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I do 7 February 2022: Tanveer leaves from there, while zoya struggles to maintain her grip so as not to fall down the cliff, screaming all the while. tanveer comes to asad, and asks him to go along and leave in haste. But something seems to be holding asad back, while zoya struggles.

As zoya slips down, and asad is about to get inside the cab, in the meanwhile asad’s green holy chadar flows from his hand, as he tries to grab for it, and he starts running after it. He doesnt realise that its taking him to his destiny and love. But before he can follow the dupatta, tanveer hastily takes him from there. Zoya grabs the green dupatta that gets stuck, and gives her a support to climb up the cliff again.

Having reached to the top, she regains her breath, and decides that she has to go back to her loved and dear ones. she starts running back, clutching at the green dupatta. Asad gets inside the cab, along with tanveer.(MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad in her room, too feels her shouting, and runs down to find where the voice is coming from. but she is shocked when she finds nazma tearfully watching zoya’s video, where she is chatting cheerfully, and is in her best of moods, and trying out a cake which she has burnt, but is still enthusiastic to give her a slice from the unburnt side. they laugh at her memories. They discuss as to how much they missed her now. she wishes that zoya would come back soon. nazma assures her that she would come back definitely, as loved couples do meet in the end, and wherever she is, she hasnt forgotten them.

Scene 3:
Location: Christian Orphanage
Asad is blessed by the sister, as he makes a huge donation to the girl education. tanveer asks him the reason for this, as its the third one that he’s donating to. Asad remmebers how zoya was enthusiastic about this cause. tanveer herself says that he’s doing this for zoya, but she wont know about it. Asad tells tanveer that it doesnt matter now as now every breath of his is for zoya, and he belongs to her now, much to tanveer’s irritation.

He says that all his prayers are for her only now, and he knows that wherever she is, she’s getting his prayers. Tanveer is very frustrated. Tanveer thinks that he got a little late in praying as zoya is gone.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence and Ajmer
Razia is very happy when tanveer tells her that zoya is gone. Both share the happiness. Razia congratulates her for this news. she tells her about her condition in the house. Meanwhile humaira comes behind her, and hears all this. she hears razia saying that she wishes she saw her throwing zoya off the cliff. Humaira is shocked, and razia too is flabbergasted when she sees humaira listening to her. She instantly changes her tone, irritating tanveer, who tries to clarify. Razia tells her again, and composes herself in front of humaira. after she cancels the call, she goes to the girl, and makes up a fake story about how they joke like this all the time. but she is unconvinced. Razia leaves in haste. Humaira wonders such a poor sense of humour.

Razia goes to badi bi and curses her to die soon, and not in installments, while she listens paralysed. Hearing rashid’s voice calling out to her, razia is shocked, while badi bi tries her best in her state, to be able to call out to him. Razia rushes to the door, and before rashid can peek through, she stands in the way. She closes the door, and asks rashid whats the matter. he confronts her that she told badi bi has gone to her relative but when he found out, he got to know that she didnt reach there. razia comforts him saying that she has gone to jamila Khala, another relative, who lives in a remote area, and hasnt got any network. She asks him not to worry, as badi bi would call as soon as she gets a network.

Badi bi, who is trying hard to have some movement, is finally able to manage to throw off the glass kept at the table. This alarma rashid and shocks razia. as he begins to go there, razia stops him saying that there’s too many rats, and she has to go for a pest control system now. Rashid leaves, and after that razia comes inside and warns her that if she tried any new nuisance now, she would be dead for sure. Saying so, she closes the door.

Scene 5:
Location: In ajmer
As zoya regains her breath, remembering tanveer’s attack and is at a tea stall on the roadside, she wipes her face, also remembering tanveer’s challenge and attack. She is a little groogy, when the tea comes for her, and the vendor asks her to relax as she looks very tired. she is determined and decides that she has to go back to her loved and dear ones, in bhopal. she starts running back, clutching at the green dupatta, remembering asad’s confession of love for her. She is determined that this time, come what may, she wont let tanveer get in the way of her being together with asad, for life now.

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Asad and tanveer are going back to bhopal in the car, and there’s an awkward silence to stop which tanveer asks to play music. when he does so lifelessly, it plays a romantic number, which brings back memories of him with zoya. tanveer asks if he wants to stay somewhere else. She says that its good that they missed their flight as he got another chance to do charity. but asad doesnt respond, to tanveer’s frustration. Tanveer says that she doesnt feel that there’s any charitable institution and its very deserted, to which asad curtly says that he knows.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As humaira is about to approach the store house, she is stopped by razia who asks her what she wants. She says that she’s just admiring her house. Razia says that this is her house too, and then composes herself saying that she also feels like a member of the family.

She says that she and vikram live in a small 2 BHK, but they are very hapy in it. Humaira hesitatingly asks whats inside the room, where actually razia has kept badi bi. Razia is speechless. She is about to go, but razia stops her saying that there’s nothing speacial, just some old stuff. She lights up at the prospect of the old designs, and approaches the room, but razia sternly asks her not to enter, there, but seeing her fear, she composes herself and explains her calmly that there’s nothing there, and she would for no reason spoil her hands.

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Sarita takes off her photo along with
Divya is surprised to get her call, and asks if everything is alright, and stops beforer spilling out raj’s name. Sarita says that they are very happy together. Divya says that she knew raj is a very nice person. but when divys is told that she has divorced raj, and is giving divya a chance to get back to raj. She asks sarita to stop this nonsense. But sarita says that she has become friend if not husband and wife, and that he rightfully deserves her.

Divya says that they are meant to be together. Sarita says that they are very happy together, and she wants to give her best friend all the happiness in the world, and invites her to their house, for shiela’s engagement at which she would make her be with raj too forever. But divya is adamant that she wont do this, as its impossible and Sarita says that she wont let her go anywhere, and repeat the same mistake that she did ten years back.

kamla is shocked at the way sohan is spending money on his daughter’s engagement. Sohan says that raj has called a film star, and there would be a huge celebration. Kamla asks what good would that do. Sohan says that divorce papers are ready, and they can get rid of sarita also today, by choosing any random guy, which would save on the cost, and also help them get rid of sarita. He lures her in this plan, at the pretext of jewellery every week. kamla says that she has a plan, and she would be successful in it.

kamla intentionally gets her a revealing blouse and saree, for the fact that she would be very beautiful anbd attractive in this, and noone would as it is arita asks what is she doing, her remarriage or a business proposal. Kamla gives her the pretext of raj, to do it for her, so that she gets a new groom, and gives her swearing on raj, to wear this only in the party. Sarita is shocked at such a behaviour. But finally she dresses up, and trying to adjust the clothes, she views herself in the mirror, while raj comes and finds her in discomfort with the backless blouse.

He doesnt say anything and goes inside. He comes back with a dupatta and draping it over her, saying that her beauty is in her simplicity. He says that he knows that she’s forced to do this, but she should never stoop so low, that others stomp on her and move ahead. He asks her to come out as Rohan and his family have arrived.

As the family is gathered downstairs, they are surprised to find zoya being carried by him in his arms. He clears the confusion saying that he found her on the road, after her car met with an accident, and asks for a doctor. the girls rush to his assistance. His mother says that they dont have the ritual of two woman, and hence rohan divorced first and then agreed for the relation. But they are taken inside in haste by Jagotia’s family so as not to be insulted in front of the society.

Granny tels raj that she hopes that shiela is much loved by rohan, and even if rohan’s the second time, she still is sure of shiela’s happiness, and wishes the same for sarita too.

The doctor prescribes the medicines for zoya and leaves. the fatso asks rohan to join the party while she looks after the girl. But getting a phone call, she too leaves, leaving zoya alone, and reminded of asad, who too reciprocates the same for zoya, and a dream sequence of dance between the two follows.(TERI MERI) She wakes up reminiscient of the dream, and wonders where is she. she runs out of the room. Sarita comes down, in the room full of guests, where her in laws’ are searching for a prospective groom for her. Kamla is irritated when raj smiles at sarita. kamla threatens the matchmaker to find a match for sarita or else she wont give her the commission for Shiela’s relation.

Manishka from CONNECTED HUM TUM, is also introduced by shiela to sarita, who marvels at her unique show. she gets the jagotia family to promise that they would definitely watch her show. Munni comes and reminds sarita that her dance number is due, hearing which shiela is very happy that her sister in law, would enjoy herself after such a long time. As sarita dances, zoya too joins the party, and enjoys it, while raj too looks happily at his ex-wife now.

Sarita tells zoya about her remarriage with raj’s consent and zoya is shocked at such an unnatural thing.

Before selecting sarita, the propective groom says that he has a condition, at which everyone including zoya and sarita are surprised. He says that he wants her to get a virginity test, shocking everyone and mortifying sarita with the embarassment.
It angers raj and he slaps abhay, at which all the relatives and family are surprised. In a fit of rage, abhay throws the green dupatta on the floor, and burning it with candles, he places his hand for an oath and says that he would sacrifice his love and never meet divya ever again. sarita is overwhelmingly shocked to hear this, while kamla and soham are devastated that their hopes of getting rid of sarita seems to have dashed. All are surprised at such determination. He says that within a month, he would find a better husband than himself and get Sarita remarried. The screen freezes on raj’s determined face.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Humaira is tensed intuitively. She turns back to look at the closed door. She tries to search in the closet, but isnt able to see anything through the narrow slit. She asks the others if they to heard the voice, but they cant hear anything and take her from there, saying that she is just imagining things. As they begin to leave, badi bi manages to make a noise, and humaira tells them that she’s sure that the voice is coming from inside only. Nikhat is shocked and tells them that they cant open Razia’s cupboard and it must be a rat. But humaira is unconvinced. Finding it locked she tries to peek in, but cant see anything.

They all She puts her ear at the slit, and tells them that there’s a sound of someone breathing. They dont believe her. When nikhat tries to see, razia walks in and is shocked to see this. she hollers at them and they stop, just before they can confirm. She reprimands them badly for such ill manners. Humaira tells them that there are some sounds from her almirah. But razia dismisses their notions saying that old wood must have creaked. She also reprimands nikhat for being the mature one and still not behaving like one. She asks them to step out, while she covers the almirah with her body so that they dont find out anything. Humaira is convinced that she is definitely hiding some thing.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad, when he returns home, thinks that zoya may not return, but she should be happy always, and peace be with her. He finds a beautifully dressed nazma and a maulwai, and the house dressed up for his marriage. He is shocked to hear this. tanveer, who is happy that finally they came around to what she wanted. she happily asks who, and is shocked when she finds zoya, coming down dressed as a bride, along with dilshad. Asad is overwhelemingly happy.(MITWA MOMENT) Zoya too happily looks at him. They both get emotional and teary eyed, while tanveer is boggled.

Zoya says that she wants to forget everything, and start afresh with him, and that this time noone would stand in their way of being together, eyeing tanveer. Asad is overwhelmed at this positive bend in hisw life, while tanveer is frustrated at her defeat. She looks with teary eyed at asad, and says that she’s giving him a chance as he wanted, to him, to herself and to their relation.

Dilshad and nazma look on happily. She asks him what is he thinking. Dilshad too asks why is he quiet, as one who he wanted to see so desperately, is here now. She tells him how lucky he is to have his love back in his life, and nazma asks him to give her the gift of Zoya as her bhabhi. Dilshad asks what is he waiting for. Asad teary eyed, says yes, at having found the greatest happiness in his life.

Dilshad asks nazma to get asad ready for the marriage as she doesnt want to delay this relation for another minute, and asks for the Maulwai’s permission to wait some more. As Tanveer begins to go, Dilshad tells tanveer that now that she has stayed back, she should eat the feast of her son’s marriage and then leave. After dilshad leaves, zoya asks tanveer not to be scared as she isnt a ghost but is alive, and reminds her that she said she would come back to play her bet, and even the biggesst players fall flat in the face of great love. Zoya says that had she wanted she could have told everything to asad, but she didnt want to hurt him, and asks her to leave, before asad throws her out of the house. she motions him to get lost.

Tanveer asks asad whats the matter, as he seems angry at her. Asad says that its good that she came, as he wanted to talk to her, and that this must seem strange but he had thought that zoya was gone forever, but destiny gave him a second chance, and he doesnt want to lose her again. He says that whatever happened that night…but tanveer asks him to forget that night, as its not over friendship, and in ajmer, she has seen love in her friend’s eyes for zoya. She says that she just wants to see him happy, and she can manage alone. Tanveer intentionally plays her pregnant card, and tells asad that they both would manage to be alone, and thwors the purse intentionally, out of which falls out the small socks that she wnats to show that she’s prepared. Asad is boggled, while tanveer pretends to be horrified that the truth is out.

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