It’s not easy to love update Thursday 26 January 2023

It’s not easy to love 26 January 2023: Bhura is getting drunk, Paras tells him that you have loved Mithai from your heart but she fooled you. She made you think you are wrong but now she is marrying Dadu’s grandson. Bhura says I will make sure that Mithai marries me only.Mithai and Indu start doing bhajan in the mandir. Sid is getting ready for the office and smiles hearing their bhajan. Mithai comes out of the house with an aarti plate. Bhura’s goons kidnap her and put her in the car. Sid sees that and runs behind the car. Mithai screams for help. Sid tries to catch the car but falls down. He takes a bicycle and goes behind them.

Indu is looking around the house for Mithai. She comes outside the house and finds aarti plate fallen there. She gets worried for Mithai. She goes to Dadu and cries, she says Mithai has been missing and I couldn’t find her anywhere. I tried calling her but she is not picking up. I am worried.Sid is following Bhura’s car on his cycle.All family members are worried about Mithai. Karishma says Sid is also not home. Indu says I am scared for Mithai, she can’t leave without informing us. Shubham says what if Bhura has done something again? We should inform the police.

Abha says this is a wedding house so we shouldn’t call the police. Mithai keeps doing mistakes so don’t worry, she will come back. Girish says we should focus on our chores. I am sure Sid must be with Apeksha and Mithai must be around.The goons bring Mithai to a wedding mandap. Mithai says what is all this? Bhura comes there, dressed as a groom and says I got you kidnapped, Mithai says have you gone crazy? We talked about it. Bhura says you lied to me, you are going to marry that Shubham? I promised to not hurt Dadu’s family so I will just get married to you today only. Mithai says I don’t agree with this. Bhura says I don’t care, we will get married today only.

They forcefully make her sit in the mandap. Mithai says at least let me get ready. Bhura says I won’t be fooled by you today. We will get married just now.Shubham comes back home and tells Dadu that I have filed a complaint about missing Mithai. Agarwal comes there and tells Dadu that you sent police to my house and alleged that I kidnapped Mithai? Dadu says the police are investigating. Agarwal says I respect you but that doesn’t mean you can allege me for anything. I am a businessman but I won’t do such a cheap act of kidnapping a girl. I don’t understand who this Mithai is for you people. He tells the inspector that maybe they are behind the kidnapping of that girl? What’s her relationship with this family? Dadu is ashamed to hear all that.

Sid is trying to locate Mithai.Bhura is forcefully marrying Mithai. She screams for help and thinks I need to do something. Sid arrives there and sighs. He watches her getting married to Bhura. Mithai looks at him and thinks why did he stop there? Mithai tries to push Bhura away but he forces her. Bhura finds Sid there and asks his men to beat him up.Agarwal asks Dadu who is this Mithai to you people? Shubham says enough, talk with respect and don’t say bad words for Mithai. Let me tell you who Mithai is. Mithai is my would-be wife. Dadu proudly looks at him.

Sid tells Bhura that I came here to watch the wedding and not stop it. This girl has been a trouble for us so just get married to her and free my family from this trouble.Shubham tells Agarwal that Mithai is going to be my wife and this house’s daughter-in-law. Just think before talking ill about her. Don’t ever ask again who Mithai is to us. Pramod comes there and asks what is going on? Dadu says Mithai and Sid are missing.Sid tells Bhura to just get married to Mithai and take her away, thank you for doing this.

Shubham asks the inspector to look for Mithai, they nod and leave. Agarwal says you shouldn’t have alleged us. Girish says we all know what you people did. Aditya says we always played the game in the business but never attacked your family.You have crossed the limit so we won’t be silent now, they leave. Dadu tells Shubham you have made me proud today, I don’t need to worry as you are with Mithai now. I am happy about my decision today. Shubham smiles.Bhura grabs Mithai and asks the priest to start mantras. Mithai tells Sid you are seeing him force me and you are not helping me? Sid says my family comes first, there have been problems only in my family because of you.

Mithai says I don’t love him so why should I marry him? Sid says but he leaves you, you will adjust to him. Bhura forces Mithai to take pheras with him. Mithai asks Sid to help her. Sid says why should I? You don’t love Shubham also but you said yes for that, why? Mithai says I can’t tell the situation about that marriage. I had promised Dadu to not tell the truth to anyone. I had to say yes for that marriage but this is different. Sid says you don’t love either of them so just get married. Mithai screams that Dadu has cancer so I had to fulfill his wish and said yes to the marriage. Sid says to stop lying to get saved from Bhura. Bhura takes pheras with her. He is about to apply sindoor to her but Mithai pushes him away and takes a knife.

She tells Bhura that I will never marry you. I have big dreams about marriage but I will fulfill those after getting my father’s shop back. Mithai tells Sid that you tried to break my dream today. Bhura is crazy but you are educated so how could you let all this happen? Do you even have a heart? Sid looks down. Mithai shows the knife to Bhura and says I have lived my life on my own conditions so you can’t force me to marry you. Mithai tells Sid that I thought you would understand why I said yes to marrying Shubham because you love Dadu. I forgot about my dreams for Dadu’s happiness but you are questioning my intentions? Bhura grabs her again and forces her to marry him. Sid looks on.

Scene 2
Abha comes to Abhishek and says all family members are focusing on Mithai but no one cares about Karishma’s wedding. It’s good that Mithai is gone. Abhishek turns to see Indu standing there. She says Dadu called you. Abhishek asks Abha to be silent. Abha says I don’t care if she heard it.Bhura grabs Mithai and is about to apply sindoor to her but Sid throws him away. Bhura grabs Mithai but she pushes him away and runs to Sid. She falls in his arms. Sid starts beating Bhura and his goons. Mithai is confused and thinks I can’t understand him.

Sid tells Mithai that he doesn’t need her help. Mithai says then why did you save me? Sid beats Bhura. Mithai starts beating other goons. Sid tells Mithai that he came behind her just because Dadu cares about her. Sid beats them all. Bhura falls down and takes out his gun. He points the gun at Sid and says Mithai is mine so I will marry her today only. Mithai stands in front of Sid. Bhura says you want to give up your life for him? Sid asks Mithai to move away otherwise what would he tell Dadu? Mithai stands in front of him and says Bhura take my life as I can’t answer Dadu if something happens to him. They both argue with each other so Bhura shouts to stop it and fires his gun.

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