Guddan Zee world update Saturday 25 February 2023

Guddan 25 February 2023: Antra is screaming AJ comes outside and says Guddan, open the door. AJ breaks the door and comes inside. He says are you crazy? Would you take Antra’s life? Guddan says yes I will kill her. She did all this. AJ says she didn’t do anything. Guddan says I was never pregnant. That child was never here. She did this to fool us. AJ says enough is enough. You are making stories. Guddan says she got that report made of my pregnancy. AJ says move from here. Enough of your lies. Guddan says she told me all this. AJ says leave before I lose my mind. Guddan says I won’t let you do this mistake. AJ says enough. Guddan says please listen. Please try to understand. AJ brings Antra to mandap.

Guddan says please don’t do this. AJ shoves Guddan and says stay away from me. Guddan says please stop. AJ says start the mandap. It should start end in a moment. Guddan says I am your wife. He says you’re my child’s murderer.Guddan says she makes you the same egoistic person. I would never kill my child. But that child was never there. I lost my mother. I know what it feels. I can never harm my child. I have been trying to tell you but you’re not understanding. She fooled us to separate us. You can’t see my reality? She told me so she can hurt me. Please don’t leave me. Please trust me. AJ says trust? I can’t believe you stooped so low. You did mistakes but you always wanted to fix them. But what have you become? AJ says you need a doctor.

These are all made up stories. Guddan says no it isn’t. This is the truth. Guddan says this is a lie. Our wedding would never end. I love you. AJ says I don’t love you. Got it? You murdered our love. We should stay away from each other. I hate you. I am ashamed that I loved you. You don’t deserve to be my wife, neither a mother. You were a useless poor girl from street. I gave you everything. Money, good life, and trust. The entire world wanted this name. I gave it to you. You never deserved it. You don’t even deserve to be called a mother. I gave you another chance to prove me wrong. But you called existence of our child a lie? You’re dead for me. You have killed my child and now you keep lying. You’re saying the child wasn’t there in first place? I am with Antra. I hate you. Start the mantra.

AJ starts taking rounds with Antra. Dadi says Guddan, please stop this wedding. Guddan stands there in shock. Dadi says I will stop it. Guddan stops her hand. Antra comes in front for last three rounds. Guddan is leaving. AJ says stay and watch this wedding end. Guddan says a poor useless girl can’t see the marriage of a rich man like you. Guddan says I was happy in those streets. My surname was Jindal but my name is Guddan. I will make my first name so big that it would become my identity. Not your surname. Thank you for teaching me that I need to be something on my own. I am leaving. She leaves. Guddan says dadi, please. Guddan says statue. No one would move and stop me. You all have to be here for AJ. And Antra, things only change with love. AJ is marrying you for circumstances.

To end our relationship. Marriages are based on love. Guddan says this story is about AJ and me only. It’s the defeat of our love. Congratulations on your shallow win and AJ, on his mistake. I will come back. Everyone is in tears. Guddan leaves. Guddan recalls AJ saying even if I lose everything I would still have you. She recalls her moments with AJ. Guddan smiles and walks out. Everyone is in tears.Dadi does pooja. Dadi says four years ago, our life was written again. Guddan left this house and my house became so dark.

My Guddan, where are you? AJ didn’t appreciate her love and didn’t trust her. I don’t know where she is. Please send my Guddan back. Durga comes and says dadi, are you okay? I know you’re upset. But it’s been four years. Guddan won’t come back now. She has forgotten us. We should give up on this hope. Dadi says the hope isn’t useless. Guddan and AJ would be one. Laxmi says do you think AJ would be okay? Dadi says Guddan would heal him. God has to fulfill my wish. I can’t see my AJ like this. Please heal him, God.

AJ takes another bottle of champagne and drinks it. He says Vishesh, where is the food inspector? He says he’s coming. We have to make a special dish for him. He says go there and update me. The check says the head chef cut his finger. The food inspector comes there. The manager says he is there. What can we do now? The chef’s finger is cut. AJ says I will make the food.Saru says where is my juice? She has the keys of the house. Saru says where are the servants? A kid leaves pebbles on the floor. He Saru falls. He laughs and says it was fun. He’s Durga’s son. Laxmi and Durga pick Saru. Durga says are you okay? saru says ask him to get down from the sofa. I will stop your supplies. Durga says I will talk to him. Saru says give him to me for two days I will teach him a lesson. Durga says shut up I am still the eldest one here. Saru says I am the owner of this house. Saru says to Aarav, I submit your school fees and everything. Handle him or he will sit home. Dadi says he is a kid.

Dadi says sorry Aarav. Aarav says sorry. He goes to his room. Saru says Antra is abroad to make a deal. She gave me control of everything. So don’t act smart with me. I am Saru. I can be very rude. Dadi your Guddan won’t ever come back. Dadi leaves.Durga says how dare she. Laxmi says we can’t do anything. Durga says it’s all AJ’s mistake. What has he become?

Scene 2
Vishesh is worried. AJ says don’t doubt my abilities. He cooks but keeps drinking. AJ makes the dish. the chef says how do you do this? AJ says like breathing. Vishesh comes there and says your glass. Some beggars come inside the restaurant. The manager says please eat sir. The inspector says nothing matters more than a restaurant’s ambiance. Ask these insects to leave. AJ says shut up; He says Vishesh brings food for the kids He asks the kids to sit on the same table. Inspector says what nonsense is this? How can these beggars sit next to me? I can sue you. AJ says read this, it says open to all. If you have a problem with that get lost. The inspector says count your days. AJ says get out you blo*dy fools.AJ asks the kids to eat all they want. AJ says where do you live? He says on road. AJ says I will take you somewhere once you eat. You will live there. Vishesh says he has an entire orphanage. If he keeps doing this we will lose all our clients.

AJ drinks and falls on stall. It says Guddan gola. AJ looks at the name. He recalls his moments with Guddan. AJ says why do you keep coming in front of me. The owner says why are you creating a mess? He says why do you have a name on this stall. He says Guddan is my stall. It keeps me happy. AJ breaks the stall. AJ says I hate you Guddan. I gave you freedom.

Scene 2
the host says we are welcoming the new Bollywood sensation, Guddan. Guddan comes on the stage. She says it’s been 4 years and 40 days. You made my future bright. I don’t know what’s next.
AJ gives money to the hawker and says I am sorry. He walks on Guddan’s name. AJ cries. Media surrounds guddan.

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