I do update Sunday 13 March 2022

I do 13 March 2022: Zoya is shocked to razia’s false allegations. All are shocked and reprimand her, but she is adamant that she saw it herself, and cant ignore it, and goes on to tell what shirin was convinced about, all the incidents that connect zoya to ayan’s accident.

Razia says that zoya wants to take ayan’s life, as she still loves asad ahmad khan, and wants to go back to him, and hence ayan is a trap for her obviously, and wants to be set free. zoya asks her to shut up, as she cant do or even think about it, and asks her not to place false allegations, and asks why would she want to hurt ayan. razia says that she mixed something.

Zoya protests strongly that razia is impanting stories about her. badi bi too reprimands razia for this, but razia is adamant that zoya mixed something. Razia says that they can get the test done. Ayan says that this is nonsense. Shirin says that they should get the tests, convinced by razia. Badi bi says that poison isnt in the drink, but in their lives, that she has mixed. razia protests innocence, that she has changed and is now working for the welfare of this family. zoya asks her to be quiet, and says that she would drink and test it. But ayan stops her, and she says that how can razia say things like that.

Ayan tells her that she doesnt need to bother about what razia said. Ayan says that she wants them to test it, and before anyone can stop him, much to their shock, ayan drinks the entire juice. zoya asks razia if she’s happy and releived now, as the truth is out now. Just then, ayan starts coughing profusely, and all tend to him, shocked. All are distraught when he falls on the ground. Razia finds her chance to allege zoya. They all ask ayan why did he drink, and reprimand zoya.

Just then, ayan wakes up and asks humaira to get meds to remove razia’s doubts too. He gets up, saying that he’s fgine. shirin reprimands him for this joke. ayan says that this was the only way to get this thing to be over. He goes to razia, and says that had there been anything, then he wouldnt have been okay right now. Razia remembers herself mixing. Ayan asks her to stop doubting everyone, especially zoya, as she cant even do this by mistake. He retreats to his room, saying that he’s going to get dressed to go out. Razia finds ayan going to his room, a little groggily and is tensed. Badi bi apologises to zoya for what she had to bear. Razia is shocked. Shirin too comes and apologises. Zoya asks her to let be, and goes to attend to ayan. Razia wonders how is this possible.

As ayan enters his room, he gets nauseous as the poison starts showing its effect on him. He coughs vigorously, and is unable to compose himself, as his body burns with the poison. Finally, he collapses on the bed. zoya comes inside and finding ayan lying on the bed, assuming that he’s resting, zoya lashes out at ayan, and takes out all her frustration on him, for razia and her baseless allegations. She finds that he isnt responding. Zoya tries to wake up ayan, but when he doesnt respond, she asks him not to joke or else she would beat him up, and asks him to get up.

As she jerks him, he falls unconscious on he ground, shocking her. She asks if he’s okay. She finds that he’s coughing, and he manages to say juice. Zoya is shocked that actually the juice is adulterated. She goes to call the doctor, but ayan tells her not to, as it would implicate her wrongly. She says that she cares for his life, and not some stupid allegation. When she tries to call, he makes her swear on himself, and then asad to get her to stop calling.

He says that he would try to spit the poison out, and zoya rushes out to get water and salt, but ayan asks her to be careful so that noone knows. Ayan tries to get the poison out. Zoya again goes out to get more water and salt. Razia finds her going, and wonders whats the matter. She realises that maybe the effect of the poison is showing, and zoya is trying to get it out. She thinks that this is her time to reveal it to everyone.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
Nazma tells about haseena’s generous plan, to dilshad to send them to honeymon. seeing nikhat, she cancels the call. Nikhat and nazma discuss packing about clothes. Haseena too comes in excited saying that they should pack sufficient woollen clothes. As she goes out, she smirks, and happily dances of her plan. chandbi asks the reason. Haseena tells her how much the couples are excited of their honeymoon, and dont know whats going to hapen to them, but doesnt reveal the plan.

Nazma and nikhat are taking woollen clothes out, for drying, when outslips a pair of ghunghroo, from the pockets, and is shocked. she leaves, citing that she has to pack her stuff too. Seeing farhan in the room, nikhat enters. He says that he wanted to talk to her, and says that he has just come back to India, after a long time, and hasnt worked here properly. he says that he has so much work pending, that he wont be able to come, but she should, as its a new place, and she would like it.

She tells him that its their honeymoon. He says that he knows, but convinces her that they know each other for a very short time, and were strangers only, and their relation would take time to develop, and it would be god if they go after sometime when they are ready for it. She is tensed and sad too. He asks if she wont say anything. She shows him the ghunghroo. He remembers his nights of adultery. She tells him how she found them and decided to return them. Giving them to him, she leaves. He wonders if she has a doubt on him now.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s office
While asad is surfing through books and ledgers in his office, he finds that a lady is distributing sweets amongst his colleagues. He is shocked to find that its tanveer, who is celebrating sweets for marriage. Asad asks them to get back to work. After they leave, asad asks what new drama is she upto. She says that she’s doing it for his best friend, i.e. herself. She says that she’s actually getting married, and that he should be happy for his best friend. Asad tells tanveer that he has told her a thousand times that he wont be marrying her, as he only has a heart for zoya.

Tanveer says that what does he think, if he doesnt marry her, then noone will. She says that she isnt marrying him. to prove it, she shows him the wedding card, announcing her marriage, with imran. Asad is shocked to see this. She says that she may havent been able to become Nikhat’s bhabhi, but she would definitely become the other woman, in Nazma’s married life, as she’s marrying her husband, Imran. Asad is tensed, while tanveer smirks.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan tries to drink the water and vomit the poison out, while zoya supports him. Seeing his condition worsen, she asks him to let her call the doctor, but ayan continues to tell her that he’s better now. She gives him a bath, and notices that there’s blood on the towel with which she wiped his face. She asks him to let her call, as she wont be able to forgive herself, if something happened to him, due to her. But ayan says that he’s feeling better. Razia insistently takes shirin to ayan’s room, despite her protests, saying that they should check up on Ayan.

Meanwhile, Razia takes humaira and shirin to ayan’s room, and not finding him there, they hear noises from the bathroom, and see inside and they are shocked at what they see. they see that zoya has hugged ayan, under the shower. Humaira is distraught.

After they leave, shirin reprimands razia to look into a married couple’s private affiar. Shirin gives advise to razia that they shouldnt interfere like this, and she feels that zoya and ayan have started liking each other. razia says that it isnt like that. shirin asks about what they just witnessed. Razia is frustrated. she says tht both ayan and zoya had a past, but now it looks that they are getting closer, despite the way the mrriage happened, and that now there’s love between them. she is happy thinking that everything would be fine, and her doubts were baseless. Razia is frustrated. humaira hears them from a distance and is broken completely.

In her room, humaira is distraught thinking about her past with ayan, and his present with zoya and their moments together. She wonders if its a doubt, or the turth, or whether they have actually started liking each other. she shuns away her doubts and says that now it wont hapen, and she wont let it happen too. She finds that her locket with their pic is broken, and remembers how ayan had gifted it to her.

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