I do update Monday 8 August 2022

I do 8 August 2022: Sanam wakes up in shaad’s room, with recounts of the nightmare that landed her in the lands of Pakistan. She hears the sound of music instruments and festivities downstairs, and goes down. She starts enjoying herself and tapping her feet with it. Sanam dances with much excitement along with others at shaad’s wedding oblivious of the occassion itself. All are curious as to who the girl is, who is so amiable and cheerful, bubbly and spirited. she herself is too excited. All wonder who the girl is, and discuss how she lighted up the party. Sanam starts interrogating and chatting with ladies, and finds that its shaad’s sister’s marriage.

Meanwhile, in his room, shaad eyes a file and thinks that shashi killed liyaqat for this file, and now he shall come after him. Then he shall have his revenge. He keeps the file back in a secret compartment, behind his painting with his mother. hearing a knock, he opens the door, and his father comes to ask if he is ready. shaad says that he cant go through this wedding. hia father asks why and what does this girl not have, as she is the best choice. Shaad says that misbah is faultless, but he has only a place for duty and no family, and that if he marries today, and isnt able to give her time tomorrow, who would take the blame for it. He says that misbah should get a guy, who she deserves as he doesnt deserve her. His father asks if he finished, and then begins that Misbah’s mother is like a sister, and he cant let her dream about her daughter’s wedding be broken off.

He says that this marriage shall happen, and asks him to get ready he leaves, while shaad is tensed.Sanam goes to Misbah’s mother and doesnt let her work, congratulating her for her daughter’s marriage. Misbah’s mother says that she is just a guest. Sanam is about to clarify the misunderstanding, when someone comes in asking her to come along. she asks sanam to get ready. she says that she doesnt know where her clothes are. Misbah’s mother thinks that she must have lost in this big house, and then says that she is no more a guest. Misbah’s mother gives her a dress, thanking her for enlightening te party. sanam takes it smiling. She wonders where her rtoom is, as she cant find shaad anywhere too. Whgile sanam is coming down the stairs, she collides into shaad’s father, who is tensed.

She says that she was looking for shaad, but she cant find him. She is about to spill again, when shaad sees and stops her, calling his father’s attention. he sends his father off. sanam then asks where was he. he takes her inside the room hurriedly. he asks whats she doing here. she asks how can she not be a part of the party. He asks if she even knows whose marriage is. She says that its his sister’s marriage, and tells how she got to know about the marriage. she then shows the suit, and shaad is shocked that she met Misbah’s mother. she asks about the groom’s name. He is relieved that she doesnt know. Someone hollers at shaad to come down. He asks her not to go anywhere, as he would just come.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil is lost in sanam’s thoughts, the inspector comes in saying that hopefully they shall have a trace of sanam soon, and talks about having located a turck that went missing that day too, and how Dilawar khan, driving the truck is missing too, and this cant be a crazy co-incidence. the new bride hears this and is tensed. She thinks that she would have to get sanam’s thoughts off ahil’s mind. She goes over to him, and gives him the juice, while he isnt intersted. she asks him to drink it atleast, as he hasnt eaten anything since morning, for ther sake os sanam. he gets motionally blackmailed, and takes the glass, though highly tensed. He is about to take a sip, but then stops, and the new bride wonders. she eyes the taveez, that sanam had given him. He says that he doesnt want this, and goes to offer prayers. She wonders whats going on in ahil’s mind, that her magic isnt working.

He thanks the lord, that he got some news of sanam, and hopes that his worst fears arent confirmed, and hopes that his snama returns back to him safely. he kisses the taveez, and she understands that the taveez is blocking her, and thinks that she would overcome this challenge, and shall only have to be cautious that her fake pregnancy isnt exposed.While ahil is getting ready, he asks nazia where’s the new bride, and she says that she too wants to come, as she has some work. He asks her to get the new bride to come along. the new bride starts giving an excuse to nazia that she cant go, as she isnt feeling well, and asks to cancel the appointment. Ahil says that it wont be, as if she isnt well, its all the more reason for her to go. He asks her not to waste time and come along. she is terribly tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Sanam gets ready happily and amusedly, and then in her excitement drops some packets kept on the floor, along with the wedding cards. she gathers them up again, but doesnt notice the card. she comes back again for her dupatta, and then finds the wedding card, and is shocked to find shaad’s name on it, as she remembers shaad standing up for her, many a times. she is boggled and confused, wondering how is this possible. the screen freezes on her face.Misbah’s mother and shaad’s father attends to guests, while shaad walks around tensedly. Misbah finally descends. shaad is tensed to see her, as she walks with the dupatta veiled over her face. she is made to sit for the marriage. the priest begins to start the rituals, asking the bride and the groom to take their place.

Meanwhile, sanam rushes through the corridor, remembering her moments with shaad, when he stood for her. She runs into someone who tells her that he is attending the marriage rituals downstairs. she rushes dishevelled downstairs. The priest starts with the marriage, asking misbah if she agrees to the marriage, telling her about her alimony. Before she can respond, sanam comes in hurriedly, screaming that this marriage cant take place. All are shocked, particularly shaad’s father and misbah’s mother, while shaad is tensed. She rushes down and again screams that she wont let this marriage happen. All are shocked. shaad’s father asks swho is she to stop the marriage. sanam blurts out that she is Shaad’s wife, shocking and stunning them all, while shaad is taken aback. Shaad and the bride are shocked, as she finally unveils her face.

It turns out to be Tanveer’s daughter, who tanveer had sworn would avenge her death. Misbah’s mother is distraught, while Misbah herself is distraught, as she eyes shaad angrily and apalled. Shaad sits speechless by the other side of the veil. sanam says that with her here, shaad cant marry this girl. All are shocked and boggled too. She asks shaad why is he quiet, and asks him to tell everyone that she is his wife, while he sits quietly. she asks how can he give her right to some other woman. Wazira, misbah’s mother is shocked, and asks that some moments back, she was congratulating her for this marriage, then why is she trying to ruin her daughter’s marriage and life now. sanam clarifies that she didnt know her daughter was marrying her own husband sometime back.

She turns to shaad and asks him to reveal who is she. His father angrily asks if this is the truth. He still stands quiet. Misbah stands up disbelieving, and storms inside to her room. Her mother is apalled and overwhelmed. his father is furious, as she tells him that he didnt do right with her daughter. she rushes to get her daughter. Sanam is shocked and in a state of distress. His father turns to shaad and asks him to answer the damn question with the truth, and asks if this was the reason of his hesitation for the marriage, and if this girl is right. Shaad thinks that if he agrees, then not only he would be saved from marriage, and till he catches Shashi kapoor, he would have a reason to tag this girl along. his father asks him to speak up.

She asks him to speak up for god’s sake, as she cant believe that he is still quiet. She asks what would she do, if her husband doesnt recognise her, as she has noone other than him in her life. she says that if he doesnt declare in front of everyone, that she is his wife, then she would kill herself in front of everyone. Shaad and others too are surprised. he finally gets up and says that he wont let anything happen to her, shocking his father. he declares in front of everyone that she is his wife. She gets emotional, while all others are shocked beyond belief and starts gossiping.

Scene 2:
Location: Mamta Maternity home, India
the nerw bride is terribly nervous, to go to the doctor, while ahil takes her along, and shazia enquires about her appointment. The recptionist asks her to wait as she is with some other patient. the new bride says that it would take time, and hence he should go to the office. He says that he has cancelled all meetings today. He asks her to come along. the new bride is frustrated. The doctor sees them and congratulates on the new arrival. Ahil asks him to check thoroughly and take proper care of the mother and the child. the doctor assures him of the same. he asks sanam, how far is her pregnancy. the new bride fumbles and answers 2 months. the doctor asks if she took any meds. she gets tensed.

he asks her not to take stress and send if need be through someone. He asks ahil and his sister to wait outside, while he does her checkup. they comply.The new bride lies on the table. She is nervous, as the doctor begins the checkup. He comments that her hands are extremely cold, and that she cant even heart her heartbeat. he orders the nurse for an X-ray. she gets stressed and asks why’s this needed. he says that its only for his satisfaction. She is still reluctant. He says that if she doesnt co-operate, then he would have to tell ahil. this silences her, and the nurse begins.

Later, the nurses, downstairs, chat amongst themselves, while packing the reports to be delievered. Meanwhile, in the room, the new bride is worried that now once her reports come, everyone shall know of her fake pregnancy. she is scared of ahil’s reaction.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Shaad says that he wanted to tell this, but couldnt. His father is enraged and furious, as he always used to cite his duty, as a reason for his reluctance. He says that he has made marriage as a joke, and how he has maligned them. he asks him to think once of misbah. Shaad’s father says that for the first time, he feels why did the lord even give him a son, as he regrets it. She tries to speak. But his father shuts her up. She is shocked. His father apologises to everyone, and then goes inside. All the ladies start commenting and gossiping as they leave. Shaad eyes sanam crying incoherently. He goes over to her, and is about to console her, when the phone rings, with a call from Officer Rathore, and he leaves to attend the call. she breaks down inconsolably. the screen freezes on her face.

sanam is extremely upset as she is changin, when shaad comes behind her. he apologises, while she asks if he even means what he says, and thought that what he did downstairs was so trivial. she asks if this is an excuse of helplessness. she asks if he has a better excuse. He stands complying. sanam says to Shaad that all men have this problem that they all know how to break hearts, but dont know how to apologise. she asks if this is the way to apologise, and it should feel a genuine heartfelt apology, straight from the heart, lamenting how he doesnt know how to say sorry. she asks him to get down on his ness, and catch his ears and apologise. He is disbelieving. she asks him to do so, or else she wont talk to him. he looks around, while she asks him to get down to business, as she is waiting. He gets down on his knees, cautious that noone sees him, he says I AM SORRY.

sanam eyes him angrily. She asks if he is doing a favour, and asks him to catch his ears and repeat it again. he complies angrily. she pretends not to be able to hear and then makes him say that this wont happen again. he complies. she says that she forgave him then. He is shocked that she let go of her anger so easily. she says that a husband cant keep his wife mad for long. she assures him that she would set everything straight between him and his family. She leaves to change, while he feels guilty that he is using advantage of her, to get to the friend’s murderer, so that he can bridge the gap between the two warring nations and any amount of apology is insufficient.

while misbah is changing, distraught and in tears, her mother apologises for what she is going through and vehemently tries to state, that she had no clue of this, and had she known, she would never have gotten her here. Aaftab, shaad’s father stands outside, saying that she shouldnt apologise, instead he should as its his fault. he asks her to compose herself. Wazira asks what good his apology would do, and wants his help, saying that he doesnt know how important this marriage is for her, and her daughter’s life. He says that pairs are made in heaven, and hence Misbah is meant to be with someone else, and promises that he shall get a betyter groom for misbah than shaad, and till it doesnt happen, she would stay here as his daughter. misbah hears this tensedly. He says that he is completely mortified and embarassed.

Misbah asks why is he embarassed and apologising, as he isnt guilty of any mistake, and that when pairs are made in heaven, maybe she has someone else in her destiny, as god always does everything for the best, and if she had gotten married to Shaad, she would have become his Bahu, and she woulodnt have been able to be his daughter. he blesses her to be happy.

Scene 2:
Location: Mamta Maternity home, India
The nurse gives the doctor the report, who inspects it under the scanner, while the new bride is tensed. He finds a knife stabbed in the new bride’s rib cage, in her X-ray films. He wonders how is this possible. Later, in darkness, as the lights start flickering, the new bride comes in her devilish form, and reminds the doctor that he had been instructed not to take the X-ray. she tells the doctor that the reason he didnt hear her heartbeat, is because her heart is dead. the doctor is scared and petrified. he asks who is she, and she smiles evilly. he says that she isnt a human, and she looks at him in a ghost like manner, while he clutches at his chest painfully, and finally collapses on the floor, under her steely gaze.

She takes off his glasses, while he is severely palpitating. She says that whoever sees her dead heart, isnt able to control his own heart. he finally dies of cardiac arrest, and she lays the glasses beside him. she then takes the X-ray films, and shreds it to pieces with scissors. she meanwhile starts searching for her pregnancy reports.Outside, ahil wonders impatiently whats taking sanam so long. shazia comes to tell him, that she had been to the washroom, which took time, and takes his permission to go to meet her friend. Ahil progresses towards the doctor’s chamber. he starts knocking on the door, unaware that she is frantically searching for the papers, which she finally gets. Before she can open, ahil walks in, asking what happened. She says that everything is fine as all reports are normal. he asks for the doctor, and she lies that he just went out.he denies having seen him, but she insists that he went on an emergency case.

He decides to call him. She says that it isnt needed, and the doctor has said, that if he gets the husban’ds love and attention, all would be okay. he is frustrated. he notices that she is hiding the X-ray films. he takes them from her, and asks her to come along. She is terribly nervous and tensed, thinking that if he reads them, he shall know the truth. Outside, ahil makes her sit in the car, and she asks him to give the reports but he doesnt comply. He sits, and gets a business call, and gets busy in talking, lying that he was in a meeting, while she eyes the reports. she accuses him of lying, as he doesnt want anyone to know that she is bearing his child. he says that isnt the case as he did come with her. she says that he didnt come for her, as he thinks that this child is a mistake which he isnt ready to admit.

He is tensed as he has no answer. she pretends to be hurt. They finally arrive home, while she eyes the reports, that he kept in the car, and thinks that she would get the right time to take them out. just then, ahil turns around, and gets in the car, much to her surprise, and takes the reports out. She is irritated, as he goes inside with the reports.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
The lights start flickering in the middle of the night, and finally go off. Shashi Kapoor stealthily finds his way through Shaad’s house, in the wee hours of the night, and eyes sanam sleeping peacefully in her room, unaware of his presence. The screen freezes on his face.

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