Bridal Material update Sunday 26 June 2022


Bridal Material 26 June 2022: Meera reaches police station where inspector takes out Vivan’s file and says Vivan was present at venue but did not shoot Paromita. Vivan enters RTO office on whose CCTV camera murder incident was captured and pleads officer to give him CCTV footage, but officer kicks him out. Vivan returns disguised as police officer and gets CCTV footage. Inspector tells Meera that Vivan was proven innocent via lie detector and CCTV footage, still they did not catch real murderer. Meera returns home and thinks if Vivan is really innocent. Vivan returns and shows CCTV footage to her and says he brought proof for her so that she should doubt him again, he told her that she will feel guilty when she finds out truth. He rejected Paromita as he loved Meera then, now it is better he leaves this place as she did not trust him. He leaves. Meera feels guilty for doubting Vivan. She runs to Vivan and pleads him to forgive him.

Meera pleads Vivan to forgive her for doubting him. Vivan says he has already forgiven her and just wants to love her. He gets romantic and hugs her when Kusum kumari calls Meera and pleads to save her mother as her mother is getting her married forcefully, she is in temple now.

Meera with reaches and warns mother she cannot get SKA student married forcefully. Mother says she does not care, she is getting Kusum Kumari married to a man who helped them till now and even got Kusum kumari admitted to SKA. Meera warns again. Mother says she cannot take care of Kusum hereon. Meera says she will take care of Kusum Kumari from hereon.

Meera with Samar takes her home and tells Dolly that Kusum’s mother wanted to get her married forcefully, so she brought her here. Dolly says she did good and takes them in for breakfast. Prince gets mesmerized seeing Kusum and dreams about her. Tujhe Dekha to ye jaana sanam…song plays in the background. Meera asks Prince to pass on paranthas and scolds him Dolly says she wants to keep matarani’s pooja and coughs. Kusum says she will get water and walks into kitchen and thinks Meera sis a fool to bring her here, she has come here to take revenge from Meera and separate her from Vivan. Dolly hears dogs crying and gets worried.

Dolly calls Gurumaa home for pooja. Gurumaa starts havan and breaks curdled soil says relationship will be smooth like this sang and if this sand changes color, that means a black eye is on this house. Family joins for havan. Pandit chants mantras. Kusum peeps and thinks her black magic will spoil pooja. Meera and Vivan does pheras with Vivan and feels drows. Kusum does black magic and grins.

Meera says she is tired and will sleep at night anyways. Vivan murmurs she sleeps early each day. Meera shies and continues pheras, but falls down. Kusum continues black magic. Gurumaa says a big trouble is hovering, nobody should move from their place. Vivan says how can they stay here when Meera’s condition is bad. Gurumaa says more trouble will hover if they move from here.


Meeera falls down while performing pheras with Vivan after Tulika does black magic on her. Tulika walks to her and acts as worried. Guru maa asks who is this girl. Dollys says SKA’s student and Meera brought her home. Vivan says Meera should rest now and gets her up. Tulika says she will hep Meera finish pheras. Gurumaa stops her and says this havan is only for Meera and Vivan. Tulika thinks she has to spoil havan at any cost, walks to kitchen, cuts her hair and does blackmagic on it thinking dayan/witch’s powers are in her hair. Prince walks into kitchen and asks what pooja she is doing here. Tulika says nothing and takes him back to havan venue. She acts as helping Meera again and ties her hair in Meera’s pallu.

Vivan lifts Meera and starts phera Tulika thinks this last phera will destroy havan. Vivan sees something tied in pallu, removes it and throws it in fire. Tulika fumes in anger. Pandit says pheras are complete now. Tulika thinks they both are not that innocent as they look, she has to do something else to separate them.

Crows caws. Dolly says since this girl came here, only abshagun is happening. Guru maa does pooja and gives lemon to Dolly and says this lemon will turn red by tomorrow if evil powers are around this house. Tulika continues her black magic in kitchen when she realizes about gurumaa’s powerful lemon. Guru maa says if that girl has evil powers, they will find out soon. Meera says that girl is very innocent and is disowned by family. Gurum senses something wrong and asks Meera to go and check lemon once. Meera walks towards kitchen. Tulika gets black cobra from her hand and it swallows lemon and falls down. Kusum senses someone coming and does blac magic again. Meera enters ad calls Tulika.

Gurumaa tells Dolly that she sensed very cruel black power’s presence in this house and attacking them repeatedly, it is difficult to end it at once. She gives prasad/apple and asks to ask Meera to finish it totally. Biji comes and says she will give it to Meer and walking aside turns into Tulika and thinks fool Gurumaa does not know anything at all. She bites it and disguising back as Biji gives it to Meera saying Gurumaa gave it for Meera. She says she wants very healthy grandchildren soon. Meera shies and hugs Biji followed by Vivan. Biji turns back to Tulika and smirks.

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