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I do 29 July 2022: An old man (Suleman chacha) tells Ahil that he doesnt know Tanveer and says that night. He looks at Tanveer and gulps. Sanam watches them. Ahil asks him what. The man says dont remember anything. Ahil tells him to think and tell him. He says a small hint can also give a big clue. Tanveer tells Ahil to see his age. She squeezes his shoulder and he freezes. She says he is so old, how would he remember such old things. Tanveer tells Ahil not to trouble him. She tells him to take care of himself and says now even i know where you stay and i will take better care of u. He shakes in fear. Sanam watches the whole thing. Tanveer tells Ahil am tired, lets go home. Ahil tries to resist but relents. He tells Suleman to take care of himself. He leaves with Tanveer. Sanam feels that Suleman wanted to says something but couldnt say.

Seher sees some shadow outside her room. She calls out who it is. Suddenly someone puts his hand on her shoulder and she screams. She says someone was there. He covers her eyes and brings her out in the lawn which he has decorated with valentine day balloons. She says its not my budday. Rehaan says am going to Dubai and want to take ur memories with me, memories of our love. He says its my last night with u before leaving so wanna spend with u. Seher asks how will i live without u. Rehaan says do u think i can live without u. Sorry din tell u about my trip but i promise that i will settle there soon and come back to take u with me. Seher says i can wait for u my entire life.

He says wont take that much time. Will go and come back in a blink. Seher sees all the gifts there and is excited. She says for me. He nods. She thanks him and hugs him. Seher goes to change.Rehaan is painting Sehers portrait. BG- Mere rang me. Seher comes out wearing western gown. Rehaan kisses her hand. The duo share a slow dance. Rehaan kisses her shoulder and neck. They hold each other in each others arms and close dance. Rehaan touches her nose with his. Rehaan shows Seher a teddy and they kiss behind it. Seher changes into a saree. Rehaan gives another final gift to Seher and says this one is not a dress, its my mos beautiful dream. He puts a wedding veil around Seher and she is emotional. She hugs Rehaan. The duo look at each other and backhug. Rehaan and Seher sit on a sofa and he touches her dimple. The duo move for another kiss. Screen fades.

Part 2

Seher feeds sandwich to Rehaan. Seher says need a puppy. Rehaan says will give u as many as u want. Seher say shut up and says talking of doggies. Rehaan says ok white one and Rehaan says black one. Rehaan says name it tuffy. Seher says no Chimanrao. Rehaan says what. Sanam comes and watches the duo chat adoringly. Rehaan says meri hone wali begum will do as u wish. Seher gets up and leave to get sweets for Rehaan. She stops seeing Sanam. Rehaan gets up seeing Sanam. Sanam tells Rehaan to take Seher along as Tanveer can do anything. Rehaan says will take her with me soon but i know u need ur sister now. Am sure all will be well soon and Ahil will find out whole truth. Sanam-Seher cry and Rehaan teases them about having family habit of crying. Sanam puts Taveez on Rehaan and says this will keep u safe and give u success. Please come back soon. U are even more closer to me than before.

Haya returns with Faiz in Rahats house and recollects moments with Rahat. Faiz asks her the matter and she says nothing. Faiz doubts about Haya playing games with him. Haya makes tea for him but is shown staring at the rat poison. A few minutes later she serves tea to Faiz who seems suspicious. Haya tells him not to worry and says havent added poison in it yet. She turns and self thought, ur scared of death. Well wont kill u so easily, will make u suffer. Now see how i make u dependent on me. Faiz is still doubtful about the tea.

Tanveer threatens Suleman and tells him to leave the city and never show his face ever again. Sanam overhears and thinks, Suleman knows something, need to stop him. She walks straight into Sanam-2 who questions her. Sanam says none of ur business. Sanam-2 ur body language shows ur doing something for Ahil and i need to know. Sanam says by spending one night with someone, u dun become a wife. And if u think so, then well, i have spent several nights with Ahil on the same bed.

Part 3

Suleman is packing to leave town. He stops seeing a holy writing and Sanam comes and tells Suleman that this used to give courage to Ahil and this will give courage to u to tell the truth. She tells him i know u took care of Ahil in past. Ahil needs u today. He is blinded with Tanveers love. U r thinking i am quiet myself despite knowing all. Suleman says what ‘all’. Dunno what u talking of. Leave. Sanam says i want u to know that i am Ahils wife but Tanveer has turned him against me. He doesnt listen to me. The woman he worships has snatched his property, his love and will snatch his life. Can u see Ahil living like a simpleton on the streets, sleeping in the grave. Can u see it. Suleman says i cant let this happen. I will tell Ahil all. Sanam-2 overhears the whole thing.

While rehaan is talking of arranging for a cab, tanveer asks if he has decided and asks why. Rehaan wonders why did she still pretend to be blind in front of her. tanveer asks why does he need to work. rehaan says that he wants to live a respectable life, and that he doesnt need all this, but she has gone so far away, she couldnt hear his screams, and that he would wish that she too comes back, before its too late, and she gets punished severely, tanveer gest emotional and says that no mother does this intentionally, as he can see her present, but not the past, her desires but not her helplessness, as she didnt want her past to spoil his future. She thinks that she did the right for him, but then doubts her own descision. tanveer laments that she shouldnt have separated him, and if he had a sister or brother, he would have been happy, and hopefully, she gets everything right back in time.

He hides and wipes his tears, saying that he too wishes, he can believe her, but seeing her history of lies, he finds it difficult. He says that he is going far away from this house and her too, irrespective that he gets her blessings or not. He leaves, while she stands distraught.Meanwhile, suleiman in front of sanam, tells ahil on the phone, that he remembers everything and wants to tell it to him. ahil is shocked. He asks ahil to meet him at the airport road, and that he shouldnt tell this to anyone, not even to tanveer. ahil complies. Sanam tells suleiman that he did right, as the criminal should be punished, and now tanveer shall be exposed.

While tanveer laments rehaan’s disappearance, she gets the new bride’s call, asking her to beware, telling her about sanam and suleiman’s meeting, and his talk with ahil. She also asks tanveer to get ahil to give the respect and love that she deserves as ahil’s wife. tanveer cancels the call. tanveer says that its been enough, and now she would get rid of the problem, from the very core. she is frustrated.Rehaan is packing, while seher keeps giving him advises and suggestions. He assures her that he shall come back soon to get her, to marry her. She gets emotional and fights back tears. she sys that she shall come to the airport, but he says that it would be extremely difficult for him to go then, and also hesitatingly adds, that maybe he asked too much from the lord, as he thought that tanveer would tell him once before going, that she can see him, her only child, but he had forgotten that tanveer doesnt have any place for his emotiona, as only name, fame and money hold place in her heart.

she comes and says thats why he is going. he kisses her on the forehead. He takes his bags and leaves. she calls out to him. He says that people shouldnt be called when they are leaving. She says that she just wanted him to go to the temple, before going to the airport. As he leaves, seher breaks down into tears apalled and distraught. Rehaan eyes his mother’s house, and latif comes and tells that tanveer isnt here, as she has gone out. He thinks that he just wanted to wish her goodbye, but the lord doesnt want it. Rehaan leaves, while seher watches him from the balcony. They both remember their past romantic moments. As he leaves, rehaan’s taveez falls off, which seher notices. She rushes out to find rehaan going, and then stops as he remembers that he doesnt like being called from behind when he is leaving. She doesnt say anything, and he doesnt look back. he leaves. She prays to the lord, to let rehaan be safe and not let anything happen to him.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While tanveer is in the car, she thinks that she has borne enough, but not anymore, and the reason she had to do this all, and separate her own children, she would end it completely now. She thinks that due to sanam, she couldnt even give rehaan a proper goodbye. rehaan, too in his cab, thinks that he wont bear it anymore, and that his past life shall end, and now he shall not live a life of lies.

On the airport road, Sanam assures suleiman, that soon ahil would come, and then everything would be okay. He starts getting impatient, and says that he thinks something bad is going to happen, as he knows what tanveer is capble of. sanam starts getting tensed. He wishes to go, while she asks him not to lose hope, as ahil would only believe him, and then he would be able to save ahil from tanveer. He says that tanveer could go to any limits, to save herself. she tells the trauma that she went through, and requests his help. She decides to call ahil.

The new bride thinks that the pawn would be someone else’s while she would play the bet. She says that she shall mix reality and fake, so easily, that ahil wouldnt be able to believe her even if he wants to, and shall end it.Sanam asks ahil, on the phone, about his whereabouts, as suleiman is waiting for him. He asks how does she know about it. Sanam tells that she is waiting along with suleiman for him to arrive. Ahil is surprised and asks whats she doing. She asks him to come here, and then she shall explain everything. Ahil hurriedly complies. meanwhile, the new bride watches sanam and suleiman from a distance. She again assures suleiman that ahil would soon reach. the new bride wonders where’s tanveer still.

The new bride informs tanveer that ahil would be here in five minutes, and tanveer asks her to get to work, to delay ahil’s arrival. tanveer gets frustrated at gazalla, driving the car to take a shortcut, to arrive fast. Meanwhile, the new bride thinks that if someone has to be killed, then her hopes should dash, as thats the easiest way. She says that ahil is being expected by sanam. She eyes a nail weirdly, using black magic, and thinks that sanam’s hope that ahil would come to her, would soon be dashed, as this wont happen, as she pins the nail, in a treebark. At the same time, a nail comes in ahil’s way. : Ahil’s car finally steps on the nail, and the tyre obviously deflates, and he almost collides into a tree, trying to gain balance. The new bride gets distracted suddenyl, and the stone she was scribbling on, falls, creating a noise, that alarms sanam. but when she goes to check it out, she doesnt find anyone there. Suleiman says that something is wrong here, and that ahil too hasnt come yet. sanam decides to call him again. Ahil meanwhile is changing tyres. he tells about his deflated tyre, and she tells him that suleiman is getting restless. he asks her to go to the temple. She complies and takes him to a safe location, where they wont fear anyone. the new bride gets frustrated as to where sanam is. she gets tanveer’s call, who too vents out her frustration to her stupidity in letting them get away. As sanam and suleiman reach the temple, which is the same that seher was mentioning, the new bride assures tanveer, that they wont be able to hide for long, as she would find them out.

tanveer meanwhile takes the wheel herself, dropping gazalla and razaak, at full speed. As the bride reaches the temple, she previously remembers her encounters at the dargah. she is about to step in, when the bells ringing upset her badly. She tells tanveer that sanam is in the temple, where ahil too shall reach soon. tanveer drives hurriedly.Meanwhile, seher calls rehaan, and they keep their romance continues, while she gets shy. She says that it feels like a dream, that she is living her dream life, a thug who now has everything. He gets tensed and emotional to hear this. She adds that soon he would come with her. She says that she wants time to stop, and their world never changes.

He teases her saying that time never stagnates for anyone. He says that she shall forever be happy with him. He tells that he came near the Ganesh temple, and she asks him to visit once, just for his sake. He romantically agrees, and enters inside, with the puja thali. While he goes to the main temple, suleiman is still tensed for ahil. sanam asks him not to think like that, and only think nice, as good shall happen then, and that god tries the good, so that he can test their patience and courage. She says that they shouldnt lose hope, but show courage, as thats what the lord wants to see, and they neednt be scared, if he is watching from above.

suleiman is happy, saying that now he is assured for ahil, as she is with him, who loves him immensely. He thinks that ahil should know about his father’s murder systery as well as her love. she thanks him. tanveer comes to the temple, and calls the new bride, who is tensed, and loses her phone on the ground, which falls near the feet of a priest. She is tensed what to do now. She asks someone else to pick up the phone for her, but the priest steps in just then, and breaks the phone. she is frustrated. tanveer wonders meanwhile, what is she upto. Tanveer gets inside the car and takes the revolver out from under her seat, determined that she cant risk everything trusting someone else, and that she would have to find suleiman and sanam herself.

Inside, rehaan offers his prayers, praying that the lord should forgive him, for not knowing how to pray, but knows that if the intention is right, then prayers are blessed, and that seher should be kept safe while he is away. he says that she is naive and innocent, like a child. He says that he can give everything for one smile of hers. He says that since he has her, he feels complete, and that he wants to take her far away, and settle a new life, where she has truth in her eyes, and happiness on her lips, and that he doesnt even know if he deserves her, but her love is his life, and thanks him profusely for this. he requests him to keep her safe. He is oblivious that tanveer has arrives just then. Seher starts to dress as a wife and newly wed.

While rehaan is praying, while tanveer too arrives there. As rehaan turns around beside him, he doesnt see her, as the priest comes in between. tanveer hopes that ahil hasnt reached already, and leaves hurriedly. rehaan too leaves in the opposite direction. tanveer doesnt find them anywhere and gets frustrated that none of her people have been able to help her. Ahil meanwhile reaches and asks sanam on the phone to raise her hand where is he. Meanwhile, sanam takes directions, from ahil, and they finally see each other. He comes to them, and thanks suleiman for his help. Suleiman says that he didnt have the strength to face the truth. Suleiman says to ahil that sanam gave him the strength to tell the truth that he is going to say today.

He says that its all credited to sanam only. Ahil looks at her with overwhelming gratitude. sanam eyes him lovingly. tanveer thinks that ahil must have been told the truth by now. She calls ahil, who is tensed to see her call. He picks it up, while sanam is tensed. Tanveer eagerly calls and asks where is he. Sanam asks him through signals, not to say anything. the screen freezes on tanveer’s, sanam’s and ahil’s faces.Ahil lies that he is in the office for urgent work, and shall call after a couple of hours. tanveer is angry that he lied, and thinks that she heard water on ahil’s phone, and hence there’s definitely a pond nearby. She starts searching for it, oblivious that rehaan is stdning right behind her, who hasnt seen her too.

They both turn around, walking towards each other, but their paths dont cross. They walk past each other. rehaan meanwhile is talking to seher.Suleiman meanwhile tells that he doesnt know what shall become of him, after this, but irrespective of that, he wants to tell him the biggest truth of his life. Ahil asks him to spill it out, due to whom he and his mother had to suffer. Suleiman sys that that the person he is searching for outside, is inside only. Ahil is shocked. Sanam stands tensed. he boggled turns to sanam, unable to grasp what he means. Suleiman says that a family person took his life. Ahil is shocked. Just then, a worshipping band comes, making noise. Tanveer spots them all, and thinks that she wont let her dreams be shattared, or her past be revealed.

Ahil keeps asking suleiman to spill the truth. He looks at him with overwhelming emotions. Tanveer notices ahil learning the truth from suleiman and sanam, and aims the pistol at them. She decides to kill suleiman, as this is the easiest way to kill him, as noone shall doubt her. Suleiman says that the person didnt give any time for anyone to react, or speak and understand the truth, and controlled everyone. But then tanveer changes her mind, that since ahil knows everything, its better that ahil dies, as that shall solve everything. She aims the gun at ahil now. Meanwhile, in the background, rehaan goes past, and notices ahil. rehaan finds his mother doing so from the other end, and is shocked.

Tanveer finally pulls the trigger, while rehaan rushes ahead, making his way through the crowd, and finally gets ahil out of the way of the bullet’s trajectory, and himself faces the bullet, and collapses on the ground, falling down the stairs and into the pond.While Seher meanwhile tries on her look as a newly wed bride, she tries to give the finishing touch by putting vermillion on the forehead, but before she can do that, the box falls on the floor, shocking seher, as a bad omen.Tanveer is distraught as she finds that she killed her own son, while rehaan wishes her goodbye. tanver muffledly screams rehaan. ahil and sanam are dumbstruck and shocked beyond belief.

People rush to the stairs, while rehaan sinks down. Ahil screams out for him and dives in the water. Sanam in her distraught state, turns around and finds tanveer, with the gun in her hand, which falls from her hands on the ground, while she is shocked and disbelieving that she killed her own son. sanam is shocked as to how a mother could kill her own son. tanveer collapses herself on the ground.Onlookers watch as Ahil drags out an unconscious rehaan, while suleiman stealthily escapes from there. But he turns around to find the new bride with the pistol aimed at him, and fires away, killing suleiman instantly. She turns from there and goes to tanveer, while she is grieved for her son. Ahil screams to call for the doctor or an ambulance, while rehaan doesnt respond.

Sanam is in a state of shock, as ahil keeps screaming his name, while she remembers seher’s love fr rehaan, and her own equation with rehaan. Meanwhile, tanveer remembers rehaan warning her to face her own punishment many a times earlier, as she recapitulates her killing her own son. The new bride tells tanveer callously, that her son is dead and her crying wont bring him back. tanveer berserkedly says that she would have to go to her son, screaming her name. But the new bride stops her and drags her away from there. tanveer is distraught and apalled, as she is dragged away. Ahil remembers his moments with rehaan, and cries inconsolably, trying to nudge him into senses.

Seher is shocked and distraught to see the vermillion sprayed on the floor, and gets down to overwhelmingly collect it back, fighting back tears, determined not to let it affect her, as she is oblivious of a dead rehaan, in ahil’s arms at the temple. The screen freezes on rehaan’s face.tanveer is berserk that she wants to go to rehaan, while the new bride drags her inside the car, astounding gazalla and razaak, who are shocked to see tanveer like this, and then knowing what she did. the new bride asks them to drive off soon, as the police might come. but tanveer keeeps screaming to go to rehaan. finally frustrated, the new bride stops the car. She asks tanveer to go back to her son and let rehaan’s sacrifice go in vain and let the two sisters win, and herself hang to death. tanveer is shocked.

the new bride tells tanveer that she only pulled the trigger, but actually sanam and seher have killed him, as she forced her to kill rehaan, who may have died due to her, but not because of her. she says that she understands her pain, that she is going through after the trauma of a mother killing her son.she instigates tanveer against the sisters, that this was all their plan, as rehaan was to go to the airport, then how he landed at the temple. tanveer is boggled. the new bride says that seher told him to go to the temple, when ahil was meeting suleiman in the temple. she says that this is a well planned conspiracy, and she fell into the trap. she says that she was innocent, yet got involved. she eyes tanveer weirdly, and tells her that due to her, she too killed suleiman, so that her past doesnt ruin her future. she asks if she wants to let rehaan’s sacrifice and her contribution go in vain, then so be it.

She asks tanveer that she would have to decide if she has to grieve her son’s death or take the revenge. tanveer is determined as tanveer falls prey to her haze, and asks her to take her home. tanveer sits sunned inside the car, while the new bride smirks evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
haya comes to faiz and insists that she shall give him a dressing change, and faiz is tensed. She says that she would get the water ready for his bath. She goes inside, and sprays the shampoo on the floor, to make it slippery. she comes out, and helps him take off his shoes, saying that his water is ready. faiz leaves for the bathroom. She eyes him. He comes inside, naked feet, and slips as expected. He screams in pain, and yells for haya, and haya eyes him, from a distance, thinking that this pain is nothing compared to the way rahat was tortured, and that soon, he shall face the same pain too.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
haya gets faiz out, in the wheelchair, on the road, asking him to get some fresh air. She then makes an excuse of being thirsty and asks him to wait, while she gets water. She bends down to pick up the purse, and then unlatches the wheelchair’s brakes. As she leaves, the wheelchair itself starts moving, and he starts screaming for haya in horror, who catches him in pain, from a distance, in much satisfaction, as she remembers what he put rahat through. Faiz is in a world of terror, as he finds himself in the way of a car approaching, which is actually tanveer’s. The new bride throws out the pistol, carelessly from the car, which faiz notices, as he lies hurt and tensed on the road, after his wheelchair topples over.

He takes the gun in his hand, with a hankey, and wonders whats it doing in the hands of ahil’s new wife, and thinks that something is definitely fishy. Before he can react and understands, she comes and pretends to be shocked, apologises profusely, but faiz seems to get to know whats going on and eyes her tensedly. faiz hides the gun behind him.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher is very tensed for rehaan, and keeps calling him, frustrated that he isnt picking up. sanam enters in a daze. seher eyes her and asks when did she come back. Sanam eyes her dressed as a bride, and starts crying. seher asks whats the matter, and if suleiman told ahil the truth. she insistently keeps asking. sanam is unable to answer the question. Seher says that rehaan isnt picking up her phone too, and sanam blurts out that rehaan wont pick the phone now. seher is boggled, and asks why did she talk like this, and why wont he pick the phone. Sanam stands speechless, and she asks sanam to tell why rehaan wont pick up the phone, as she is scared now, and asks her to speak out.

Sanam finally distraughtedly tells seher what happened at the temple, and that rehaan is dead, due to tanveer, and she refuses to believe it. sanam says that rehaan saved ahil, but couldnt save himself. she apologises to seher that neither she nor ahil could save rehaan, and tanveer won, and that due to one sister, the other sister’s life got ruined. Seher asks how can she be so scared of tanveer. she says that they cant fight amongst themselves, due to tanveer, and they have to be strong. she says that when pain gets over the heart, bad emotions happen, but she shouldnt give it a thought. Seher behaves ignorant, and reminds her his promises, and is in her own dream world, of him having gone to Dubai, while sanam is distraught for her sister and her ignorance.

As seher comes to terms with the reality, she collapses on the floor, shocked and astounded, as she remembers her moments with rehaan, and his love for her, as she remembers the omens signalling something is wrong. seher screams out rehaan’s name, in deep grief, as she lies apalled and distraught. sanam eyes her deeply grieving herself. The screen freezes on Seher’s face.

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