I do update Tuesday 9 August 2022

I do 9 August 2022: As shashi kapoor walks in, his feet collides into something, it makes a noise waking up sanam, and shashi kapoor, retreats jumping out the window. She looks at the feet, and recognises the shoes, and screams for shaad. shaad comes in rushing, and sanam narrates that Shashi Kapoor just came, and he is shocked. he runs after him.When he coems back, he finds Misbah wandering around, and when he asks, she says that she isnt geeting sleep. he makes an excuse, saying that he has to be careful in the house of marriage. she says that it was a house of marriage. Both look at each other tensedly. she turns away and leaves. He stops her. he apologises profusely, and he never meant to hurt her.

she says that she understands that it isnt his fault, and asks him not to be bothered. she says that she shall never get more than time and destiny awaits for her. She says that what happened tpday shouldnt have, but she has no qualms from him or his wife, but she needs sometime to recover, as its said time heals all wounds, and she hopes he can give her that. She leaves. he feels guilty of the innocence of both misbah and sanam, and how he is using and hurting them eventually, for shashi Kapoor.

The next morning, while he is embararsed to see sanam finding him bare torsoed, in his boxers, after taking a bath, she makes fun of him and his shy nature. He insists that she doesnt need his help in picking out clothes, and asks her to leave. she is amused and then boggled. he asks her to turn around, and she amusingly complies. He then stealthily walks past, while she jokes that she did see. she is in splits of laughter as he hides in the bathroom. she takes out clothes for him. later, he comes hoping that she isnt around. she comes in bubbly asking who is he searching for, saying that she forgot everything, but not his likes and dislikes. the servant comes in saying that Misbah sent cloth for him, and is asked to keep them at the table. he complies and leaves.

sanam says that she should go and meet misbah. He says that this isnt the right time. she says that she must be angry right now, as she is to be blamed. She says that when someone is angry, they should be handled immediately, and insists on going. She leaves, while he is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil keeps the reports carelessly on the table, and leave. she is about to take them, when he comes back and takes them and opens it. She says that she shall keep it properly. He ignores her, and asks if he can read it. She asks when he doesnt even care for the child, why does he want to read the reports. He says that had he not cared for the child, she wouldnt have been here. He is tensed as he reads the reports, while she is worried. he turns to her, and says that the reports are fine and the baby is normal, and hence there is nothing to worry about. She is boggled herself. He says that he would call some meds and vitamins from the doctor, and leaves. she is still confused, and goes through the reports herself. She wonders how is this possible.

she wonders of these arent her reports then who is this Ms. Ibrahim, and not Mrs. Ibrahim. She smiles evilly thinking that she landed the trump card as noone can stop her from winning, as he would himself have to admit that he is the father of this child. she straighaway goes to shazia and asks if she has going to become a mother. She understands everything that since she was there inside the doctor’s cabin, hence shazia couldnt get the reports. she asks shazia what should she do with the reports, and tell ahil what she is doing. She thinks that the whole world thinks of her as innocent, and she is on her way to become an unwed mother. shazia gets scared and pelads her not to say anything to ahil, not to disturb him any further. she agrees and says that everything comes at a price, and she would have to do something for her, if she wants to keep this a secret.

Shazia goes to ahil, and says that she wants to say something to him without getting angry. he is boggled. she says that he should organise a press conference announcing the arrival of the child. he gets angry asking if she knows what she is saying. she says that she she knows he doesnt consider sanam his wife, and that this child should get the right that he deserves. Ahil is ignorant to do this, saying that he cant take the risk of sanam knowing it. The new bride, who is hearing this from a distance, comes and starts eating papaya. He is shocked, and comes to her asking if she knows what would happen. she says that she knows the child can die, and when he doesnt care for the baby, why is he bothered. She begins to eat again. he asks her to stop it, asking who said that he doesnt want it.

The new bride asks ahil if he has the strength to accept their physical relationship in front of the entire world, and claim this child, in her womb, as the first heir of this family. He is tensed and speechless. she says that if she doesnt have the power, then he should let their child die. He is tensed. Later, the new bride hears ahil arranging for a press conference, through phone calls, and feels victorious. Just then, he gets the nurse’s call from the Maternity Home, saying that she wants to talk to him, about the new bride’s X-ray reports. he asks her to say. She says that she cant tell it and wants to meet personally. he asks her to come tomorrow at the press conference. she agrees.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Aftab gets tea from misbah, who goes to get for her mother too, when she joins him. Aftab assures wazia that misbah would get married soon. sanam comes in saying that she is also hopeful of this, addressing him as father. He says that he isnt her father, as she maybe shaad’s wife, but not their bahu, and for him, she shall be the girl, who hurt his niece. shaad who comes down, is also tensed to hear this. he stands for sanam, saying that she isnt to be blamed, and he should address his complainst to him. Aftab says that he has nothing to say to him. Misbah comes and asks Aaftab to forgive them both. sanam turns around to face Misbah for the first time, seeing whom she is boggled, as she reminds her of tanver afintly and her evil deeds, but she cant remember that. She stares at misbah in shock. the screen freezes on her boggled face.

Misbah tries to be quiet and calm, while sanam has flashbacks of tanver. She asks misbah who is she, as she knows her. Sanam accuses Misbah of lying, as she seems to have trapped everyone in her good charm. All are shocked and puzzled at sanam’s outburst. she says that Misbah is a wrong person. she screams to shaad that something wrong is happening. all are boggled and frustrated. Misbah asks her why is she accusing her. sanam asks her to stay away from her. Aftab asks how dare she talk to misbah like this, and asks shaad to take her away. sanam tries to speak, but he too shuts her up, while misbah stands quietly. Sanam is surprised and tensed, as she is taken away by shaad forcibly. Misbah too gets tensed and leaves. Aftab and wazira are tensed.

In the room, sanam tries to tell shaad, that she knows her, and misbah isnt a good girl. he says that its impossible, as she went to salvage the situation and not worsen it. She is in inconsolable tears. He says that misbah is the one wronged, then how can she accuse her like this. she asks if she is nuts and how can he not trust her, and if she is adamant on her stand, he should believe her atleast. She asks him to respond, while he silently leaves the room.Outside, Misbah is tensed, finding shaad tensed, and tries to amuse him by taunting him, that he is only capable of being the tough one in army, whereas actually he is the weak and the meek.

She says that he was always the one crying and she never used to cry just like today too. She gets ytensed while he feels sad. He again apologises for sanam’s sake, as he has no clue why she did so. she tries to say that she is a betrayer as for Jannat, she is the other woman. She asks him not to fight with janaat on this, and that she needs his support and he should always stand by her. she asks him to go inside, and do something cute that impresses her. He says that he doesnt know. she gives him a plan in his ears. He hears intently, while she is confident of its success.

While sanam sits sulking in the room, she finds shaad coming in with a gift. She wonders if he thinks that she would lose her anger so easily. she is boggled, as he takes the centre table, and starts opening the pakcet, and taking out, scale, hunter and knife. she is alarmed and asks whats this. he takes off his coat, while eyeing her angrily, and then starts to stretch, making her feel that he is getting ready to punish her. She asks if his previous anger wasnt enough. but much to her surprise, he comes and kneels in front of her, and extends his hand out, saying that he agrees to any punishment she gives to him. She is all smiles, and he too smiles back. As she takes the ruler, he closes his eyes. She keeps it back and then takea a sketch pen, and scribbles something, and he opens hie eyes in amazement. After she is done, he finds that she has drawn a heart. She tells him that her husband is a Major, and she isnt scared of punishment, but love.

she smiles out loud, while he mesmerisedly looks at her. She gets into her angry mode, and says that she forgave him. he too plays along and thanks her. She asks him to get up now, and he complies. He comes close to her, and then takes her hand, boggling her, asking her to come along. He doesnt respond and takes her inside. he takes her to the living area, where aftab along with other family members are discussing for prospective grooms for Misbah. He says that he wants to say to everyone that Jaant is his wife, surprising them all. He says that he hopes he be given due respect, and that maybe his decsision was hasty and without any permission, but it was right and if anyone has a problem they should say so, right now. Aftab is about to speak, when wazira stops him.

Wazira says that they dont have any problem with this descision. she looks at him happily. Misbah smiles too. Aftab is angry. Later, when he is gardening, aftab is surprised when misbah comes in asking him to accept jaant with all his heart, as the bahu of this house, to ensure the happiness of the house. she tries to make him see that when man proposes, god always disposes, and asks him to move on. He asks how can she say such nice things, when jannat spoke such harsh words about her. But she is adamant, and he finally gives in. On her insistence, he decides that he shall have a small reception and a feast, for its celebration. misbah is happy and leaves, to tell them this news.

When sanam hears this, she is excited that she finally got the blessings of their elders. she says that maybe because of that, she never felt like a part of this family. Sanam says that she feels that everything shall be okay now. she says that she knows that he is the reason his father has agreed to their marriage finally. In her excitement, she blurts out, I LOVE YOU, and is about to say Ahil, but stops at aaa…..surprising shaad, while sanam is boggled, as she is confronted with shaad, but is disturbed by memory flashes of her romance with ahil, seeing him in shaad’s face. she is confused, and wonders whether she was about to say something, and then her head starts aching. He gets concerned and asks if she is okay. she clutches her head and sits. He gives her water and she drinks it. He asks what was she saying. But she doesnt remember.

he thinks that their false relationship is being exposed in front of everyone, whereas someone somewhere might be waiting for her. he is tensed.Later, Aftab gets busy in arranging for the delicacies of the feast. He finds shaad coming out, and asks him to come here. Shashi Kapoor observes shaad being gifted a sherwani for the feats, by aftab, from the verandah. Shaad leaves having taken it. Shashi Kapoor thinks that he shall lose something very precious in the feast. He thinks that on one hand, the whole family shall be busy celebrating, on the other hand, it would cause such a spark, that would ruin everything and everyone in the family, and his happines forever. He says that tomorrow, he shall give him the biggest truth of his life. The screen freezes on his masked face.

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