Guddan update Thursday 30 June 2022

Guddan 30 June 2022: A car hits Agastya. Guddan says open your eyes, nothing will happen to you. Guddan screams for help. She sees a cart and puts Agastya on it. Guddan says I will save you. I won’t let anything happen to you. Guddan takes him to hospital.Agastya is in OT. Pushpa comes and slaps Guddan. She says you are responsible for his condition. DJ says Choti saved Agastya. What happened wasn’t her fault. Pushpa says when she’s around everything is cursed. If anything happens to him I will ruin your family. DJ says and we will stay silent? I won’t hear a word against Choti. Saru says a girl brings Laxmi. She brought Agastya’s death? It’s Karwa chauth tomorrow. Women pray for long lives of their husbands. She is going to reduce it. She’s a curse like her mom. Aarav says not a single more word. The doctor says injury is deep. We can’t say anything yet. Don’t shout here.

Pushpa gets a panic attack. She says are you okay? Pushpa says till you’re here nothing can be okay. Guddan says if you think my leaving will be Agastya better I will leave. Rashi cries and says mama please don’t go. Pushpa says she isn’t your mom and neither is Agastya your father. Stop this drama. Everyone is shocked. Guddan cries. Pushpa says both of you are a curse on my son’s life. I told Chiku but he didn’t listen. You’re both a curse. Get out of here both of you. Doctor comes out. Pushpa says is he better? Doctor says injury is deep. He’s out of danger because your DIL brought him here on time. Rashi hugs Guddan and says thank you. Because of you pops is safe.

Guddan recalls her moments with Agastya. Guddan recalls marrying him. Two men come and try to take Rashi. Rashi cries and says stop it. Who sent you? Pushpa says I did. They will take her back to where she came from. Guddan says this is her family. Pushpa says she’s an orphan. We are not her family. We asked Agastya not to adopt him. We don’t know whose blood is she. I will get rid of her and you as well.. Guddan says no one can touch her. Agastya brought her. I am his wife and Rashi’s mom now. No one will decide but him. Arushi says what are you doing ma.. If bhai doesn’t see Rashi his condition would be worse if Rashi isn’t there. Don’t do this maa. Pushpa says I won’t leave you. She leaves.

Rashi hugs Guddan in tears and says maa.. Guddan says you took my restaurant, then married me, then risked your own life to save me and adopted an orphan. What are you exactly. I don’t get your truth. DJ comes and says ask your heart. Guddan says how is Agastya? DJ says better. DJ says pack your things. What happened wasn’t with our will. We don’t accept this marriage. And until Birlas are here we can’t stay here. We are going out of city.. Guddan says but.. DJ says I can’t see you worried anymore. Guddan says I am not worried. DJ says you have all the answers. He has done wrong to you. We are going to Gaulia to my family for some days. Guddan says I can’t go until Agastya is better. Aarav says you will stay here for that fraud? Choti says whatever he’s. He’s my husband now. Choti says DJ you always said marriage isn’t a joke. If he needs me, I can’t leave him alone. I can’t leave Rashi alone either. DJ says they will ruin your life. Aarav says what is wrong with you. I will take you with me. DJ says we can’t force her. If she thinks she wants to live this marriage she can. But I won’t be able to help you with it Choti. You have to face all the struggles youself. It’s my mistake. I saved you from everything.

That’s why people call you weak. Today you have made your decision. This isn’t your DJ or Aarav’s way, this is yours. Aarav says what are you saying? DJ says yes. she’s grown up, she can decide things for her life. She is starting a new life. Everything will be okay. Today’s Karwa chauth. My blessings are always with you. But we have to go from your life. You have to live with your in laws now.Shona says I forgot it’s karwa chauth. Arushi who got all these preps done? Choti says I did. She comes in red saree. Guddan says I have decided I will fast and will fulfill this marriage as well.Guddan says I did all the preps. Shona says why are you dressed like suhaguns. She says now when I am married I have to do all the rituals. And what would be a better day to start this marriage. Choti does pooja. A woman says you’re just like your mom. Your mom did it all, so will you. Take God’s blessings. Guddan says please heal Agastya. I have accepted him as my husband. Pushpa calls Arushi and says Agastya is conscious. He is good now.

Arushi tells Guddan. Guddan says we will all welcome him. No more fooling. Arushi and Rashi say we have to prepare as well to welcome him back.Choti prepares Rangolis. Pushpa comes and ruins the rangoli. Guddan says this isn’t. Pushpa says you don’t need to teaach me what is right and wrong. I will take you back to your right place. She is about to slap her. Guddan holds her hand and says I am your DIL now. I am not alone now. You can’t hit your wife. Agastya comes in and says Guddan is right. She’s my wife now, I am married to her.Guddan does Agastya’s arti and says come in. Pushpa says what do you want? Guddan says this is my house. I can do what I want. Please don’t be angry. this is my husband’s house. Pushpa says would you say something? Agastya says but how can a husband speak in front of his wife. Papa never spoke in front of you. Guddan says you want to know why am I accepting this marriage? He saved my life as well. He saved Rashi’s life, gave her a world. I will not leave this house until Agastya is all well. She says you rest Agastya. Guddan holds his hand and brings him inside. They look at each other.

Guddan says come sit here. Guddan gives him water. Guddan says be comfortable and if you need anything.. He says I know you are there. Arushi says herés all your stuff. welcome to the family bhabhi.Guddan takes out Agastya’s clothes. Guddan says your closet is so messed up. My papa was a perfectionist and mama was messed up. He used to be mad at her for this. He says now you will be mad at me? Guddan says change this. He says I don’t want to wear kurta pajama. Guddan says some rituals are left. She goes out and comes in. She says I forgot my phone. Agastya is shirtless. Guddan says I need my phone. She falls on him. Agastya says in heart you accepted this marriage but you need to know the reason behind it.Saru says to Guddan why are you so worried? She says I felt like someone is there. Saru says I am Saru ma. Go prepare for your first ritual. Don’t be an idiot like our mom. Guddan feels like someone was following her.Money cries. Shona says you ruined everything. I will have to do something now.

Guddan says someone else was there as well besides Saru. Shona comes to her and says wash these clothes. Guddan says what? She says yes and then cook. It isn’t easy to become a DIL of Birla family. She says to Pushpa I will train her. Guddan says this is my house, I can do the cleaning. Right mummy ji? Pushpa slaps Shona and says you wanted her to marry Money. But the truth is that she’s married to Agastya and now my DIL. After today you won’t behave this way with my DIL.Pushpa says in heart what happened to her? Pushpa says in heart now what I wanted will happen. You will do what I wanted Guddan. You got married to Agastya for a reason.

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