Guddan Zee world update Sunday 1 January 2023

Guddan 1 January 2023: Antra is in the police van. she faints. Inspector checks her. She takes his gun and says get out of the van. He says what are you doing. Antra says put your guns down. Antra says Guddan your destruction is coming back.AJ is cooking Dadi says after so long you are this happy. He says I am making this fruit cake for her. I know this distance will go away. Dadi says all troubles are gone away from you both.Antra says go away from the car. Tie each other’s hands. She shoots in the air. Antra sits in the jeep and leaves. Inspecotr informs at station.Dadi says see gudan what aj made.

AJ says I made this for you. Guddan tastes it. He says how is it? She says it is perfect. thank you for all the effort. Dadi says see everything is good between you two.I want you two to give me a heir. Gudddan says i have to leave this house. Dadi says why? Everything is fine now. We did wrong but give us one more chance. Guddan says there shouldn’t be broken glass and broken trust in the house. He should have made khichdi. I am a poor girl and he is a rich guy. Our distance can never be reduced. She takes her bag and walks out.

AJ lies in front of Guddan. He says you have to step on me to leave. I won’t move from here. Guddan says get up. Move from here. He says I won’t. Guddan says we made a deal that I will leave this house. I forgave you but I can’t accept yu in my life. I can’t do this. I can’t accept you as my husband now. Don’t force me. It’s about circumstances. I can’t live without you. husband and wife are two wheels of a cycle. I am not great like you. Guddan says I have to go now. She walks out. Guddan says say good bye. Durga you have to handle this house. I know you will do it well. AJ holds her hand an says please. Guddan leaves his hand. Guddan walks out. Dadi says antra left but she is still haunting the happiness of this house. My daughter left today.

AJ sits upset. Durga comes to him and says not eating won’t change it. She left because of you. You could never loved her enough. You can’t sit like a coward. I respect you. I am only saying truth. she showed her love to you every time. Now she had to leave this house. How could you not stop her. AJ says I really love her. I can prove it. Durga says show this love to her. Please bring her back to this house. Laxmi says yes we are both with you. Inspector comes and tells AJ Antra has fled.

Everyone is shocked. Laxmi says she can harm Gudadn. We have to call her. Durga calls Guddan but her number is off.Gudadn is breaking things in anger. Bhushan says Guddan go back there. Guddan says I wont go back there. AJ comes thera and says your phone was off. Gudan says what happened? He says Guddan fled. You have to come with me for your safety. She is dangerous. Guddan says don’t lie. I don’t need your safety. I can save myself. My dad is on your side. What do you want? I want to move on in life. What should I do to tell you, you can’t mend my trust. AJ says papa if she doesn’t want to come please don’t force her to come back to me. I can’t see tears in her eyes. Please don’t force her. AJ says I know I have made  a mistake but I love you.

I know you will come to me and tell me how you love me. Antr has fled and I am worried for your safety. You are the most important to me. AJ say papa I will send police here. He leaves.

Scene 2
Angat comes to a shed. He says revati why did you call me here? You wanted to talk about Guddan. Antra comes there. She says I called you. Angat says you.. He calls police. Antra hits him on head. She says you will be my pawn.You will be part of the climax.Guddan sits down and cries. AJ recalls hi moments with Guddan.
AJ holds Guddan’s hand and cries. They both cry. AJ is imagining her. Antra says AJ.. AJ says how dare you come here. You shouldn’t have etnred this hosue. she says my black hands.. they are working. AJ says entire city’s police is looking for you. AJ calls police. Antra says you think I would be thsi stupid? I have a gift for you. Open it. AJ opens the box..

There is blood and nail in it. AJ screams. He says whose nail is it? What is this? She says angat’s. He is very brave. Aj throttles her and says I will kill you. Antra says if you kill me how would you find angat? Guddan’s love has made you stupid. Angat is alive. Dadi says what do you want. Anntra says please don’t cry. He is alive. AJ says what do you want? She says yes now we are talking. She says if you tell police I can kill Angat. Aj throttles her and says don’t act over smart. If you harm Guddan or Angat I will kill you. Antra says I know they are precious to you. That’s why I use them. If you do as I say he would be alive or you will see Angat’s body. She leaves. Durga says AJ you can’t be angry. should we tell Guddan? AJ says don’t involve her. Her life can be in trouble. Also she can harm Angat. I have to do something.

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