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I do 15 January 2022: Razia screams on Dilshad and says.. ek maa ki hai lagegi Dislhad ko.. Allah kare uske bachcho ko khushi naseeb na ho… n says this is my curse..! Dilshad ..Najma breakdown! Zoya says she din do anything and that Dilshad cannot do all this..! She requests Humeras dad that she did nothing n neither did Dilshad..! Zoya says Humera is like her younger sis ..! Razia slaps Zoya ..! Asad watches the live stream and fumes ..! All are shocked ..! Tanvir smirks..!

Razia says this is her message to Dilshad.. n says that her secret is out..! Asad breaks the laptop.. and charges out but Dilshad stops him! She asks him to stop ..but he says..he will go and face them off..! Dilshad says..they are not related.. so why get affected? Asad says.. its needed to let them know.. who they are.. and Dilshad asks him to stop on her oath..n says..this is not right time to go..! Asad stops midway ..slams the door …! Asad says all this wont have happened if Zoya had not gone!

Part 2

Razia tries to attack Zoya when Rasheed n Shireen intervene! Rasheed says.. Zoya cant do anything wrong! Razia says ofcourse..since she has come from Dilshads place..! Rasheed says..all this is madness.. black magic is all sham..! Razia says..this is a fact… she asks why is Rasheed acting so indifferent? Cant see Humeras condition? Razia says.. Zoya is a model of shamelessness and is walking around with Dilshad always.. ! Razia says.. Zoya came here in disguise.. in veil ..so as to do wrong on behalf of Dilshad! Ayan too defends Zoya .. ! Razia tells Shireen that Dilshad has trapped her hubby n now her son too..! Razia is about to slap Zoya and asks her to tell the truth… when Ayan stops her n says..enough..!

There is a noise of ambulance arrival.. ! All rush Humera to hte ambulance..! Zoya tells Ayan she din do anything n he says …he knows.. n asks her to go home! Zoya is about to touch Humera when Humeras dad tells Zoya to dare not.. n that he wont spare Zoya if anything happened to Humera..! He walks out..! Zoya is left all alone as all guests leave..!

Asad comes in Zoyas room and packs her luggage..! Najma asks Asad to think calmly n not be so impulsive..! Asad says.. they dun want him to answer back to Razia.. not set Zoya right? What to do? Najma says.. they saw..all but dunno reason of it all..! Asad asks Najma to do Zoyas packing or he will n she agrees to do it..! Asad storms off..!

Rasheeds mom asks for status update on Humeras condition ..! She notices a vodoo doll and recollects Razias threat that Rasheeds mom will be kicked out soon! She concludes that all this is Razia trick..! But she wonders why Razia will put Humeras life in danger?

Tanvir calls Razia and asks about Humera! She says.. no idea..as yet.. ! Razia asks how Tanvir knows all this? Tanvir says.. coz of this Zoya ..! Razia says that had Tanvir gotten her kicked out..all this wont have happened..! Razia says that doubt Zoya can pull such a big trick ..! She says..she knows who poisoned Humera..! Tanvir is sweating..! Razia asks.. her to do her job and warns her to send Zoya off or she will strangle her ..! Tanvir assures that Razia does not need to worry anymore about Zoya! Tanvir cuts the call and says..this is called.. hitting two birds with one stone.. Razia will suffer her daughters death and Zoya will be thrown out..!

Rasheeds mom asks Zoya if she is Dilshads guest? She says yes! Rasheeds mom asks why Zoya came here? Zoya says…she din come with any bad intent.. she says..she came coz of Asad.. as he wanted to come but couldnt..! Rasheeds mom asks why Zoya mixed poison in the sweets? Zoya says..she cant do all this.. why not trust her? Rashees mom says..they saw.. how the sweet Zoya gave Humera led her to faint..! She asks Zoya if the sweets were with Zoya all the time?

Zoya says..she kept it once or twice.. away from her.. but no one took it..! She thinks n remembers giving the sweet to Tanvir..! Rasheeds mom asks Zoya to find out the truth.for her sake..! Zoya says.. people trust what they see.. no one will believe her.. especially Asad.! She leaves from there.. !!

Tanvir asks Asad to calm down.. ! She says that she felt things would go bad when Zoya went! Asad asks if she knew about Zoya going? Tanvir says yes..but dinno what Zoya was gonna do..but she is stubborn..! Asad says.. n lands all in trouble! Tanvir says…she is praying that may the things not blow up…! She says that Razia is blaming Dilshad.. n Zoya will be the proof.. so if Humera doesnt survive.. wonder what will happen to Dilshad? Asad fumes..! Tanvir assures her support to Asad..!

Zoya returns .. n finds Asad in the hallway .. fuming n all the others looking tense..! Asad asks Zoya why she went to THAT home? Zoya stays mum ..! Asad is walking towards Zoya n Dilshad n Najma try to stop him but he closes in on Zoya…n asks her to reply! Zoya says..she thought.. n Asad fires her.. n says…who gave her right to think? Coz of her.. Razia is blaming Dilshad..! She says..she went for Ayan n Asad says..all this is her doing… she says.. all this is a joke for her.. n she went there without thinking..din think of anyone.. not even him..! Zoya is in tears .. n looks at Asad.. !

He asks Zoya why she din tell anyone about her going? She says..she told Tanvir n Asad says. not to blame her… as she does not know the outcome of this..! Asad asks..why she din tdl him? she says.. he would have said no.! Asad says exactly .. n thats coz..like now..they are alleging them . n also blaming them.. for Humeras condition ..! Zoya says she din do anything! Asad aks if Zoya gave sweets to Humera? The immigration guy comes n says.. surprise.. they came to congratulate AsYa on the engagement.. ! He says..its 5pm ..where are the preparations? Asad and all are mum ..! Dilshad tries to explain but Asad says.. there is no engagement happening here..!

The immigration guy says.. Asad had only said.. so..! Asad says..they had lied.. n there is no relation between him n Zoya..! Zoya looks on hurt.. Dilshad .. Najma are sad.. Tanvir smirks..! Asad says.. ‘Jine rishto ki kadar na ho. .unke sath.. kisi ka koi rishta nahi ho sakta’! The immigration officer says … ASad ko aapna jhoot Qabool hai..! He says.. he knew they were lying. n says.. Zoya has to leave India rightaway..!

Dilshad says they can resolve this mess but Asad says.. there is nothing to resolve.. n says.. the officer can take Zoya away.. this country is not meant for her…! Zoya leaving is better..! Zoya breaksdown..!

, Asad tells DB that there is no relationship between him and Zoya and she can be deported as this country is not meant for her.

Humeira is being treated in the hospital, everyone is tensed. Razia again tells Shirin that its all because of Dilshad and that she can stoop so low. Shirin asks why is Dilshad after their kids and tells Razia to have trust in God. Nuzrat calls Shirin and she leaves. Razia wonders that though she is lying and she knows that Dilshad is not wrong but then who has poisoned Humeira….and decides that she will use Humeira’s condition to further her motive and also find out who is behind the daring act of mixing poison in sweets.

Zoya gets her bag, hugs Tanveer,Najma, Dilshad…..an emotional moment(ya rabba, dede koi jaan agaras BG)…..Asad in his room recollects all FB of Zoya, Zoya reaches the door……and has FBs of her dancing with Dilshad and then with one last look…she leaves…….Again gets a FB of her with Asad…while getting into the car…….she remembers Asad’s dialogue during bhaang episode.Asad keeps on looking at her with moist eyes and we are getting floods of FBs and some nice camera work…shots of Asad in his room…….shadow photography…wow…..

Dilshad and Najma in the living room, Najma switches on the lappy and makes Dilshad watch something. She goes to Asad and tells him that she wants to speak to him. Asad tells her not this time….but she makes him watch the dialogue exchanged between Ayan-Zoya…when she justifies Asad. read full updates daily with pics only at desitvbox.com Dilshad tells Asad that whatever she did was only for Asad, he gets all emotional…and Dilshad tries convincing him that he misbehaved with ZOya while she is the one who always thought about him……Asad gets up, takes his coat and yes!!!!! ekdum filmy style…he gets out of the house. Billo Rani thinks that Zoya must have left by now and there is no chance that Asad will meet Zoya.

Everybody is around Humeira and is asking about Ayan in the hospital, Shirin tells them that he has already left. Badi B looks on.

Asad is driving like a mad man…and Zoya /DB are getting the formalities done at the airport, get the boarding pass and DB informs her that boarding will start in half an hour. DB tells that he is now aaj tak 76 and tells her that she couldnt have gone away like this by mis-using the laws and he has the detectives all over the place and there wasa girl who kept informing him about her. All this while, since Asad got stuck in the traffic, he starts his marathon run to the airport, gets inside the building by breaking the barricades…… and is looking out for Zoya, the security guards try to stop him but to no avail.

DB bids farewell to Zoya…….she leaves to go….while Asad jumps off the elevator…..both of them come to the point where they cross each other but did not see…..Asad is frantically searching for her and they are missing each other again…and Asad lets out a full throttle cry—Zoyaaaa……….Zoya stops in her tracks…

Asad desperately searches for Zoya,he is in tears,calls her name again and finally finds her.Zoya is in tears, Asad shouts her name & she looks at him. Mitwaa in BG.Zoya comes running to him, Asad fights the cops, DB catches zoya, asad on floor trying to reach her crawling, Zoya also on the floor,DB pulls her off,both stretching hands to hold,a lady cop holds Zoya. DB scolds them for violating rules.

DB also tells Asad how much he lied to him fooled him but now he wont listen, engagement ring falls from his pocket, AsYa look in tears.

BB tells all that Ayan has left, Rasia worried, Rasia says BB sent him off as she doesnt wanna this sagaai to happen.Rasia says BB is behind everything black magic, bringing zoya home poisoning Humeira everything is done by BB. Rashid asks her to

shutup.Rasia then holds her by shoulder and accuses BB of being a low class and doing low class things, All look in shock when BB slaps Rasia right in front of all. BB dares Rasia to speak ill of her family or family blood, BB says now is the time to pray for humeira and she is responsible for this not anyone becoz she always does bad with others so facing it now.Rasia is stunned and in tears.BB says Ayan went to mosque to pray for humeira. Doctor says Humeira is sinking & critical.

Asad looks at the fallen ring, bends on his knees picks the ring all watch mitwaa in BG Zoya in shock Asad looks at the ring, Zoya in tears Asad holds her hand and puts the ring. Both get emotional and Zoya is very surprised all clap & whistle in the airport. Asad presses her hand and holds it while all are clapping and smiling at them, AsYa share eyelock & smile.

All in the airport say they are so romantic and proposed in such a nice way. Asad says from now on she is my fiance and I have all the rights to stop her. DB accepts defeat and says he is very happy for them. DB asks Zoya to be careful as some girl is behind her to spoil hher life but Zoya doesnt pay attention.AsYa hold hand while DB leaves. AsYa just stare at each other while others stare at them.

Doctor says Humeira not gaining conscious so this is very dangerous, Rasia gets desperate and runs to ICU and cuddles her & tries to wake her up.Humeira’s body is cold & she is not responding.Rasia cries desperately.

Break Zoya says we got engaged, asad says it was a drama, zoya shocked..Asad says I did it to stop her it doesnt mean we are engaged, Dilshad says how can you back out, Asad says … Zoya pls tell it was a drama. Zoya stammers and say yes it was a drama only to stop me Asad did all this. Asad says yes it was all a drama to extend her visa. Tanu super happy & Dilshad, najma shocked and Zoya shattered looks at the ringn

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