My desire update Friday 6 January 2023


My desire 6 January 2023: Security guard checks GPS and Vasu’s bag and says according to bill, they bought 4 clothes but have 5 clothes instead. Vasu says it doesn’t belong to them and he can take it back. Sania says its shop lifting and they stole in old age. Vasu warns her to shut her mouth and tells guard that there is some misunderstanding and he can take back extra cloth. Guard says he needs to follow protocol and takes them to store manager. Sania thinks now Vasu should dare to insult her. Arman with Preesha takes Anvi to her friend’s birthday party. Anvi asks Preesha to to take her friend’s birthday gift. Preesha picks gift from car and forgets her mobile inside. Vasu calls Preesha for help and gets tensed when she doesn’t pick call. Store manager asks if they shop lifted.

GPS says there is some misunderstanding and can pay for the extra cloth. Vasu says they don’t need it. Manager says according to store policy, he will refer their case to police and calls inspector. Rudra sees police coming and thinks why is police here. Police arrests Vasu and GPS. Sania thinks its her befitting reply to this old couple and teach Preesha a lesson. Police takes Vasu and GPS towards jeep while they plead. Rudra is unable to see them due to mob. Sania gets into car. Rudra asks why did police come. Sania says even police has personal life and takes him from there. GPS tells inspector that he cannot arrest him like that as he is a former judge and someone wrongly added extra cloth into his bag. Inspector says shoplifting is a crime and takes them to police station.

During party, Preesha picks her mobile from car and seeing Vasu’s multiple calls calls back. Inspector speaks and says her mother is arrested for shoplifting. Preesha informs Arman and they reach police station and tongue lash inspector for arresting Vasu and GPS without even checking a CCTV footage. Inspector says CCTV footage is on the way. Preesha says she will bring it. Constable brings footage. They all check it and are shocked to see Sania putting a shirt in Vasu’s bag. Preesha says Sania Dubash took revenge from her mother for stopping her from slapping a store executive. Inspector apologizes and says he will take care of Sania.

Preesha asks him to take action right now and she will file complaint if needed and take him to Sania’s house. Inspector agrees and accompanies her.Rudra sees Sania in kitchen and asks what is she doing. She says she is preparing pasta for him as his mother didn’t perform her kitchen ritual yet and he can give her love in return, he should wait for 40 minutes till she prepares pasta. He thinks she will be in kitchen for 40 minutes, hence he can check her bag and find out clue about Saransh and Ahana. He walks to her room and checks her bag and then sees Ahana transferring 50 lakhs into her account. Sania walks in and says she will not reveal him Saransh’s location until her work is done.

He asks what is her wrong, he needs Saransh’s location right now. Their argument continues when Sharda calls him and he walks down and seeing Preesha and others asks what are they doing here. Preesha asks him to question his newly wed wife and asks Sania how dare she is to trap her mother wrongly for stopping her from slapping a store executive and asks if this is they way she behaves with elders. Sania says even elders should know their limits and yells that she is nothing to her and cannot question her. Rudra asks what is happening. Preesha informs that Sania dropped unbilled shirt in Vasu’s bag and police arrested them, they found out after watching CCTV footage.

Sania says she played a prank and what is her mistake if Vasu didn’t check her bag before checkout. Preesha says she herself revealed her sin and asks inspector to arrest Sania. Sania pleads not to arrest her while constable drags her away, runs and hugs Rudra and says if she goes from here she will never return and reveal Saransh’s location, so he should save her.

Sania pleads Rudra to save her from police arrest and threatens him that she will not return if she goes and will never reveal Saransh’s location. Rudra says Sania is mischievous like a kid and don’t intent to harm anyone, so he apologizes on her behalf. GPS says its evil act and not childish behavior and he is supporting her. Inspector says he can free her only after getting her bail. Rudra says he knows commissioner and get bail via him and walks away with police. Vasu confronts Preesha that Rudra is under pressure, but Rudra looks happy and she looks under pressure. Arman says he is tired explaining her that Rudra has moved on and is happ] with Sania and even she should move on.


She takes him to middle class house. They knock door. He finds it open, enters and calls Ahana, says there is no one else here and angrily strangulates her for lying. She says let her speak and shows Ahana’s pen drive for him. He plugs pendrive and sees Ahana who says he found her at last, she didn’t know Sania would easily give up and give her address; he must have realized by now that Saransh is alive and is with her, he may never be able to reach him, but he obeys her order via Sania, he will get closer to Sania after solving each clue; if he tries to reach her directly, he will never find Saransh again, so he should wait for a clue soon. He shouts at Sania that she is a cheap woman who just used her. She says Ahana is cheap who took money from her and ordered to be with Rudra and give his information if she needs her money back. Rudra shouts to tell what are they up to or else he will kill her and Ahana both.

Sania says Saransh’s life is in Ahana’s hands and if he tries to misbehave and strangulate her, even Saransh will be punished similarly and she will never help him. He stands fuming. She walks away saying he looks dashing in his angry young man look.Sania meets Ahana. Ahana asks what is happening. Sania remembers messaging Ahana that she is bringing Rudra to her house, she should keep recorded pen drive and leave her out. Ahana panics followed by Mishka. Mishka records her video, and she keeps pendrive with a note leaves house. Out of flashback, Ahana threatens Sania that only she knows her secret and asks what is she up to. Sania threatens to expose and orders to do as she says. Ahana walks away fuming.

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