Happy Hearts update Wednesday 16 February 2022


Happy Hearts 16 February 2022: The Episode starts with Mr. Grover giving Happy a chance because of her honesty. She says you have to give presentation to Anaya, its not easy to please her, if you do, this project is yours. She says we will do it. They leave. She asks Rocky to have Chole. Rocky says this isn’t any business. She says client is Lord, this is rule in business, people can work together only by trust, else everything is over. Rocky says fine, wait. Happy says we still have a chance, we will work hard and then keep local dishes to please Anaya.

They eat snacks. She says I will tell Grover that just you will plan this. He says stop, find you can help. He goes to get lassi. She says I will do everything as I want. She comes home and tells about Rocky. Sandhya smiles. Happy asks Smiley to help her. Smiley agrees. Rocky says Happy spoiled the things, I handled it, don’t worry. Everyone gets glad. Simmi jokes that he is lying. Biji praises Rocky. He boasts of himself. Happy and Rocky meet again, and argue, finding their ideas nonsense. Smiley looks on.

Smiley gives them some good ideas. Sania comes to talk to Rocky. Happy and Rocky like Smiley’s idea. Sania looks on. Rocky says party will be a hit. Happy says Grover will finance in our hotel after this party. Sania goes home. She cries and tells Bhatia how Rocky has forgotten her. Bhatia says you are right, why do you bother, he is a bad guy, we tried to help him but he didn’t listen, he is ungrateful, forget him. She says no, I will spoil their plan. He says you know I can do anything for you, I will not let Rocky and Happy meet anyone, I give you my word.Rocky and Happy make plans for decorations and romantic setting. Smiley asks them to stop fighting, how will they work together. Simmi comes and asks who did this. They name each other. Rocky says I m the boss of all. Happy says I can handle the bad guys. Smiley asks them to calculate the budget, how will they money.

Rocky and Happy try to work out on budget. Happy asks did you sell your bike. Rocky says yes, Chintu used to ask us to mourn for such thing which can’t come back, bike will come again, why is there such a silence, lets finish our work. Smiley asks them to take her savings also. Happy says thanks, I will go and buy all the things. Simmi asks them to come and have food first. Rocky asks Happy to sit. They dine together.They return for work. Happy calls Rocky. She says now I have to clean everything. She can’t find a cab. Sania passes by and hits Happy by her car. Happy meets with an accident. Smiley cleans the place. She says now we will have our urban fair here. Rocky asks where is Happy, she isn’t answering. Happy comes home injured and says sorry, I couldn’t get all the things. Rocky says come with me to hospital. Happy says I m fine, I didn’t see the driver’s face, I couldn’t see if the driver was guy or girl. Rocky says maybe it was a guy. He does her aid.

Happy looks at him. He says lets get back to work. She says its just a little wound, I can work. Sania says I wanted to run the car over Happy. Bhatia says don’t do this. Sania gets angry on Rocky. Bhatia smilesSania seeking Rocky. She says I will not let them complete the event. Rocky gets angry on Bhatia. Happy stops him from going. She sits on his jeep. He asks her to get down. She says you get mad on small things, you get blank in anger. He says I have to teach a lesson to Bhatia. She stops him and falls in his arms. Hamdam mere…..plays….She asks him to just relax. Happy talks to her friend Kajal. She says I m stuck somewhere, I will talk to you later. Kajal says I m missing you a lot, we didn’t know how time used to fly. Happy asks her to meet her at the cafe and get all the gang. Kajal asks really, I will be there soon. Happy calls Smiley and says we have to go to cafe, we got a solution, I will tell you how work happens without contractor. Ranveer asks Anaya to not take tension. He introduces his friends. She rushes for work. Ranveer says pretending to be a good boy is so sick. He drinks.

He says I lied to everyone that I passed the exams, lets go and chill, we will check out Anaya’s birthday party event. He drives rashly. Rocky gets angry and takes a turn. He shouts to Ranveer. Happy says Chintu’s project is very imp, leave it, you have done the same with me before. He recalls his mistake. He says you went to complaint about me to police. Happy says if you do wrong, shall I not do anything wrong, focus on project now. They reach the cafe. Happy meets her friends and sisters, and says Bhatia is troubling us and we didn’t get any contractor, we can pull off this event. Kajal says but theme is tough, how will we manage. Rocky looks on. Happy says it was impossible that Rocky and I would work together, we are here together, we are working really hard to fulfill Chintu’s dream, Rocky is working hard on this project. Rocky apologizes to them. Simmi and Guggi also join them. Rocky says they can’t help us. Happy says I didn’t ask them to find job at other place. They are just helping us, they got us this project and did the theme set up. He says dad won’t agree. She says you are going to persuade him. He says dad will never listen to me. She asks him to try once.

Rocky asks Kulwant to listen to him once. Kulwant refuses. Rocky explains him. Kulwant says I m against it. Rocky says I m not asking them to do job, no contractor is ready to work with us, Happy’s cousins are coming to help, if our family women come to help in event. Madhu and Biji refuse. Rocky says everyone says I m egoistic, what are you all, can’t you forget this, ignore Happy, I m doing this to fulfill Chintu’s dream, dad just do this for Chintu, would you refuse to him. Kulwant says fine, do it, this will be the first and last time. They smile.

Rocky, Simmi and Guggi leave. Kulwant says I m doing this for Chintu. Happy and gang start preparing the place. Rocky and Happy collide. They get sad seeing Chintu’s fav wall. Happy shows the fountain and says this is main attraction, water also comes in it. She says there is no water in it. Rocky says maybe valve is off. Happy switches on the valve. Rocky says now it will be fun. He jokes on Happy. Happy gets tired trying it and asks Rocky to open the valve. He says I have to make an entry in hero style. The fountain starts. Rocky and Happy have a moment. Everyone smiles. Ishq ki saazishein…..plays…. They have a moment. Biji looks on and gets shocked. She asks Madhu to come fast and see what’s going on. Rocky and Happy see Biji and Madhu staring.

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