Unspoken Bond update Tuesday 19 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 19 July 2022: Episode starts with Nandini asking Bansuri will you respect Darsh now. Bansuri says he came to the village for the first time, villagers also want to honour him, if you don’t want this, then I will tell the villagers. Nandini says I always supported you, you can do it. Bansuri says I know you will forgive Darsh soon. Nandini sees Darsh coming and goes. Bansuri says I will do a rasam, to respect Darsh by making him wear garlands and eat sweets, but you have to praise the girl first. Darsh asks did Nandini agree for this. Bansuri asks can she refuse to me. He says I hope she gives me a chance. Naveen says I m worried for Gunjan. Shobit asks Gunjan to make dinner for the family. She asks what. Naveen says Gunjan is alone there, Shobit married him because of the condition, they will trouble her, you worry for Nandini, worry for Gunjan as well.

Shobit asks don’t you want to make a place in the family’s heart like Nandini, maybe I give this necklace back to you if you make good food. She smiles and asks really. Rajvi comes. He says Gunjan will make the food today. He thinks Gunjan has to take Nandini’s place in the house, I will tolerate her for some days. Darsh asks did you make these sweets. Nandini says don’t say anything wrong. The villagers ask Darsh about his qualification. Darsh says I did MBA. Kaka asks what is it. Naveen and Bansuri say its a big degree. Darsh says we have sweets business, Nandini can handle it better than us. Kaka says you have to praise Nandini and sing a song for her. Darsh says I m ready to sing. Kaka says but Naveen will sing for Bansuri first. Naveen says it wasn’t about singing. Kaka insists. Naveen sings and praises Bansuri. Bansuri smiles.

Darsh says now its my turn, shall I sing. He sings Rooth na jana…. Everyone claps. Kaka says love is true. Naveen says true. Kaki says the girls are jealous of Nandini. Bansuri says Nandini got the best husband, he loves her a lot. Kaki says he is handsome like a hero. Nandini says yes, I m the luckiest. She goes and cries. Bansuri says I had to lie that you are unwell, what happened. Nandini says I can’t do this love drama, I would have told the truth, I don’t want my Sasural to get insulted. Bansuri hugs and consoles her. She says give him another chance to my sake. Nandini says its my stubbornness, I want to live with esteem, with or without husband, I love him and will always love him, but I will not go back, tell him to leave.

Bansuri says I can’t ask him to leave. Nandini says fine, I will leave from here, I can’t hurt myself by living with him, tell him that I will pay his loan, when I get a job. She packs her bag. Darsh comes and says you don’t need to go anywhere, I had come here to heal your wounds, I won’t stay here if your wounds are revived. He goes. Gunjan calls the hotel and asks where is the delivery guy, tell him not to come in, I will come and take the food order. Rajvi hears this and says you were going to make the food right. Gunjan says I have made the food already, I ordered sweets from outside. Rajvi checks and says all the utensils are empty. Gunjan worries. Rajvi says relax, its okay, I also didn’t know cooking before marriage, I will teach you cooking, but why did you lie. Gunjan says I got scared, but I will make it now. Rajvi says no, we will have the food you ordered. Gunjan says sorry. Rajvi says its okay, don’t lie next time, if I can trust you, then I can love you like a daughter. Gunjan smiles.

Naveen asks Darsh to listen to him, Bansuri will explain Nandini. He says you said you will convince Nandini and take her. Darsh says she is hurt by my presence. Naveen asks Nandini to explain. Darsh stumbles and gets hurt. Nandini gets haldi. Naveen washes Darsh’s wound and says its a deep cut. He applies the haldi. He asks Bansuri to get bandage. He rushes. Nandini ties her saree and ties it to Darsh’s wound.Aapki nazron ne samjha….plays…. He says its a small wound, but its hurting a lot, I can understand your pain is tough to tolerate, I m sorry Nandini, I didn’t come here to hurt you, I came here to apologize to you, to convince you, to take you home with me, my love is true, when I realized that I have fallen in love, I walked into a pool, I didn’t come out of the pool till now, my love didn’t get less, I was hurting you, but my love didn’t get less at that time also, when you cried, I had also cried, when I know my love is true, how can I leave the hope that you will forgive me some day, we can start our life some time, I will wait for it, even if the wait is of lifetime. Nandini cries. Naveen and Bansuri look on. Ye kahan aa gaye hum….plays… Darsh leaves and recalls Nandini’s words. She recalls his words.

Shobit giving a good news to Rajvi. He says a big magazine reporter is ready to take Rawal’s interview. Rajvi says Darsh and Nandini can give the interview together. She gets sad and says no, I won’t call Darsh, Shobit and Gunjan will give the interview. Shobit thinks why didn’t you love me before, I would have not needed to fix this interview and lie. He says as you say. Gunjan gets happy. Parul says Darsh can get Nandini here. Rajvi says even then Shobit will give the interview. Chetan says I don’t think Darsh will convince Nandini. Rajvi says I m sure that Darsh will convince her. Nandini gets a sweet manufacturing machine delivered. She says I didn’t order this. She gets Darsh’s message. Darsh writes I value your talent, I have sent this small gift for you, don’t think I m showing off my money. She cries. She says you got it at the right address, thanks. She signs the paper.

Bansuri comes. She says you said you have to pay the marriage expenses, I have paid the amount. Nandini worries. Rajvi sees Shobit working hard. He looks tired. She asks him to sit. He says I have fixed the time for interview, you also check it once. She recalls his sacrifice. She cries. He asks what happened. She says I always felt that you are younger one, you are immature, I didn’t know when you grew up. Nandini asks how did you get so much money. Bansuri says I have given this house papers to Darsh. Nandini asks what, did you lose your mind, its a last sign of our mum and dad, is this house just mine. Bansuri says you spent on my marriage also, I don’t want you to bear this big burden, think of your sweet shop, fulfill your dream, leave all this. Nandini says I will pay that money. Rajvi says I was wrong to hold you responsible for whatever happened with Darsh, it was my mistake, I never thought that you will make a big sacrifice for his happiness, why, I will feel guilty, if I knew about Charmy and you… Shobit says I didn’t do anything wrong, I decided to marry Gunjan, I will learn to stay happy in this relation, I will learn to compromise like Darsh compromised to live in darkness. She says I don’t know what Charmy went through. She hugs him. He thinks to lie and get her love always.

The reporter welcomes Rawals. She says we will go online live, we can’t stop the interview in the middle. Rajvi asks will you ask such questions. Reporter says no, just normal questions. Shobit comes. Gunjan greets them. They all get shocked seeing Gunjan wearing heavy jewellery. Rajvi introduces Gunjan. Reporter says don’t mind, can you tone down make up and jewellery, its a business interview. Rajvi asks Parul to take Gunjan. Reporter says Shobit, lets start, Gunjan will come and join.Shobit goes to sit. Darsh comes. Rajvi and Vipul smile. She asks where is Nandini. Darsh signs no. She asks didn’t she come. Vipul says we will talk later. Darsh greets the reporter Jayati. Shobit says Darsh left Nandini and came running for the interview. Vipul says you said you prepared the interview for Darsh, your wish got fulfilled. She says of course, Shobit don’t mind. Shobit says not at all. Darsh says you can continue with Shobit. She says you can’t run from my questions. Shobit asks Darsh to come. He fixes the mic. Vipul asks what happened. Rajvi says my heart was saying that she won’t come, I feel she will never come. Vipul asks her not to worry.

Shobit says your timing is perfect, you came on the right time. Darsh says we will give interview together, come. Shobit says no. He goes down the stage. Jayati says I was calling you since long. Darsh says there was no network. Shobit messages Jayati. She nods to him. She says we are going live, congrats for the Goa project and marriage, will you become CEO of Rawal sweets this year. Darsh says we didn’t take the decision yet. She says we heard that CEO are upset and think you can’t take this responsibility as you are blind. Rajvi says you are on live, how can you ask such questions. Vipul says we can’t do anything. Darsh says its nothing like that. Jayati says we heard that your wife want to get separated from you in the first week of marriage because you are blind. Rajvi asks what, stop this interview, what questions are you asking. Darsh says I won’t comment on personal things. Jayati says we know its uncomfortable, but we want to know why your wife left you. Nandini comes and says who said that his wife left him. Darsh and everyone get happy. Nandini says you are a big reporter, I have seen you on tv. Gunjan says Nandini came back again. Nandini says you didn’t try to find out the truth before interview, our family is famous, such rumours will spread about us, I m with Darsh, you can ask us anything. Jayati says sure, please sit.

Jayati takes their interview. Rajvi smiles. Shobit and Gunjan get upset. Rajvi says I didn’t think you will come back, thanks for changing decision. Darsh says I knew it Nandini, you would forgive me, thanks. Nandini says I didn’t come forever, I came to take my house, which you took from Bansuri without asking me. He asks what, I don’t know about this, check my bag, I just came here. Chetan checks Darsh’s bag. He says the papers are here, you have the property papers Darsh. Darsh asks what. Rakla comes. Shobit says you said you don’t have it. Nandini says I will pay the money back, but Bansuri also has a right on this house, I can’t give it to you. Rajvi asks why would Nandini bear marriage expenses. Darsh says I can’t take this anymore, fine, you pay the expenses. Rajvi thinks Darsh has something going on in his mind.

She asks how can Nandini so much money. Nandini says I promise to return it soon, but I should leave now. Darsh stops her and asks till when will you pay. Nandini says one year. He says come on Nandini, even if you do a job to make sweets, you will earn 30000rs per month, 360000rs in a year, you will take five years. She says I will do double job. He says even then you will take 2 to 3 years. Vipul asks are you mad Darsh. Rajvi stops him and says he will stop Nandini by some excuse.Darsh says I can’t wait for long, if you join as my secretary, then you can pay the money in a year, work for Rawal sweets, you will get free of loan and me also. Rajvi smiles.

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