My heart knows update Friday 29 July 2022

My heart knows 29 July 2022: The episode starts with Malhar telling Anupriya and Sarthak that he wants to win this case at any cost, they both know that how important is this and I want to make Atharv feel that they have two top notch lawyers. He tells Anupriya that Kaka’s experience will work for them. Anupriya asks Malhar to let Sarthak fight the case. Sarthak also refuses to fight case with Anupriya and goes. Anupriya also says sorry and goes. Kalyani wakes up and finds Moksh sitting and watching in his mobile. Moksh tells that Indian pro Musical league is coming on Zee TV. He says do you know who is the brand ambassador. Kalyani says Salman Khan. They promote the show. Aao Saheb tells Godaveri that she has no interest in puja stuff.

Anupriya comes to Aao Saheb and tells that she can’t fight case with Sarthak for Moksh’s custody, and asks why was the need to Malhar to plead infront of him. Godaveri gives her water. Anupriya asks for the puja. Aao Saheb says you didn’t know what happened at home. She says kalyani and stops.Kalyani is again on the bed and asks Moksh to bring the blanket, as she is feeling much pain. Moksh says you are already covered with blanket. She says I think I shall get sweater from the cupboard. She opens the cupboard and takes sweater. Just then Sampada’s hand holds her neck and lights her in air. Moksh gets shocked seeing Kalyani shouting and is on her toes. He shouts calling everyone.

Kalyani cries while Malhar hugs him. Atharv takes their recording. Kalyani says someone is there in the cupboard. Malhar tells her that Moksh ran away afraid and tells that Atharv will use this against them and asks Malhar to get her admitted in the mental asylum. Kalyani says she is not lying. Aao Saheb says we shall check the cupboard once. She checks in the cupboard and couldn’t find anything. Kalyani feels much headache. Anupriya takes Kalyani to bed and massages her head. Atharv tells Malhar that his destiny is bad, one wife left him and other wife got mad.

Aao Saheb talks to Pandit ji. Just then Atharv plays mad people sound to disturb Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb asks him to go away from their lives. Atharv asks what you can do for your illegitimate grand daughter. Aao Saheb asks him not to call her illegitimate and says she can do anything for her. Atharv asks if she is sure? He then gives her papers and asks her to sign within 24 hours and then he will leave Moksh and this house. Aao Saheb reads and gets shocked.Later in the night, Kalyani asks Malhar about Moksh. Malhar says he is sleeping in Godaveri’s room. He asks her to sleep. Kalyani sleeps.

He wakes up late in the night and finds her missing. He searches her and comes to the kitchen. He finds someone going. Kalyani is sitting on Atharv’s bed wearing Sampada’s saree….She asks him to get up. Malhar is going from there and hears her. Kalyani says Atharv…get up as we have to take a decision about our baby. She asks him to get up. Atharv gets up and gets shocked seeing Kalyani in his room. He asks do you want to kill me. Malhar comes there. Kalyani laughs and asks since when you started getting scared. She says my Atharv scares others and laughs. She falls on the bed laughing….Atharv asks Malhar to take his wife from there and says she has gone mad. Malhar asks Kalyani to come with him. Kalyani asks what will he do, if he will arrest her? Atharv gets scared and injures his hand.

Kalyani gets worried and tears her saree pallu, and ties on his hand. Malhar asks her to come with him. Kalyani says you always wanted us not to unite, but we will stay together. She then asks Atharv to take care of himself and call her at anytime. Atharv says she has gone mad. He closes the door just as Kalyani and Malhar leaves. Atharv thinks what happened to Kalyani, why did she shower so much love on me suddenly…..Malhar takes Kalyani to the room and asks what were you doing in Atharv’s room. Kalyani says why will I go to Atharv’s room.

Malhar shows that she tore the saree and tied on Atharv’s injured hand. He asks why did you wear this saree? Kalyani is shocked and tells that she didn’t wear Sampada’s saree. She gets thinking.Malhar asking Kalyani how did she wear this saree and tells that it was worn by Sampada at the time of death. Kalyani says she didn’t wear this saree and tells that she was sleeping here, why will she go to Atharv’s room. Malhar asks her to change her saree first. Kalyani thinks why this is happening with me, why will I go to Atharv’s room. Malhar thinks to show her to Doctor in the morning. Sampda possesses Kalyani’s body. Electricity goes off. Kalyani calls him Malhar. Malhar says Kalyani and looks at her surprisingly. Sampada pushes him on bed and tells that she won’t let him go to night duty.

She opens his button and tries to get closer to him. He pushes her. Sampada goes out. Kalyani asks why I am wearing this nighty and covers her bare legs. She asks did you ask me to wear this? Malhar says why will I tell you. Kalyani says why this is happening with me. Malhar asks her to sleep and massages her head. They sleep. Sampada enters Kalyani again and looks at the cupboard, who has just opened. She smiles and looks at Malhar.Moksh asks Anupriya about his Aai fi. Anupriya says she is fine, but resting now. She goes to attend a call after informing Aao Saheb.

Kalyani comes there and tells Aao Saheb that she would have helped them to do puja. Moksh asks how is your health now? Kalyani says takatak. Moksh says he is fasting for her. Kalyani says parents can keep the fast for the kids, but kids shall just pray for the parents, as God listens to kids prayers. She says she will make something for her. Anupriya makes turmeric milk for Kalyani and tells her that it gives immunity to us. She promotes Tata Sampann masalas.Pandit ji comes to Aao Saheb and gives her holy water. Aao Saheb asks Godaveri to make the water sprinkle on every corner of the house. She comes to Kalyani’s room and finds her eating chicken. She asks Tai…you are eating chicken on puja day.

Kalyani says she can’t live without non veg and tries to forcefeeds chicken in her mouth. Godaveri runs out scared and brings Anupriya inside. Anupriya finds Kalyani sleeping. Godaveri gets shocked.Malhar still thinks of how to help Kalyani, don’t know what happened with her. He thinks what to do? Moksh comes there and applies tilak to Malhar. He says I will apply tika to Aai fi also, then she will be fine. Malhar says I know and asks him to apply tika to Aai fi. He thinks he can apply tika to her, even when she is sleeping. Sampada/Kalyani wakes up and says no. Moksh applies tika to her. Sampada in Kalyani feels pain. Kalyani feels pain. Moksh comes out and tells Atharv if he can apply tika to him. Atharv takes him in his lap and says I will tell you the secret. He says your real father is…Malhar comes and shouts Atharv. He sends Moksh out. Atharv says it will be entertainment for him.

Malhar warns him to stay away from her son. Aao Saheb asks Malhar to sit and says Puja will begin now. Atharv says you people does puja only, asks if they don’t get bored. He plays music and dances. Moksh tells Malhar that the friend will be sinned for dancing during Puja. Malhar says yes. Pandit ji asks them to stand together for the puja. Everyone stands and does Aarti one by one. Maurya bhajan plays…Sampada/Kalyani shouts asking them to stop. Sarthak comes to Kalyani’s room seeing her shouting. Kalyani pushes him, crawls and is about to jump down. Sarthak tries to stop her, but she pushes him. She jumps down the balcony and sits in the jeep. She asks where are the keys? Sarthak asks how will you drive in this condition. Kalyani lifts the jeep shocking Sarthak and looks angrily at him. Sarthak shouts Malhar…

Sarthak getting shocked seeing Kalyani lifting the jeep. He shouts Malhar’s name. Kalyani looks at him angrily and keeps the jeep back, faints. Malhar and Anupriya come out and see her unconscious. He asks what happened to her? Sarthak tells everything whatever he has seen. Malhar, Aao Saheb, and others are shocked. Anupriya tells Sarthak to stop lying and says he is with Atharv, so that we lose the case. Sarthak says I am not lying, I have seen with my eyes, that she lifted the jeep with her hands. He says Kalyani is not fine. Atharv smiles.

Malhar takes Kalyani to the room and thinks to bring BP Monitor to check her BP. Moksh comes to Kalyani and asks her to get up. He sprinkles water on her face. Kalyani/Sampada opens her eyes, Moksh hugs her. Kalyani pushes him and says Kalyani is not your Aai, don’t call her Aai. Moksh goes running from there crying. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani, why did Moksh cry and go from here? Kalyani says she has lost from Atharv and that’s why trying to distance with Moksh. Aao Saheb tells that Atharv has kept a condition before me and tells that he asked me to transfer Nal Emporium on his name. She says I know you will not agree, as it is your Aai’s business. Sampada/Kalyani asks her to give Nal Emporium to Atharv so that they can get back Moksh. Aao Saheb agrees. Sampada/Kalyani hugs her and smirks, when the cupboard opens.

Pandit ji and Godaveri find all the flower getting dried in just 30 mins. Godaveri says if this happened due to Tai. Anupriya scolds her and asks why is she blaming Kalyani. Moksh comes there and hugs Malhar, tells her that Aai fi scolded him and said that she is not his Aai fi. Malhar is shocked. Anupriya comes to Sampada/Kalyani and asks her how is she? She hugs her. Just then Sampada goes out from her body. Kalyani asks what happened Aai, why are you stressed? She asks if Malhar ji is fine. Malhar comes there. Anupriya asks her to rest. Malhar checks Kalyani’s BP. Kalyani asks what happened? She says she don’t remember anything. Malhar says everything is fine. Pandit ji gives lemon to Godaveri and asks her to ask Aao Saheb to keep it beneath Kalyani’s pillow, and it changes color then something is wrong.

Sarthak hears them and says though he didn’t believe on all these things, but he is forced to believe after seeing how Kalyani jumped off from the window etc…Malhar asks Inspector Suraj to check for Atharv’s activities, as they can’t open new case now. Atharv comes there, laughs at Malhar and goes. Anupriya brings Kalyani to her cabin. Kalyani says whose cabin is this? Anupriya says this is my cabin. Kalyani gets happy and says I am really proud of you. She says you deserve this chair. Atharv comes there and pulls the chair, and sits on it. Kalyani asks what is this misbehavior? Atharv tells that his cabin, chair and Nal Emporium is his now. He shows the papers to Kalyani.

Aao Saheb comes there. Kalyani questions her. Aao Saheb says Atharv had kept condition infront of me and when I told you, you requested me to give Nal Emporium to him. Kalyani says what is happening, why will I ask you to give Nal Emporium to him. She says Atharv is not trustable. Atharv says she is right, he will not leave Moksh. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to remember. Kalyani says you should have talked to me once, I wouldn’t have let you do this mistake. Kalyani goes. Atharv asks Anupriya to send Kalyani to mental asylum. He says you people had sent me to mental asylum. Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that she can’t believe why Kalyani refused to her sayings and you are not believing me. Anupriya says don’t know what to do.

They see a girl dancing on the jeep while some guys are dancing down on the song burj Khalifa Anupriya and Aao Saheb look at them dancing and asks them to stop dancing. They get shocked seeing Kalyani dancing. Kalyani asks the boys to make the music louder. Atharv comes there and dances with Kalyani. He says her madness made my night colorful. Anupriya makes Kalyani down and is about to throw the bottle. Atharv takes it and says it is imported. Anupriya asks what did you do with her? Anupriya says you are someone’s wife, mother and Deshmukh’s daughter. Kalyani says did you let me be a mother…She pushes Anupriya. Atharv is shocked. Aao Saheb and Anupriya bring her to the room.

Anupriya says I will change her clothes. She opens the cupboard and finds Sampada’s clothes inside. She says when she had eloped with Atharv, her clothes was in our old house. She asks how did they come here? Aao Saheb asks her not to touch them and takes Anupriya out. She tells her that since Sampada died, strange things are happening with Kalyani. Anupriya asks what do you want to say? Aao Saheb says Kalyani has Sampada’s soul in her.

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