Guddan update Tuesday 19 July 2022

Guddan 19 July 2022: Agastya comes in and sees the rocks coming towards Guddan. He stops them. He says Aarav move Guddan. Aarav moves Choti. The rocks fall on Agastya. He’s badly injured. Choti screams. They get him from under the rocks. He’s bleeding.Agastya is rushed to the hospital. His treatment starts. Choti cries. Choti recalls her moments with Agastya. Choti sits down crying. Aarav says don’t cry. I am with you. Bari Guddan comes and says Choti don’t worry. Choti hugs her. Guddan is not well. Choti gives her water. She says don’t worry about me. Take care. Choti asks nurse to check her. Nurse says her pulse is low. Come with me. Guddan says I won’t go anywhere. Aarav says you have to go with them bari maa.

Doctor tells Choti Agastya is in critical condition. He needs o negative blood group. Sona and the whole family comes. Pushpa is crying. Doctor says please get tested. We need O negavtive blood. Rashi hugs CHoti and says will pops be okay? Choti says nothing will happen to him. Doctor says Pushpa can donate blood. Thank God. Sona says but she went somewhere. When I and Arushi went to sign the papers. She was not there. Choti says where can she go? Choti says nothing will happen to him. I will save my hsuabdn. Aarav and Arushi look for Pushpa.

Choti finds Pushpa on the benches. She says mummy ji please come with me. We have to save Agastya. We have to save him. Pushpa says I won’t give blood. Choti is shocked. Pushpa says my decision won’t change. Choti says what are you saying? Agastya is your son. His life is danger. We don’t have time to discuss all this. Please come with me, I will do what you ask. Pushpa says who should I save him for? You? Your mom will expose me and he won’t be with me anyway. Choti says he is your son. Everything will be okay. Please save his life. I won’t let my mom say anything in front of Agastya. Pushpa says okay I will go to save my son but on one condition. Choti says I will do whatever you ask. Pushpa says if you want to save him leave him forever. You have to take off this mangalsutra and remove this sindur. You are a curse for him. Do you accept my condition? Choti is shocked. Pushpa says decide fast.

Aarav asks Arushi could you find her? She says no. Where could she go, Agastya is in such bad condition. Aarav says whatever she’s life. She really loves her son. Agastya will be fine. Arushi hugs him. Saru says there’s something going between them.Doctor says we won’t be able to save Agastya. Please arrange the blood fast. Everyone is worried. Money says tai ji please come. He’s in so much pain. Choti says please mummy ji. I am your DIL. I am pregnant with his child. Please don’t do this. Pushpa says time is running out. If you want to save Agastay leave him forever.Give me this mangalsutra. Choti says no, please. Pushpa says is his life more important than this mangalsutra? Choti says please.. She cries.

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