It’s not easy to love update Friday 24 February 2023

It’s not easy to love 24 February 2023: Mithai and Sid are in the room. Sid mistakenly sits on Mithai’s necklace on the bed and glares at her. He gives it to her and says don’t put things on my bed and don’t touch anything in my room. Mithai says I don’t want to touch your things. Sid says you have already forced me into this relationship. Mithai says I was also forced into this relationship but God did what he wanted. If you don’t like my face then don’t look at me. I won’t sleep on your bed. Sid sighs and goes to change. He lies on the bed. Mithai takes the pillow and goes to sleep on the floor. After some time, Mithai tries to increase the AC temperature but Sid decreases it. Mithai says it’s too cold.

Sid says I can’t sleep without AC. He tries to turn it on but the remote stops working. Mithai laughs at him and goes to sleep. Sid turns on the fan. Mithai says I am fine with that. Mithai is still feeling cold so she tries to take Sid’s blanket but he pulls it back in his sleep. Mithai tries to pull it but her hair gets stuck under his hand. Mithai silently pulls back, Sid wakes up and she falls over him. He screams… Mithai says I just wanted the blanket. She takes it and goes to sleep. After some time, Sid wakes up because of Mithai snoring and makes her video. He goes back to sleep.

Scene 2
Mithai wakes up in the morning and sees Sid sleeping with cotton in his ears. She laughs at him. Sid wakes up and says I had to use it because you were snoring. Mithai says I never snore. Sid says I knew you would lie so I have proof. He shows her the video. Mithai asks him to delete it. Dadu and Dadi come there and see them arguing. Dadu says this is how the love starts. They enter the room. Dadu tells Sid and Mithai to get ready. Sid says I can’t share the room with her. Dadu says then we will all go to jail. Dadi asks Mithai to get ready as neighbors are coming to meet her. Mithai thinks when she will cook jalebis then? I have to go and sell it.

The guests are arriving to meet Mithai. Abha whispers to Dadi where is Mithai? The guest taunts that an affair was going on in the house so they had to marry them. Apeksha arrives there wearing a saree. A woman says we thought you would marry Sid but he chose Mithai. Apeksha thinks I will prove I am the perfect match for Sid.Mithai is in the market and selling jalebis. She says I have to go back home soon for the ceremony. Some people are gossiping if Chubey’s daughter-in-law is selling jalebis on the streets? Dadu calls Mithai and asks where are you? Mithai says I am selling jalebis, I am coming back in a bit. All guests are waiting for Mithai.

A woman arrives there and asks if their daughter-in-law is selling jalebis on the street right now? Abha says she is an uneducated girl and has been selling on the streets for years so it will take some time for her to leave all this. Sid sighs and leaves from there.Apeksha tells Sid that Mithai has no respect for the family. All guests are here and she is out there selling sweets on the streets. Sid says she is a headache for everyone. Apeksha says you should have come to my house and rested yesterday. She holds his hand and says I love you a lot. We should have gotten married and I wouldn’t have insulted your family like this.

You are a software king and that girl is a jalebi seller, there is no match. You don’t even accept this marriage and are still here for the ritual but that stupid girl is selling on the streets on her cycle. Apeksha thinks I will bring Sid closer to me.Mithai comes back home, Indu scolds her and says people are taunting her. Mithai says I am doing my work and I have to earn so I don’t need to be ashamed. The guests are taunting Dadu that his kids keep doing something or the other. Sid was to marry Apeksha but he chose that cheap girl. Girish tells Dadu that we can’t be insulted more. Abha says we can’t control that girl as she was raised on the streets.

Mithai comes there and says I like to work and there is nothing wrong with that. I am an independent woman. So what if I got married? I still have to work. I am learning the business from Dadu. Dadu says yes, you will make me proud. Mithai goes to get ready. Dadi tells the guests to bless their daughter-in-law.Apeksha tells Sid that I just want you to be happy. We can still go to Singapore and get married. I know you still like me. Mithai comes there so Sid glares at her.Apeksha tells Sid that he can get married to her and they will go away. Mithai comes there and says Sid is taking responsibility for his family now so don’t distract him and he is married to me now.

Mithai tells Sid that you shouldn’t listen to wrong advices. You should handle the business and make Dadu proud. She asks Apeksha to go and sit with the guests, she leaves from there. Sid tells Apeksha that girl is stupid but you don’t argu with her. Mithai comes there and tells Sid that I don’t know how to wear a saree. She sees Apeksha wearing a saree and asks her to help her. She says my foot, I will never help you. She leaves from there. Sid tells Mithai that you shouldn’t have argued with her. Mithai says all are waiting for me. I will try myself. Mithai is trying to wear a saree. She tells Sid that I need help, can you call my mother or someone? Sid calls Dadu and asks him to send someone to help Mithai. Dadu says I can’t hear you and ends the call.

Dadu tells Dadi that I told Sid to help her himself. Sid tells Mithai that Dadu couldn’t hear me. Mithai says how will I wear this saree? Do something. Sid tries watching the video and asks Mithai to follow the steps. Mithai tries to follow the steps but can’t. Sid is frustrated and says I will help you. He follows the steps and ties saree around her. Mithai is shy but Sid asks her to not move. Apeksha comes there and glares at them. Dadu and Dadi come there. Dadi says Mithai is looking pretty. Dadu asks who helped Mithai? Mithai says we watched a video. Sid looks away.

Scene 2
Mithai comes to the guests with Sid. Sid offers his hand to Mithai and they both come to the guests. Apeksha thinks I will soon throw her out of Sid’s life. Some guests taunt Dadi for choosing Mithai. Dadi says let’s start the ritual, it’s for women. All men leave from there. Sid is sitting with Mithai. Dadi gives a gift to Mithai and blesses her. All guests give gifts to them. Apeksha says I want to dance with Mithai. She pulls her and says let’s have a dance competition. Dadi says why not. Sid says I should leave. Apeksha says you should see our performance. Apeskah starts dancing so Mithai follows her and dances with her. Apeksha pushes Mithai and falls down. All laugh at Mithai. Mithai looks on.

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