Guddan update Wednesday 20 July 2022

Guddan 20 July 2022: Guddan says Agastya loves me. He won’t be able to live without me. Bari Guddan says give your mangalsutra. Agastya’s life is more important. Choti takes off her ghunghat. She recalls her marriage with Agastya. Choti gives her mangalsutra to Pushpa. Choti says please let me see him once when he opens his eyes then I will leave him forever. Pushpa says okay. Choti gives her mangalsutra. She cries. Guddan consoles her. Guddan says I am with you. she hugs her. choti sobs.Agastya is being treated. Pushpa gives him blood. Choti looks at him and cries. Choti recalls her moments with Agastya. She recalls him taking care of her all the time. Agastya opens his eyes. Pushpa says Agastya..

Guddan 19 July 2022

Agastya says where is Guddan? I want to see her. Choti is about to go in. Bari Guddan stops her. Pushpa says you need rest only right now. Pushpa draws the curtain. Guddan says let’s go Choti.The song humari adhuri kahani plays. CHoti walks out of the hospital crying and sobbing. She recalls her moments with Agastya. Choti says why is this happening with me? What was my fault? That I loved Agastya? How can mummy ji do this? My child. Guddan comes to her and Aarav. Guddan says let’s go. Choti says I can’t leave Agastya like this. Guddan says but you made Pushap a promise. Choti says I promised Agastya as well. He must be asking about me.Agastya says maa tell me where is Guddan? Sona says tell him jiji. Where is she? Pushpa says rest, please. Money says if you know tell us where she is. Choti says mummy ji can’t take him away from me. He will ask where am I? He will look for me. Guddan says you won’t take Agastya’s name. Don’t hurt yourself. I can’t see you like this. If your love is true he will find you and come to you. Think about your child. Aarav says bari maa is right.

You have to take care of yourself. Choti says he will come. Guddan hugs her and says let’s go. They walk out.Agastya comes home and looks for Guddan. He says she must be doing this to surprise me. Sona says where is she? Pushpa says how would I know? Saru says what are you hiding? Agastya looks for her in the room and washroom. He looks everywhere. He asks Sona and Saru. They don’t know. Haitan says we don’t know where she is. Agastya says where is my wife? Maa I know something is wrong. Tell me where is she? Pushpa is silent.Agastya asks everyone where is Guddan? He says ma tell me. I know something is wrong. Rashi says she didn’t come home for many ideas. Agastya says where is she? Arushi tell me. Please tell me. Arushi says I don’t know. He asks Money? Money says I don’t know where did she go? Agastya screams where is Guddan? He says no one found her if you didn’t know? Sona says you were not well. We couldn’t stress you. Agastya says maa please tell me. She’s pregnant with my baby. Pushpa says she ran away. I was silent because I knew everyone would be shocked. Agastya says my Guddanc can’t do that. Pushpa says she did that already. She ran. Agastya says she loves me. Pushpa says she left you when she heard you might never be able to walk.

Agastya says that can’t be true. She loves me. She left you. I prayed for you and she didn’t. Agastya says Guddan can’t do that. She loves me. He cries. She says you don’t trust your mom? But you will trust this. She shows him her mangalsutra. Agastya is shocked. Agastya says even if God says that I won’t believe it. I know she loves me. Agastya tries to call her. Agastya says until I find the reason of her leaving, I won’t sit down in won’t ever see your face. are behind this ma, I won’t ever see your face.After a month, choti lights a candle and says Agastya it’s been a month. I wish mummy ji didn’t hate me. I had to do this to save your life. We would have been together and happy. In this month, only one thing kept balance in my life. Our baby. We both love you a lot. I keep wearing this one anklet you gave me. Bell rings. Choti run and says Agastya.. Choti opens the door. It’s Agastya. Choti is shocked. Their theme song plays. Choti recalls their moments together. Agastya shows her the mangalsutra. Choti is shocked. Choti recalls what Pushpa said. Agastya says did you give this to maa? Answer me. He holds CHoti and says tell me. Did you return it to ma? Choti says yes. Agastya says why? Do you know how I have suffered for past one month. I needed you the most. Choti says I don’t know what mummy ji said but she took this mangalsutra from me. Asked for it. Agastya says enough. I went against my mom for you and you left me. We weren’t like this. Choti says please listen. He says I looked for you everywhere. You didn’t even come to meet me.You didn’t even think if I was alive. Choti says please don’t say that.

Agastya says I didn’t know what maa said was right. You thought I would be handicapped and a burden on you. Agastya says that’s true right? CHoti says my hand is hurting. He says so am I. Guddan comes and says stop Agastya. How dare you hurt my daughter.Agastya is shocked. Agastya recalls Choti saying mama is alive and Pushpa saying she lost her mental balance.

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