Guddan Zee world update Friday 6 January 2023

Guddan 6 January 2023: AJ is getting ready. Guddan says should I help? AJ says no thank you. Guddan touches his feet. He says what are you doing? Guddan says give me blessings that I win this competition and prove that I love my daughter. AJ says love isn’t shown in competition. You weren’t there when she needed you the most.

What’s the point? I don’t want any stain on our family name. I don’t want our personal matters to be discussed in front of everyone. Please don’t do this overdramatic acting. It won’t get you anything. He leaves. Guddan says he is being mad as if I am 40 years old experienced mother. It isn’t my fault. I will win this competition and show everyone I am the best mom.

Scene 2
Everyone comes to the competition. Dadi says motherhood isn’t a competition. Asmita comes there. She meets everyone. Asmita says this is my daughter Krishi. Guddan says this is my daughter Alisha. Krishi says we will defeat you in the competition. AJ says it’s going to be tough. Guddan says we don’t lose. Krishi says you’re challenging us? Guddan laughs.

Chahat says mama why are we here? Nandani says the best mom and daughter have to win this. Chahat says but we are the best. Nandani says we have to show Guddan and Asmita. Nandani says where is Perv? I have to make my plan succeed. Perv comes there disguised as a Sikh. Nandani says can’t you see? He says I am Perv. I am home for everyone else so I am not blamed. Nandani tells him the plan. She says Asmita and guddan both would be defeated. Perv says life is exciting finally. Someone calls Perv. He says don’t worry boss. Guddan won’t win today. Durga is on the other side. Durga says I have to stop Guddan and show she is wrong. If she can’t be a good mother in real life, she doesn’t deserve to win this competition. I won’t let Guddan be unfair to the daughter of this house even if I have to be with Perv.

Scene 3
The competition starts. The host says this is the biggest competition in the country. I would ask AJ’s mother to come on stage and inaugurate the competition with the minister. Dadi lights the candle. Dadi says for every mother, and for every daughter they are special. But we have to find the best one today. I wish you all the very best. The host says we are about to start our first round. AJ says to Guddan all the best. He says I know there are problems between us. But I really love you and will always do. Guddan says your love gives me strength. He says Guddan you can do anything. Guddan says thank you.

Dadi says you keep fighting with her but ou can’t live without her. AJ says I try. I can’t see her losing. Dadi says I am scared. Alisha might try to lose the competition on purpose. AJ says she is my daughter. I have all faith in her.
Krishi says to Asmita why are you scared? Asmita says I am not. Shan says I respect you all that you do for Krishi. He says all the best. Shan holds her hand. Asmita says thanks. She says in heart, soon you will hold my hand forever.First-round starts. Asmita and Krishi come on stage and dance Mayan ya shoda. Nandani says to Perv, their performance is over. Asmita would be getting ready for solo performance. Krishi must be alone. This is the right time to end her life.

The host says Alisha and Guddan would come on stage now. Guddan and Alisha dance on Mai ne Mai.Krishi is alone on backstage. Perv kidnaps her. She screams. Perv says I have to do this.The host says in the second round, the mothers will give a solo performance. AJ says Alisha you did so well. You worked so hard. Laxmi says you will win for sure.Asmita asks Guddan have you seen Krishi? I am really scared. Asmita says don’t worry. We will find her. Nandani says no one will find this Krishi here. Now let’s kidnap the other one, Alisha.

Revati calls Alisha and says where is Perv? She says why would I know? I don’t have time for you I have to make Guddan lose. Revati says we are together. Alisha says I have to make that Guddan suffer and take revenge of my mom’s death. Durga hears everything. Revati says we are all helping. Alisha says I did all that alone. You didn’t do anything. I falsely accused Vikrant in the molestation case. Durga hears everything. She is shocked. Durga comes to Alisha. Alisha says you heard everything? Durga says Guddan was right. You lied. Alisha says go tell my dad. He didn’t trust his wife, why would he trust you? Durga says you accused an innocent man of a disgusting crime? She says disgusting is what Guddan did to my mom. Durga says Guddan did right. Alisha says killing someone is right? Go from here and don’t give me a lecture.

Guddan says to AJ Krishi is missing. AJ says what? Shan says what are you saying? Where is my daughter? Asmita says I was backstage. Shan says how could you be so careless? AJ says please calm down. Asmita says I am really scared. AJ says do you have doubt on anyone? Asmita says Nandani. Chahat says my mama didn’t harm anyone. AJ says we are talking here. You stay calm. Shan calls Nandani. Her number is off. Shan says where is mama? Chahat says mama is getting ready for solo performance. Guddan says she is so young. I am so worried. AJ says where is Alisha? Guddan says she must be backstage. AJ says you had to watch out. Laxmi says she went out. AJ says no one stopped her? Alisha’s phone is off. AJ runs out.

Perv tries to calling someone. Nandani says where is your friend? Perv says I am trying. Nandani says by now they must know both girls are missing. Perv calls someone and says come here. These mothers will kill me. Come here fast.
AJ is looking for Alisha everywhere. AJ says Laxmi why didn’t you stop her. Laxmi says she isn’t picking up the phone. AJ says I will call the police. Laxmi says to Durga Krishi and Alisha both are missing. Durga is worried. She says I am sure Perv did this. I have to do something.

Guddan says I feel like Krishi and Alisha are kidnapped. Their earrings are here. Asmita says no they must be around. Asmita throttles Krishi. Her earring falls broken. Asmita says this is how her earring must have broken. Asmita says who would kidnap our daughters?
Perv says they won’t even know our plan is way beyond kidnapping. Nandani says I am sure you did this for money. He says I have much more. Krishi says I want to get rid of this Krishi. Perv says no one will know where they went. Durga is on my side as well. I will blame it all on her. Durga comes there. Perv says I think they’re here.

Perv has called some goons. He says here are the girls. They are both virgins. The man says very well. How much? Perv says 4. He says that’s a lot. Perv says it’s 4 crores only. He nods. He says this is the first time I am seeing a bad policeman like you. Take 5 crores. Nandani says wait a minute. They must all be looking for these girls. You shouldn’t go together. Perv says we can go in two halves. The man says once we pay, no one touches ours. Bring the girls out. Nandani says I feel like this is all risky. Perv says Durga would be blamed for it. I have her fingerprints and name everywhere.

AJ says I have called the police. Guddan says I am really worried. Guddan says I would come with you as well. Perv keeps Krishi in a car. Shan and Asmita are looking for Krishi. They ask a few people have you see Krishi? Nandani says I saw a girl, she took Krishi. Shan says are you involved in all this? She says I still got that shock. I won’t do the same again. Asmita says I want my Krishi back. Shan says come with me. Nandani asks her goons to go. She says I hope Perv took Alisha too.

Alisha is fainted in a suitcase trolly. He walks past Guddan and AJ, they don’t notice. Guddan says I smell Alisha’s perfume. AJ says why would Alisha come here? Guddan says she is around. Perv puts petrol on the floor to reduce perfume’s fragrance. AJ says we can’t waste time here. Let’s go. They leave. Police stop cars to check. Nandani’s car is in the queue. She calls Perv. She says how would I go forward? They’re checking cars here. Perv says let me try doing something. Perv calls AJ and says ask the police to leave. AJ says we can’t risk Alisha’s life. We have to ask the police to leave. AJ calls the inspector and says can you please stop checking the cars? We found Alisha and Krishi. Guddan says how would we find them now? Inspector asks cops to stop checking.

AJ tells Asmita and Shan that he asked the police to leave. He says we can’t involve them. The kidnapper called. Our kids are in danger. Guddan says we have to go there. Guddan says please try to understand. The kidnapper asked mothers to come. Asmita says yes Shan we have to go. AJ says but.. Guddan says we have to go. The host announces the second round is starting. Guddan says we took part for our daughters. Asmita cries and says what happened. Shan says you will take part, AJ says and win too. AJ says if we can’t go with you, we can delay this competition. We will not let you lose. Asmita and Guddan run.

Nandani says to Perv you asked AJ for 6 crores? Perv says this was to distract them. I only want the mothers to suffer. The mothers would come here with money but I will test their motherhood. I will make their daughters suffer in front of them. Nandani leaves.Asmita and Guddan come to the shed. They look for Alisha and Krishi. They see the daughters tied. Asmita says Krishi opens your eyes. Your mother is here. Guddan says Alisha, open your eyes. The goons come there. Perv is hidden. Guddan says here is your money. Let us go now. The goon says the deal is already done. No one will take the girls from us now. Guddan says how dare you. Asmita says you can’t do that. The goon says take the mothers too.

AJ says I hope they’re fine. AJ says on stage you all know me and this is my friend Shan. He says we realized, this is unfair. We should be able to show our affection too. All the fathers agree. Shan says yes, we decided to take this chance for ourselves. This is our special gift for our daughters. Shan says our daughters should know the swag of their fathers. Shan and Asmita dance on desi boys.

Guddan and Asmita are tied as well. Asmita says to take the money but let us go. Guddan says where are you taking our daughters? Asmita screams. She says Krishi.. Please stop. They shove Krishi out. Someone holds Krishi and saves her. Asmita and Guddan smile. She hits all the goons.. She says you must be thinking where did I come from? I am Kajol. I am doing a college project to understand motherhood so I came to mamta devas. I observed everyone and saw you two. I thought I should ask you what is wrong? But everything is wrong here. Right partner? Her partner says exactly. They hit all the goons with their magical partners. He says don’t you have mothers? No one told your mother is the best power on planet. Kajol says let’s teach them a lesson. Perv comes there. They hit Perv as well. Someone pulls a gun on them. He says I want to shoot you as well. Should I?

Bhushan comes and hugs Guddan. He says I cant tell you how I lived without you for a month. Guddan says where is revati> Bhushan says she doesn’t live with us. GUddan says where does she live then? Dadi says here? Guddan says thank you for taking care of her. Call here. Where is she? Revati. Laxmi says she is in temple. Revati comes in. She drops the arti. Guddan huhgs her and says how are you. revati says you came back? Nimji says you missed me? And came here? Revati says there is another reason why I came here? She says what’s the reason. Revati shows her sindur and mangalsutra. Guddan is shocked.

Guddan says you married? But who? Why are you living here then? Revati says husband’s house is my house. Guddan says who is your husband?Perv comes in and says I am her husband. Gudan is shocked. He stands with Revati. He says you are my SIL now. Guddan says stay away from me. What is this. REvati how could you marry him? You know he is a criminal? Perv says I love Revati. guddan says shut up. Revati says he has changed. Guddan says he can never change. I will break this mangalsutra.

Revati says you can’t do that. I am married to Perv. He held my hand when Angad left me. He has changed. Guddan says dadi how could you let her do this? And Durga why did you let this happen? Durga says AJ wanted this. He said Perv has changed. Daid says yes he said this. guddan says he said you all agreed? This man is a demon. He is planning something. I won’t let him harm my family. I will kill you Perv.Guddan puts her family’s photo on wall. AJ says what is this? She says you said you will take care of this family. what are you doing now? He says I don’t have time.

guddan says no one does. But you have to give me answers. This is about my sister. He says it had your consent. I hate you and I can’t waste time on your family. He tears the photo and throws it on Gudan.. Guddan is shocked. He says keep it now.Perv says to REvati I got you this tika. It will protect you from bad eye. We have to give Guddan time. she will understand our relationship and this change. He hugs Revati. Revati says I should talk to her.

Laxmi says Perv has changed. Durga says Guddan can be right. Laxi says he looks changed. We changed too.
Revati comes to Guddan. Gudan says why did you do this? Revati says you remember if anyone fought me you would make me smile. GUddan says I can never see you in pain. Revati says you weren’t here when I needed you the most. I was so alone. Then Perv came and healed me. He made me alive again. My happiness is with him. don’t you want to see me happy? Gudda says I don’t see truth in your eyes. He tried killing our family. Revati says you hate is stopping you from seeing truth. You will know truth in a few days.

Inspector comes to Guddan and asks her a few questions. He says you said you slipped and fell but we have a witness and he said something else. A watchman comes in. He says I saw this man shoot this girl. And then she fell.AJ says yes this man shot this girl. Dadi says they love each other. this can’t happen. Guddan says he can’t shoot me. Maybe it was dark. He mistaken some noise for bullet. she says thank you for the help you want to do. These days you don’t expect things from family. Guddan says to aJ I saved you from going to jail he says you can tell everyone. I hate you and I did all this. Guddan says look in my eyes and say it.

He says I hate you 10 times. Guddan hugs him. He says dont play these childish games with me.Someone with knife comes to Guddan’s room and tries to stab her. AJ catches the person and takes him out. He says are yo out of your mind? Dadi comes there. AJ takes him to a side. Guddan wakes up and says where is AJ?AJ says what is this drama. He asks that person to stay out.Guddan sees AJ comes back to the house. Guddan says what was he doing outside at this hour?

Guddan says I will find out what is he going. Guddan goes after AJ and follws himm. AJ comes to a house. Guddan sees aJ hugging a woman. She comes in. It’s Antra. guddan slaps him. Guddan says how dare you come near him. You aree a criminal. You forced him to shoot me. You did this. AJ says you wont’ say a word to her. Stay away from her. Antra says I told you this girl wants to kill me. guddan says yes I will. AJ holds Guddan’s hand and says Antra won’t go anywhere. Antra says he loves me. You have the proof in front. AJ says you came between us. Guddan says I will tell everyone. AJ throttles her and says I love antra. And I hate you. You won’t live next time. Antra will live here and dont’ dare telling anyone. ANtra says AJ you go. We can’t risk.

Guddan says to AJ all this won’t make me believe you hate me. You love me. I know there is a reaason behind all this. AJ says stay away from me. Guddan says you will go to antra? He says yes she is my first love. Guddan and aJ both cry. Guddan recalls what AJ said. Guddan says you can’t do this. Revati says why are you up? are you upset? Gudan says I am fine.

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