Guddan update Tuesday 10 May 2022

Guddan 10 May 2022: The doctor checks Guddan. He says the impact was so strong that her breaths stopped for a while. She will be fine. AJ says when will she be conscious? He says soon. Revati sits with her and cries. She says I am here di. Please open your eyes. AJ consoles her and says nothing would happen to her don’t worry.Revati says what about the emotional pain you’ve given her? She came here for you only. Everyone was against. She came to make you give up on drinking. Papa was right about you. You’re selfish and disgusting. You shoved her on the road beacuse of this bottle. She grasps his collar. Antra is about to slap her and says how dare you? AJ holds her hand and says it’s my mistake. He says your anger is justified. But for now, the most important thing is Guddan’s wellbeing. I can never hurt. Revati cries. Laxmi says Guddan would be fine. Please control yourself.

Dadi says AJ can never harm Guddan. The root cause of all problems is this wine. Revati says I know but her condition is making me worried.AJ comes to his room and sees wine bottles. He says who got these? Antra says I did. I restocked it for you. I know the situation is tense but I know what makes my AJ happiest. How did you like my surprise? AJ recalls the accident. AJ breaks all the bottles. He says because of this wine Guddan is in this condition. I will never touch it again. How did you even think I would drink this again? Something that harmed my Guddan. Dadi smiles.AJ sits with Guddan and recalls what happened. Guddan opens her eyes. AJ says are you okay? Guddan says are you okay? AJ is in tears. He says I am fine. Guddan says were you scared? He says would feel this for anyone’s accident. Guddan says okay then. Where is your bottle? AJ says I have given up on drinking. I will never drink it again. Guddan tries to get up. He says carefully. Guddan says if I knew it was this easy I would have done this way before. AJ says don’t say stupid things. Guddan says I will leave soon. He says your movie? Guddan says tomorrow is the last day of shooting. Guddan says why are you sad? I thought you would be very happy. AJ says I am happy.

Go tomorrow. Guddan says you gave up on drinking. Why not this anger? He says my hatred is justified. It makes me feel better. He leaves.Dadi says Guddan is leaving now. AJ finally gave up on drinking but Guddan is leaving. Everything was fine. Laxmi and Durga say we have a plan don’t worry. The director wakes up in the store. Laxmi and Durga come there with hockey sticks. He says I am the director what are you doing? Durga says you have to things as per our directions otherwise your face would be ruined. Laxmi says she isn’t as scary as she looks. She won’t do anything if you follow her direction. Dadi comes too. She says we won’t hurt you. You’re going to be a part of a good thing. Have some laddus. He eats the laddus and says I want more. He cries and says I miss my mom now. She made really good laddus. What do I have to do? Durga says there has to be a twist in your movie. They tell him the plan.

Guddan comes downstairs for the scene shoot. The director says you will go to your ex-husband and tell that actor about your feelings. Durga and Laxmi smile. The crew guy comes and says the actor has an upset stomach. He can’t come. The director says we will shoot today only. I have to find a new actor. AJ comes and says stop shouting here. The director says I found my new hero. You were always in front of me. You will be my hero. AJ says are you crazy? He says yes my movie’s surprise part is you. AJ says get out of this house. He says I can’t leave until I find my hero. Please do it. AJ says I have no interest in these stupid things. Guddan says you can’t do it. You aren’t capable. AJ says don’t challenge me. Guddan says you c an’t do it. AJ says I am an amazing actor. Guddan says that’s what every non-actor thing. AJ says the director set up everything. I will act today and show her I can do it better than her. Laxmi says our plan worked.The director says it’s all about emotions. Laxmi says he’s finally using his mind. The scene starts. Guddan says you fooled me. I didn’t fool you.

They look at each other. AJ says forgive me, please. I don’t know how I fell for that woman’s trap. I accused you because of her. Guddan says you broke the trust that was between us. AJ says hate made my heart dark. The love is still alive between us. I know there was no child ever. Guddan says I tried to tell you the truth so many times but you didn’t listen. You didn’t hear my cries. AJ shouts who wrote these dialogues. He says to Dadi you did all this drama? Why? I know. This Guddan must have asked you. Dadi says I don’t need to ask from anyone. You need these things to move life in the right direction. Guddan says why did we need it? Dadi says we did.Antra goes towards them. Durga stops her and says don’t even try. Guddan says I will leave this house anyway. I made a mistake anyway. AJ says yes you made a mistake by coming here. Dad sys leave her hand. He says I am going to prove myself right. Coe with me. Dadi says leave her. AJ says I will show her I am still the same.

They come to the hospital. AJ asks the doctor to get a test done and prove if Guddan was ever pregnant. Guddan says I don’t want any trust. I already told you the truth. AJ says are yous cared t let your lies exposed. Guddan says you will know with time who was right. AJ says then get this test done. Dadi says to Guddan reports would tell the truth. AJ and you would unite. Guddan says I am getting this test done to remove this accusation off me. No tot come back to his life.Saru says to Antra your lie would be exposed today. You should run. Antra says I won’t let anything happen. Get out. I will think about what to do. Antra says I have to stop it. Guddan’s tests are being done.

AJ says to Guddan you were right. You won. I lost. You kept trying to prove yourself right. All proofs were against you at that time. But today this proof has shown your innocence. I couldn’t see anything in my hatred. I stayed away from you. That’s my punishment. Guddan says it was about trust not proofs.AJ says how could I do this? No apology can pardon me. He touches her feet. Guddan says don’t do this. Please. Move on in life like I did. AJ says how can you? Guddan says the day I left this house your Guddan died. I was here for something. It’s done. I will leave now. AJ says please stop. Guddan says what truth are you talking about? I have to go now. AJ says I will kill myself. You have to walk over my dead body. He shoots himself. Guddan screams AJ. He says why are you shouting? I am standing right here. Guddan was dreaming of all this.

AJ says to Guddan are you scared your truth would be confirmed today? Guddan says I told my truth four years ago. He says the reports woukd prove your reality. You will only shouting your lies after that.Guddan goes for an interview with Bhushan. The host welcomes them. He asks Bhushan how does he feel about her success? He says I am proud of her. People call me Guddan’s papa. He says she’s a star. Guddan says this country is full of talent. I know some kids who are great singers. Revati is bringing them. The kids from AJ’s orphange come there. Guddan takes their autographs. The says host says you are the superstar. Guddan says they would become future superstars. The kids introduce their show.

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