My heart knows update Sunday 13 March 2022

My heart knows 13 March 2022: The Episode starts with Swara taking Vahini’s name. Madhav asks why she is taking Kalyani’s name. Aahir says she wants to say that pump is with Vahini. Malhar says why Kalyani will take it. Kalyani is with Anupriya. The doctor says he will come tomorrow. Aahir comes there and tells Kalyani that Swara was found in her room and had an asthma attack. Malhar comes and asks Doctor to come with him. Aahir asks Kalyani if she has Swara’s Pump as the latter is taking her name repeatedly. Kalyani says what you are saying and says if I had pump then why wouldn’t I have given her pump to her.

She gets up and the pump falls down from her lap. Malhar looks at her doubtfully. Aahir picks the pump and asks what is it? Kalyani looks at the pump and says it is of Swara, but I don’t know from where it came in my lap. She tells Malhar that she doesn’t know about it. She says I didn’t know that Swara was in our room and what happened with her. Malahr takes pump from her hand. Kalyani is shocked. She comes out. Madhav scolds Kalyani for seeing tamasha and not giving a pump to Swara.Kalyani says I didn’t know that Swara was in my room. Madhav says you troubled her a lot that she attacked Anupriya ji.

Aao Saheb asks why is he blaming Kalyani for his daughter’s mistake. Madhav asks her to ask Kalyani if she wanted to kill Swara. Kalyani says she didn’t have any enmity with Swara and doesn’t know that she was in her room. Asawari asks Aahir to take Malhar out. Kalyani recalls and says Swara must have brought her pump with her when she attacked Anupriya and that’s why it came in her lap. Madhav says very good, she is cooking stories, someone shall reward her. Aao Saheb says my granddaughter will not trouble anyone. Malhar says you had said that you will not leave Swara for attacking Maai. Kalyani says I was angry at that time.

Malhar says I had told that Aai is fine and I will punish Swara. Kalyani tells that shed doesn’t know that Swara was in her room and tells that she didn’t do anything. Sarthak tries to stop Malhar and says Kalyani can’t harm Swara.Malhar says now I am sure that both Swara and you can do anything in revenge fire and asks what is the difference between you and her now. He holds her hand tightly. Kalyani says enough, I will not give any more clarification. She says you always doubt me and I prove my innocence. She says you never trust me and asks him to be with his misunderstandings. Malhar gets teary eyes and asks what do you think that you are right always.

He asks her to go to her Aai and says I am going to my sister as she needs me. Kalyani says ok, my Aai needs me and says nobody is important to me than my Aai. Malhar asks her to go and says nobody needs you. Kalyani goes to Anupriya’s room while Malhar goes to Swara’s room.Aao Saheb tells Kalyani that today she has proved that she is her blood and didn’t leave mayka even after the marriage. Kalyani tries to go to Anupriya, but Aao Saheb stops her and tells loudly that she is very happy today and will tell all the villagers that ACP Rane’s sister is a criminal.

Kalyani says you want to tell the villager that Swara is a criminal proudly, and asks her to tell them also that she steals income tax money. She tells her that she will save her from income tax and will pay the tax and file the returns. She says you have to promise me in return that she will not say anything to villagers about Swara or her inlaws. She says she doesn’t want her inlaws or Malhar’s nose to get cut infront of anyone. Malhar hears her. Kalyani turns and looks at Malhar. Jo tum mujhe chodke jawoge plays…..Malhar turns his face. Kalyani also turns her face and is upset with him. She comes to Anupriya and asks do you trust me? she says I can’t do anything wrong with Swara or anyone else.

She tells that even Malhar ji is against me and don’t trust me. She says I tried to make him understand, but he is against me like others. She says if I am so bad that Malhar ji never trusts me. She holds Anupriya’s cries and cries. Anupriya is still unconscious.Asawari comes there and says who said that you are bad and says you are my good bahu. She says Malhar gets angry like Madhav and says when they get angry their mind stops working. She says I am a woman and trust you. She says let Malhar’s anger calm down, then I will talk to him. She says maybe Swara came here and left her pump here. Kalyani hugs her and cries. She thanks her for the support.

Sarthak tells Madhav that Swara is crossing the limits and attacking others. Asawari says may be Swara got worried when she knows about skeleton wearing the Deshmukh saree and that’s why she got hysterical. Sarthak says Swara can’t stay here anymore, I can’t risk anyone’s lives here. Malhar hears him and asks where Swara will go? We can’t leave her alone. Sarthak says we can’t risk anyone here and says we will send her to…Malhar asks will you send her to a mental asylum and asks him not to say this again. He says we have to handle her, says she is my sister and I will take care of her.

Malhar is sitting at Swara’s bedside, while she is unconscious. He says what is bothering you a lot and promises to make everything fine. Swara says Kaka repeatedly. Malhar asks what kaka and asks Kalyani to see. He then realizes she is not there, feels bad and cries.Kalyani telling herself that she will not go to Malhar ji this time and he has to realize himself. Atharv comes there and calls Kalyani, says he has packed his stuff and Balu’s stuff. He asks her to pack her stuff and says we will run away from here with Baba and balu. Kalyani asks why? Atharv says Pallavi told her that Swara is a chudail. Kalyani says she is not a chudail. Pallavi comes there.

Kalyani asks why did you say that Swara is chudail. Pallavi says who can run faster, switch off the light and then attack Anupriya. Kalyani gets thinking. She hears Moksh crying and calls him. Madhav is holding him in his arms. Kalyani comes there. Madhav tries to make him quiet and then gives Moksh to Kalyani, says he is not that cruel. Kalyani takes Moksh from him. Moksh cries looking at Malhar. Malhar takes him. Moksh cries looking at Kalyani then. Kalyani comes there, Moksh becomes quiet seeing them together and keeps his hand on their hands. Atharv says Balu is clever and wants you both. Jaanisar song plays…..Atharv informs Kalyani that Nani (Anupriya gained consciousness). Kalyani gets happy and takes Moksh to Aao Saheb’s side of the house.

She hugs Anupriya and asks if Swara did this? Anupriya says if Swara did and tells that it was dark, a veiled person came there and attacked her. She says that the woman was wearing ancient strange ring. Kalyani says Swara don’t wear any ring.Anupriya says she had applied perfume also and asks Pallavi if Swara had applied perfume when she attacked her. Pallavi says no. Kalyani says Swara is having asthma and can’t apply perfume, says the attacker is not swara, but someone else. The veiled attacker comes and sits on the chair in a room. Kalyani finds the cloth piece stuck to Anupriya’s chain in her neck.

Kalyani says I will find out who that veiled person was, using this. The veiled person removes her veil from her face and she is none other than Asawari. Aahir comes there and asks what to do, Anupriya is saved if she comes to know that the attacker is you then? Asawari asks him why is he sweating and says Anupriya is saved, but she didn’t see my face. She says I sent Kalyani to Swara’s room intentionally to do this, knowing Swara gained consciousness and Kalyani will ask her about 26th July. She says I asked you to keep Swara’s pump in Anupriya’s room. She says Swara hid in Malhar’s room and everyone was searching her when I switch off the lights and went to Anupriya’s room and slits her hand.

She says I did a mistake and couldn’t slit her right nerve. Anupriya tells that it was all and asks why is she recording this? Kalyani says she wants to make this recording heard by someone. Anupriya asks Malhar? Kalyani says she is not talking to him. Anupriya says Malhar is doubting you. Kalyani says nobody shall know about this and asks Pallavi to keep it a secret. She says my mum was attacked and that’s why I will search the culprit.Aahir asks Asawari, what she will do now. He says you had said that we shall stay in Malhar’s house as nobody will doubt us.

Asawari asks what shall I do, shall I kill you or me. She tells that she made Malhar believe that she is good and concern for them. She says it was not easy to win Kalyani’s trust and made her saree fell down so that she can win her trust. She tells that she sold Swara’s vulgar’s pics to Rohan to get money from him (Aahir). She says she made Malhar and Kalyani trust her and tells that nobody shall know about 26th July. Aahir says Malhar got the skeleton, until when the truth will hide.Later Anupriya goes to the kitchen and sees the new stuff. She asks her.

Kalyani tells her that most of the time they spend their time in kitchen and don’t have time for themselves. She says we are smart and modern, but our kitchen is outdated. She says we can do all the work in half time with the electrical appliances. Anupriya gets happy and asks from where this song is playing? Kalyani shows the google home. Anupriya asks her to take appliances’ pic and send to Manjiri. Kalyani says ok and asks her to ask Manjiri to buy everything from Flipkart online sale. Malhar comes and asks anupriya about her health. Anupriya says she is not sure that swara was the attacker. malhar apologizes to her. Anupriya defends Kalyani.

Malhar says I don’t want to talk and goes. Kalyani thinks she can find out about the attacker herself.Kalyani coming to Swara and asks her to open her eyes and says I need your help. Swara opens her eyes and asks why you are here? Kalyani keeps her hand on her mouth and asks her to hear this recording. Aao Saheb shows the sale receipt file to Malhar and says it has everything. Malhar says I don’t have any doubt to attack you, but if you are guilty then I will not hesitate to arrest you. Anupriya tells Malhar that one receipt is missing which is with Sarthak. Malhar says I will talk to Kaka. Swara gets tensed hearing the recording.

Kalyani tells her that you don’t have time to change clothes, wear ring and apply perfume. She says you have heard the recording and asks if she has doubt on anyone. She tells that she loves her Aai a lot and asks why did she run away from her room when she had come to talk to her. She says everyone is blaming me for hiding the pump and taking revenge on you. She says she didn’t do anything and asks her to tell. Swara panics. Kalyani asks her not to take stress and help her. Just then Madhav and Malhar come there. Madhav looks angrily at Kalyani. Malhar asks what are you doing here and takes her outside. He asks what do you want, just as she got consciousness and you are asking questions.

He complains to Anupriya that Swara’s breath was heavy because of Kalyani. Swara comes out and tells him that she was hiding in his room and sitting there, but she got asthma attack due to the dust. She says she tried to call Kalyani, but she didn’t hear her voice. She asks Malhar if his love is so weak that he don’t trust his wife. He says I don’t know how the pump went to Anupriya’s room. She says it might have fallen from her hand. She tells that Kalyani has nothing to do with my illness. She then comes to Kalyani and says I told you not to trust Rane family man and asks her to just praise Malhar.

She scolds Malhar for not trusting his wife, even though he is married to her since a year and says he shall be ashamed of himself. Asawari asks what are you saying? Swara says I am not talking to you, so don’t interfere. She asks Kalyani to make food for her until she recovers and taunts at Asawari calling her stranger. She asks Kalyani not to forgive Malhar if she has even a bit of self respect. She says Rane family men are not trustable.Later Malhar comes to Kalyani in the kitchen. Kalyani is about to talk to him, but thinks of Swara’s words and don’t talk to him.

Malhar says Kalyani….I want to…She wears head phone and hears song. He messages her I am sorry. She reads it and is surprised. She then deletes the message surprising him. He leaves. Kalyani thinks boyfriends do so much to convince their girl friends, thinks Malhar is not her boyfriend but he shall convince me. She thinks he shall bring chocolate, teddy like hero brings for heroine in films, but he didn’t see the movie.Asawari and Aahir come to the Doctor. She tells Aahir that this is the doctor who will change the skeleton report. She gives the money to the doctor. Doctor says I can’t much in the report, but can change one thing. Asawari says ok and goes. Aahir says Kalyani and Malhar are after 26th july and asks what to do.

Asawari asks him to make the arrangements of marriage and asks him not to worry. Swara waits for kalyani and thinks to tell truth to her. She is going to kitchen and sees her dupatta catching fire. She gets shocked and before she could shout, Asawari comes and keeps hand on her mouth. The ring drops from her finger. Malhar asks Moksh to punish him for not trusting his Aai. Asawari threatens Swara to kill Kalyani and says very soon she will die. Swara promises her that she will not tell anyone. Moksh cries as Malhar holds his hand and beats himself. He takes Moksh out. Asawari acts and asks him to save Kalyani. He comes to kitchen and sees her dupatta burning. He sets the fire off using his hand.

Kalyani removes her dupatta and throws it on floor. Malhar sets off the fire and hugs Kalyani asking if she is fine. Kalyani looks at him. Malhar asks how did the fire break out? Asawari blames Swara and slaps her. She takes her out and tells everyone that she saw Swara standing outside and seeing Kalyani’s dupatta burning. She is about to slap Swara again, but Kalyani stops her and says Swara didn’t deserve punishment, but everyone’s love. She says my Aai has taught me then we want to change someone then we shall change them with love. She tells that may be Swara was shocked when she saw my dupatta burning and she couldn’t understand what to do, and stood there in shock. Asawari looks at Swara.

Swara asks Kalyani, are you done with your drama and says you are always ready to act, as you watch TV much. She pushes her and goes.

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