I do update Saturday 30 July 2022

I do 30 July 2022: Gazalla and razaak, and the new bride get tanveer inside, who asks them to leave her lone. they silently comply. tanveer gets emotional seeing rehaan’s pic. Tanveer says that she didnt want him to go so far away, and clutches his pic tight to her chest, saying had she known this was going to happen, she wouldnt have let him go. she says that had he stayed here, he would have hated her, but atleast she would have been with him, and close to him. She wipes her tears, and then eyes her hands, that killed rehaan, thinking how could she kill him, when he was her son. she wonders what a wrong mother she was, as she didnt do any of the motherly chores a mother does to her son. she says that she isnt that bad a mother, that she could kill her own son, herself. She says that she knows that he always felt that she didnt care for him, but for all life, she was in the effort that she could prove him wrong, but that day didnt come, as she couldnt tell him how much she loves him.

She remembers the new bride’s instigation, and believes that the sisters are behind this and not her. She is determined that she wouldnt leave the trio, ahil, seher and sanam, and she would kill them all for her revenge. she is frustrated. She eyes the mirror and wipes her face. she goes over to the dressing table. Tanveer eyes rehaan’s pic, and untangles her hair and swears that till the time she doesnt take any revenge from the sisters, she wont tie her hair. she remembers the new bride’s instigation. later, as she changes into grieving clothes, she remembers her moments with rehaan, while she is distraught to see the door open, and ahil walking in with rehaan’s dead body on the stretcher. She is apalled beyond consolation.

She storms out to find her son’s body wrapped in white clothes. She is completely berserk, as she clutches at the dead body, still doesnt leaving her pretense to be blind. Rehaan’s face is revealed, and she asks him to open his eyes, while ahil tries hard in vain, to compose her, while she keeps screaming rehaan to wake up. All are grieved to find tanveer in such a state. Ahil hugs tanveer, and they both cry inconsolably. ahil clutches tanveer tightly saying that he would have the revenge and that he wont spare rehaan’s murderer. the new bride and tanveer get tensed. tanveer asks him not to worry, saying that the reason due to which rehaan died, wont be alive for long, as she would have her revenge, thinking that she wont spare him, as due to saving him, her son died, and what she does with him now, even god wont be able to save him.

She eyes him angrily, but he doesnt notice it, as he grieves on her shoulders. Ahil cries desperately.Meanwhile, seher asks her if she can ask something from her. Sanam complies. seher asks if she can become sanam and see rehaan one last time. Sanam is distraught, as tears stream down both their cheeks, each deeply grieved. They both hug each other, each trying to solace the other.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Meanwhile, haya does faiz’s bandages. she thinks that he didnt get hurt much, but thinks that she has ample time to torture him more, as the more he suffers, the more rahat’s soul would be pacified. she goes to get milk. The phone rings and she picks it up. Haya gets sanam’s call, saying that rehaan is dead, and tanveer killed her. haya is in shock, as she repeates it, and faiz gets alarmed as he remembers the new bride throwing away the revolver from the car. sanam tells haya that she needs to come there, as seher needs both of them. Haya is distraught, thinking what going wrong, as god never parts those who love, then how could he do this. faiz hears this and is tensed, and thinks that she still grieves for rahat, hence he would have to free her from this pain and he knows how it would happen.

He wonders of his luck, that the weapon that killed rehaan, is in his hands. faiz thinks that if haya wants to help seher, then she would have to seek his help. he smiles evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
At the grieving downstairs, Seher comes and is apalled to find the dead body, as she remembers rehaan’s loving promises to her. She comes in a state of daze and shock. tanveer sees her approaching, and gets enraged. As she comes near, she pretends to be blind asking who is here and is told that its sanam, by the new bride. Oblivious, seher comes and sits beside them all, eyeing rehaan, frustrating Tanveer, who thinks that this is sanam. As seher tries to see his face, tanveer asks seher not to even dare touch her son, as she has no right. haya comes inside and finds this happening. the new bride watches them both conversing, that tanveer knows that its seher, and that she killed her son and not herself. seher is shocked at her shamelessness, and asks how could she not flinch killing her own son.

ahil is stunned and surprised too. Complying to tanveer’s wish, ahil makes her swear on him, to go inside, right now, as they all are grieveds. Haya consoles seher, while all are apalled. The screen freezes on Seher’s face.Finally rehaan is taken away on his last journey, but just as haya tries to take seher away, the sudden gush of winds blows away the sheet from rehaan’s face, and she manages to catch a last glance. she tries to rush to him, but haya stops her, while rehaan is wheeled away. haya takes her back to the room, where sanam too is teary eyed. She rushes to seher and hugs her. The three sisters lighten their hearts out by crying. Seher instinctively realises that rehaan’s last journey is about to begin.

She rushes out, to see ahil lifting him along with other people. Seher is distraught to see this, while tanveer too is apalled, as they raise rehaan up to place him for his final procession. The three sisters are apalled, as they watch from the corner of the corridor, while seher remembers her moments with rehaan. Ahil too is extremely grieved. Finally the men leave with rehaan.Later, ahil comes back afteer having done the burial rites, remembering what happened at the temple, with rehaan and suleiman. sanam comes with a glass of water, while ahil eyes her emotionally. He drinks it, and then remembers that he didnt let her see rehaan for the last time, and apologises saying that he did this for tanveer. He recounts the innumerable times he had hurt rehaan, and she gets emotional too.

the new bride comes and hears this from outside. Sanam composes him, by cupping his face, while he breaks into tears, and lets him hug her to find solace. the new bride is extremely tensed to hear and see this.Seher walks out, while sanam is tensed not to find her in her room. the new bride sees her going, but wonders where is she going at this time of the night.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
While haya is tending to him, he evilly asks if she actually thought that he wont be understand that she is playing a game, and how she thinks he is a fool. He asks her to let be and asks her to start afresh. She says that there’s nothing more that just goodwill due to which she is doing this. she begins to go, but he says that he can help her find the murderer of her sister’s husband. she turns around shocked. He says that he would help her but has a condition. She is disgusted and boggled too.

Scene 3:
Location: At the burial ground
Seher lights a lamp and puts roses beside, his grave, and says that he is a star now, and definitely must have met zoya, and says that he did a grave mistake by going away from her. she breaks into tears asking why he left her. She says that he may have broken his promise, but she wont, and shall fulfill every promise that they made, and have their own house, and sanam and ahil’s children, which she would treat as her own, and shall narrate them stories. she says that she shall live like the seher that he wanted her to be, and shall take proper care of herself, just like he wants her. She says that she wants to go far away, but cant till she takes revenge against the person, who took him away from her, and that she shall avenge her lover’s death.

she tries to touch her grave, but tanveer holds her hand and asks her not to dare spoil rehaan’s grave. Seher is shocked. She asks who is she to stop her, his mother or his murderer. tanveer says that his life went due to her, and she wont leave her and her sister. Seher asks her to have fear, as she is lying on rehaan’s grave, a son who just wanted some love, care and affection from her, but she was blinded from the power of love. she tries to bring out what was the difference between rehaan’s want and her treatment to him. Tanveer is told by seher that she would fulfill rehaan’s dream and her true face shall come in front of everyone and ahil shall know what she actually is. She tells tanveer that she would avenge rehaan’s murder from her.

The new bride comes from behind and hits her on the head, and she falls unconscious. She tells tanveer that its time to avenge rehaan’s death. tanveer stands tensed.

Aahil keeps thinking about Suleiman Chacha’s words and recalls how Rehan got killed by the person who wants to hide Nawab’s murder truth so badly. He suddenly remembers Sanam talking about his Childhood diary. He goes in search if Sanam inorder to inquire her about that Diary. Sanam in the other hand comes to the graveyard while looking for Seher. She calls her several times but no response. She finds Seher’s dupatta & a rod near Rehan’s grave. She gets tenses & calls her again. Tanveer answers seher’s phone.

They gave a little face off. Tanveer treatens Sanam to hurt Seher or Aahil if she doesn’t burn the last proof that could be of any help in solving the mystery. She tells her to burn that diary. She gets emotional. She goes back home. Aahil was about to ask her about that diary but she had it in hand & says to Aahil that she sorry for not helping him this time. She is restless because after finding the truth Aahil may get hurt. Aahil tells her to hand over the diary to him but she refuses

Haya knows that Tanveer killed Rehan as Sanam told her. But there isn’t solid proof. Only faiz knows. Cheap faiz wants to spend a night with her in return. She slaps the retard.

Sanam burns the diary. Aahil gets super furious on this. He question Sanam & in anger he raises his hand hand in her but stops himself. Sanam gets scared.

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