How do I say this June 2023 teasers

How Do I Say This June teasers 2023.

Thursday 1st June 2023
When Radhika tries to come close to Karna, he says that there is nothing left in their relationship. When Radhika has an allergic reaction after eating food, Karna tries to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Payel tries to get back at the Sens.

Friday 2nd June 2023
When Radhika tries to go close to Karna, he snaps. Payel tries to make Adinath sign the property papers and transfer it in their name. Payel and Arghya tactfully make Adinath sign the property papers. Radhika becomes super jealous of the other woman in Karna’s life till she realises it was Moni.

Saturday 3rd June 2023
Karna reaches office at the nick of the time and saves Radhika from being harmed by Joy. Radhika and Karna encourage Moni to join Partho’s business. Later, Radhika gets a chocolate cake for Karna. Meanwhile, Payel, Joy and Sonali get busy in their conspiracy.

Sunday 4th June 2023
Karna gets a note from Radhika. She surprises him by showing him the memories they have together. Karna fails to find the ring he had kept in the cupboard. Later, Karna gets a call from Joy when he doesn’t find Radhika anywhere.

Monday 5th June 2023
Karna calls up Moni and asks her to look after Babli. Later, Karna reaches to rescue Radhika, but Joy has already shifted her to another location by then. Meanwhile, Karna and Radhika both miss each other and blame themselves for their misery. Later, seeing Joy asleep, Radhika plans to escape.

Tuesday 6th June 2023
Radhika unties herself and tries to flee, but Joy catches her. She intelligently shares her location with Karna. Karna rescues Radhika from drowning and brings her back to consciousness. When Joy tries to hit Karna, Radhika kills him by pushing him into the water. Payel captures this video and blackmails Karna.

Wednesday 7th June 2023
Payel sets a condition for Karna. She suggests she would send Radhika to jail if he does not marry her sister, Trisha. With a heavy heart, Karna agrees to the condition and leaves Radhika at Moni’s place. Moni raises Radhika’s morale when she misses Karna. She suggests her to call him. Karna shares Payel’s truth with Radhika.

Thursday 8th June 2023
Karna’s father is shocked upon learning how Argo fooled him into signing his property papers. Argo and Payel reveal how they conspired against them. Radhika enters Karna’s house disguised as a nurse. Meanwhile, Payel plans to make Karna and Trisha bond and brings a priest to fix their wedding date.

Friday 9th June 2023
Radhika spills water on Trisha’s wedding card. Karna reveals to Radhika that he has recognised her. Thereafter, they share a moment together in his room. When Argo claims to Radhika of him being the highest authority of Sen Company, Trisha riles up and states that Karna is more deserving.

Saturday 10th June 2023
Sonali makes her way into the Sen house with Bably under false pretence. Karna and Radhika grow suspicious of her. Joy spies on Karna by making Sonali install a web camera. Meanwhile, when Trisha fails to fetch Karna’s property papers from Payel, Karna plans to execute his new idea at Trisha’s pre-engagement dinner.

Sunday 11th June 2023
When Rosy, who is Radhika, and Karna get locked in the bedroom, Payel and Trisha grow suspicious of their relation. while Karna and Radhika plan on deceiving Sonali, Joy spies on them through a web camera.

Monday 12th June 2023
Rosy, who is Radhika, gets Sonali and Trisha drunk by serving them milk spiked with pills given by Karna. Thereafter, she and Karna try to fetch information about Joy and the property papers from Sonali. Payel gets shocked upon seeing Trisha and Sonali’s inebriated state. She accuses Rosy, who is Radhika.

Tuesday 13th June 2023
During the engagement, Trisha forces Karna to make her wear the ring that he’d bought for Radhika. Karna tries to escape but she leaves him with no choice. Karna’s mother faints and the family calls Rosy. Karna and Radhika learn that Anuradha pretended to faint to buy them some time. They plot against Payel to get back their property papers.


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