Barrister Bahu update Tuesday 19 July 2022

Barrister Bahu 19 July 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh saying I will drop Bondita to her mum’s place. Saudamini smiles and sees Binoy. She thinks I kept my promise, I defeated Anirudh, Bondita will leave the house and I will take her place, your new bahu Saudamini. Anirudh goes out. Sampoorna comes home. She says don’t let Bondita take that miraculous medicine. He asks why. She says a medicine seller had come. She tells everything. She says Saurabh got unwell by taking the medicine. He asks how is Saurabh. She says he is fine, that man was a liar. He says you should have asked first. She goes. He thinks Bondita’s state is due to the fake medicine. Maid says Bondita got conscious.

Trilochan asks are you fine. Anirudh comes and says Bondita, how are you, shall I get something, are you okay. Bondita says there was a burning sensation in my stomach, but I didn’t drink water. Anirudh smiles. She says will I let you lose the challenge, we can get together and win, did I do right, I have become your good wife, right. Trilochan gets emotional. Bondita asks will my problem get fine. Anirudh says yes, you are very nice, I didn’t see a girl so brave like you, how do you get so much courage. She says by eating Rasgulla. Anirudh laughs. He says I will get you handis of rasgulla daily, when you get fine, you are able to talk now, it means you are good. Saudamini says she has to take some rest. She acts sweet.

She says if anything happened to Bondita, Anirudh would have not forgiven himself, the food rules aren’t good for her. Anirudh says Bondita, I will not keep any rules, you can eat and drink as you like. Trilochan says you are doing right, Saudamini is right, Bondita is weak, she needs rest. He asks maid to take Bondita to room, give some ghee, fruits and dry fruits to her. Bondita says no, I don’t want any sweets or savoury, I will eat food as Anirudh tells, boiled food is healthy, I have promised Anirudh, whatever happens, I will support him, he is trying a lot, isn’t it my Dharm that I try along, right, how shall I make him lose. Trilochan says I can’t say anything now, Anirudh explain your wife. Anirudh says challenge isn’t imp than you, Bondita. She says nothing will happen with me, we can do anything if we get determined, you say this, how shall we accept defeat. Anirudh smiles.

Bondita says you don’t know that Durga maa is with us, I told her to make us win, she listens to me, remember how she sent Maa on my saying, you have to find a solution. Anirudh says we will end your problem. Bondita says take me to room. She goes with maid. Saudamini says I will pack her bags, we can drop her home, she is a little kid, you know it can get dangerous for Bondita. Anirudh says no Mini, its not needed, Bondita won’t go anywhere, didn’t you see that she trusts me so much, what do you want, shall I break her trust, she is ready to fight, how can I give up, until the challenge time ends, victory and defeat can’t be decided, we will win for Bondita’s sake, so that her problem ends, we will try everything possible. She says but Anirudh… Trilochan asks what if her health gets worse again then…. Anirudh says it didn’t happen due to my rules, she took a wrong medicine. Trilochan asks what, who was that thug, who did it, tell me the name. Anirudh says that thug won’t sit here with us.

Binoy says that girl should be sensible, she could tell elders or servants, she did a mistake, she can do this again, send that irresponsible girl to her mum, don’t know what happens, will we run saving life, Anirudh will take us to court.Anirudh says it may happen that Bondita goes to court one day, she does studies and becomes a Barrister like me. Binoy says people who daydream are called mad. Anirudh says thanks to say this, I have seen this madness in Bondita, she is mad to win and write her own fate, she brought me out from the fear to lose, her way was wrong, her intention was true, I won’t leave her hand, we are united now, this challenge is over win or lose, I will not leave her hand ever. Binoy claps.

He jokes on Anirudh’s speech. He says you just have ten hours, you think you will become a doctor by reading books and find a cure. Anirudh smiles. Binoy says you are a barrister, you are a gold medalist, you can just argue, you will fail if you try to become a doctor. Anirudh says thanks again to remind me that I m a barrister, maybe you forgot that barrister doesn’t just argue for the client, he reaches the root of problem for the client’s case, he solves the case and wins, I will take Bondita’s case and reach the root of problem, I will solve it.Sampoorna beats herself. Saurabh stops her. She asks him to beat her, she did a mistake. He says no use to say this, I didn’t know you have anger for me, you can hurt me, you blame me for your dad’s state. She says no, I took that medicine to make our relation strong. He asks really, relation becomes strong when there is nothing hidden, husband and wife always support each other.

She asks like Anirudh and Bondita are together for the challenge. He asks what. She tells everything.Anirudh says I will become a doctor or barrister…. He goes. Batuk comes and says I will show a magic trick. Binoy gets angry and scolds him. Saudamini thinks Bondita spoiled the game. Batuk comes to Bondita. They argue. She teases him and laughs. He says I know magic. She asks what can you do. He thinks dad broke my stick, I will show magic that she cries. He switches off the lights. She asks why did you make it dark, I feel scared. She says I don’t want to see your magic. He says close eyes, there will be light here, everything will shine as the stars. She gets up. He locks her. She recalls getting shut in darkness and calling out her dad to help. Bondita knocks the door and shouts.

Saurabh calling the doctor. He says Binoy has called you for some imp work. Anirudh asks what did he say. Saurabh says he said he is coming, if anyone knows. Anirudh says don’t worry, I m walking on the path shown by dad, just a doctor can solve this problem, I will do my work. Doctor comes there. Saurabh says doctor has come. Anirudh poses as Binoy. Dr. Basu asks how did you call me. Anirudh says you refused to treat Bondita, I wanted to thank you, so I called you. Saurabh gives him and says he will be glad if you talk from here. Dr. Basu says you can command me if you want any help. Anirudh says my son Anirudh has become mad since he has come from abroad, he talks of changing the country and society, he checks medicine books like he will get a medicine for solving that girl’s problems, is there any cure for Bondita’s problem. Doctor says no, Anirudh can try but he can’t make her fine. Anirudh says I also feel so, but how shall I explain Anirudh, why can’t Anirudh help Bondita, tell me.

Dr. Basu says there is no medicine for her illness. Anirudh says there is much progress in every sector, why can’t medical field solve a girl’s problem. He shouts and calms down. He says any ways, I want her problem to not get solved. Dr. Basu says Bondita’s illness is not in her body. Anirudh asks what do you mean. Dr. Basu says I think its a psychological problem. Bondita shouts open the door, dad and cries. Dr. Basu says maybe Bondita is scared of anything, her fears are making her wet the bed. Anirudh signs Saurabh. Saurabh asks Dr. Basu to go. Anirudh thanks him. Dr. Basu says welcome and goes. Anirudh hears Bondita shouting. He runs. Bondita sits crying. He opens the door and sees her crying. He asks what happened. She says my dad won’t get saved, save him. He says we will save him. She gets scared and thinks of her childhood. She says save my dad. Anirudh sees she has piddled. He gets shocked.

Trilochan asks did we do wrong by calling her Maa here, see her health got unwell, she did this when she is awake, the house got impure, lose the challenge, I will send her to her mum’s place, I can’t get her bahu place again, there is no time left, there is puja in the morning, I can’t tolerate anything again. Anirudh recalls everything. Trilochan says he didn’t even answer. Binoy says he has nothing to say, he is shocked to lose for the first time, anyways, I have won the challenge, Bondita will be out of this haveli, then see the stains on the haveli will get clear. Anirudh recalls Bondita’s words.

He recalls Maa giving him a ring. He says I don’t want any gift. She asks him to keep it safe, the ring is of Bondita’s dad, its for her, give it to her when she grows up, she loved her dad a lot, she is brave and fights for truth, her dad taught her, he used to say that Bondita is his pride, she used to say her dad is her strength, but she broke down that day when she saw her dad losing his breath, a poisonous snake had bitten him. Anirudh gets shocked. FB ends. Batuk comes and says sorry, I was angry when dad vented Bondita’s anger on me, I told her that I m showing magic, I had switched off lights and locked the door, I thought she will stay alone. Anirudh says you did a mistake, you will be punished, come. He takes Batuk to Bondita. Bondita gets sad. Anirudh tries to cheer her up.

He makes Batuk do sit ups. He says we will have a magic program, you won’t be able to see it, its just for Bondita. Sampoorna comes to Saurabh. He says I m not feeling sleepy. Surmani starts her drama. Surmani and Munshi distract Saurabh. Saurabh asks why are you beating her. Munshi asks her not to get in between. Saurabh says she is my mum. He asks Surmani to go to her room. Sampoorna recalls Biraj’s words. Surmani thinks I have separated you two again. Bondita forgives Batuk. Batuk promises he won’t do it again. Bondita laughs. Anirudh goes to Binoy and Trilochan. Trilochan asks magic show, here… Binoy says accept that you lost. Anirudh says its imp for Bondita. He says I won’t lose until the last moment. Trilochan asks him to do anything he wants. Binoy jokes. Trilochan says maid has decked up Bondita well. Bondita says real magic is going to happen, Anirudh called a famous magician. Binoy says Anirudh got mad, magic show drama is a farewell gift to Saudamini, he is acting to read books in study. Saudamini says I may come. He says no, come in puja and do the shagun. She smiles.Anirudh comes there as the magician. Bondita and everyone clap. Anirudh thinks its my last chance to solve her problem.

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