give her stress, as or else she would continue forgetting. He asks shaad to calm down and let sanam recover. shaad agrees.

Shaad gets her home, and she has flashbacks of ahil’s house, and Sanam says that this isnt her house. he wonders if her memory came back. She says that she feels that she knows her house and other memories, but they are all faint, and she doesnt remember properly. he gets her inside the room and places her on the bed. he asks her to rest, while she asks about the festive mood in the house. he asks her not to bother, as she should focus on resting and relaxing. he asks her not to open the door, till the time he doesnt come to get her. she complies. he leaves. she wonders why isnt she participating in her own family’s function. She gets tensed. Meanwhile shaad comes out. As shaad comes down, he is greeted and congratulated by friends and family, for his impending marriage.

His parents see him too. he greets and hugs his mother, while tensedly eyeing his father. They catch up on old times, while he teases his mother, who profusely thanks him for finally agreeing to the marriage. He tries to talk to his father urgently, but he asks shaad to prioritise his marriage first, as nothing is over this, and that he should get ready, and they can talk later. Shaad is tensed as he sits with his mother. His mother too is taken around, for resting.

Scene 4:
Location: Undisclosed Location
Meanwhile, Shashgi Kapoor is shown to be working undercover on the laptop, with the USB file that he retrieved from Liyaqat. he thinks that this isnt the file that he needed, as its corrupt, and gets angry. he remembers Shaad seeing liyaqat’s dead body and collapsing. he thinks that shaad must have recovered the original. he is furious as he takes off his mask.

Scene 5:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil gets a call from the maternity home, of his impending meeting tomorrow. Nazia comes and asks whats the matter, and ahil tells her everything. She begins to dial a number and leaves. he goes to the new bride’s room, and says that he cant think of her as his wife, but the truth is that she is bearing his child, hence he wants the best and the maximum care for her and the babay. He informs the new bride about the appointment tomorrow with the gynaecologist at ten a.m. in the morning. she gets tensed and almost impulsively says that she doesnt need to see a doctor as she is fine. He says that what she needs and doesnt, she should leave that on him and the doctor to decide and asks her to be ready for her appointment tomorrow. he leaves, while she is tensed. She wonders how to evade it, and thinks that one problem keeps coming one after the other, as this would expose her reality after which she shall be thrown out. the screen freezes on her tensed faces.

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