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I do 6 March 2022: Razia shouts at Ayaan for spreading haldi all over and asks him to get ready to go at Haseena’s place for mehendi. Razia asks Humeira to go with Ayaan but Shirin tells her that its Zoya who should go with him and dadi supports her. Humi gets upset and runs away.

There Haseena is torturing Najma and asks her to wash the entire family’s clothes by hands and asks her to check if Farhaan also has some clothes to wash. She knocks at his door but gets no response. She enters his room and picks up some wet clothes from the bed when she finds Farhaan behind her. He gets angry on her and asks her to not touch his stuffs from now on. Najma apologizes and leaves when she finds Haseena and Farhaan debating over something.

Here, Ayaan comes to apologize to Zoya but she tells him that its not his fault and the relatives. She is irritated on everyone for behaving so wierdly about the haldi accident. They both start making fun of others and enjoy.

Part 3:

Zoya comes to Humi to apologize for whatever happened. She tells Humi that she will be leaving after Nikkhat’s wedding forever. Humi tells her that she won’t be able to forget that Zoya was Ayaan’s first wife.

Zoya is boggled to hear humaira’s words of doubt, that force her to think, when she says that everything is changed and nothing will be like it was. She is about to leave, when she holds humaira and says that everything would be okay if they want it to.

She says that they may be tied in matrimony, but one bond is stornger than this, that of love and trust thats over all rituals. Zoya tells humaira that if both of them have loved truly, then they should trust themselves that everything would be alright. She says that not just these seven days, sevene lives also wont come in between these love stories. They are both tensed.

Razia comes to badi bi to reprimand her for her behaviour. Badi bi retaliates back saying that she taught her a good lesson once and cn do so again. Badi bi begins to leave, but razia stops her and says that she shouldnt take out her enemity from humaira. Badi bi asks her not to think of her as razia, and that she doesnt have a problem with humaira, and that ayan is married as destiny’s choice, and hence this isnt a game of children and asks her to forget about her dream of ayan and humaira together. Badu bi says that she maybe a great player, but destiny defeated her by getting zoya into their house, and that now she should watch them performing rituals as a couple. She leaves. razia resolves that since humaira cant perform this ritual with him, she would see to it, that zoya doesnt perform it with ayan.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
More than nazma, haseena is happy at the prospect of seeing asad and dilshad, expecting to get better gifts than last time. She is satisfied seeing the gifts, and leaves inside. As nazma hugs asad, Asad senses that soemthing is wrong, but before he can ask, farhan comes and greets them. Haseena too comes and welcomes them inside. Haseena leaves again to get snacks, but dilshad asks nazma to go.

Nazma asks for the key, but haseena asls her not to bother and that she would herself go and get it. Haseena comes back with tea and gets less sugar to save on it, and covers it up saying that being healthy is whats her reason behind it. While this is going on, asad gets tanveer’s call, who’s threatening him that he shoulkd pay attention to what she wants, or else she can go to any lengths, even to hurting zoya. Asad asks her that she shouldnt do something like that. Tanveer says that she can do anything, but stops, thinking about him.

she taunts him that zoya and ayan look cute as a couple Tanveer tells asad that zoya has arrived with the haldi and is looking very good too in the attire. As he turns around, he is shocked and emotionl to see zoya with ayan.(SAD MITWA) haseena begins with her sweet taunts, expressing her happiness at the whoe family being together, and how she is happy for ayan and zoya, and compliments them on being a good couple. Zoya says that she got the haldi. Haseena takes it and leaves, while imran asks them to come amnd sitd. Zoya, gets emotional seeing dilshad, and hugs her tightly. Ayan too emotionally greets and hugs asad. Zoya sees asad, and they are overwhelemed and distraught too.

She goes to him, (MITWA)with teary eyes, but haseena sees them and asks zoya to go and sit beside her husband. Zoya is highly uncomfortable, and asad turns away unable to see this any longer. Haseena starts the haldi ceremony, and when nazma’s turn comes, she remembers farhan’s behaviour and is tensed. She complies still. Haseena says that people who are recently married are lucky for the would be bride, and that would ensure the same love thats between her and ayan. Zoya is at discomfort, while haseena asks her to go ahead and perform the ritual.

As haseena asks zoya to complete the ritual, she turns fro money, and both ayan and asad take it out of their pockets, amusing haseena. Asad keeps the money back in his pocket, while ayan gives it to zoya. All are tensed. Zoya finishes the ritual. Asad turns to leave, but haseena taunts and stops him and asks if he wouldnt gift his brother and his Bhabhi, referring to zoya. Asad is about to lash but dilshad stops him. Haseena says that she was just joking, and then asks ayan and zoya to give gifts to everyone.

But they dont budge. Haseena thinks that she would have to do soemthing. She takes them by the hand and gets them to give gifts to everyone. They comply, and finally she gets dilshad’s giuft to her, where haseena says that she too is meeting after the first time, since ayan and zoya got married, and asks her to bless the couple. Dilshad is tensed and says that she wishes that they get what they want. All are tensed and at discomfort. She asks Zoya to gift Asad, her brother in law, a shawl. she takes it and is about to give it to him, as both their hearts break with every second that passes by, when haseena asks her to drape it around him.

They are all shocked and silenced into tensedness, but haseena says that everything would hapen by ritual. She does so, while asad is still shocked beyong senses, getting emotionat at the physical intimacy and the touch of her fingers around his neck, and asad too is distraught and tensed.

Scene 1:
Location: Imran’s residence
nazma tells zoya, who’s tensed to come along so that she helps her in rendering the gifts. She does so, while dilshad consoles asad. he wraps the shawl, and gives it to dilshad. Haseena smirks. Asad gets tanveer’s call, and taunts him that haseena intentionally wanted him to feel the brunt that Asad asks her where is she. She is somewhere amongst the guests, and says that when zoya draped the shawl, he was distraught and why. Asad asks where is she. She says that if she says where she is, then there would be a huge problem. Asad searches around but cant find her. Tanveer asks him to instead take care of zoya, who is not to be seen anywhere, as something fatal might hapen to her, constantly referring to her as his BHABHI, Mrs. Ayan Ahmed Khan.

She says that she has kept a poisonous scorpion in her purse, and asad is shocked. He finds zoya, and throws away her purse. Asad, unable to control himself, tightly hugs zoya, while she is confused and baffled. Then their embrace is broken when haseena screams in horror as to whats happening, amd asad and zoya find themselves being watched by everyone, while ayan is at discomfort. They embarassedly compose themsleves. Asad says that its not what they think, and begins to tell about the bag, but haseena asks whats in the bag, that brought such an embnrace.She goes on to find nothing in the purse. Asad remembers tanveer’s warning, and surfs through the purse himself, and is boggled when he doesnt find anything. Frustrated, he leaves from there, while zoya is tensed and others are surprised.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia stealthily comes into Zoya’s room, from amongst the guests. She opens the almirah and tries to surf through zoya’s stuff trying to find her suitcase. When she finds it, she tampers the cream with some kind of liquid, and says that now the drama of MUNH DIKHAYI would stop now, after her plan.

Later, in her room, she remembers her awkward encounter at imran’s place with asad. She opens her makeup kit, much to razia’s pleasure, who’s watching her from hiding. Razia thinks that she would definitely use the cream for removing the makeup, or anything from the kit, and it would completely ruin her face. Zoya opens the cream, but then in her frustration doesnt use it, and keeps it back. razia is disappointed.Zoya is distraught with sadness. Razia thinks that zoya was saved today, but tomorrow she would have to dress up for the wedding, and then her plan would succeed. She thinks that if humaira cant participate in the wedding as ayan’s wife, then she wont give that right to zoya too.

Razia is surprised to find zoya, progressing with her makeup kit, towards nikhat’s room, and is shocked as to why she is going there.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad remembers the encounter with zoya and is disturbed. dilshad comes and asks why isnt he ready yet. he looks sad and lost. She asks what happened. Asad says that he knows that he should partticipate in her function and her happiness, but he doesnt want to go. Dilshad says that ashe knows and she wont insist. She says that he can go to farhan’s and when the baraat has left, then he can come. asad asks if this is essential. She tells him that he has to do this for nazma, and her respect in her inlaws’ place.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
while the girls arev deciding for nikhat, zoya comes in with the kit, to help them. razia wonders what if she applies this makeup on someone else. Zoya asks the girls to dress up themselves, while she gets nikhat ready. razia is about to stealthily take the kit, but is stopped by humaira, asking her whats she doing. Razia says that she just came to check up on them. Humaira says that everyhing would be fine and they would soojn be ready, and asks her to leave and not bother. razia is left with no other option but to leave. Zoya tells nikhat that they would decide on the jewellery later, but first they should complete their makeup. As zoya opens her kit, razia is wondering what to do now, as if zoya puts on her makeup on nikhat, then what? Nuzrat and humaira get busy in preparing for nikhat’s dress up as the bride. Razia prays to the lord to not let it happen.

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