Guddan Zee world update Friday 16 December 2022

Guddan 16 December 2022: Guddan looks at the reports. The doctor says you were right. She isn’t pregnant. Guddan says I would tell everyone. Antra is keeping an eye on her. Antra comes to the house. guddan comes with the reports. Saru collides with her and changes the papers. Antra comes and says give me these papers. Guddan says to leave it. I would expose you in front of everyone. Antra shoves herself from stairs to make it look like Guddan exposed her. Guddan runs towards her. Guddan says she is doing drama. I was about to expose her that she isn’t pregnant. These reports have all the truth. Dadi picks the reports. Guddan says she has been lying. Do you trust me. Daddi slaps Guddan. Everyone is dazed. Dadi says these reports say antra is pregnant.

You have always been lying to us. Antra says in heart Guddan you are such a loser. Antra put a tracking divide in her bag. She asked saru to replace the papers. Dadi says we all saw you shoving antra. If anything happens to AJ’s child I won’t’ forgive you. ENough. No one is more important than this child to me. Saru calls the doctor. Saru says she is Antra’s doctor. AJ says let’s go to the hospital. The doctor says we don’t’ have time. They take her to the room. The doctor says AJ you wait outside. AJs ays but she.. doctor says you should have cared for her before all this happened.

Laxmi says she isn’t even pregnant. Durga says only we know that. FOr AJ Guddan tried to kill Antra’s child/. AJ takes Guddan to room. AJ takes her in front of her mother’s picture. AJ says I was wrong that I thought you can’t do any mistakes and removed that board. I considered you friend in front of your mom’s picture. You broke my trust. You crossed every limit today. AJ says but I made a bigger mistake by not trusting you. So I would write my mistakes first. He writes, hiding your mistakes was my mistake. Removing these mistakes, trusting you, considering you friend and family, not seeing your greed, not seeing your cunning side, my love it was all my mistake. You wanted to kill two lives. I couldn’t see your hatred. I won’t’ tolerate this anymore. I will make sure you pay for your sin. Guddan says please try to understand.

AJ says if anything happens to Antra or her child., I would do something you won’t be able to tolerate. Guddan looks at the chits. She says ma.. AJ thinks it was a mistake loving me. I thought he is the only one who trusts me. It was my mistake. I lost everything today. I lost my husband, my family, because of Antra. I couldn’t stop it.Doctor checks Antra. Antra laughs. The doctor says you have bruises. You’re in pain and laughing? Antra says go and tell them the news they don’t want to hear. The doctor comes outside. AJ says is antra okay? The doctor says because of the fall, the child died. Antra says what.. My child.. My child died before coming to the world.

Antra says Guddan you crossed every limit. Throttle me and kill me. I don’t want to live. Kill me. Guddan says stop lying. Antra says you said I wasn’t pregnant, now I am not. You took mu child from me. AJ hugs Antra. AJ says all of this would end today. I told you Guddan I won’t forgive you.AJ comes with papers and says this is what you wanted right? You have all my money from today. Everything is yours. I would take antra from here. You can live in this big house. We can’t live under a roof with a child’s murderer. I won’t live here. Saru says in heart, Antra isn’t getting anything. Dadi says I would also go with you. I can’t trust anyone here. Guddan says you can’t leave this house. guddan says please try to understand. I am not lying. AJ Antra and Dadi are leaving.

Dadi says I know what you’re going through AJ. He says I wish we could hate her. I would be easy. But enough I can’t hear my heart anymore. I will have to listen to my mind now. Guddan recalls what AJ and dadi said. Antra coems there. Guddan says you did so much for the money. You made me a killer, for a child who was neve there. But what did you get? nothing? I have all the money. Now I have everything. I told you, you wont’ take a penny from here. Antra says you have all the calculations. Who knows if I was pregnant, everything thinks I am pregnant. ANd now AJ would leave you and be with me. All you have is money now. Guddan says you win is for a few minutes only. It won’t last very long.

Everyone will see your truth. My family would be with me. Antra says if he is such an idiot imagine how would I use him. You will lose and I will win for sure.
Durga says to Guddan you can’t be weak. I know you are mad at me. But you can’t give up. You have to save AJ from antra. I don’t know how but please stop them. If they leave, antra wont ever let them come back. Who would save them outside? Please stop them.AJ comes downstairs with luggage. Guddan is in tears. Bhushan comes. He says I can’t believe you are my daughter. I am ashamed to call you that. I am sorry for what I said AJ. I couldn’t see my daughter’s. She has crossed all the limits. Once she left for you and now I am leaving her for you.

Please live in my house. you call me father. Let me do my part. You can live there. AJ says no papa.. How can I.. He says I am your father. Bhushan says Guddan you are the sinner. I am ashamed. He says Antra I know your pain. I can’t ease it. But I can apologize. Please forgive me. I want to support you. Please come with me. They leave with Bhushan.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to her room and recalls moments with AJ. Guddan cries. she recalls how she went to Bhushan. She cried. Bhushan said why are you crying. Guddan said I want your help. she asked bhushan to keep Antra and AJ there. He said what if antra finds out? Guddan said I know they would be safe here. Antra has to be exposed.Guddan tells Durga. she says I cant do all this. Durga says you can do everything. That’s what AJ says.

Bhushan comes to AJ and says I can’t tell how you how I feel saying all this. AJ couldn’t trust you. Guddan says aNtra crossed all limits. It is difficult to see the truth. She hugs bhushan. Bhushand says I know you would win this battle. Your mothers and my blessings are with you always. guddan says if you are with me, I can save my AJ from antra.

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