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I do 18 February 2022: As he is at whispering distance from her ear, and her heart is throbbing badly, thinking what does he want. He says that he wants her to sleep in peace for the whole night. zoya is surprised and overwhelmed too hearing this.

Asad asks if she would be able to fulfill this wish, as they arent allowed to be in the same room, before marriage. zoya says that she can do anything, and this is practically nothing. she assures him that she would fulfill this duty.

When zoya sleeps, she’s thinking about asad’s wish. She has an idea, and thinks that his first wish is about to be fulfilled. Asad too is sleeping restlessly, thinking about zoya’s statements. zoya pings asad on his laptop, and wakes him up. She teasingly asks him not to wear a scowl and smile always. He asks her to shut up and her childish pranks and drift off to sleep. as she does so, asad gazes at her sleeping, through his laptop. (MITWA MOMENT) he gets very emotional thinking about his romantic moments with her.

The next morning, dilshad is confused that asad is drinking coffee after coffee and he still feels sleepy, and asks if he didnt have any sleep at all. zoya teases him saying that he must have been watching internet movies, whose beautiful heroine didnt let her sleep all night. But dilshad says that maybe he saw a horror movie, and the horrid heroine didnt let him sleep. asad is amused while zoya is pouty, and asks dilshad not to say that, and confuses her. Zoya continues the teasing, but asad stops her saying that he couldnt sleep because of zoya. Now its zoya’s turn to fumble. Dilshad is surprised.

Asad says that he couldnt sleep because zoya kept him watching her all night. Dilshad is all the more confused. Asad clarifies that zoya had persistently asked him to see her college album and he obliged. Asad says that when he saw the album, he found that zoya was a fatty in college. Zoya reprimands him for calling her fat, which she had instructed never to do. dilshad is amused to see them fight.

Zoya says that she was the captain of three games in her college. Asad asks which games, and teases her if Ludo, chess were one of them. Dilshad excuses herself not to get into it. Zoya also begins to go, but asad holds her hand.(MITWA MOMENT) She expresses her anger. But asad says that he just wants to say one thing, that the last night was the most beautiful night of his life. (MITWA MOMENT) Their trance is broken by a doorbell. Zoya says that they finally came. Asad asks who came.

Zoya says that they met nazma’s classmate in eid function, and have called him home with his family. Asad asks why. She says that they found him to be a good groom for nazma. Asad is angry that he wasnt told about his own sister’s propsective groom. But zoya asks him to relax. moreover he gets on a barrage of questions about the family and the guy’s background. Zoya asks him to relax and help her set the room. he complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia is brought by her family to a place like a factory, where she is supposed to work, as her punishment. Rashid asks them to take her away. Razia is distraught and says that she accepts her heinous crimje, but she’s family after all. Rashid says thats why she cant bear to be with her family. Razia turns to shirin, but she too snubs her saying that she has to be punished for what she did. They drag her away, while she shouts helplessly.

Razia is taken to a room where she starts sneezing voraciously, seeing the spices being powdered. She says that she has all alergy to it, and cant do this. But the warden reprimands her for coming down her high horse and start working. razia asks her not to talk like that. the warden says that she better learn how to behave before she makes live hell for her here. Razia asks why would she stay here all life. The warden smirks and says that her family has sent her here with the court orders, and that she has to work and stay here all her life.She is shocked, and distraught when they strip her off the jewellery.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Shirin and rashid lament at the fact that badi bi was hurt so badly, and didnt receive any medical help uptil now. Rashid blames himself for it, for trusting razia. They come across mamujaan. mamujaan comes and says that he’s sorry for badi bi’s condition and apologises for razia. rashid curtly says that its her will power that made her survive, and finally eid brought in truth dismantling all the layers of lies. Shirin however is distracted and surprised to see ayan coming with humaira, who’s in a shocked state. They are all surprised and concerned to see them like this.

Ayan says that he didnt do it intentionally, and explains how and why he spilled out the truth, and admits his mistake. read full updates daily with pictures only at desitvbox.com Nikhat comesz and tells mamu that there’s no improvement and she’s just liek she was. She says that she has put her to sleep. Mamu asks why did ayan do something like this, that would cause her stress and tense her mind. shriin comes and defends that he actually saved her, and he is not to be blames. But mamu says that he agrees to that, but he was also rash in telling her the truth. Rashid says that ayan shouldnt be blamed for this. Mamu says that there’s nothing left for his life, and if thats broken too, then how and why would he survive.

Mamu says that when razia was guilty, they decided to punsih her. Mamujaan says that now that ayan has made the mistake, and he also should face the punishment, just like razia. He says that due to ayan, she left the house and met with an accident in the first place. They again try to defend ayan but mamujaan says that he would have to pay for this mistake by losing his daughter. shirin tries to calm him down. But he stops her. He says that if humaira’s condition doesnt improve by tomorrow morning, then he would be worst person for ayan. all are tensed. Mamu leaves. all are tensed.

Later, the doctor leaves asking mamu to take special care of her. After he’s gone, shirin asks what the doctor said. He says that humaira’s condition would be known only after she wakes up, and they shall knwo then what conditon she wakes up in. He leaves dejectedly. Ayan tries to clarify why he did what he did. But rashid says that the Lord watches everything, and helps those who are good willed, and assures him that humaira would be alright and her memory would be back. ayan asks what if thats not the case, and she wakes up worse than before.

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is shocked when she again wakes up as Rajni, asking insistently for her husband, Vikram and accusing him of deliberately keeping her away from her husband. she wants to go out, but he stops her, an d gets a slap in return. The slap awakens him from his dream, and he realises that he had been imagining all along, while sitting by humaira’s bedside. He urges her desperately to get up, and be forever mad at him, if she wants to, but get up, at an y cost. He breaks into tears, and rushes out. Shirin sees him from a distance.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s and Imran’s residence
nazma expresses her scare of coming and seeing him, to imran, on the phone and wonders what if asad got to know about it. He asks her not to worry

as he would come to ask for her hand from her family. She expresses her tense state and says that they shouldnt sideline nikhat like this, and should talk to her first. He assures her that he would talk to her when the time is right, and that she would understand too. He asks her if she can promise that she would be by her side, this time, and not leave her strended, come what may. But before she can answer, zoya comes in hurriedly asking her to get dressed, and since there’s no time, she just asks for a dupatta and earring change. while nazma is tensed, zoya is super excited to get her dressed. nazma irritatedly asks whats the occassion. zoya says that its a surprise and asks her to dress up and come down. Nazma is tensed.

Imran tunrs around to find tanveer in his room. he is shocked and asks how did she come here. tanveer goes into an imitation of Imran’s appeal to nazma, and says that she feels pity for him, as she had heard that love made people mad, but not beggars. She says that how he had pined for nazma, when they were together, and she had tried her best to get him, but later found out that he wasnt very rich and then left him. But she found out about his child, and decided to blackmail him for this. She says that he’s born with a silver spoon to have nazma, then her and then nikhat.

imran is angry and then goes on to reiterate that he wont give her any penny. She says that then tanveer would go to nazma and tell everything. Imran says that he wont and cant do anything, as she doesnt know nazma. She smirks at his naivety and tells her about the entire evil plan that she had concocted for them. He is shocked. She asks him to understand that if they get to know that tanveer is carrying the child of nazma’s propsective groom, they would call the relation off. She pretends to leave, having said that. But he stops her and gives her a pile of money. she thanks happily, and says that he isnt as dumb as he seems.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Shirin remembers mamujaan’s distress and then also the fact that razia used to give some medicines to humaira that she was destined to take all her life. Razia had also said that she comes to conscious when giving two doses, but asks her to let be and not use it if not extreme circumstances. She asks her to let be. shirinm remembers this and wonders what to do, as she is in unconscious state, and this may be the right time to give it. Nikhat finds her tensed and asks whats the matter. shriin asks about those medicines, and is told that Humaira keeps them in her dressing table drawer. Nikhat asks her why is she asking. But she goes on to send her off, saying that she would join her in some time. she heads for humaira’s room.

Shirin finds and eyes the medicine, and thinks what if something happens to humaira after administering the medicine. She is at a cross roads and cant come to a descision. Ayan startles her by asking what is she doing here. she says that she had come here to check if she’s awake. ayan asks her to go and relax as they have no other option, when shirin asks what if she doesnt wake up. She leaves resignedly. ayan eyes humaira caresingly and caresses her cheeks rememebering his moments with her, as Rajni and Humaira.

Rashid and shirin togteher encourage badi bi to walk, all the while supporting her and assuring that she would be alright very soon. Shirin says that now they should let badi bi rest, as she wont be able to walk. They seat her down. shirin asks her to eat, but she refuses. when she coaxes her to eat, half of it spills out. But shirin continues with her efforts. rashid is distraught to see this. He says that God gives 100 to the person who gives one. Rashid is emotional seeing the condition that razia has rendered Badi bi in, and curses razia for going through a hundred times worse fate than she has given pain to badi bi. Meanwhile, as if to fulfill his wishes, razia is treated like a slave, and in beggarlike condition. Razia is distraught as she sits in a communal meal, but is disgusted at even the sight of it.

She tries to get up, but finds that she has been chianed. Razia asks why this has been done. the warden tells her that her behaviour begetted this, and this is like a jail, where she has been put. She mercilessly throws a blanket on her, and asks her to get some sleep, as she has lots to do tomorrow. As she leaves, razia says that she wont spare anyone, who put her through this. She thinks that once she’s out, she would have her revenge. she resigns herself to sleep on the hard floor, all the while wailing.

Location: Asad’s residence
Asad and dilshad are talking to the groom and his family. They take a backlground of the person, who’s also a civil engineer. zoya asks her to come, grinning, so that she is liked by the groom’s parents. zoya expresses her plan to nazma about the propective marriage of nazma and her childhood friend. His mother excitedly asks nazma to sit down beside her. they all engage in a family banter. Nazma is tensed. She goes on a rant of how much she likes nazma and her beauty. They go on as how their families are related by long distance. Asad and his family start getting bored with her over rant. She doesnt even let dilshad speak. asad asks if any relative of hers is in new york, just to tease zoya.

They get into their own eye dialogues, while the mother is unstoppable. She finally says that she accepts nazma as her bahu. dilshad asks if she is finally allowed to speak. When she gives consent, dilshad says that they should ask faisal too, but his mother speaks on his behalf, that she consents for him. Nazma is super tensed now. After having met the prospective groom and his family, dilshad proposes to ask about nazma’s opinion too. Asad too asks her to speak without feeling scared. he and asad ask her to take her time, before coming to a descision. Faisal’s mother says that obviously nazma would say yes, as she lieks faisal. Nazma remembers her conversation with imran and his emotionally dishevelled state.

They ask her. she irritatedly tells them that she doesnt want to get married, and leaves. They all are shocked, while zoya has an uncertain doubt and scare about nazma.

In her room, nazma is distraught and collapses on the bed, thinking about the recent turn of events in her life, and breaks into tears. zoya enters into her room, and finds her like that. She faces her and calms her down, anmd asks her why’s she crying, and that noone’s forcing faisal’s relation on her. She asks nazma if she’s crying for the person that she once loved. Zoya apologises for springing faisal on her so sudden, and that she thought she has goten over her first love by now. she says that she has been seeing this change in her for some time and asks her to say it out loud, as to whats bothering her, as she cant see nazma like this.

Nazma tells about her meeting with imran. zoya says that she should have told. Nazma says that she was uncertain about asad’s reaction. Zoya tells her that asad loves her, and wont force her to marry. she asks her to go and talk and everything would be sorted out. She says that she would go and talk to asad herself, if she is scared. Just then, Asad comes in angry at nazma as to what kind of a rudeness is that. Nazma is very tensed and scared. He locks the dor, and asks why nazma did this. zoya comes to her defence and asks him not to be angry. He says that he isnt angry but just wants to know why she did this. He says that they wouldnt have forced her to marry him, then why the rudeness to a guest like that, and such ill mannered behaviour.

Zoya says that nazma did this because she loves someone else. Asad is shocked. He asks why didnt she confess to dilshad or him. Asad asks who is that guy. Nazma says that its imran. zoya is tensed about whats going to follow. Asad asks if he knows this person. Nazma says yes and tells about imran’s identity, as Nikhat’s ex fiancee. Zoya and asad are shocked to hear nazma talk about imran. She goes on to tell about their love story and her concern of asad not liking that, and that being the reasonj for their breakup. She says that she would have forgotten him, if he didnt meet her after 3 years. Asad tells her that he’s nikhat’s fiancee. She tells him about their break up, and asad is surprised to hear about that. He asks if the engagement broke off due to her.

she tells him about  Asad says that he was so sorry that he came rushing back to her. But she defends imran, saying that she lef6gt him and haseena fixed his relation, and he would have done it but nikhat broke it off. zoya asks her to calm down, and tells asad that there’s no fault in meeting him, as everything is clear now. asad says that nikhat too is his sister, and taking care of her is also his responsibility. He says that he would talk to nikhat before doing anything.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
On the other hand, imran is equally tensed when haseena shows his photos of girls for one to be selected by imran. He says that he isnt ready yet. haseenma asks him to get serious and decide one. imran says that he has a girl in mind. Haseena excitedly asks him to tell, but he leaves in a tensed state.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Nikhat confesses to ayan, that she loves imran and says that she knows that this would hurt him, but she cant help it. Ayan says that love knows no bounds and he understands that, but as a brother its his duty to tell her that the time has come to forget

she tells ayan about their meet at the eid celebration, and that imran was rightfully angry at her, justifying that he felt bad for hs mother’s insult. Ayan tries to make her see the other side, that imran should have done the responsibilities that he was responsible for. But nikhat again defends him saying that he has the guts to be brave for what he believes in, but couldnt muster his courage for her. she says that imran would come back, and she’s sure of that.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Asad tells nazma that had she told him three years back, this wouldnt have happened. He tells her that he may be her brother and concerned for her happiness, but its for her to decide who she’s happy with. Asad says that only she would decide that who’s going to be her husband, and if imran is meant to be, she would get married to him. She hugs asad in an overwhelmed emotion. Zoya smiles at him. Ayan too iterates the same thing, that if imran is in her destiny, then god willing, he would be with her. She too hugs ayan tightly. The screen freezes on the brother sister duo.

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