Guddan Zee world update Saturday 7 January 2023


Guddan 7 January 2023: Akshat hit his hand and sit there crying??.. Guddan come and decide to dress his wound, though Akshat deny strongly but Guddan dresses his wounds and he goes with music in Background??? ek boond hai dard ne lakho kehta hai ankha ka pani….Guddan inform police about antra where abouts..Police serach Jindal house but find no-one.. Later they see shadow and find Dadi there… Police ask family memebers about Antra?? Than Akshat and whole family deny her presence in house.. Shocking???? Guddan

At some place Parv and Antra celebrate their victory that they are getting all the time by using Antra mind and parv connections.. Antra and parv stay happy ?and plan to ruin Guddan and her happinessIn night someone try to attack on Guddan, when she catches that person in parking lot, it turn out to be Antra.. Antra and Guddan have Verbal fight over right and wrong and she leaves by warning her to ruin Guddan happiness by throwing something in Guddan eyes..

Later Antra meet that person who Attacked Guddan in disguise?.. She inform that person that ruining Guddan love❤ story is in your hands today and in future, so be careful next time.. Than she talk to herself that Guddan will never be able to recognise her enemies..Next day Guddan and Family pray?? to Devi Maa on occassion of Navtrari while Antra pray to Evil for their victory respectively.. Guddan ask for strength while Antra says that she is evilist person on Earth..

Later guddan find earring near door and she steadily check everyone’s earring, and remember even Antra doesn’t wear such earrings.. She think??? if family member is involved or not and think??? to find culprit soon.. Guddan pray?? to Durga Ma to give her sign to find about culprit and ask her to prove her thinking?? right.. Flower fall?? and she get sign..

Parv ask for money?? from Akshat to distribute to beggars.. Though Akshat get angry?? but hide seeing dadi, who ask to distribute as Guddan came back from death..In parking lot Akshat is shocked ?to see masked? person and inform to stop roaming Guddan might catch you, and get shocked ?seeing it was Guddan.. He is about to leave when Guddan take his car ?keys and sit on bonat.. Guddan deny to move until Akshat tell her truth.. Akshat tell her that truth is that he hate her.. Guddan says he can’t, and his eyes ?speak truth and mouth lies.. Akshat fool her and take keys, while driving? he inform that person to burn all proofs before Guddan reaches truth..At Night Dadi pray?? to Durga Maa, while Masked ?person leave with Durga ma music???..


Antra was waiting for that Mask? person, they both burn all the proofs when they show face of mask person, who is Revti in anger?..Revti and Antra talk about how Guddan was behind Angad death by manipulation… Revti get more angry ?and decide to kill Guddan? soon.. Antra think?? revti is so stupid, I made fight both sisters and created Mahabharat/rift between Guddan and Revti Guddan inside room decide to find and drink water?.. She faint when Akshat think? that this was required so that you don’t catch that person, and I shall go to any extent to save you even..

Guddan think??? that she knew that Akshat will do this but she has given all responsibility of truth to Goddess Durga Maa??, I have hidden camera? near Devi maa and she will surely show truth..While Revti come inside Akshat take Revti aside and try to make her realise her mistakes, while Revti informs him to do as ask.. Fb shows how Revti attacked? Guddan earlier, but Akshat stopped her saying we had deal on this.. Revti says he should remember? about whatever happened on clif that night, while Guddan should not know that..

Akshat says she will never know, but she is on wrong path being in this anger?… Revti say she doesn’t want Guddan to die easily, rather Akshat hate should kill? her second, minute and day by day⌛⏳⌛.. Akshat add saying Guddan will never believe my hate, revti say do make her believe, as nothing should hurdle my revenge.. Revti take knife? and order him to do as she asked if he want to see Guddan alive.Guddan get up in morning and decide to see camera? chip kept near temple.

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