Guddan zee world update Monday 14 November 2022


Guddan 14 November 2022: AJ says I will speak to Durga. guddan says no no I will handle it myself as her MIL.Saru says durga you made a mistake. Dadi comes and says durga hit me too. Durgaa says what are you saying. Laxmi says you stooped so low. Shantani says a man is known by what is perceives right or wrong. You tried slapping guddan was that right or wrong?Durga comes to hall. she says to Guddan what I did was extremely wrong. Please forgive me. Guddan says I can’t forgive you. Guddan hugs her. She says no sorry and thank you in friendship. A friend only shows other right path.

Scene 2
Durga wakes up kidnapped in store. Someone pours petrols on her. Durga is scared. Laxmi wakes up to get water. The woman is store lights it. Laxmi says where is this smell coming from. Laxmi sees Durga is store and a woman running. She screams. Everyone comes. AJ and Kishor take Durga out of fire.Guddan gives Durga water. Durga says guddan tried killing me. SHe came there. Guddan says what are you saying. Durga says why did you do this. I made a mistake so you were taking revenge. AJ says you can’t accuse her. Do you have a proof. durga says Laxmi you saw her. Tell everyone. Duga says you wont say it right? I will show the proof to everyone.

Laxmi says I found this bangle where is the woman was running from. Guddan says my bangle. Laxmi says I dont know how it got there. Shantai says AJ now you see how Guddan is. She tried killing Guddan. She took revenge for her insult. AJ says I trust Guddan. AJ says Guddan is my wife and this house’s MIL. sHe can never do that. AJ says if anyone dares accusing my wife without proof again I will be at my worst. He holds her hand and takes her to room. AJ breaks a vase in anger. He says what is wrong with Durga. He says I am with you in everything. Guddan cries.AJ says to Guddan your friend is with you. I am sorry. Guddan says please. AJ says I know they are only accusing you. Guddan says you have always stood by me. You taught me how to fight and I know how to win this one without letting my family break as well.

Police comes to the house. Inspector says your wife tried burning Durga. Aj says she is fine. Who complained? Kishor says I complaine. Durga was burned with plan. Her life is in danger. AJ says Guddan can never do this. Durga says Laxmi saw the ring there. AJ says don’t say things without thinkning. Durga says if you can stand with me Kishor can stand with me too. Since you are Aj.. durga asks Kishor to take complaint back.Durga says to withdraw the complaint I will leave this house. Gudddan says you can never do that. I wont let you go. AJ says let her go if she wants to. Vardan says if you don’t trust Durga I will leave too. Guddan says but.. AJ says we wont stop them today. dadi says AJ i know they are lying. Please stop them.

AJ says I wont stop anyone. Whoever wants to leave can. Saru says I will leave too then. My husband is abroad anyway. Guddan says please listen.. They step out of the house. Guddan says stop. Guddan says please stop. Guddan says i can’t let you all leave this house. AJ says guddan what are yu doing. She says if someone has to leave this house it will be me. Shantani says finally you realized you are root cause of all problems. AJ says you don’t have to. Guddan says dont stop me.Guddan packs her bag. AJ says there is not your mistake. Guddan says as MIL I can’t let my DIL go out of this house. AJ says you can’t do all this. She says I have to. Guddan steps out of the room in tears.

Her saree gets stuck in AJ’s watch. Guddan says I thought you are trying to stop once again.Guddan meets dadi. Shantani says you finally realized your true place. AJ says stop. AJ says if guddan leave this house I will leave with her too.Guddan meets dadi. Dadi says I will be so alone without you. What will I do. Please don’t go. Guddan says I am always with you. I will call you every day and remind you of your meds. Laxmi says forgive me. Gudan says I am glad you are standing and you said what you saw. I trust you. Laxmi hugs her. Shantani says I am glad you found your right place Guddan Gupta. Stay happy. Guddan is leaving. AJ comes and says stop. AJ says if Guddan promised she will leave this house I respect that. But she wont go alone. I will go with her. Guddan says you can’t come with me. People and this house need you. Guddan puts his hand on her head and says tell me you are not coming. AJ is silent. Guddan leaves. Guddan says bua ji everything is happening like you wanted. Guddan Gupta is

leaving the house. AJ says because of you an innocent has to leave this house. I promise until I prove her innocent.. I wont enter my room. She has right on this house as much as I do.AJ walks in the garden. Guddan is in rickshaw. Guddan looks at her watch. AJ looks at his watch and says come back Guddan. Guddan says I will come back AJ. I can’t stay away from my friend either.Saru says do you think Guddan can come back? Durga says she should have been in jail. Saru says are you sure she did it? Durga puts her hand on stove. Saru screams. She says everyone has accepted. You better accept too.

Scene 2
Revati says how can they accuse you of such a big thing. Kaushliay says if it wasn’t your mistake why did you leave. Guddan says I had to. Guddan says i am going to take a huge step. I would need your blessings. Kaushaliya says what? Guddan says I will tell on right time.Shantani says to dadi come do the arti. She says my heart doesn’t want to. Shantani asks laxmi to bring AJ. SHe says Aj said no. Guddan says because arti isn’t comeplete without wife. Guddan comes in a typical saas attire. There are drummers with her. Guddan says I am back. Saru says Durga what I told you. Guddan says welcome your MIL. Shantani says you lost that right when you left the house. Guddan says I know you are confused. guddan says Guddan Gupta left. But Guddan Jindal is back.

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