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Guddan 6 October 2022: Guddan says there is something. They are cheating and I have to find out. Uncle Datta I am coming. Guddan comes downstairs. AJ is playing. Guddan sees Datta and his wife doing something with hands under the table. She says I have to do something. I should fall.Guddan comes with a glass fo juice and slips It falls on datta. Guddan says let em clean. she sits down to clean and sees fake cards under the table. AJ says show your cards. He shows his cards. Datta says your restaurants are mine now. AJ shows his cards and wins the game. Datta says this can’t happen. Guddan says it can totally happen. Just like you can cheat.

She says they had been cheating all this while There are cards under the table. You didn’t win this time because I took these cards from there already. Dadi says this is why we don’t invite you. You did the same thing again. You tried to take his heart work. Guddan says I know how to treat people like them.Guddan brings arti. she says when someone does good thing we give them sindur tika but when someone does something bad they are insulted with this black tika. She applies it on his face. Guddan says we are nice people so we are not blackening your face. she falls at it falls on his face. He says you will be paying for this. Guddan says yeah right. AJ says stay away from my family and get out. Datta says your enemies are within this house. Datta leaves angry.

Dadi says to bahus you didn’t even help Guddan. Bhushan says glad Guddan is learning how to fix things. They leave. Guddan hugs them. she says dadi I told you they can’t beat me. He was cheating. Some people don’t even say thank you after all this. AJ leaves.Dadi says why did datta say there are enemies in the house? Datta says to Saruw e couldn’t do anything even after we tried. Saru says you ruined the plan. Why did you say the enemy is in the ouse. He leaves. Someone records them. Saru says that Guddan can’t save you everytime AJ. I will take the restaurant from you one day or other.

Scene 2
Laxmi says my earring is lost. Did datta steal it? Sru says yeah maybe his wife stole it. Let them take it. You look nice anyway. Laxmi goes to her room.
Guddan goes to the balcony. AJ stops her. She says what? Now I am going there you have a problem. she says you wanna say thank you right? say it. AJ says you think you saved me? You are so stupid. You almost sold us. It started because of you. SHe says but I.. AJ puts finger on her lips. He says dont’ say anything. You have done enough. Please don’t do anything for us. Accept that you can’t do anything. Guddan says don’t ever say I can’t. You always keep pointing out mistake. I can do anything. You are so bitter. He says aren’t you saying a lot. She says okay even if I can’t do anything right bu t you can do it all right? She pours out toothpaste in his hand and says go put it back in the tube. When you do, then tell me that I cant do anything.

He says okay I can’t put it back in but can you pour more paste? You can’t do anything She tries but the paste is empty. AJ leaves.Saru gets a video when she was talking to datta. Saru is shocked. SHe says no one was there. Who made this video and sent it to me. Perv comes. She says I was so scared. I thought I was caught. You scared me. He says look at your face. You played a very good game. But how did guddan find out. She might find out your secrets too. SAru says no one can know them. Perv picks the mattress there are gold and money under it. She says I keep steeling. She says don’t look at it like this. They give high five.Guddan comes on her scooty. She puts the tube on floor and rides on it. Guddan falls. AJ holds her.

She says see..Guddan says this scooty is very helpful. Guddan says I did what you asked. See who can do more now. I can do anything. Never say I can’t. He says stop it. You have no sense of responsibility. You are over smart but stupid. You can’t do anything.Durga says what is this scooty doing in the lounge? Dadi says she is your mother in law. SHe can do anything she wants. Dadi says world doesn’t understand you Guddan. Its Laxmi pooja. Win everyone’s hearts like karwa chauth. Guddan says I will show them I can do anything.

Scene 2
Dadi makes parsad. Guddan says can I eat some. Dadi says no. Wait for the pooja. Durga helps dadi. Durga says you can help me if you want. Guddan is dazed at her behavior. she says to dadi see how nicely she spoke to me. Durga says in heart come tos tore room I will show you, you are worth nothing. Guddan comes to store and faints. Durga sells Guddan to to the guy who comes to buy used things in the house. SHe says take her from here and she shouldn’t be seen neaar our house.Saru sees divorce papers in the closet. She goes out and reads them. Perv comes nad says where did you find it from? She says if you divorce your wife you wont be able to be seen near this house. You can’t divorce her. Perv says listen to me. I wont divorce Siddhy. These are for my friend. Saru says you wont ever do that right? HE says no.

DAdi says to Durag where is guddan? Let her make parsad. Laxmi says she is nowhere. DAdi says she can’t go if I don’t know. Laxmi says she went to her parent’s place. Dadi says she would have told me. Dadi collides with AJ and arti falls.The man locks Guddan in a room. Bhushan calls AJ and says I can’t call Guddan. Her phones is off. He says she is busy in work. Guddan tells dadi she isn’t home. Where is she? Guddan wakes up. Se says how am I locked here. Guddan says help.

Guddan calls AJ and says I am closed in a room it is all dark. Please save me I am really cared. AJ says do you hear me? Where exactly are you ? She says I can’t see anything. He says ma guddan is in trouble. He goes out to find her. Durga says she is such a problem. Dadi says dont’ dare saying a word against her.
AJ calls Guddan. He says where are you? She says I have no idea. He says do you ever know anything? She says let me die. He says are you showing me tantrum? He says turn on your location. She says there is no data in my phone. She says help me please. He says everyone is worried. Please look around and give me a hint. Guddan faints.

Dadi is praying. Laxmi says dadi please eat something. Dadi says I wont eat anything until she comes. Durga says but pooja.. Dadi says how can we do pooja without her. Durga says we can’t stop things if she isn’t here. Dadi says please Guddan help us find Guddan.Guddan is suffocating. AJ says please help me. Tell me give me a hint. She says but I can’t do anything. He says I promise I will never say that. Dont’ let yourself be unconscious and tell me some hint. She says I can do this. I will look for something.Laxmi says that is what she deserves. Durga says yeah right.AJ says Guddan you can do this. Look around. She says I hear bells. There is a temple around. He says I hear krishna arti too. It is close. I am coming.

AJ sees the temple and gets out of his car. He sees the garage and says Guddan.. AJ throws boxes here and there. He sees Guddan fainted. He takes Guddan out. AJ picks her and takes her out. Guddan hugs him. She sits in the car.Guddan comes home with AJ. DUrga is dazed to see her. Dadi hugs her. She says where did you go? Guddan says you wanted me to do this pooja right? Here I am. Lets do this pooja together. Guddan and AJ do the pooja together.

AJ says Guddan how did you go there? Guddan looks at Durga. SHe says yes I didn’t go on my own. Should we hide and tolerate sins? Dadi says yes we shouldn’t. Guddan says I don’t hide sins. I can never save a wrong person no matter what consequences are. I don’t know why she did this but.. Dadi says who are you talking about? Guddan goes to Durga. She points at her. Everyone is dazed. Guddan says Durga.Guddan says Durga bahu.. Dadi says what? Guddan says because of her I ended up there. I have proof too. She shows her mangalsutra. Durga says so this is the proof? She takes out her mangalsutra and says what is this then? Its the same locket. Guddan is dazed. Durga says don’t accuse me for your benefit. I gave this house everything and now I am being questioned here. AJ says I totally trust Durga.

If she is saying she didn’t do anything.. Guddan says no. AJ says its diwali today. Stop it.Alone, Guddan says take your mangalsutra. Guddan says to Durga I heard mangalsutra is very important for woman but you can easily go for a duplicate. Durga says yes I did all this. She shows her the video. Guddan says you sold me to him? Durga says this is the insult you deserve for what you did wit us in the card party. I wanted to show you how much they trust me. You could have done something to prove. Guddan says AJ trusted you and you are playing with his trust. This doesn’t suit you. What is the difference between this and my mistake? Durga says because I am doing all this for the better of this house. Guddan hugs her and says okay let it go. Durga is dazed. Guddan says we are related after all. I am teaching you with love better understand. I am your mother in law otherwise.

AJ steps on rangoli. Guddan says I spent so much time making it and he ruined it. Dadi says AJ fix it for her now. Guddan sit with him and make it with him. Dadi leaves. Guddan laughs she says work now. AJ says so that was drama? She says yes I can tell dadi. They make rangoli together.

Scene 2
Guddan brings all the firecrackers. Bhushan calls Dadi. Dadi says Guddan has filled our diwali with happiness. Guddan says I really miss you. Bhushan says we wanted to show you all the gifts perv brought here for Revati. Guddan is dazed. Bhushan gives the phone to perv. She says how dare you Stay away from my sister. Why are you there? I will show your real face to everyone. She hangs up. Perv leaves.

AJ buys everything Datta had. He is being thrown out of his seat. AJ says this is all mine. You made all this with deceit. Go now. Datta says you will pay for this.
Siddhy says to Guddan why are yu not cracking fires? Guddan wonders if she should tell her about Perv? Perv comes. Siddhy goes in. She says to Perv ow dare you go to my place? He says I went to give diwali gifts. Your sister’s hands are so soft. Guddan says how dare you. She throws a glass on his. His hand cuts.

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